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Lowe's service is lousy; 3 cancellations | Lowes review from Des Moines, Iowa

Took 3 trips to Lowe's to buy a storm door. No one would wait on me. Finally had to demand service. Set appointment for measurements -- cancelled twice. Have yet to see installer, they have cancelled 3 times now. Scheduling person tried to argue with me. Store manager took one hour to check on another installer and then expects me to take a day off work and wait for them. I still don't have the door. I will not be going back, and I have been a customer for many years. And I will tell my friends and family about the *** service.
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Unprofessional warranty service | Lowes review from Greensboro, North Carolina

I would never buy anthing from Lowes again that requires an warranty. On 7/20 my refrigerator broke down I call the warranty and they sent out app.+. the gut came in my home he wasnt friendly at all, i went down stairs so he can handle his business. 45mins. later he calls me upstairs and starts to go ffo on me in front of my kids,to react would have been a bad mistake for me. so i call and made a complaint. a few days later they sent out another mom and pop tech. dont get me wrong I have nothing agaist one person company,but a gaint like Lowes should be using better tech. so the second tech comes out and open the refigerator door and says: this unit is unrepairable. *** this *** didnt even plug the unit up. the 3rd service tech.comes out plugs the unit up unplugs it, *** both panels and say: it looks like a tech. drill *** in the freon line to see what was going on the the line, and the fan is out and the motherboard needs any event you're covered and i'll oder the parts. make a long story short we went over 3 weeks with out a refrigerator, sure they replace the unit and paid $250 for food loss. but that is not good enough for me, I wish to be compensated for this ordeal. I was told I drill the hole in the line. i was told a gift was sent out, then i call back to tell them the parts are here but i dont need them, at this point i was told the gift card was cancelled. no one knew what the other was doing, no one check the notes from the GE service tech. and he was the only true tech. in the 1st. place. this is BS. I'm seeking $3,000.00 for compensation
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$3,000 as compensation for everything? Are you serious?

It sounded like your problem finally got solved, but is there more to it that you are not telling us? :x


Ya,"Bozo" should learn how to write first. Also, for a corporate giant like Lowes to honor a warranty properly, you first MUST have people who are willing to do the work for Lowes.

Ask yourself this: How many people in reasonable driving distance are willing to work with the "CORPORATE GIANT" to provide service to others. Just as you are "cracked" on your writing skills because you were taught and practice "Forest Gump" style, maybe the small mom and pop guys who are the only ones brave enough to go head-on with the Giant should maybe be given some courtesy and thank them, even if they were taught and practice yucky people skills. GROW UP!

Maybe if some of the more established services stepped up to the plate, they might just teach the the "Little Guys" how to do things different. Don't be such a clown "Bozo".


What's up with people that feel they need "compensation" for everything? What happened to this bozo that is worth $3000?

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Lowes Gift Card


Purchased a toilet (Standard brand)and installed by Lowe's. The lid to the tank didn't even come close to fitting. All I get is the runaround from the Lowe's install department located in Northport Alabama. All they are worried about is if Standard will refund them the 70.00 install fee. Not that they are loosing a customer that has spent thousands of dollars while remodeling their home. I've asked they come today and get the toilet and refund all my money. I'm on may way to Home Depot now. Very disappointed in Lowe's.
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The Worst Store/ Store Mgr Ever!!! | Lowes review from Winthrop, Massachusetts

I have recently been terminated by a Lowes here in Massachusetts. The name of the store manager I worked for is Mark Gullotti. I have NEVER, in my life, met such a demeaning, unprofessional, unethical, ingenuine, heartless, ***! Typically, with large corporations, you find that people fairly far up the ladder are "removed" from the daily happenings within the company, and are unappreciative of the hard work of their employees. (a good example of this is that new show, "Undercover Boss", which shows CEO's and such going undercover to see what the daily operations are like in their stores, factories, etc.) What's unbelievable, is that a Store Manager can be this removed and blind to the actual issues within his own store! He is completely unappreciative of his workers, any praise that he does give- seems completely forced and fake, his main concern is not for the relationships created with his employees & customers, but rather his bonuses! And what he doesn't understand, unbelievably, is that the 2 go hand-in-hand. You HAVE to take care of your customers AND your employees to make money! He has surrounded himself with braindead managers that won't question his shady business practices, has aligned himself with the District Manager and has the HR Manager wrapped around his finger. Thereby protecting himself from any backlash from disgruntled employees. (many of which have filed complaints) DON'T SHOP @ LOWES IN SAUGUS, MA! Don't let this *** make his bonus! And if you've had a bad experience shopping there, call 1--800-44-LOWES and report it!
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lowes new employees at paint desk need to be fire there are nasty to employees :sigh


The assistant managers have been reported to *** with casihers in the electrical room etc. Cashiers make for an added perk for ASM's!


You all should be ashamed of yourselves talking about each other. If you have anything to say about Lowes then you should just talk about that.

Like managers that don't appreciate hard workers who actually take care of departments when someone calls in.

This manager don't even consider him for other jobs for full time, which this person has been applying for. This person practically knows how to run a lot of departments, and don't consider them for a full time position.


Is it really true that Mark got arrested for burglary? And, did he really get fired from Lowe's? I've known him for many years but would never suspect that.


heard your "furor" got arrested in quincy, ma for breaking and entering and burglary plus as i read below he was sleeping with a married women who worked for him and he was terminated for that plus he has a sexual harrassment case against him and on top of all that his friend told me he has a coke habit himself wow good guy for all you sheep to defend good luck in your recovery vicky always liked you as a person


I worked there too. That guy sucked! Vic was good, you guys wrote some rediculous stuff and look ***.

#316618 guys are not very articulate! Yay, you figured out it was me (Vicky), and instead of tactfully and tastefully defending your "furor", you attack me on a personal level!

