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I hate lowes on 121 jefferson hwy

I went i on my normal shoppin spree and i was seekin help out of all the management in there a cashier name leslie helped me then i returned back to the store on monday and i asked for her and the cahier laught o she got fired i said uh she says yes for returning a shop vac bac in march 2010 but she didnt know it was against policy despite the fact it was to different prices bull *** she never missed a smile the best worker i came across but im gonna report this matter to corporate myself cause i know theres more to this story a good hard worker fired...
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Perhaps you could hire her to tutor you to write proper English.


I'm sure your reporting this matter to corporate is going to get her rehired.

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Lowes Cashier

Purchase John Deere Lawn Mower | Lowes review from Chicago, Illinois

In March 2010, I purchased a John Deere Lawn Mower. After three cuts, the discharge a assembly melted apart, I took it to Tonys Repair shop on 2400 North Harlem in Chicago. While cutting grass after a heavy rain hit submerged pipe and bent the shaft and blade accidently, to find that the part was not covered by warranty, A BRAND NEW LAWN MOWER INOPERABLE, very disappointed in companys policy in warranties, no consideration of replacement of lawn mower. Also I am disappointed in the quality of the lawn mower, any and all consideration would be greatly appreciated. I was coerced into purchasing this lawn mower by the salesman #1273647 not only did I purchase the lawn mower I also purchased the extended warranty to cover any possible damages. Money as you know is very hard to come by and personally I dont or cant afford to throw away $563.19. Please rectify this situation as quickly as possible. A PISSED OFF CONSUMER
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sounds like my neighbor here in missouri,he doesn't like manual labor.


No Warranty in the world would cover this. This would be considered "abuse" or "negligence". Wait...Craftsman hand tools cover abuse and negligence...just not their mowers...


Let me ask you a question. If you bought a brand new car and hit a pole on the way home....would your warranty cover it?? If it does...please let me know...I want to but that warranty for my car.


Yoyu broke the mower. It was your fault. Another shinning example of how people do not take responsibility for their screw up.


Take the time to read your warranty. It covers DEFECTS not DAMAGE.

If you hit a pipe and DAMAGED the mower it won't be covered. Man up and pay for the damage YOU caused to the mower.

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Buyer Beware at Lowes

I bought a lot of tile and other material at Lowes to have a contractor install. The tile ended up being about 4 different colors on my wall. Some of the tiles are a dark brown, some are light beige, some even look greyish. Even the decorative tile had some dark brown and some light beige. Even the decorative tile some were dark brown and some were light beige. I have $3,000.00 invested in an awful looking shower. Lowes will not reimburse me for this. They offered me more tile, which does not solve the problem. I do not have the money to pay someone to tear it down and reinstall it. Thanks for nothing Lowes. Shop at Home Depot.
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I work at Lowe's and I can't tell you how often a customer comes in to *** about their tile or their paint not matching the others. You are supposed to mix things, to make it not noticeable when you open a new box or can.

It is not Lowe's fault that you didn't know that.

Don't be another dumb *** customer. Or go to Home Depot because we won't have to deal with your stupidity


Maybe you should take some responsibility and look at what your buying before paying someone to hang it. There is a such thing as "lots" when you buy tile.

I think your an ***.

Reading most complaints its just as much fault as the customer. Grow up.

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Lowes is the worse place to work at.

I worked the loews in Fresno CA and let me tell you that was the worse job! When i was first hired i was never told how many days you can miss, when you start getting vacation, holiday pay or anything. When i asked a head cashier or my supervisor i never got the same answer. Then there were days i worked a 6 hr shift and only received one 15 min brake. I called a head cashier and told them i needed a brake and all they ever said is "OK i will try and send someone", that never happened. So i told my supervisor about it and he didn't care, and i never even got paid for it. Pay roll person said it will be on the next check but it was not. Not receiving my brakes happened to me 8 different time my whole 7 months working their. Then one day i was working a closing shift and i felt sick all of a sudden and told my head cashier i was going to get sick. So i ran into the bathroom not even making it i thew up. Several of my co-workers saw me get sick and go into the bathroom. So after that i walked up to my supervisor and told him i got sick and needed to go home. He looked at a head cashier by him and said "did you just hear what she said? she wants to go home" and laughed. Then yelled at me and said " your not sick your just hungover you can stay". Well for one i was not even 21 at the time and i was actually sick. So i told him no I'm going home i get a doctors note. That was my first time ever going home, i never missed a day of work. If my supervisor did not like you he would show it and treat you like ***. Then the HR manager was just as bad . I got married and changed my name and went to my hr and asked her if she could change it with Lowe's. She told me you need to make copies and i said i already did. Then she said well i have alot to do right now so come back later. I came back 3 times and still it was never done. I later found out if she dose not like you she wont help you. She also seemed to be very fond if your male. Their was this cashier working who dyed her hair with red highlights and the hr told her that's against dress code she had to wear a had. The phone operators daughter who worked their also had the same color hair but never got told anything and didn't have to wear a hat. Just because she was good friends with management and HR. I feel that lowe's in Fresno ca is the most unorganized, hostel, law breaking place to work at. Its not only the store its the whole company. I called lowe's corp 3 times about not receiving brakes and they didn't seem to care nothing was ever done. So i quit and i tell be to think twice before applying at lowe's!!!!!!
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lol being cashier is literally the *** job at lowes lumber, paint, appliances or receiving is where its at man


I also work for lowes on the east coast.... and fifteen minute breaks are NOT mandatory.

If you get them you get them. And a fifteen would be the MOST you would get for a six hour day. You are not entitled to a lunch until you work seven hours.

Lowe's can be ***, but by being a cashier you chose by far the *** department at Lowes to work for.


Stop ***. You sound like a bratty kid.


This comment from California sounds similar to what I hear from cashiers at the store I currently work full-time at in North Carolina; not getting breaks, double standards, lack of common human dignity towards cashiers. They really get the short end of the stick working at Lowe's.

And to top it off cashiers are required to clean public bathrooms and break room. It's no wonder there has been nearly 100% turn-over on the front end at cash registers and customer service in less than one year.


I have been with Lowe's, coming up on my 6th year. I have always loved it there.

My HR is amazing and my Admin ASM is awesome.

I have no complaints and no intentions to leave anytime soon. =]


Ha, you might not have a choice to leave one day. I had 7 years in and then a new lezbo store manager comes in and wrongfully terminates me because I was a male.


I have worked for Lowe's for over 4 yrs. I have worked in 3 stores and been a department supervisor over every dept in zone 3.

In one store was over all 5 depts in zone 3 at once. I know everyone at some point hates their job, But to say is the worst place to work is so far from the truth. I honestly think if you take advantage of everything Lowe's teaches you, and offers it is a very good company. Where else can you get such awesome benefits??

I make $7 more an hr then I did at Home Depot for the same position. You wont always get along with your supervisor, ASM, Or SM. But if you work hard, strive to succeed and are willing to work hard and learn, then you can move up. All I can say is if you hate working for Lowe's any of you...Quit!!

No one makes you stay, And if you hate your job that bad I am sure your work refects it, and no one wants you there anyways. So do everyone a favor...


While I have to agree about the grammar and usage in this individual's review, my experience as a multi-year employee at Lowe's makes me sympathetic to her situation. The corporate culture in this company in one of extreme favoritism, from top to bottom.

If you're "in" with management, you can get away with things that would get anybody else fired (I mean this quite literally, as I have personally witnessed many examples of management and their friends doing things for which they have recently fired other employees they did not care for). My store recently went through a complete managerial shift in which corporate basically came in and forced all of the Assistant Store Managers to transfer to other stores, while firing the Store Manager and HR Manager. The previous management crew was a great team to work with.

