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Lowes in Keystone Heights, Florida - Poor Service- No one offers to help you

Went to my local Lowes in Deland Fl, on International Speedway Blvd. There were more employes than customers. Have a bad arm, could hardly pull the cart around, passed a lot of employes, but no one would offer to help me. So I stopped my buying and left the store. Had a lot of spring jobs to do, but could not stand the poor service any longer. I purchased bags of cement, water softener salt, plants, *** killer, never made it to the lumber dept. Don't know when I have been so pissed!!! Thanks Daryl Ward 425 King Charles Circle DeLand, Fl 32724 386-717-8381
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Surprised no one noticed the most glaring sentence in Mr Ward's complaint--"Have a bad arm, could hardly pull the cart around....I purchased bags of cement, water softener salt...). Why would someone who has diminished physical capacity be buying all these items for his "spring jobs"?

Who was going to unload it when he got home? Likewise, who was going to do the work??


As a Lowe's employee, isn't it our job to enquire if a customer needs assistance? The flip side of that is if an individual needs help, they should ask.

There are two sides to everything, and this one sounds like there was fault on both sides.

I do my best to engage every customer I can, and make sure they get what they need in a timely manner. Customers, you do need to realize that sometimes we are engaged in something that requires our attention for a moment before we can get to you, so please try and be a little patient.


Wow. I need some help adding comments.

Ok, the numbers change as comments are added (duh). So, for the last time, I was commenting originally on the customer from VA BCH BLV.

Then, the original complaint. Sorry, Lowes hired me for my work ethic, not my smarts !


By the way, I realize I was commenting on message # 3. But I'm not changing my opinion on the bad attitudes.

Again, we are there to help customers. We would have been reamed a new one if that customer had complained to customer service. And it would have been deserved. Every store has people who try to get away with doing as little as possibe and they manage to get away with it most times.

Then there are others who take pride in their job and do their best because that's how they were brought up. Also having compassion for people who are having difficulty seems to be a part of good employees.

Unfortunately, it's not found everywhere. I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means, but those two comments make my blood boil.


Hey this is to jj48 and Mr.Smarts. You might want to go back reread the original complaint.

It clearly states that he asked for help. That's one of our jobs. This customer has every right to be angry if he had to go all the way to the store manager to get help.

And no, I'm not a manager, just a lowly worker on the floor who actually understands customer service. You two need to find a new job.


I went in to pay my account off 900.00 dollars they would not accept a bank money order.









Hi Daryl-

I am in CO, and have been in the retail industry for over 13 years. As with any social setting, you have some wonderful people and then the not so wonderful.

I worked for the "Orange Box" before Lowe's and customer service was drilled into our heads from the start. That was over 8 years ago, and I know Lowe's is playing catch up on that part. A lot of the times, I know our store has it steady times and slower times, and perhaps some of the employees were performing tasks. I know, if someone came up to me and asked for my help in assisting them with shopping, I would help in any way I could as soon as I could find someone cover my area or get someone to help.

I ask that maybe next time that you stop by the customer service desk up front and ask if there is anyone that could help you because of your arm.

I hope that you have had more pleasant experiences there. Blessings.


Next time start in the lumber department, Mr. Ward, I am sure they will help you.


Next time you come in, Mr. Ward, why don't you start in lumber and you will be offered help.


I agree with Mr Smarts..just because you are lazy you expect people to help you. Next time try asking for help or getting a job in retail and try dealing with all the *** like yourself


Don't be so lazy and ask someone you *** no one is going to bend over backwards for you anywhere you go. Your sounding so incompetent wow..,

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Lowes in Pineville, North Carolina - On vacation and missed one payment.

Was in Florida Feb and part of March. Got home and had missed making Feb payment. Got March bill and paid it. Went to Lowe's to get some lumber and my card was refused because I had missed Feb. Payment. Only payment I had missed in over 35 years and paid full amount in March along with a $20.00 fee for missing Feb. They can take there card and put it where the sun don't shine and I'll go some where else to spend my 10 to 20 thousand a year. I paid off the card and cut it up and mailed it back to them. I'm sure they could careless.
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If you are a contractor why would you even use a Lowes or Home Depot Card with credit issued by GECC. Get and use a Discover or Capitol One card and get the 1% cash back.