I spoke of his lack of professionalism, you guys attack MY looks, etc. Pretty sad. I'm a recovering drug addict and I can put together a clearer, more consise argument than you can!

How does it feel??? Don't smile in my face and write BS degrade yourselves and look foolish!!!




who did mark nail come on names and places lol everyone knows she makes it no secret


Absolutely not true! Mark nailed her after he left Lowes.

As for the "maniac" his wife went out of her way to introduce him to me knowing I knew what was going on. I laugh every time he walks in the store.


The real reason mark left lowes is because he was having an affair with a married women and the mother of three children. I only hope the fat *** husband finds out cause the rumor at lowes is that he is a maniac and will hunt the *** down.

Sad how she threw herself at him so much for being discreet and from what I understand she isnt the only employee he banged. Good luck mark when her husband finds out i hope he does




Vicky I fired you because I wanted to have personal relations with you in my yellow corvette but I was too busy and had some "short comings". I would have done everything in my power to unload my baby batter all over those realistically drawn eye brows.

:p I had to fire you because I didn't want anyone to find out about our love.

Also, you are a crackhead and slept with that tall *** dude I hired that smells like arm pits. if you had been a little more horizontal about those eye brow stencils, perhaps you could have stayed and you would have looked like a woman rather than a failed art school portfolio.



Vicky wipe your fake *** eyebrows off and quit crying


Vicky. We know this is you.

No one likes you and no one cares about you. You are a drug addicted *** who had sex with an old man who worked with you that smells like arm pits. We also know that you do drugs with the kid from flooring. You are a loser and you always will be.

You look like a *** and you do drugs all day and you did buy them on the premises. ***.

Stop painting on your eye brows while you're at it. No one thinks that they are real.


Mark Gullotti is no longer the store manager. He did a very good job in getting rid of people like handy girl and other drug addicts who never show up to work or ran their own show and give discounts to people they can get drugs.

There are some more drug addicts and peddlers still in working in the store. they too come and go when like. We the low end hourly employees pay for these useless piece of s-----ts. Stop blaming Mark Gullotti and others.

He ran a good store. There are some decent managers are still in the store with us who work hard and respect everyone.

We are happy to see people like you are no more at Lowe's handy girl. Stop your rant


Maybe you were fired for having sex with a fellow associate, or for your drug use. Keep in mind that the people who worked with you, know the real you!! Don't blame others for your own faults!


First of this blog is disgusting and was created by some low life that didn't wanna admit how much they sucked at their life as well as their job. Yes I am a current employee of lowes I have work under mark g.

As well as different store manager. Mark might have been tough but guess what that's his job, he had to run a store with mostly lil cry baby *** that post lame *** post afters they get fired for mannyyyy mannyy different reason. I'm not saying mark was perfect but get a effin life seriously yes he's gone and this current store is stuck in limbo without their captain someone that I've come to understand and greatly respect.

Guess what you feel mark didn't like you or he was always hard on you maybe if you got off your lazy *** and off the drugs and did your job correctly he wouldn't have been up your ***...... I dare you to ask me who I am ill straight up tell you your a useless S.O.B that will eventually overdose and die don't blame you being a low life on Mark


this is crazy who cares I know he has *** alot of people over but that's life you know we all make are own descisions in life and I don't agree with the way mark treated people but in that size of a store and with the way we all acted like a bunch or rumor telling snitching babies. Come people get real if we just minded our bussines went 2 work and went home it would have been a better workplace we all started trouble but the lowest ones are the ones who kiss-*** atleast be real and stop being fake you rats - :( :cry :(




Just to let you know Gullotti quit 1/5/2010. Stocker Boyzz and Manager I would tend to agree with you on this if I didn't know Mr.

Gullotti. He did only care about his bonus, and how neat the front of the store looked for the initial reactions of the customers. But when it came to treating his employees he treated them like peasants. I have never seen so many people fired or quit in retail in my time.

I work full time for the government and part time at Lowes. I agree that some of the people terminated deserved it but alot of them didn't. As for the HR Manager, she is pretty much useless. She doesn't have the experience or knowledge that someone in that position needs.

I believe she made the jump from cashier to HR. HR is supposed to work as a mediator between the management side of the company and it's employees yet she was indeed wrapped around Mr. Gullotti's finger.

So I would say that Lowe's will be a better place to work now that he is gone and as far as I am concerned being in Management outside of Lowe's I would never treat people with the lack of respect that he had shown to his employees on an everyday basis. Such as his lying and his attitude.


Hello handy Girl

They did a good job getting rid of you. There are some more drug peddlers n addicts are left. They should fire them too.

Not all the managers are braindead as you think.Some great managers are still with us.

We are happy without you. No need your tears.


I must confess to the truth. First of all I posted under anon as well as Handy Girl. Second I was really fired for rudeness to other employees and I refused to do some of my work because it was not part of my job description.


post by "manager".. how *** and unprofessional. you are just proving their point if you really are capable of being any kind of manager.


Wow...a complaint from someone that got fired.


I have always shop at Timberland but never again. On 9/6/10 my wife and I purchased 4 shoes(3 adult and 1 kid) from Timberland at Tanger Mall Outlet in Commerce Georgia which cost $176.

The problem started after we found out the kid shoe did not fit and we lost the purchase receipt. On 9/11/10 my wife and I spoke to Mr Jerry Torres(store manger). We explained to Mr Torres that we lost our receipt and would like to return the kid shoe....We told him that we were driving from a long distance approx..50 miles and he stated that we could return the kid shoe. He said he would put the purchase back on my credit card.

So on 9/12/10 my wife and I brought back the kid shoe and had a horrible experience with the store manager Mr Charles Remy, who refuse to listen to us, that we were told to return the kid shoe without a receipt. Several problems, one, we drove over 50 miles to be told that without the receipt he could not pull up my info on the computer to put the purchase back on my credit card(liar).