Since the change, we have had nearly 50% turnover in my store, partially from utterly senseless firings, partially from people who don't like the sword dangling above their heads every single day quitting and moving on. When I first came to work for Lowe's, it was the best company I had ever worked for, and it is now by far the worst.


Firstly , I would greatly appreciate that if you're (notice it's the correct form) going to make a point you do so in a well thought manner. This often requires one to use proper syntax and grammar.

Second , it is indicative of Lowe's policy to only give you ONE 15 minute break ( notice once again the correct usage ) per 6 hour shift and it is not guaranteed. With that being said ma'am , I hope you will be more successful in your further efforts which should also include a freshmen English comp course

First B

Who cares about the spelling and grammar, we know what this person is talking about. Not to mentio speaking about correct grammar you forgot the period in your last sentence. Just saying.


Luckily for you, you can't even master the English language. Want some fries with your #swag?


First, learn how to write correctly.


Brakes are on Cars. breaks are what you take at Work. Did you go to a School?


Your grammar denotes your level of education. Frankly, I think you're not very trustworthy and probably complain too much.


F.U. University

I have my degree 2 fingers for U (also)


Sounds like your situation is an isolated case. I currently work for Lowe's, and I also worked for Lowe's in 1999; when I had a near fatal automobile accident. I was in intensive care, and wasn't aware of any of this until I was discharged; My pay continued, my grown children were out of state, Lowe's contacted my kids, and my immediate supervisor, and next in command came to the hospital,informed my kids that if "They needed anything!" to let them know.

Sounds like you are one of those looking for an excuse for your "LACK" of responsibility, and ownership of your personal behavior(s).

Maybe "rethink" your life!



lowes is the best place I ever worked, maybe you should report those people instead of letting them *** you, kind of makes sense there are plenty of laws in place to cover employees maybe if you took the time to look them up you wouldn't have that problem and could rid that store of the bad managers. try working for a grocery store you'd be begging for your job back at lowes


I don't think it's lowes problem you don't get brakes. They don't even sell car parts.

I work at lowes and love it. Good pay and benefits, reasonable expectations, and management has never been a problem.

I do my job well and am well liked. Best company I have worked for yet, hands down.


Contractor for Lowe's. They call our crew for all the difficult and important installations/builds.

We have a great customer satisfaction rating. It's funny how they fail to register your name for a particular job type, even after hiring you to do the work, all the way up until the job has been done for over a month. This means you finish a contract but don't get paid for the work until 5-6 WEEKS later. But god help you if you're in the middle of an install and cannot answer the phone immediately.

I work with every store in my state, barring two locations. They ALL have this problem. How on earth can you HIRE someone for a job and not approve them for that until AFTER it's been done for over a MONTH?

Only one store here has it together and doesn't commit this act of stupidity. Bottom line, they wont have installers for much longer if they continue to treat us this way.


I'm a manager at Lowe's and if this guy would have ever asked me how many days he was allowed to be absent he would instantly be on my *** list. I don't know how he made it through the interview process.

He used brake instead of break! ***


I agree with what you said about this employee but if you are a manager or assistant manager at Lowe's you are also an ***. What a low life job. You are either uneducated or have a low IQ to do what you do.




Lowe's sucks. The Management team is really bad at my store.

We have become Lowe's - Mart. The store manager was really good at one time. Then she hired an HR Manager that thinks she runs the show. A use to be dept.

manager from Wally world. Bottom line they do not care about the people that work under them. The store manager needs to take her store back.

Tell the HR Manager and the ASM That she is the boss. I love what I do here at Lowe's but there are a couple of managers that need to be put in there place.


I work at Lowe's in Llyod New York and have been there little over a Month and personally I love it. The employees are all friendly and talkative, and its real laid back. No fighting, no drama, just good vibes.


You're an ***


I worked thier at the same time I know who the cashier was who dyed her hair and the phone operators daughter is. I was a head cashier and it was just as bad for me too.

The managers are jerks and a lot of the cashiers were always trying to come up with excuses not to work, the hr is awful.

Managers were always trying to fire people, the customers were the rudest and most disrespectful customers I have ever felt with. The list goes on and on I finally quit last year and have never looked back.


Thank you Realistic!!


Any company with multiple locations will have multiple personalities running them and multiple personalities working under the various managers. Of course there will be good ones and bad ones.

This isn't rocket science folks. it also isn't indicative of a whole company. I've worked for Lowes for 14 years and the company has always taken care of me. Rather it be time missed for out of work injuries or making changes to my insurance to include my non married but live in spouse.

401k company match to 4 weeks of vacation next year (3 weeks currently).

Anyone who blames their problems on a location or 2 simply is NOT a realistic thinker.

@realistic thinker

You have a charmed life at Lowes then, but there are some Lowes stores that treat their employees not very well. If the manager likes you, you will have a good experience, if they do not like you, they will treat you awful!


After reading your complaint and seeing that you cannot spell basic words correctly or use proper grammar, it is obvious to me why you didn't like working there. It seemsthat mMcDonalds is more suited for you since you only need to ask "would youlike fries wwith that?". Perhaps you need to reflect upon yourself and your capabilities before you bash a good company, maybe the company was too good for you.


iv worked for lowes for about a month now im a cashier and i don't think its that bad.. i think its cool how we get a 15 min break before lunch and after lunch and get paid for it most jobs dont have that, its really not hard work we get an hour lunch and get the days we request off..

so don't think its that bad. i really like working for lowes the pay is pretty good too., :)


I have worked for lowes for 5 yrs, March 31st 2013 is my last day. 'm not being fired or teminated, I'm leaving because this compnay really sucks, I have been a very succesful sales specialist, dont call in sick and did my job very well, management loves me and begged me not to leave.

The corporate leaders at this company have no idea how to motivate or treat their employees, those who support them are just enjoying the koolaide while it lasts, The lies, descete, misguided promises and their LEF is elementary at best, nobody supports it because its not going to happen, how do i know this? Because the corporate leaders dont even know how to make it happen, I;ve heard the lies and promises for 5 years and nothing has changed for the better, its gotten much worse, please dont mention our commissions, OH!! did i mention our losing our commissions, and they said they were doing us a favor???


what a joke.. Good bye and iwont be shopping here either..

@Leaving now

Great Comment by Leaving Now. That is right on the money.


I've been with Lowe's now for Just under 5 years and while I have to say that not everything about Lowe's is perfect, overall I'm pretty happy with my time spent with Lowe's thus far.

I've worked in two different stores one twice and while each store is unique I have found and certain things are considered more important than others at each store.

Overall Its not a bad place to work at all.

The benefits are good, pay is decent considering what the job requires and while Management can sometimes be a pain id strongly recommend lowe's to anyone as a good place to work

Those of you claim to have worked for Lowe's and weren't treated well all I have to say to you is remember you worked for just one store that store's views dont necessarily speak for the company as a whole.


I've worked at lowes for over a month now, and my location is fantastic. We get breaks on time, unless extreme circumstances, and our HR manager is one of the nicest people ever.

So really, what this seems to be.. is that.. if your managers suck or you have a bad attitude / don't get along with everyone.. Your workplace sucks. No matter where you go.

Everywhere has its perks and downfalls. I'm an extremely easy to get along with worker, but my other job's managers are just horrid. No paid breaks, no holiday hours, extreme understaffing.. It could be worse.


I have worked for Lowe's for 3 years and have dealt with the same hr issues, manager issues, and corporate issues. The hr at my store in Ky has her own click that she keeps happy anyone not in this click are treated unfairly, this hr hired people that were at our store for 1 month to a full time sales specialist just because he was a nephew of the a lady in this click.