Mine has been up to 10000.00 and deposited to my checking account.

It is now back up ro 9400.00 and I will redeme when it hits 10000.00.That is the smart way to go. :zzz


If you are a contractor why would you even use a Lowes or Home Depot Card with credit issued by GECC. Get and use a Discover or Capitol One card and get the 1% cash back.

Mine has been up to 10000.00 and deposited to my checking account.

It is now back up ro 9400.00 and I will redeme when it hits 10000.00.That is the smart way to go. :zzz


have brought back merchandise that was bought at lowes,check in by lowes employee ,was told i would have to take a merchandise card. I have a box in my van ,i keep receipte in.

i am not going through a box cotaining a 100 receips in it.dont have the time too.I am porceeding to contact upper mangament on this. I am a contrator.

want my money back or lowes can stick in their postier, with no vaseoline. :(


Speaking of take the cake..If Lowes name is on it..THEY are responsible...they control their credit provider and dont you forget it...I had a similar problem..they somehow changed our account to paperless without our autorization..then when we went in to purchase something they refused our card in front of several Customers! Our credit rating is over 825 and we never missed a payment...EVER!

They are just a poorly run organization period! We also paid off our account and ripped up their rotton card...We now go to Home Depot who in the last few months we have spent almost 15,000 on Home Improvement supplies.

Now who is the loser! LOWES!!!


Unlike "Gone on Vacation" I had never been a minute late with my Lowe's account and still they shut my account down,twice, never notifing me either time till I was actually trying to buy something. Yep, nothing like being in line and having your card declined in front of 5 other shoppers.

Twice is enough for me..

They can put my account too "where the sun don't shine". Lowe's, thanks for 10 plus years of customer neglect and incompetance...


Here's one for you - I'm the payroll clerk at your place of employment and since I took vacation (like you) I forgot to send you your paycheck this month. That would be a little different wouldn't it?

You'd expect me to make some arrangements some you'd get paid. What's the difference ?


Why are people so ignorant? Your complaint is not with Lowes but the company that grants you credit.

Lowes name may be on the card but they don't issue the credit.

You can hold you breath till you turn blue and rant and rave that Lowes is the bad guy but it's not their fault you didn't pay your bill on time. You won't find it any different with their cometitiors.

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Lowes in Aurora, Colorado - Lowe's sells ***

I bought a plain 4 foot shop light from Lowes a couple months ago to use as a grow light for seed starting. I put it up yesterday, and it worked, although it hummed and buzzed furiously. Today, it doesn't work. At all. And since I can't find the receipt, I'm SOL, and I can't afford to buy yet another one because I haven't worked in two years. Lowe's sells ***. They don't care about their products or their customers. And they've lost my business. Permanently! I will never buy another thing from Lowe's, ever.
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oh yea,,,in case you do not have the box

unplug light and remove cover under where the bulbs go and read on the ballast, (where all the wires go)

should say xx watts t-12 or t-8



read on the box and make sure you installed the correct bulbs.

some shop lights require 40 watt T12 bulbs. larger ones

and some require the 32 watt T8.

buzzing can be a sympton of wrong bulb.


Does I-D-I-O-T sound appropriate!!!!!



lowes rules, you suck eggs.


Illiterate trolls like you have no importance whatsoever. You're nothing but a waste of space.


Well if you have not worked in two years then Lowe's really isn't missing too much business. Sorry but you aren't that important


So I can grow FOOD, you illiterate ***. Stop posting when you're stoned. It makes you sound ***.


if u lost your job 2 years why would u buy a *** light for seeds in the first placed

You growing pot

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Lowes in Shallotte, North Carolina - Lowe's hardware

WENT the shallotte,nc store to buy a 999.00 dollar lawn mower..YOU advertised that you will deliver a washer or dryer for 299.00 free but you won't deliver a riding lawn mower that is worth alot more..we had just built a 15x24 shed with all materials being bought at lowes and have just lost a lifetime customer...all for nothing...what a shame. alo it was a great place to buy all my flowers and everything i needed for the yard and house...we will never step foot in the doors again and be sure word of mouth goes along way in this small town
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Maybe he does his laundry with his lawnmower. Saves water, electric and not to mention the folding time is zero which leaves more time for complaining??????????