Mr Remy was very unprofessional...Mr Remy who works for Timberland was very unprofessional..and as a result I will never shop at Timberland again and I must tell the truth, I cannot speak highly of Timberland after our experience today....I will donate that kid shoe but I will never shop at Timberland again because of Mr Remy, the store manager working on 9/12/10. Thanks, you have just loss a customer.


Just a follow-up..I know that it's common practice to try and "push" unwanted employees out the door, but these guys are masters at it! It's rediculous that the mgrs in store 2372 Saugus, MA have absolutely no idea who their true workers are.

I was fired for attendence, which in all honesty, I made happen. (only because I was tired of the discrimination, harrassment, and being treated like *** in general. Example: Mr. Brilliant (Mark Gullotti- the store mgr.) A week prior to my firing, used my name in an attempt to intimidate another employee.

He told this kid that I had written a statement addmitting to purchasing DRUGS from him on the property! What's worse, I am a recovering addict. But that doesn't give this guy the right to use my name in a ploy to scare someone into quitting to avoid paying unemployment!

All I can say is..CONGRATULATIONS MARK GULLOTTI, you have succeeded in being a store manager in retail! -and a terrible one at that!

Since my departure from the store, 4 days ago, I've had 4 offers for management positions! (in the restaurant business- where the majority of my experience is)

And I'll say this..previously, when I ran a restaurant, we were one of the "Top 20" locations in the country, not near the bottom of the district, with miserable employees! I treated my employees with genuine regard, respect, and I knew who my top performers were. AND I APPRECIATED THEM!

Good luck to the unhappy employees left there..I feel for them.

Maybe Mark will really screw up and finally get what he deserves. Corporate will realize that he is completely incompetent, and an ****^&%!


I also was recently terminated from a lowe's in Wareham, MA. Hugh Hernandez sounds like you manager, except not one person on his management crew respects him, but they are all cowards who just talk behind his back... For what lowe's mission statement reads, what actually happens is bull...


If you have been discriminated against, contact your local eeoc and file a complaint. EEOC has filed many lawsuits against companies for discrimination, and won.

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Lowes Manager

To much to list here.. | Lowes review from Porter, Texas

i have been a customer of lowes for 15 years was in there eveyday! had a credit card but never used it until a year ago been paying cash for eveything i have electrical buisness. been paying 100.00 a month every month on the 8th month since i charged $1.200 got behind one month was charged $30 paid it and the balance off and lowes canceals my card. lowes are guilty of way more. even accused me of stealing a tape measure that was bought there a year before i hate lowes now, will go to home depot ace hardware anwhere but *** lowes!!!!! and dont trust those guys that work electrical they will get you and -?? killed the ones in kingwood texas for sure....
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GE Bank cant know you paid cash and is to big to care. The day of personal servive and care is over.

You are just one person among 4 billion.

You can only play if you follow the rules. "Strike one" and your out !


Please, like the 3 of you have never gotten behind in a payment. You sit on your high horse and act like you never had hard times or got behind with bills...THANKS FOR THAT LAUGH! :grin


I bet you have never had a complaint for any of your work. If you are as good as you lead us to believe,YOU WOULD HAVE PAID YOUR BILL ON TIME AS YOU AGREED TO DO!

HONOR the contract!!

Ever been late on your house,vehicle payments? Every charge a customer for full rolls of wire, but job required 1 3/4 roll, but you kept the rest!


Lowes is not the guilty party again. It is you.

Be an adult and pay your bill off time. Does not matter if you followed the rules all the time, if you break them do the adult thing and admit you are guilty.


Again why...? LOWE'S is not a bank...

your credit card is not through the Bank of LOWE'S!!

With the new credit laws creditors are protecting all assets... GE Money Bank handels your credit card speak with them.

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Stress Reliever | Lowes review from Apollo, Pennsylvania

Would I be allowed to post my complaint on your site? I might try just to see how long it stays there remembering to print the comments each time a new post is entered. Writing under assumed names, mine included. Posting sexual: vulgar; disgusting; malicious things about me and putting my family in danger. I asked for this to stop, but I have not heard from anyone at this web site. They did remove the forum where this started and I questioned as to why. You allow them to continue this despicable behavior on your site and I have no choice but to defend myself in the best way that I can. As I have forwarded this information to the EEOC, I think you may be interested in the following information as well: U.S. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION Pittsburgh Area Office William S. Moorhead Federal Building 1000 Liberty Avenue, Room 1112 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (412)395-5902 TTY (412) 395-5904 FAX (412) 395-5749 Writer's Direct Dial 412) 395-5865 Dear Ms. Romansky: I have been assigned to investigate your case. This is in response to your request for a reply, and to let you know that I have received the materials that you recently sent to the EEOC by email. My contact information is listed above. Sincerely, Frank E. Rodia Investigator npwj
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You can all breathe a sigh of relief!If nobody at Lowe's or the webmaster of this site is going to end this personal war, I am. As far as I am concerned, this matter is now out of my hands. Say what you will about me and fun in doing so. I have told the truth and I have not hidden behind my screen name, nor have I involved innocent people, in doing so.

I refuse to continue this pathetic game you got going.

In closing I will say, it is nice to know what does go on in Lowe's Store's across the Country.

I do believe this is what you, yourself stated:

I was fired from Lowe's because I blew every truck driver I could. I would even blow the UPS guys.