I have been there 3 years and am still stuck in the same dept as part time, and they always give the worthless lazy *** people the jobs and good treatment the hard workers get treated *** and the lazy *** get gold. deff do not work here!


employees aren't trained for equipment they are using...there aren't enough employees to cover all the departments so they expect the few on to do it all never giving breaks when they should...general managers don't listen and don't care what their employees are's all about the profit and their bonuses...they give one employee phones/beepers from several departments and expect them to answer within 3 calls even though they may be helping a customer...not impressed with lowes both as shopper or wife of one employee. I can see why there is such a turnover of employees...a few weeks and you've had it!!!!!


I believe Lowes has outlived its usefulness; they are and will always be number 2 no matter how many stores they close down. If you really want to see a cluster, work at the corporate offices.

Rarely will you see Individuals being hired who are actually qualified for positions, as a matter of fact Lowes corporate office promotes from within so don’t bother applying for any position that actually requires an education, just get on as a call taker and BS your way to the top. I worked long enough for them to see individuals with no education being promoted over individuals who had 4 year degrees in the applied fields and sure I believe in giving everyone a chance but when the individual without the education is also an ***….I saw this with 8 different individuals. The problem is not the employees but the managers, since these managers are the same people who BS their way to the top.

Basically you have individuals who have been spoon feed into cushy positions that don’t know anything outside of Lowes and therefore can’t really make any modern useful decisions. My advice is don’t waste your time with second rate company, if you have an education look for a company that values that.


I think it is funny when people bi%^% about this stuff. If you are a *** employee and do the minimum well of course they want to get rid of you.

It's not because they have some secret reason it is plain and simple you suck and they need to find someone who will do it without the drama or special needs that you require. They wont fire you because your sick but sick alot or call in sick alot to me says you dont want the job. If you really wanted it stay and suck it up go come and get better.

In todays economy its so easy to find better help from people that want to work. For the rest of you dont worry we will pay your welfare while you do s*&^ like your use to.


I just got hired and think it is a fine place to work. You people just *** too much about having a job. You have a 401k , option to purchase stocks.Go on welfare then and rot


Fired me last week for something I didn't even do. Worked there for 2 1/2 years and this is the thanks I get?

The HR manager tried to make me confess and I wouldn't since I never did anything wrong.

They just moved the store and already they are losing a ton of money because the sales are not there. I'm pretty sure they will close before this year ends.


I'm sorry, but your grammar is horrible. You said you are married so you are too old to make those mistakes.

I'm not a big grammar person, but you continuously used brakes and their, leaving out a 's' in a plural word, and just misspelling things.

Not to be rude or a grammar nazi, but grammar is very important when it comes to having a career or society in general. It doesn't have to be perfect, but there are some things that should come naturally to you when writing.


Not really demoted; my misunderstanding. But I'm still not really happy. Hopefully things will get better.


I've been working for Lowes for over 3 years. Never got the full time they promised me in the beginning, so I went back to school.

Had to give everything but my blood type to have my availability changed even though there are others here who have theirs done on a regular basis. Finished, took another class, and have been looking for a job, going on interviews, etc. on my time. Also, my spouse and I have multiple doctors and I schedule our appointments on my time.

Now, my mgr. is trying to strongarm me into changing my availability back to what it was before. Can he do that?

Might I add, instead of increasing our hours, he continually hires new people! And cuts our hours even more!


I worked for lowe's for no more than six months. In a six month span I managed to report more than half a dozen individual occassions to HR about sexual harrassment in the workforce.

I was approached by several coworkers and asked bluntly if I was a *** and I was even referred to by a zone manager as a "she-male" to my roommate (at the time known only to management as a coworker), my hours were cut shortly after and I was moved to elictrical, a department I loathed being an advocate of nature and natural growth. I have never in my life been treated with such disrespect and disregard. It was only for my own entegrity that I didn't persue a lawsuit. Every inch of my moral fiber wanted to proceed as my attorney advised me to but I couldn't persue the ideal that had become America's "sue-happy" image.

I am proud of the country we live in, I believe in it's people and stand behind them 100%. I believe when tyrany knocks, heroes will answer... and that's what we are made of. I refuse to believe we are all money hungry mongrels baiting the next free ride that comes along as we are too lazy to work our ways to redemption.

I worked with incredible individuals that encouraged me to persue a lawsuit and despite lack of documented evidence I had plenty of eye witness testimony. I plead with you all - don't turn this country into the sue-happy nation we appear to be! Harbor your negativity for awful companies with words. Reach others and prevent their growth and make them see their flaws within their downward spiral to failure.

When we band together against immorality we send a stronger message than a single multi million dollar lawsuit for some lazy *** who refuses to earn his keep in this world and who would rather live off the wealthy. Please don't support this company until it changes it's ways, support it's advisary!!!

Show them they were wrong, show them we "the people" will chose, we always have and always will - not the wealthy..... Reggie


I have worked for Lowes for over a year now. I took the jobs to pass the time while I was in school and to pay a few bills.

Lowes is a job, with a corporate board that is no longer in touch with its associates. Failed policy after failed policy work their way down the ladder to demoralize and stress their associates to the max. I work with a great bunch of people, however management is forced to instruct managers and specialist to perform the more than can be accomplished in a 39 hour work week. As a Dept manager I am required to schedule(Kronos is terrible, and time consuming), Keep counts of over 2000 products in my dept, 10 to 20 reports weekly, keep sells up(which should be my primary focus), keep up with training, handle customer complaints, keep my dept fronted and faced, clean, audit my specialists' sales as well as my own, keep up with 3 communication binders, and I sacrifice much of my family life due to their rotation.

As for the pay its not bad considering the economy, and the fact i work in appliances(spiffs). Probably in the 40 to 50k range.

Benefits are great and affordable. With all this said I will be leaving Lowes at a point when I find a position in my chosen degree of study to pursue a career.


OK ,i was approached by Lowes who really wanted me to come to work for them .I was an Officer in the US Navy ,got out and worked for *** Edison , Motorola , Grumman Aerospace ,and Caterpillar.


Lowes Corporate told me they were looking for highly qualified people to advance their tech side, and train others to do what i have a Masters in doing and no complaints from previous employers . So i went there thinking this worth a look see . Now i am here t tell you guys ,and you at Lowe's who i know read this stuff . Being what i am ,does not mean i am anything that resembles you. You allow your managers to yell , threaten , belittle and hurt your employees directly in front of your customers and others .

You run on the old kiss *** system of merit. And that *** four day training BS, with the screwed up computers with a battery of test that contradict themselves, and you can never get a question right? Just showed me you are one sadistic bunch of SOBs.

I told you how screwed up that testing was, so you told me i didn't have to take it. YOUR missing the point *** hats ! Earlier i saw a racist HR lady relentlessly make am 18 year old Hispanic girl cry because she walked outside with your *** vest on ? Is that so important to you that your doing that ?

Your P$L guy showing off to a Tech guy me, showed me how he was using your security cameras to look in peoples windows in the surrounding homes .Yet some guys were stealing a 1000 ft roll of copper wire, that i caught them rolling out the back door and you send this event to this P&L *** after i called the cops ?

And the store manager acted like it was no big deal ,in fact got angery at me for reporting it ? Telling other managers to watch out for me because i may rat them out. I tell you what ,i was issued a HARK card from Sandia and Los Alamos Labs while working for Motorola. And i am contacting a man i met while there who is high up in the FBI .