What does free delivery on an appliance have to do with delivering a lawn tractor? Open your eyes--everyone offers "free" delivery on appliances.

Don't be fooled, they have all built the delivery charge into the price of the appliance. Sure, they could change the price of the tractor to $1050 and say they will deliver it free as well.

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The store in referance is located in Macon Georgia.On eisenhowser parkway. I have spent thousands of dollars with lowes,I BUY AND REBUILD HOUSES,I HAVE ALWAYS PURCHASED all that was avalabe at lowes,including tools. I have purchsed several Kobalt knives that has...
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I had a similar experience with a Lowe's in Flower Mound, TX. I tried returning a battery less than 1 1/2 years hold from a Kobalt garden tool.

The Kobalt website shows a 3 year battery warranty to be excerised at the Lowe's of purchase.

Lowes's catagorized the battery as last years model and refused to honor the warranty. From their perspective there was no way to replace the battery for equal trade nor did they want to take a loss by refunding the purchase.

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Lowes treatment and products

I recently purchased a bathroom vanity from Lowe's and had to return it twice now for replacements because it was broken. Each time I went to exchange it I was treated like a criminal. I had my receipts, I was pleasant and understand these things get damaged in the process of stocking shelves etc. It's the manufacturer not lowes,,I get that. But the treatment I received was appalling. The poor girl trying to help me had to wait to eat her lunch because no manager was available and they had no more left, two others were also broken from off the shelves. No one ever came to help except one employee who saw me the night before hurried over to tell the girl helping me "oh she already got her money back" as if I was trying to scam them. I showed the receipt and that I was only getting an exchange. Then the gentleman said "just get it in black mamm whats the difference". The black one was also broken when it came to the register. I was in the store for an hour and I'm 8 months pregnant. I asked if they had water or a drink I could purchase and a third employee standing near said "its right in front of you" in a very rude tone. I was almost in tears when I left. I'm so disgusted. I got my money refunded and will not return there again. The day before I waited 10 minutes for someone in the paint department to help me, she was talking and laughing with another employee about 30 ft from me and still I stood just waiting. Never acknowledged. Is it like this everywhere? What kind of treatment to these lowes employees get from people that makes them so angry and rude? To the girl that helped me thank you but to to everyone else should be ashamed. I wish I had a camera crew with me as proof but I didn't, imagine that reality show.
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Well then dont go their during lunch hour. what do you expect.

you not the only one that get to eat. think about other humans :cry


joe, is a retaed


Im usually disgusted with lowes customers but you were treated inhuman. Shame on them.

Especially being pregnant and all. I hope you are feeling better.


Shop at Menards then! You will NOT be treated like this, and it is a known fact that Menards prices are a LOT lower than Lowes!!

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Traverse City, Michigan - Carpet

Two weeks ago we bought carpet from you and were told that the carpet that we bought would fit all the proposes due to the fact that it is a rental home. However we did ask questions like, how long will this carpet last? We were told 6 years and we cant see this carpet lasting more than 6 months. We were never told that you could not have dogs nor a vaccume with a spindle brush on the end and if you do it would void warranty.That should be told when carpet is bought. We feel that your company was very dishonest and that your employee's were just trying to make a sale to meet their numbers. We were referd to you by painters and builders and you lots us as a custermer and possible others. Jon And Jennifer Smith
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hahaha, i am with you niki.. i'm not much for the grammar police myslef, but wow is all i can say...

i felt like i was trying to decipher ancient egyptian hieroglyphics written by an American 1st Grader...

i am pretty sure my IQ just dropped off the charts after trying to read their comments.

sorry for the criticism, but hopefully it will become constructive criticism...