The real Patricia Romansky

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Lowes Refrigerator is a Lemon

We bought a GE profile refrigerator at Lowes 2 years ago. It has had to be repaired 4 times, since then. Four times in 2 years, we have had spoiled food, water all over the floor, and an average of a week without a refrigerator. In researching it I find that GE has had something like 2 recalls on their refrigerators, so I shouldn't be surprised I suppose, and yes we should have done our homework better. The real disappointment has been Lowes. We have shopped at Lowes a lot because we thought they had good customer service. With the refrigerator, it has been an ordeal. First they delivered a refrigerator that didn't work, had cut wires inside, and had stains on the shelves. The repairman said "Oh yes, this is the refrigerator that those other people sent back". We returned it. Then they delivered our current refrigerator, which of course has died 4 times. The good news is that we bought the service plan, which includes a "lemon law". The bad news is that lemon law doesn't seem to mean anything, in reality.
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Hi, this is Vikki with GE. I am sorry to hear of the difficulty you experienced with your GE refrigerator.

Please email the details to our team at We will gladly look into the situation for you.

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Item purchased 7-29-10. Arrived and was in store since 8-12-10. | Lowes review from Newberry, South Carolina

My product was in the store since 8-12-2010. No one contacted me or advised me that it was in, my contractor was finished and gone so I had to bear the cost of having it installed. When I checked on it, the product was in the store and no one could explain why I was not contacted. I am very disgruntled at this act of noncommunication, and Lowe's Incorporated shpould bear the cost of the installation of my appliance. To date, I have not had a response from them since I picked up my appliance on my own as i told them I would, just that they did not contact me a promised.
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Lowes Installation

Does not back gaurantee of products and installation | Lowes review from Lee's Summit, Missouri

Materials purchased for kitchen counter and had installed by Lowes. Within a few weeks the glue on the seams gave way and the seams opened up. I called and the installer came to look at it. He said he told me the seams could not get wet. Lie #1. The woman who sold it also never mentioned that the seams could not get wet. It is a kitchen counter and both knew seams were within inches of sink. Lie #2 by installer was that seams opened because of "standing water." Does not happen in my kitchen! Home Depot and another seller and installer of same product guarantee that seams will not open if properly measured, installed, glued and sealed. Workmanship was poor and installer tried to lie his way out of being responsible. Multiple phone calls were made, but not returned.
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The person who designed the countertop with seams within a few inches of the sink is at fault. Seams should always be kept away from the sink to avoid the problems you are having. Blame your designer, not the installer, he could only work with the material he was given.

#196016 Review #196016 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Turned away for 34 cents | Lowes review from Mobile, Alabama

I rent out houses so I frequent Lowe's about 2 or 3 times a week. Upon checking out, I realized I couldn't find a portion of my money. My total was 21.34 and I had 21.00 in my hand.The cashier told me that she didn't care if it was 10 cents and suggested I ask someone in the store for the change.It should come as no surprise that I am black.I spend at least 30,000 dollars a year at the Lowe's on the beltline in Mobile,Al and I was turned away for 34 cents.
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This is not about you being black, this is about you not having enough change.


I am from Canada. I dont have to like you at all and Unite with you. ***.


You should be all ashamed of yourselves. Today is September 11th.

Nine years ago we were attacked by terrorists. Instead of bashing and hating blacks we need to Unite as a country and treat each other nicely.


In another complaint when a wal-mart cashier allowed her purchase 23 cents short she accused her of racism because she claimed the cashier thought she was homeless and had a poor job because she is black.


I am black or white or green or who gives a ***. I can't believe that the color of your skin even comes to play in this post.

The way I see it, you want Lowes to give you $485. If you honestly do spend $30000 a year at lowes and you average $21.34 at each visit, but you only want to spend $21, then that means you will make about 1428 visits to lowes in a year. If you expect them to give you $0.34 every time then it comes out to $485.52.

Yes it sucks that you went to Lowes and created a bill you couldn't afford, but don't blame the company for your shortcomings. How about this why don't you send me $425 and we'll call it even.


These "4" *** are just one who had made a fool of himself/herself and just can't let it go. Get a life!


It happens all the time. Someone posts a letter.

They post things most people don't agree with, create another account, agree with themselves pretending to be someone else. Eventually screw up, get caught. Usually after this they stop posting but Rainta just wants to be heard. The real weak person here is not everyone, but Ranita/Rainta/wow25/wow25!!(all the same person).

Weak because they have to create more than one identity to make it look like people are siding with them, and weak that they have to attack a 12 year old online when he is right and she is wrong. You are weak Ranita and all your other identities.


When someone makes a fool of themselves, then continues to argue making them more foolish. Instead of admitting that she is Ranita.

Ranita makes another account pretending to be somewhere else.

When caught because the other person spoke in first person form she claims she is being impersonated and using both accounts to lash out. She is too angry to make sure she is using the correct account.


Thank you Wow25!!, I have always appreciated your support. These loser refuse to see the isssue as you we see it.

It is not about the 34 cents it is about the fact that the manager had me beg for 34 cents. No way these crackers would give a white person a nickel much less 34 cents, they are all racist. Only you can see my letter and read between the lines. That *** "don't be fooled Kelvin" is a fool.

They think they are smart but they are just plain dumb white trash. Just like Zachary, Trevor, Irish and all the other posters.


You idiots, like I said my login name is wow25!!! not Wow 25.

Also Trevor is a racist *** even though he is standing up for us.

Ranita and I are completely two different people. Someone is pretending to be us to make us look bad.


We assume you are Ranita because you slipped up. In your last post gave it away.

Now that you are caught you are making excuses.

"Both" Wow25, an ranita have the same attitude towards whites, both have claimed to have people using their names falsly. Both think that they are in the right and everyone else is wrong. Both think their views are more important than others.

There are many common things towards "both" you posters. "Both result to childish name calling." What is truely disgusting is that you are pretending to be two different people, and nor respecting other people's views. Trevor is being nice to the "two" of you and you are asking why he is so interested in your post. Just because he does not think this is racism does not mean him or any other people should not be interested in this letter.

If you or "Ranita" as you use as well don't want people responding to your letter have it removed. It took you a good three days to come up with a reply to where you goofed up.