Your paranoia of cell phones with cameras being on your location now is very clear .And brother do i have plenty to show and hear .You do not treat people like this , and the Company's i have worked for never dreamed of doing what you do as some twisted policy. To those poor people who are working for you ,your policy of reporting to a manager. Is like reporting to Clyde Barrow that Al Capone is stealing money.


Just got demoted today; I think the writing is on the wall. Lowe's sucks. They're trying to get rid of me, I just know it.


Just got demoted today; I think the writing is on the wall. Lowe's sucks. They're trying to get rid of me, I just know it.


We just recieved a memo about posting things online such as you tube and twitter and the like. they can kiss my ***.

freedom baby freedom. this is what there worried about instead of the slave treatment that they dole out everyday to there employees who are pounding the cement making there 15 billion profit possible. *** you lowes. each employee should unionize or start stealing.

there return policy promotes it. rock on red vests


I worked at Lowes for about 3 months and I'll never get those 3 months back. I liked the store manager and HR, well most of the higher ups actually but there was way too much high school *** in that place.

Everyone was screwing everyone, drugs ran rampant...real sh$& show.

As soon as something else popped up I bounced! It really is what you make of it, I had a horrible impression so I left for greener pastures!


All I can say is there are labor laws in this "county" of ours and breaks and lunch are a part of them. If you do not take your break you should be payed accordingly. Mr.Lowes if you like working for free be my geust...........


@ been there....i guess i'm lucky to work at a lowes where the store mgr cares about his employees. Our store has finished in the top 5 in the region for the past 5 years, which you know, if you have "been there', means cash in the pocket of every employee in the a drawing for a new car.

also they now have quarterly incentives for every employee and we have cashed in every quarter. I guess i come from the old get from your job what you put into it.I've seen *** like you and mama chico come and go...mostly go. Whiners.

Lowes has an open door policy for complaints. Try using it.


Welcome to the Blowes, I mean Lowes world. The only thing Lowes cares about is getting money out of the customers pocket.

Employees are nothing but "sheep to the slaughter". You hung in there for 7 months. That shows strong character. Unlike those who quit after their first break.

And for the one who took 5 breaks in 6 years (providing they had 5 fingers), you are a fool. Those breaks are given for a reason. It is for rest and to relieve stress. Apparently you need neither.

Just how brown is your nose? You are apparently one of the pets of the store, a store ***.





Okay lows hardware, you need to get over yourself there. You also display an attitude as well.

I'm sure Chicos Mama did not come up on this site writing this review with the intention of perfect grammar or spelling either. Majority of the states do have employee work place right laws. Which do specify break requirements. 6 or more hours usually requires a 30 minute break or 1 hour break.

In addition to your regular break there IS to be a 15 minute break in between some where.

So what if you take them or not. This person clearly was being treated bad. This person was not honored their regular break or 15 minutes.

So what because you claim you did not take your breaks because you did not have to that means you're better than everyone or a super hero? I have had terrible working experiences myself in Lowes and other jobs. It's not the attitude in the person being treated badly all the time. It's also who is managing or directing.

It's a competitive world out there and people are eager to take out those not desired because they feel intimidated or want to find success. So, lowes hardware my friend you lucked out at your location. Chicos did not as well as myself. That does not mean to dump on Chicos because your experience is good.

I have stories of awful work experiences (not only from lowes), but my point is just about every work place you will find disrespect from someone anywhere. As my Dad always says there is always a doosh bag everywhere. You just have to learn when to stand up for yourself and when to brush it off to get by. Chicos did stand up for their self.

They gave it 7 months when most individuals feel are treated bad quit sooner than that. I hope Chicos can find a better working environment.

And Lowes Hardware or anyone reading this, I suggest you to google search the term WORK PLACE BULLYING. It's a real term now that is in the works to be incorporated into the employee right's laws.


Loes harware nope someone like you whos a hater dont bother me at all. Once again your worong i had a good attitude their never got a write up so you cant say that.

Why do you care so much who care if i didnt like working their its not like you own lowes dont take *** so personal. The spelling thing your not a teacher you work at a *** store thats it so please if you were actually a teacher then you could say something but your not.


Touched a nerve there huh? I'm very happy working for lowes.

I don't need to take 15 minute BREAKS.I'm guessing your attitude is the reason you had problems.

You could have gone to the district hr manager and filed a complaint.Nice language by the way. And please..please..if your grown..learn the differance between BRAKES and BREAKS!

@lowes hardware

If you really like Lowes you have a few brain cells missing.

@happy ex employee

Lowes is a job in retail. That means, by definition, you have to put up with a lot of ***, but yes all in all, Lowes is a great

company to work for. There will always be whiners that can't handle retail.


lowes hardware you the *** *** for not taking brakes and yes that the great part of living in ca if your job treats you like *** you sue them and win. Sorry mr i am 21 im grown.

No i didnt cry if you actually read something i said i told him no im leaving. I dont cry over fat supervisors yelling at me so maybe you should grow up and not speak if you dont know what your talking about. Its your bad you work for a *** store.

Yes it took me 7 months becasue IM NOT A *** PERSON AND QUIT A JOB WITHOUT FINDING A NEW ONE. So dont even write anything you dont live in california so you dont know anything about the laws.


I should have said I can count the BREAKS on one hand because that is my choice not to take them. I laugh at the younger workers who watch the clock waiting for their BREAK.

I don't know california law but I would like to sit in on a trial because a supervisor talked bad to you.Did you cry?

Grow up and move on and learn to spell. It's BREAKS not BRAKES..or is that a california law too?


No your wrong in california there a law which you work a 8 hr shift you get 2 BRAKES and a lunch. As for being 21 a supervisor can not talk to you like thats or you can sue the store in california.


So it took you 7 months to find out you hated the job? And I've seen lots of people under 21 drink. I've been with lowes 6 years and i can count the 15 minute breaks i've taken on one hand.The problem you have is you wanted "brakes" which is something you put on your car.Try taking a "break" next time.

@lowes hardware

If you want to skip your breaks and suck up to management that is up to you.But federal law is two breaks and a lunch in an 8 hour shift.

@happy ex employee

Not a federal law. Some states require it.

Not the U.S. government.

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#195539 Review #195539 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lowes Cashier

Veteran Discount Program | Lowes review from Saint Louis, Missouri

A few months ago I was pleased to learn that Lowes gave a 10% discount to veterans. Since I served my country in the United States Army from 1966 to 1969 with a tour of duty in Viet Nam, I felt that the Lowes discount was a nice gesture. All I had to do was show my discharge paper (DD214)at checkout and I would get the discount. Last week I went to my local Lowes (Lake St Louis, MO) to purchase a lawn mower and was told that I needed a veterans ID card to get discount and that I could get the card at any VA hospital. OK -- so I called the VA hospital and was told those cards are only for veterans who qualify for VA health care. To qualify I would need to have low income! I don't need or want VA health care! So, I went back to local Lowes to see what the intent of their change in policy really was. Did they want to restrict the veteran discount policy to low income veterans in need of VA health care?? The customer service folks wouldn't answer my question but kept repeating that was their policy and there was nothing they could do about it. If Lowes really wants to eliminate me and other veterans like me from the discount program, so be it. However, I will be sure to take my business elsewhere.
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In the state of Tennessee and a lot of other states one can take their DD214 to the DOT and have Veterans status placed on their drivers license. Lowe's will still not accept this but most other business that give discounts do.


Hermatige,pa said the same to me... I serverd from 66 to 68 Vietnam .

the would not houner my vetern card because of a picture ID ...

I left a cart full of merchandise and walked out the door and went home depot no questions of my card or sevice .. they hounerd it and gave me my 10 percent discount


had the same problem today with my lowes in brunswick maine . i am a viet nam vet and i had been getting discounts for years and now there is a new manager so new rules apply . I will be taking my busness to home depot at least you know were you stand with them.


I keep reading " I took my business to Depot because Lowes asked for proof I didn't currently have on me."

Of course they did!!! They're offering a benefit for people who put their lives on the line for the country! Would you prefer they take your word for it along with any *** that didn't serve? They'd throw away so much money they'd be forced to cancel the program all together!

By the way, Lowes offers it year round. Depot only offers it on certain holiday weekends. Smart thinkin folks, that'll teach em!!

@So Sad

Lowes now has the same rule as Home Depot. And yes, it sucks!


I just found out they offer 10% myself after spending 10s of thousands there over the years. As for the VA sir and anyone reading.

You were misinformed. You must got to a VA Medical Center and talk to someone ie, advocate, case worker, IDK someone. I go to the VA for medical treatment for my primary care and I get no disability benefits. Once you start going there you will get an ID card.

The VA accepts insurance, I have Blue Cross.

They are open to all vets, you may have to pay like myself but, still open.

You may ask if I have good insurance why do I go? Well my co-pay is lower and prescriptions are right there and cheaper because I assume they are non-profit.


I have shopped at nearly all the Lowes around Charlotte NC. I usually show my retiree card but there are times they see my Desert Storm hat and give it to me with no problems at all.

I would think this would be a corporate policy but perhaps they leave it to each store manager.

I've actually seldom had trouble getting Veteran's discounts from any other store I go to. If they don't have one many times they give me employee discounts.


I lived in Littletomn, Colorado and the store accepted my American Legion, DD214, etc - great store for veterns.

I now live in Chesterfield, VA. They gave me a hard time for my $1 discount ($10 purchase). The manager said that I need to go to DMV (and wait forever in live) for a veterns ID.

A few weeks later I went back to purchase 440 at Lowes on Hull street, Chesterfield. The said that they needed my Vet Retirement Card. I said the policy is for VETERNS, It wasn't worth the figt, bu I left my purchase and went to Home Depot on Hull St. Midlothian, VA - no problem.


I lived in Littletomn, Colorado and the store accepted my American Legion, DD214, etc - great store for veterns.

I now live in Chesterfield, VA. They gave me a hard time for my $1 discount ($10 purchase). The manager said that I need to go to DMV (and wait forever in live) for a veterns ID.

A few weeks later I went back to purchase 440 at Lowes on Hull street, Chesterfield. The said that they needed my Vet Retirement Card. I said the policy is for VETERNS, It wasn't worth the figt, bu I left my purchase and went to Home Depot on Hull St. Midlothian, VA - no problem.


today we went to Lowes to purchase a refrigerator,washer/dryer....found out they don't except "discharge papers" even with a valid drivers license!! well, out of luck!

they just lost a $3000 sale... guess i will try "home depot".. think they need to rethink their policy.

get it back to where it was. gee, i wonder why "home depot" is #1!!!!!

extremely pissed off!!!


Today we went to Lowes in Queensbury, NY to get the 10% discount on a stove we bought a few wks ago when we were denied the use of the dd 214 and photo drivers license that was always accepted in the past. now I was told they accepted cards with the info from the veterans agency. I received my card today from our counties veterans agency with all the info and took it to Lowes. After my wife talked to corporate and the manager at the store, we were told there would be no problem with getting the discount when the card was received...well.. the card they say is not accepeted!!! Once again Lowes doesn't stand behind their veterans, so veterans don't stand behind Lowes!!! We are done after all these yrs of being loyal customers...I am sure Home Depot will appreciate it....



I went to a Lowes in Danville Il. on March 31, 2012 and when I showed my veterans card I obtained at the Danville Veterans administration office I was told that I had to have a piture Id.

and that a regular vet. not disabled didn't get the discount every day.

THANKS LOWE'S. :zzz :?


I purchased several American Flags for Patriot Guard Riders at Lowes. Showed my DD214, got 10% discount. I think that it is great for this store to offer 10% if even only on certain patriotic holidays.


Lowes is great about the 10% discount. Home depot only give it to service related disabled vets?

My fiend has been 10 years to get his 50% disability. I will not buy at Home Depot again.

They only support reg vets 4 times a year. I have 25% according to my VA doctor but do not get any pay as of yet so no HD discount for me.


thats not how it worked for me was the other way around, depends on the manager of the store they do what they to.


I suffered the same frustration at my Lowes on Veterans Day. I, too, am from the Vietnam generation and upon trying to buy an object I was told the only thing they accept is a photo military ID card.

First off, I checked with my regional Vet Affairs Office and was told they are barraged with stores giving out the misinformation that a vet can get an ID card showing he served. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. The only military card you get is when you are active or in the reserves.

I even had a picture of me from forty years ago in uniform and was refused with the explaination that I could have photo shopped the image. They didnt even consider my official discharge as proof.


I just went to Lowes today to purchase some lumber. I found out that they no longer give veterans' discounts every day, only active duty , reserves, and retired military.

They will still give vets discounts on July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Veterans day. I'm guessing Home Depot will follow suit.


To get a veteran's drivers license in the state of Georgia you must show a DD-214 and Photo I.D. Then they will issue you a drivers license (Photo I.D.)for veterans.

Lowes employee told me about the discount and it worked great.

All at once they won't accept that and want a photo VA card.Which means I would have to travel over 100 miles one way just to get one. WHY the change.

@Charles H Brewer chbsab@ell

Had the same issue, won't be back with business since they pick and choose what they consider to be a vet. First they told me about the DL which is a state issued ID, in which I had to prove my vet status to, then I go back to make a purchase and I'm told the policy changed the policy.

They showed me images of accepted ID's one of which is from an organization which clearly states it is not an official state or federal ID. As far as I'm concerned Lowes can get bent, and this vet will take my business elsewhere.

David L

usmcdeathcard is absolutely right. Any veretan can get a veterans VA ID card reguardless of income.

Go to the nearist VA facility and present your DD 214. IT TOOK ME APPROX 15 MIN TO GET MINE HERE IN for the DD 214..remember people that you were in the service and am extremely familiar with this form.

The civilian 19yr old cashier you present it to has NO CLUE. I am a veteran but I am getting sick of other veterans winning assuming that everyone else (civilians) know all the ins-and-outs of the military.


Here are the facts.....

1. Lowes gives a veterans discount 4 times a year. Veterans day.labor day weekend ,memorial day/weekend and July 4th the only id you need for that is discharge papers.

2. They give active military and retired military (20 years in) a discount all year long.

3. The VA card will get you the discount because they want to also assist any vets

who might have disabilities.


I am also a Vietnam Veteran and was very pleased to learn that Lowe's gives all veterans a 10% discount. I was thinking that possibly someone in the world might be patriotic, I was wrong!

I went to the Harriman, Tennessee store to purchase a few items. I showed the cashier my DD-214 and my photo ID on my driver's license. However, this apparently doesn't work. The woman told me that my photo had to be on the DD-214 in order to recieve the discount, and she acted like it was very simple to get my photo on my DD-214...well it's not!

I tried two different locations, but had no luck.

One location told me they didn't do it at all, and the other one said that it would be at least a three month waiting period. Guess this is just another way for Lowe's to scam the veterans!


Join an American Legion they will issue a card that will work.


I work fulltime for the Dept of Veterans Affairs and am a vet myself. But I do not qualify for VA healthcare because my income is not low enough.

A means test is done to determine if you may receive healthcare services. If you make above X amount, then you must go elsewhere for healthcare.

I think a DD214 with proper ID should be ample. If Lowe's doesn't accept that, then all would be patrons should buy elsewhere for certain.