Let me start off with saying "you people are disgusting!"You assume I'm Ranita because its too hard for your weak minds to fathom that someone else would actually agree with her instead of playing follow the leader like the rest of you! FYI this copycat wow25 is a joke...if all of you take a closer look at the name you would see that my log in name is wow25(!!!) not wow25. and I have not posted anything since 8-30-2010.But since I've just called this copycat out with their dumb *** I'm sure they will correct their error the next time.

So don't be fooled Kelvin your really smart (NOT)Your a *** who wants to be smart but your so far from it! and Its obvious, its obvious to me that your as dumb as your simple sentences!

Who did enlighten me was Trevor because you said that this is not the first time someone has impersonated another person on her before. That maybe true but the fact remains I don't like the simple mindedness that everyone seems to have, and the games you all play. Why are you so engrossed with Ranita's post?

Let me tell you a little something about me the real wow25!!! I'm not Ranita because if I had written the same post and some freaking rednecks started attacking me...I would have cursed everyone out who tried to attack me like. The poster who called her a N***** just because she her ground,I would have really hurt your feelings!All of you on her are a joke and I don't time to finger wrestle with any of you ignorant people! So FYI this will be my last post because this hatred is beneath me and so are all of you!


No I am not ranita. I am just defending her when everyone is bashing her.

The cashier at Lowes had no right to ask her to beg for money from whites. First of all a white would never give blacks a dime. They are that hateful.

Second this makes blacks look less important than they are. That is exactely what the cashier was doing when she asked me to beg for money.


If she said she did not post the rude comments maybe she did and maybe she did not. We don't know for sure but let's take her word for it because this sort of thing has happened before on here.

Ranita, I don't think they are doing this to make you look bad, they just want attention, or you could be right about them making you look bad or it could be both. Just see if you can change your username somehow.

Others when they had this problem did this. I think you have to edit your profile or something.


That you are wow25. There is a post under her name saying.

"Thanks for agreeing with me, ranita25" Explain that. Instead of admitting your mistake you deny it when caught. Then you say just look at the language. Her language is no different than yours.

You say you are not racist, but neither is the cashier. Only a few posters are racist. But Zachary, Irish as you claimed are racist are not.

The cashier is not. Seriously grow up for someone who is 28 you sure act like a school girl.


Not a race issue,You start off by saying -you people.I love it.You have made my point!!Did you say racism disappeared in the 60's.It made it illegal.DRUGS are illegal,right?You just hide it.You say I had only two options.I had the option to call a manager.What do you think the manager's job is?Please post no more than two lines next time.You also say figure of speech is unacceptable behavior for an educated woman but you say country words like Gosh.You watch a lot of the andy griffin show.I get it.I have nothing to prove to a racist and my life says it all.If I say a post is not mine then at least consider it you racist.


Trevor you made a good point.Her customer service skills could need an adjustment.I have been told that the proof is in the pudding and my pudding was sour!


Kevin,kevin,kevin-I can assure you I'm not wow25.It is easy for an account to be created but it is hard to impersonate me.Consider my language I requested.You claim you knew this and that but I made the entire page aware of the problem at hand.I stand behind each post with confidence.There is passion in my post.I created my complaint because I didn't feel the cashier treated me fairly.It was her tone and demeanor when I simply asked for a manager.She told me to search the store and maybe someone would give it to me.I felt that was rude and why would anyone be rude to a loyal customer?Kevin,you tell me.I CAN HANDLE THE UGLY POST although you say no one is attacking me-I see nigg-- on several post.Is that an attack?My mother who did a wonderful job raising me didn't create my brain.I am not a racist.I am against it in fact but whites have hid behind a mask for too long.Not one white have said anything against the people who said *** because they are all thinking it.You may not even hate us but can you love us.Can we get equality? ***,can I get a manager?


It is obvious that Ranits is wow25. She just created another account and forgot which account she was on.

Ranita, no one needs to make you look bad. You are making yourself look bad. However like Kevin said. Just like Ranita has the right to express herself so does everyone else.

Also Ranita aka wow25, if you read the comments you would know that people are replying to what happened, however this three year old trapped in a 28 year old's body refuses to see what other's are saying. I have children of my own and I always taught them to admit the truth when they make a mistake. No one taught this to Ranita. What is fishy aboiut this whole incident is that wow25 posted as if she were the person creating the story.

Even if someone was not using her name(which I doubt, I think it is all her and the reason I think this has nothing to do with her race.) Is because everytime a bad post appears under her name she denies it. She just called the person she claims to be impersonating her a dummy. She denied calling Zachary names. Let's face it.

This is either written by a child to get attention, or Ranita has very low self esteem and was not brought up right. This has nothing to do with her race thought. Just she does not have the guts to admit her mistakes which is very sad. Just like she has the right to believe that she was treated with racism, we have the right to tell us what we think.

If she can't handle our feedback she should not have shared her story. Also wow25 and Ranita have the same hatrid and discrinination towards whites. How do you know that they would not give her, I mean you the 34 cents? No one is attacking this one person who chooses to act like a three year old.

They are just stating their views and she goes around calling them names, accusing them of being bad parents then taking back her posts when she regrets posting them. She has anger issues it is quite clear. As you can see people do support her, but what they don't like is her quick conclsion to racism. However since ranita and wow25 are obviously the same person I guess "both" of you will not see reason.

You may think we are all uneducated but when pretending to be a second person Ranita at least know which account you are using when you are supporting yourself. We were not born yesterday and we are not as dumb as you think we are, or say we are. I knew right away that once you regretted it you would deny calling Zachary names instead of admitting to it.

Your mother must be proud. Then again maybe I should not say this sarcastically since she perhaps raised you to cry racism for silly things.


ranita is a ***, and just like she has the right to free speech so do we. if she can't take it maybe she should not be posting.