My guess (hint) is that in some stores, they have a copy of their policies and procedures posted in their "Customer Service" areas (maybe, behind their counter) to clarify this misunderstanding and to better serve their customers. Not all stores function with the same ethics.

If your store does not do this, that's O.K.. Lowes corp.

will clear this up for you. In your favor.


Hey "Pro", I really think you may work at Lowes. You have even taken on a name like one of the titles in their stores.

An Elecrical Pro. To the veteran. By law, and I mean by law, to use a DDform 214 in public facilities, it requires that you must have a form of I.D. present.

A driver's license is valid. It has to have a picture on it and it can not be expired. Please, feel free to call Lowe's corporate office. You can find their number on their "shopping" site.

It is at the bottom of the page.

"Pro", stick with me. You may learn how to properly help these people.


I'm not going to comment on this but only to state contact your local Lowes store because corp. wide changed is what happened and you have all these wanna be military folks making false DD-214 thats why the change was made....sorry.


YOU qualify for health care - get the card at your local VA hospital. Youll be glad you "registered later down the road when you need some health care...and health care is for all, not just the low income. Semper Fi/Welcome home!

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#195322 Review #195322 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Supervisors need communication skills | Lowes review from Poughkeepsie, New York

Supervisors need to trained in communicating with the staff in a professional manner. If your staff is in a good mood the customers will notice it and will most likely shop there because they will think this company cares about its employees. Lowes is a warehouse with home improvement merchandise. Most people who go there will need assistance. If they are greeted with a smiling face and a willingness to help the customer that customer will be back. If your employees are upset at their supervisor because he/she do not know how to talk without screaming or using profanity, this will affect their performance. Also practicing bias treatment. will cause a division among the staff. Train these people. I shop in the store in Newburgh N.Y. and I have seen how some of the supervisors behave. This should be addressed. . get
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1 comment

I feel were they're coming from it's happening right here in the Metairie store 1054, Louisiana :(

#195236 Review #195236 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Screwed by Lowe's and Bosch, don't buy from either! | Lowes review from Minneapolis, Minnesota

The true (unfortunately) story of the dishwasher nightmare. Our dishwasher went out on 8/6, and we have a LOT of dishes, so life without a dishwasher just isn't going to happen in this house, so we ran straight out to get a new one. We know a couple of people who have Bosch's and like them, so we went to Lowe's to specifically find a Bosch. We get to the appliances and just as if God had presented us with a gift (we later learned this gift was Satan inspired and God would have had NOTHING to do with Lowe's OR Bosch, we were gravely mistaken)...there was a Bosch on clearance, AND there was an additional 10% off the clearance price for a "energy star" promotion. We immediately said "we'll take this one". The salesperson comes back and says the floor model is the only one left in stock. We have him check other stores in our area, turned out that particular floor model was the only one left in the entire Twin Cities area. The salesperson assures us that there are no risks in buying the floor model,that it came with the same warranty, etc that a new one did. It did have a few minor surface imperfections from being on display, so we asked if there would be an additional discount due to the imperfections. The answer was no, but like idiots, we trusted the Lowe's salesperson and took the floor model. Get it home, install it and it doesn't work. This is a Saturday, so when I call for service, all I hear is "we're closed until Monday, call back then". Great. Call back Monday, and a repair tech comes out Tuesday. The tech determines that there is an issue with the door magnet/latch which is causing the dishwasher to not run, so he "fixes" it and leaves. I load it, hit "start", it starts and stops running immediately. I open and shut the door, same thing, starts and stops immediately. I call the tech back to report it still isn't working, he advises that he will have to order a new magnet/latch and will get back to me to schedule another service call to install it when it is delivered. A week later of doing dishes by hand 3-4 times a day, he comes back to install the new latch/magnet. But it doesn't fix anything, and the dishwasher still doesn't run. He then calls the "repair tech specialists" at Bosch...and after TWO hours (seriously), they finally advise him to order a new inner door and "try" that. The tech advises me that even though this is what they are suggesting, he is sure that will not fix the dishwasher, so I will wait another week for the inner door to be delivered, he will then come out and install it and I will still have a dishwasher that does not work. I call Bosch, and my point was simple. I paid for a dishwasher that works, and I want a dishwasher that works. Lowe's has a 7 day return policy which prints out right on the receipt which states that for a period of 7 days they will accept the return of the dishwasher if there is a manufacturers defect. My 7 days were wasted waiting for a *** part which didn't fix it anyhow, and now I couldn't return it. I asked Bosch to send me a replacement dishwasher, install it, and return the nightmare that I had bought. They refused. Talk about snotty customer service, I got a rep whose name was Desiree, snotty and rude is an understatement. To call her helpful would insult the very word. So, I asked to talk to her Supervisor whose name is Shannon, she was as bad if not worse than Desiree. I explained the situation to the Supervisor, Shannon, who promised me she would have Desiree get ahold of the tech for a "diagnosis", and that she would need me to fax in my receipt which I did right after I called the tech. He told me he could send the diagnosis immediately, all he needed was for them to call and let him know who and where to send it to. So, when I faxed in my receipt I sent along a note advising that the service rep could send the diagnosis immediately, so they better not put it off until the end of the day and then tell me it could not get done that day, and that if I did not hear from them by 2 pm, I WOULD be calling back. 2 pm rolls around, no call, so I do call back. This time I get a rep whose name is Shirley. The one and only good thing there is to say about Bosch is Shirley. I asked her if the tech had been contacted, she looked at the records and said she could see that Desiree was supposed to have contacted the tech, but did not see that it had been done, so she asked if she could put me on hold and check with Desiree. She came back and advised that Desiree had not contacted the rep, but asked if she could put me on hold for a minute or two, and she would do it herself. I waited FOUR hours for Desiree to do it, she did not, but Shirley had it done within 3 minutes. Then I asked if the Supervisor, Shannon had received my faxed letter and receipt, once again she said it didn't show in the records, but if she could put me on hold, she would go check with Shannon. She promptly returned and advised that Shannon did get it, she just didn't bother posting it in the notes as she was supposed to (great example and work from a supervisor). After a day of being on the phone with Bosch, the end result was that they would NOT replace my dishwasher, they would either buy it back, or they would continue to send service out until it was fixed (I'm almost 50 now, so I'm sure I'd be retirement age before THAT actually happened the way they were going, so I was NOT satisfied with that answer). Shannon proceeded to *** me out (yes, seriously *** me out) and tell me "I should have know better than buying a floor model, why didn't I buy an extended warranty, and the sales staff "must" have explained the floor model policy to me....I asked her WHAT policy that would have been, since the Lowe's sales staff told me that the warranty was exactly the same as a new one in a box. She went on about how much below retail the dishwasher was, and I explained to her that I DID NOT PAY ONE DIME LESS THAN ANY OTHER LOWE'S CUSTOMER WHO GOT A BRAND NEW ONE IN THE BOX. She didn't have the intellectual capacity to process what I was telling her, no big surprise to me after having dealt with her for the entire day. She tells me she went to "upper management" and Bosch will do nothing, I should call Lowe's. I started at the bottom at Bosch, so I decided to save myself a few headaches and start at the TOP with Lowe's, so I call Corporate Headquarters first. I get a very nice person who takes my complaint, name and number and assures me that I will get a call back within 24 hours. The nexf day, it's almost 5 here (CST), still no call, so I try calling Lowe's back only to realize they are EST and already closed. I call the next day, explain that I was promised someone would call the day before, but no one called. Again, I am told that I will get a call within 24 hours, the rep told me that the complaint had been escalated to "a high enough level" that he guarantees me I will get a call back within 24 hours. The next day, still no call, but I call them back before they close. I get a customer service specialist whose name is Kayla, and I explain to Kayla that two days in a row I get lied to and told someone will call me back, no one calls me back that I am just pissed off beyond belief and I want Lowe's to send a truck out, get this piece of *** out of my house and I will NEVER shop at Lowe's or buy a Bosch again. She needs to talk to upper management, she honestly puts me on hold for a minimum of 25 minutes (NOT exaggerating!!) Finally, she comes back and asks if I don't want a replacement dishwasher. WELL, HELLO.......I tell her I've spent the last two days on the phone with Bosch and Lowe's and that is all I've EVER wanted or asked for, just a *** dishwasher that works, since I certainly paid for a dishwasher that works. She advises that she will send a communication to the store where I bought it and get me a new one, I explain it was a clearance, I don't think there are any left, so she advises that they will just replace it with a comparable model. I tell her I've already been doing dishes by hand for 2 weeks now, I want one NOW, can I call the store manager myself and arrange it? She says sure, she gives me their number and the managers name. I call, ask for the manager on duty and get Carrie. I explain the situation to Carrie, we bought a floor model because the dishwasher was on clearance, and the rest were all sold out, can't get it fixed and am sick of waiting. Carrie says bring it in and she will replace it with a comparable model. Load it up (we live 15 miles one way from the store) and bring it to the store. When we get there, I have Carrie called up front. now she informs me that she "changed her mind", she "made a mistake and didn't realize it was a clearance model"....hmmmm.....I TOLD HER IT WAS A CLEARANCE MODEL WHEN I CALLED HER, how could she not "realize" it?????? She refused to upgrade, she was a junior manager, she called the senior manager, still the answer was too bad, won't do. I said "let me get this straight, Kayla at your corporate office says you will give me a comparable model if I bring this in, YOU told me you'd give me a comparable model if I bring this in, so I put it in the truck, bring it in and now you're telling me you lied to me and you won't". She still refused, so by now I was pushed as far as I was going to be pushed, I very loudly and rudely told her to give me my f*ing money back RIGHT now, she did, and I walked out of Lowe's for the last time. If Bosch were the only dishwasher left on earth, I would do dishes by hand and if Lowe's were the last home improvement (that's a joke)store on earth, I still would never go there. My at Sears, we always have, this was our first, and definitely LAST time we'll ever shop for appliances at Lowe's. Sears stands behind what they sell, if I had just gone to Sears like we have our whole lives there is no way this would have turned out the way it did. I realize the moral of the story is that I was *** enough to shop at Lowe's and *** enough to buy a Bosch......but it won't happen again, that much is for sure.
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I bought a fridge from Lowes about 5 years ago and the installer kinked the water line so "it wouldn't drip" while installing it even though I told him that the water was turned off. Long story short-water line broke due to being kinked, water ruined hardwood floor; Lowes refunded cost of floor.

Bought a Bosch dishwasher from Lowes and was told that the installation was free. Found out later it wasn't. After 3 years it went out. The diagnosis was the water pump.

Got a free dishwasher from a friend that was remodeling and after 2 years the same thing happened-we have extremely hard water in our area. Went last week and bought another Bosch dishwasher from Lowes and a water softener.

Our Kitchenaid dishwasher never did work as well as our Bosch. Oh, and we are installing this one ourselves.


After reading your detailed account I am sure that if all this had happened to me I would have been too upset to write all this as well as you did. Eight years ago I bought a whirlpool dishwasher at Sears. Have not had a moment of trouble and love it.


Unfortunately you're not alone. I bought a Bosch dishwasher in Feb.

2017 , color : white,

On Feb 22 handyman sent by Lowes installed a black Bosch dishwasher.OOOPS.'

He stated that's what he got at Lowe's

Never mind that ALL my other appliances are WHITE.

He came back Feb. 23 with a white dishwasher.

The appliance clerk promised me 10 percent off purchase price for my inconvenience. I waited... nothing.

When I contacted Lowes they gave me run around. Nobody knew anything. Okay I thought, let it go. They made a mistake by sending me a black dishwasher but they fixed the problem.

Although having the installer coming to my house inconvenienced me I thought we all make mistakes sometimes. However the clerk should not have told me I'd get 10 % off. Then I submitted for installation rebate with BoschLowes. Got letter from rebate center that I did not show purchase of qualified model.

It does however expressly stated on my receipt that this model qualifies for rebate for installation cost. Again phone call to the 800 # where I was on the endless *** loop telling me to follow instruction on their letter, which I already had done. Went Lowe's in New Hartford NY where I had purchased dishwasher. Talked to one customer rep who read instructions back to me but could answer when I pointed out that it stated clearly on receipt that model qualified for free installation.

Ditto for the appliance rep I talked to next. If this matter isn't resolved to my satisfaction within a week, I will contact the BBB and never purchase a Bosch appliance / buy anything from LOWES again.


30 day return policy, no questions asked in my Lowe's store. Clearance item or not. Have never had a problem with a return


I've has the same sort of run-around with Sears. I think it is just the luck of the draw,


It sounds and like we have lived through nearly the exact same nightmare that you have with Lowe's! We were sold a Floor Model that supposedly had everything and was working.

It was not. Finally, the repair technician spilled the beans; he had worked on this very dishwasher previous to our having bought it.

It was a RETURNED dishwasher!


I had a similar experience. I wanted top of the line, Bosch looked like a fit. Worked 3 cycles, then quit. The local service wouldn't come for a week, so I said to myself that I'm simply better off returning the washer to Lowe's, getting my money back and going to Sears. The dishwasher from Sears has never stopped working like a dream.

PS - After the purchase and subsequent failure of the Bosch dishwasher from Lowe's, I Googled the make and model and, while otherwise being built pretty well, the chronic weak point is the control panel circuitry which apparently Bosch refuses to part with. Requires soldering in a replacement circuit board by a professional.

Lots of complaints online.


Lady, I hope you don't kiss your husband or children with that mouth.


do some dishes by hand, retailer4life.


Lmfao! That's all you got from that whole long story! Lolololol ffs


First of all, the reason I included the fact that I did in fact drop the f bomb was for 2 reasons.

First, it was UNCALLED for on my part, and I completely acknowledge that.

Second, I didn't want to leave out any part of what happened, including my own inexcusable choice of words and behavior.

I included names of the people I talked to, there is nothing false about this. The corporate office AND the store manager both told me they would make things right and give me a comparable model if I brought in the defective one.

Then I get there, only to find out they lied. How happy would YOU be? We did a major remodel last year, I insisted that I would purchase all the items myself instead of the contractor doing it, I went to Lowe's for 90% of the materials and items. Until this, I really liked Lowe's.

Now, I wouldn't waste my time pulling in their parking lot, and I will warn everyone I know of what Lowe's idea of "customer service" is.

It's good that you have loyalty to your employer, though, our opinions are just worlds apart. Best of luck to you with your career.


Don't beat yourself up....I had a hard time not using some graphic language myself.


I often wonder in situations like this if we are indeed hearing ALL of the story here, as myself and anyone else who works for Lowe's knows how liberal our return policy is whether it is legit or not. Methinks there is more to this story of Lowe's and Bosch than this customer is telling here. Perhaps her eloquent use of the lovely F-Bomb and other choice words of endearment?


I truly can honestly say that I have been on the recieving end of this very same type of dissatisfied customer scenario. Having been a Sears Appliance brand central manager and now selling appliances for Lowe's, I have seen both stores senior management take care of the customer in a situation like this.

I know we and any other Lowe's associate reading this post will agree that Lowe's is probably the most LIBERAL retailer out there when it comes to taking something back, be it clearance or not, and something must be going on for them to react the way they did.