Thanks for agreeing with me Wow25, at least one person believes me. I appreciate it.


It's shocking to me how all of the posters have a problem with Ranita exercising her right which is freedom of speech as everyone else does on the website. Based on everything I have read on here this woman felt this was poor treatment along with racism.Everyone is singling out 34 cents..what does she have to do paint a picture for you? She pointed out the cashier could have given her the contractors discount and refused to and she didn't call a manager like she asked.Use your good sense to see what is unwritten as well and you can see. What employee refuses to get a manage at a customers request? Plus the line of whites who didn't even offer the spare change in their pockets. I've been in line before and I give people change all the time without a second thought,whats so hard about being kind? I can empathize with the situation on top of that she's in Alabama for crying out loud!Its clear to me that this woman posted her experience and everyone jumped defensive when she mentioned race.She seems smart and opinionated not unreasonable.

Racism is still every much alive and one post proves that by calling her a "N*****" and another by saying "you people","go back to Africa" That's the way most of you truly feel and you only prove her right!I can also sense many of you are who are posting racial comments are threatened by her. I haven't read her call whites *** woods,crackers,rednecks,trailer trash.

Not one person on her has written anything supporting her story instead you picked it apart and tried to clean the messiness about it up and gave it your stamp of approval. Everyone is attacking this one person how sad but I can tell she isn't afraid at all with your remarks and Oh I do believe her when she says she didn't write some of those comments just on her grammar alone. One poster even said maybe not a hacker but some just using her name instead of their own..with everything she has written I just since a bit of arrogance behind her tone so someone is playing copycat but their missing all of the *** behind their message! Some of you are even intrigued by the infamous Ranita otherwise why would she have over 100 hits in a couple of days on here!



This is funny.If you would consider language first, you would see that there is someone pretending to be me.I HAVE NOT replied for hours.I can assure you someone is posting comments to make me look bad.It seems simple to change your name.I promise all readers you are talking with a well educated negro.I have twenty minutes before I am expected to arrive at the office.So for the dummy that talks to another Ranita-Be my guest.I love the people who couldn't wait to say *** in their comments.Am I suppose to be offended?White people love to say-Go back to Africa.It would seem to me that if you traveled all the way to Africa to retrieve us it must be something special about us.I couldn't imagine going to the jungle to collect animals and they take over my home.I'd tell them to go back too.Oh, the threats of life. The privilege of being a ***!!I will return proper comments later.I promise.I have to go point my finger at some fine white folks for a minute then head back to -Africa.ha ha


Ranita is just too stubborn to admit she is wrong and EVERYONE here can tell her she is an *** but she is going to think she is right. I feel sorry for the people who have to deal with her on a daily basis.

She twists everything so she is right, everyone else is racist, and everyone is against her.

Bull ***! Ranita, you just need to go away.


She can't even multiply. Go back to school. Better yet GO BACK to where you originated from!


You sure are acting like a N*****! Get a life and let it be.

Good Lord never said he/she beat their child. Obviously you didn't have enough beatings!

You are just a low life N and can't get past the fact that you think you are owed something. If you don't like it, then get your black *** back to Africa and be done with it!


Actually she is wrong I wont be 12 till 13 days.


For an adult of 28 to call a child of 12 dumb for any reason is just low.(assuming Zachary is 12 as you think) However you seem to think he is 12 and you are calling him dumb, black, white, green or purple that is low.


Zachary you are racist as well and very dumb. What does 1998 reflect your year of birth.

So what that makes you 12 years old? You probably did not even bother doing the math. I bet you just assumed that I was wrong because I am black. Probably think blacks are too dumb to figure out simple math.

Well do the math 34 cents times one hundred customers is $3.40 not $34. Don't assume I am wrong just because I am black. Do the math before acting like I am dumb. Blacks are not dumb.

Whites just think we are because they are racist. You must be white or less black than me.


Actually they are right 100 times .34 is $34 not 3.40.


You are very dumb, "Normal has a good point"

If 100 people short changed her 34 cents each then she would be short $3.40 not $34.


You are quick to assume. You assume that "normal" is a lady who does not do anything nice unless someone is watching but yet you don't like people to make assumptions about you.

You make me laugh. You are wrong like everyone else said this isn't racism. Get that out of your thick skull.

Someone claimed you are acting ten that is a disgrace to all ten year olds since they know better you are acting five and I am not saying this because of your skin color. I am saying this because you are stubborn.


Too bad ranita is too stubborn to see it. She probably gets lets say one hundred customers a day.

Let's say everyone of those customers was short 34 cents. That would make them $34 short at the end of the night. You say you are 28 years old, from they way you are acting I would have thought you were three years old. I think they think you expect whites to owe you things because you seem to think because of earlier racism it is your turn to be racist.

That is what you are implying in your letter and replies that because of the racism in the earlier years they owe you something. You were not even around then. Then when others don't agree with you you say they are racist as well. Not everything is about race.

Some things just happen. People were just trying to help you but you twist their words around, and claim they are doing the same, when you are the one doing this.


Too bad ranita is too stubborn to see it. She probably gets lets say one hundred customers a day.

Let's say everyone of those customers was short 34 cents. That would make them $34 short at the end of the night. You say you are 28 years old, from they way you are acting I would have thought you were three years old. I think they think you expect whites to owe you things because you seem to think because of earlier racism it is your turn to be racist.

That is what you are implying in your letter and replies that because of the racism in the earlier years they owe you something. You were not even around then. Then when others don't agree with you you say they are racist as well. Not everything is about race.

Some things just happen. People were just trying to help you but you twist their words around, and claim they are doing the same, when you are the one doing this.


Good Lord, you are a bad parent and if I lived near you I would accuse you of beating your child so she can be raised by someone who is not racist. Obviously you are lying about the 23 cents, and trevor you are lying about the penny because you are white and racist and don't want to admit whites are racist.


No one hacked you, you can post any name you want where it says name. No offence to the other posters but I doubt any of them have any hacking skills.


However this is not racism. Some stores allow you to be short changed up to a certain amount. Some don't allow one cent short. I know because I have seen a case where this lady was short once cent and they demanded that penny.

Yes the situation is embarassing but don't be too quick to jump to the conclusion that it has something to do with your color.

Do you have proof if you were white that she would not act the same way. Refuse to allow the purchase, not call a manager and tell you to get change from others.


This is store policy probably that a cashier cannot be short changed. She could be written up or lose her job if she is short changed.

34 cents seems to be a big deal to you. This has nothing to do with the color of your skin. You are probably the type of person who if you were asked to wait your turn, you would cry racism. Tasha is right you people cry racism for the smallest thing.

If something like this happened to any other person they would not cry racism. Why is it that blacks are too quick to claim racism. I have read complaints where you people have complained about racism because one of your chicken nuggets were bent, another person cried racism because her daughter was picked up for shoplifting when the daughter actually was shoplifting. Gosh, this is probably store policy not racism.

You are making a big deal over 34 cents. Since you were 34 cents short they have every right to turn you down. Stop making everything bad that happens to you a race issue. I bet this is not the first time you cried racism when things did not go your way.

Yes there was a lot or racism in the 60's, and there still is now, but you seem to be holding the 60's racism against every white person. Then when other posters disagree with you you tell them that they are all racist. You even claim that people less black than you are racist. You write things then instead of having the guts to admit you are wrong you claim you were hacked.

Well why would someone *** this website? What do they have to gain from it? You just don't want to admit that you made that comment out of anger and frustration. If someone did *** your account they would change the password so you have no access to it.

You are just making excuses. Also when someone says you are playing the race card, they are not making it seem like you are playing a game, they are telling you that you cry racism over the smallest of things. You obviously are not educated with "figure of speech" I bet if someone says something is a piece of cake you expect them to give you some cake, and if they don't and tell you that it was just a figure of speech, you accuse them of racism and not giving you any cake because you are black. Well you are a few fries short of a happy meal.

She did not disrespect you. You had two choices either ask around for 34 cents or leave. The manager was busy most likely and probably would have said the same thing. She could not tell you the manager was busy because you would probably accuse him of racism.

Infact I bet if he was busy with another person white or black and said that he was busy you would be saying he or she is racist since the black person is less black than you. People are focused on the whole story, however you are twisting your words around, changing your story, posting stuff, claiming you were hacked instead of admitting you made a mistake. My guess is you were just as rude to the cashier as you are to these other posters. No one is twisting your words around.

They are just saying to you that if "racism" was in your favor you would not care. You are just too stubborn to realise the truth and think you are right and everyone else is wrong. You are acting like a ten year old who does not want to listen to reason. About the 34 cents, a manager is very busy.

Most likely she asked you to ask around for two reasons. One, he would say the same thing. Two even if he were to accept you 34 cents short it would be most likely be that you would find someone willing to give you 34 cents before he arrived.

However if you did go around asking for 34 cents and if a white or less black person said no you would accuse them of racism as well. Everyone is focused on the whole story, however you are too stubborn to admit you are wrong.


You didn't have enough money. PERIOD.

I went to CVS this weekend and was short 23 cents. Guess what I did? I sent my kid out to the car to get the change so I could pay what I owed. I am a white person and the cashier was also white.

Now if the cashier had been black, should I have balked about the 23 cents and played the race card? No, you pay what you owe and if you don't have it, put something back!


Thanks Al,you hit the nail on the head.I assume you have never misplaced change before.Well I did for the first time.I didn't know that being 34 cents gave someone the right to tell you to search the store and ask someone.Race card.You make it sound like a game.Racism is no laughing matter sir.When I request for a manager,I expect it as a right.Don't combine it.My fault I was 34 cents short.Her fault for disrespecting me over it.I expected wait one minute ma'am while I call you a manager not I suggest you ask another customer.Stay focused with the whole story.


Yearh sure,I can assure you I have no regrets.I did not write the comment claiming to be blacker than irish.We all know that even if you have a black spot on the tip of your toe-you're black.I'm not computer literate but I know when I see a comment that says my name but I didn't write.Please hacker let me make my own bed hard,I don't need any help


Just sounds like another person blaming others for their short-comings. It seems that nowadays no one can take responsibility for what they do or don't do. It's always gotta be someone else's fault, and if the race-card can be thrown it makes it all the better.


Okay,I have never viewed life from a normal point of view.You[in a normal world]think I hate white people because I told the truth.WHICH line did I write that wasn\'t the truth.Yes,the truth is better left under the rug.I love everyone the same.Most blacks would say I laugh in white folks face too much.I went right to work[second job] and told a white co-worker what happened.He agreed with me.He couldn\'t believe she told me to ask someone in the store.He said I hate racist without me even disclosing my person feelings toward it.The next time my white tenant says she short I\'ll suggest she search the neighborhood hoping someone will give it to her.She\'s a kind older lady with class but I assume she\'ll curse me out.I\'ll try it, but this time roles reverse.I ALSO find that most people who treat others like that see that woman\'s point of view.I was raised by a kind mother who never turned away a stranger.I bet[just assuming]you\'re a lady that has never done a kindness for a stranger unless someone was watching.