Perhaps the eloquent use of profanity by this customer? Lady, an old saying is you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and methinks you dumped the whole bottle on the Lowe's store in question.


I am so sorry to hear of your rotten experience, but with the inferior customer service at Bosch, there is NO doubt in my mind that there are TONS of horror stories out there about their *** products. I'm with you, if I see the Bosch name on ANYTHING I will NOT so much as THINK about buying it, and I am not a shy girl, if I see anyone else looking at one while I happen to be in the store, I am going to tell them my horror story and strongly advise them to go home and research the term "Bosch complaints, Bosch makes inferior products, etc" BEFORE they make a decision they WILL regret.


I should have read your comment before I bought my Bosch dishwasher in Feb. 2017.


Sounds about like my experience with bosch dishwashers. only my bosch dishwasher flooded my house in the middle of the night, two stories.

after getting the runaround for a year from bosch, they offered me half of the price i paid for the stinking dishwasher. so i paid $1,000 for a top of the line dishwasher that floods my house and gives me grief for months and months, and they offer me $400 and change. and the tech who did the diagnosis said it was their product's fault, period. this is the dishwasher with the patented anti-flooding feature.


the worst customer service in the world. never buy bosch anything.

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Lowe's canceled my credit card ??????Why? | Lowes review from Fraser, Michigan

I just had my Lowe's Card canceled?? I had a perfect account with them. All of my accounts are good and on time. But because I have been having problems with( 1 )card company for the last couple of years Lowe's canceled my card. The other card keeps screwing/making *** mistakes with my account in their favor. Fix it one month and do it again the next month. I'm tired of all the *** $h*t. Why should Lowe's treat me bad? I had a small card at first, Then Lowe's raised my limit to over $10,000 which I had them lower because I didn't want so much open credit. Funny thing is Home Depot likes my business Alot. It would have been nice if they just left my card alone and maybe I would have been in the store more. Maybe someone from Lowe's will read this and take better care of what customers they still have. I guess I won't be getting that $1300 shed this Labor Day, will I? On a good note, I did like the $1000+ I spent on the bar-b-que I bought from them. I think I will go pay off that $300 I owe them.
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Used my card as we flip homes always paid bill on time and when we sell we pay both cards off in full they immediately close both accounts we will never shop there again this is bad business practice


Oh by the way I still have my Home Depot credit card.


Lowe’s just cancelled my credit card also. Because my credit score went down because of the usage.

I pay all my credit cards on time, including Lowe’s. I’m contacting my lawyer tomorrow to find out if this is legal and if there’s a clause.

I think it’s funny because now these idiots are losing money by canceling it, due to a very high interest rates. Not very good business if u ask me.


Lowes didn't cancel your credit card. They can't cancel a card they didn't issue.

Take a look at your bill and see what credit company issued your card. Complain about the credit company if you feel you need to complain about someone. If you would ever bother reading the entire application you fill out when you apply for the card you will find that they tell you that they check your credit from time to time and may make adjustments to your available credit.

Your available credit may go up, down or be canceled totally depending on your credit rating. It isn't their fault you have over used your credit cards and owe more than the credit company feels you can afford.


Did the same thing to me. I have a 500 limit and never used more than about $250.

I go to lowes to use it for a $14 purchase and I am told that My card is invalid. the first thing I think is that someone stole my account info and ran up my balance. nope. my balance was around 140ish.

so lowes/GE canceled a card that was in good standing because of a fight I am having with Wells Fargo auto. guess what.

I paid the remaining balance and started going to Home Depot instead. they seem to do better treating their long time customers like we want to be treated

@James P

Only having a $500 limit would indicate your credit wasn't stellar to begin with. Adding a problem with another creditor would indicate to the credit company that issues the Lowes card that you may be a risk they no longer wish to take. Keep in mind neither Lowes or Home Depot has nothing to do with what the companies that issue their cards do with your credit limits.


True it's GE Money, but Lowes chooses them to handle their credit cards. Until they switch to another servicer, I will not be doing business with Lowes.


Umm you don't need to be mad at Lowe's it's not THEIR CREDIT... be mad at GE MONEY BANK...

they are one of the biggest creditors and they like to mess with your credit cards and limits... one small mistake with another credit company and they will do whatever to protect themselves from you.

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Lowe's in Lake Havasu City, Arizona | Lowes review

I purchased $4,200 of kitchen cabinets. They had a sale with 10% off and with my new creit card, I received another 10%. I save $840 dollars which was great. I had to make two 60 miles trips to get all the cabinets home. Found out 2 were on back order. When I went to get my last 2 back order cabinets,(another 60 mile drive) I notice Lowe's switch suppliers and stop handing my cabinets. I couldn't get my back order. I had to return my purchase. 2 more 60 miles trips, loading and unloading for the 4th time, I returned all the cabinets. I was told when I brought the new in stock cabinets I would still receive my 20% discount. haha! I went to get the new cabinets that cost more, they told me they couldn't give me the 20% off. In 110 degree heat, Loading 2 times, unloading 2 time, 10 plus 60 miles trips, 3 days of my time wasted, I'm *** and will never shop at Lowe's again. I spent over $60k there on many other items and never again.
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Warranty service is *** | Lowes review from Richardson, Texas

GE Dryer front load 13 months old heater went out Monday Aug 2nd called for repair wrong number given in extended contract. Got correct number repair will be done Augs 4th 12/5pm good to go so far. Repair man gets here says he has to order the part will be back in about 7 days to install it. I call his number he gave me Aug 9th no answer so called the 1-888 warranty number they said I should have one part at my door step today NOT true the second part is back ordered do not know when they will get one call back next week. First off we where told of only one part being ordered second off no offer to just replace the dryer or pay for dry cleaners bills for this long wait. I call back Augs 16th part is on back order still no offer in replacement of dryer so I asked they said they could do this over a certain amount of time maybe .... 13 days / 6 people with clothes to wash / and nothing STILL not offered not ever a quarter for laundry mat. Also during this time of waiting I did try calling the repair mans number and left at least 10 messages with phone number they never answered or even called back in the 13 days waiting. THEN.... Aug 17th I get a call from the service center that my part is shipped it will be at my door step on the 18th and they gave me the repair guys number I have been calling before with no answers and was told to call him to set up a time for him to come fix the dryer. I asked if she could do this being they do not answer the phone when I call she said they are not allowed to set appts, Ok ? So I call this number again no answer , no return call asked for repair to be done on Thursday or Friday nothing happen and guess what no part here either. So just now I called Lowes warranty service said no part here yet and repair people never called me back. They just now told me this part was shipped today I will have it on monday and the warranty center has set a repair appt. on Weds Augs 25th , No one has called me about this ? I will not be here on this date you better change this ASAP and if the part is not here by Aug 24th LOWES will have a GE dryer shoved up somewhere the sun does not shine. I will NEVER buy anything from LOWES and I will make sure the military base here puts LOWES on the black list for the whole base which means no one will shop there if it's black listed .... SHAME on Lowes for having such poor service like this and run around.
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Lynn A

I had the same problem w/ Lowe's and my oven. Was w/out main oven for 3 weeks waiting for part sent wrong part first time around.

Fortunately our oven has a bottom drawer that can be used for baking.

I was also double charged for warranty service. Apparently Electrolux has nothing to do w/ extended warranty bought at time of purchase, so after 1 yr when factory warranty expires they send info on extending warranty.

I did not catch this until I called for repair and I was reimbursed $13 for a @180+ contract--what a rip off! :(


I couldnt agree more. Repairman was RUDE!

Washer is now broken again. Thank God for mechanic Hubby that can fix anything!

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Lowes Warranty