Normal,I am 28 years old,rent out houses, and I don't own a credit card.point blank.I pay cash for everything and if it soothes your mind not to believe it, then fine.The fact, was that I could not find all of my money.I was in a hurry trying to fix something for a tenant and I needed both items.I asked her to call a manager which wouldn't have caused her register to become short.She suggested I search the store and ask strangers for it.I felt disrespected.I laughed when you said white people are honest to pay the bill;All of it.I suspect you can after years of free labor.I don't know where you got the idea that I expect white people owe me anything.Disregard all I said and focus on just the 34 cents and you might be right!!Consider that I asked her to call a manager to make arrangements and you're wrong.I know there was a better solution.I treat everyone fair.I guess I figure the money as no big deal but I can see that 34 cents is the new dollar in poor people's world.Funny.I'll start tipping valet quarters.ha ha


Ranita, Let's look at the facts. You tried to buy something with less than the total price.

You complained that 34 cents was such a pittance that you should be cut some slack. If it was such a small amount why didn't you just shut up and pay the change? How about putting something back and lowering the bill? You say you own several rental properties and you don't have a credit card?

You accuse the cashier of being racist but the reason you're being treated differently is that a white person is honest enough to pay the bill; ALL of it. Who do you think has to balance the cashier's till at the end of the day? The cashier might process hundreds of customers every day. Should they all get a break on the change just because the customer just happens to be "a little short"?

The store wasn't racist; you are for being hostile once again to whites who were only trying to help you by providing the same products and services that they provide to everyone else. You continue living the mentality that they(the whites) owe you a living.

You want "change" it's simple. Start treating others fairly.


You don't see things in a normal person's point of view. You are upset because you are not getting a discount.

That is the main issue here. Like Irish said you want special treatment. You obviously hate whites from your comments. Quit complaining you were 34 cents short.

Has nothing to do with your color. It had to do with you not having enough money.


"This last comment to irish with rss to the side of it was not written by me.A hacker is in the mist."

That is what everyone says when they type something they regret.


The worst part for me was when she suggested I browse the store and ask someone for the change assuming I'm comfortable with that.I simply asked her to call a manager which she wouldn't do.I don't need loans or handouts but a break would have been nice.I have been in line and bought a person $40.00 worth of groceries.I am building a house this year and I promise not even a dollar shall go to Lowe's.That's business.Greed is why most americans are broke.God gave us too much for us to act like that.I didn't mention the line full of kind white americans that simply turned their head.I didn't expect anything although the lady spoke loud enough for each of them to hear.The fact of the matter is that there were options to handling the matter in which the cashier refused to do.Why then would she turn down a valued customer for 34 cents without at least considering other options?


Okay,I am not racist but I understand it.I assume based on years of fighting for equal treatment.Have you forgotten Martin Luther-you fill in the rest.The only reason a white person is discriminated, is because we reap what we sow.Years of slaughtering other races tend to cause hard feelings.It could have been 2 cents and she would have turned me away.I'm a loyal customer due loyalty.


Irish,what contractor do you know that don't receive discounts.Hair dressers get discounts on hair supplies.Even Sam's give discounts on bulk items.It says your constant dedication is rewarded.The store manager said she should have called him.If it were not normal for contractors to receive discounts I would not have claimed racism.I don't need anyone to tell me when I am treated unfairly.


This last comment to irish with rss to the side of it was not written by me.A hacker is in the mist.


Everyone who replied to my letter is racist even Irish who is also black. Not all whites are racist.

As you can see even blacks are racist against other blacks.

The blacker you are the more racist treatment you get. I must be blacker than Irish.


You assume that whites are racist and don't understand. Don't you think they also face discrimination (which you did not in this case).

They are discriminated against for different things.

Also assuming a white person and that whites will not understand and assuming everyone posting is white. Isn't that racism/discrimination on your hand?


I myself am black and this is not racism. Trust me.

This is just a classic case of a cashier being a ***. Or maybe the manager does not like people giving less money. To be honest you were thieving on her by trying to shortchange her for 34 cents and get away with it. It is because of people like you that when we really face racism that we are not believed.

It is because of people like you that when we claim racism and if it is real that they think we are just playing the race card. Stop encouraging these steryotypes by giving in to them.

Yes you do think that you as a contractor should get better treatment than the average customer isn't that discrimation as well. Only it works in your favor so you don't care.


Paul,another thing.When did it grow old?My mother can remember signs that said colored.It wasn't that long ago you openly said blacks were nothing and now we should forget.I don't harp on it but I am aware.Racism is an ugly thing white people imposed on every nation.I realize that only color makes you special,GROW UP,not wealth!!!34 cents is change,literally!!!


Why is racism such an explosive word?It is a fact of life, proven over years of treatment.Lowe's discount items for contractors on a normal basis but the cashier wouldn't call a manager for me.The business thrives on customers that are dedicated to the business.Any real business learns to take care of those customers.Oh yeah paul,create the paint and cure centuries of ignorance.


For starters, I am a very good landlord and treat both my black and white tenants equally.I can assure you that with this economy I let far more than cents slide by.There is never a reason to turn a valued costumer away for 34 cents.Every reply was by someone other than a black person.I am not upset butI would never expect a white person to understand.


WAA WAA WAA !!!!! IF you dont have the money you shouldnt be crying!!!!!!

This discrimination line by certain nationalities grows old !!!!

If you think its your color then buy some paint and change it!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


She complains she was turned down because she was short 34 cents, yet I bet if someone was short 34 cents on their rent she would do the same


I think I will be one of her tenents and short change her. If she complains and says that I have to pay the full amount. I will say it is because she is racist against whites.


If were renting from her and if I complained and asked for her repair things she would probably accuse me of being a racist. If we had disagreements she would probably blame me for disagreeing with her because she is black.


Seriously GROW UP. It does not matter if you are white, black, or green.

You were turned away because you did not have enough money. They are a business. Then you go abuot mentioninhat you rent out houses and spend $30000 a year and expect special treatment for that. This has nothing to do with your skin color.

Quit crying racism over everything and grow up.

You expect to be treated special for spending $30000 a year and renting houses but once someone says you are not allowed to do something you automatically assume discrimination when any white person would be treated the same. GROW UP.

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