Wow..both of these posts are hard to read. I am not the grammar police, but proof read---It makes your complaints/comments more believable.


first if was for a rental property what kind of people do rent to ( pets ) allowed 100% customer who putting carpet want the cheapist carpet and when they don't like it after 6 month they get *** first who installed it second install with padding !!!

lowes doesn't manufacture carpets !!!

check warrenty on carpets basic 7 to 10 years

basic wear and tear !!!!

was it a in stock carpet ? or speical order in stock carpet we only get 14 cents that right 14 cents a foot commision and sos is not that higher so the making numbers thing is not the problem customer doesn't want to spend the money they don't remember u said it was a rental

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Lowes in Shallotte, North Carolina - *** Lowe's Customers

All you guys do is *** and complain. We bend over backwards for you. You DESERVE shoddy service for waiting till we close to come in and order your ***. Go to home depot. We don't want you anyway. And haha corporate you don't know who I am. Go shove it. Nobody can find out me. I hate you and your *** *** customers. They and YOU make me SICK. You never give breaks or lunches and never let the cashiers sit down or go to the bathroom or anything. Screw Lowes and all it represents. Period. Ug.
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Hit it right on the head. They don't allow bathroom breaks, they treat people like ***, especially Lowes #3000's Chris A.

He's got an *** beating coming.

I just hope he never had kids. I'm sorry for his wife having to put up with his 1/2 inch ***


then get a new job


Sounds like you need a new job.


you so *** lazy!! you bend over backwards??

what a load of ***!! if that were the case you wouldnt mind customers coming in close to closing time!! All u do is stand by your *** register anyways aint like you stock anything or do any heavy lifting!! ALL you do is stand there and ring people please save your *** drama!!

Its your freakin job!!

you get paid to help us!! put a smile on your face, say Welcome to Lowes and shut the **** up!!!


it a do it yourself store !!!!!!! why are u complaing if you don't know how to install or fix your own sinks and faucet lowes has the most liberal return policy buy the snow blowers before storn then return and say it doesn't work anymore mmmmmmm all it did was run out of gas !!!!

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Lowes = Lazy

I needed 10 bags of sand and 10 bags of top soil. This guy in landscaping told me he didn't have any sand so I should go to contracting and he'd meet me there with the top soil. 30 minutes later he's STILL not there. Also, there's NO ONE to get me the sand in contracting so after he got there he had to go get it anyway. He'd having a very hard time working as he pants are barely hanging on to his hips with his ugly gray underwear. He said it took him a long time as he was the only one working which was a lie. He was standing there talking to an employee when he told me he'd help. He had the biggest case of the "give a sh_ts" I've ever seen.
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1 comment

You are really complaining about some lazy employee when you could've just gotten it yourself and been gone out the door. Look every business has lazy subpar employees, kinda like there are lazy subpar humans.

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Lowes Carpet Scam

Advertisement said $98 whole house install. After we paid $32 for them to come out to do a square footage estimate, thew insisted that we buy there pad. We already had new pad (less then 1 year old. Steps cost extra, plus carpet removal (which we had already removed). total for labor only would be $1900 dollars. We got them to remove the charge for carpet removal however they still want to charge $1300 for a $98 whole house install. The carpet person at this Fredricksburg VA store eventually hung up on me after I told him I don't care how his numbers add up that was his problem in my math $98 never =1300+ dollars.
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Like most of the reviewers in this forum, I’ve had both positive and negative experiences with installers and concur that “scams” are perperprated by big box stores and the mom and pop operations. Based on my experience, I’ve learned to take my time and get multiple estimates, sometimes as many as five.

Drives my wife crazy, but at end of the process and a decision is made, both of us are confident in that joint decision. The decision is based on numbers (facts) received from contractors, who quickly figure out we’re not in a hurry and that scam artists usually can’t keep their story straight. Six months ago, we used a mom and pop operation to remove and re-tile approximately 2400 sf of flooring in our home. Very professional installers, with the site manager eyeballing every detail of the installation.

However, I attribute our success to the research we did prior to selecting a vendor and the relationship we established with company BEFORE the job started. Today, I’m having multiple contractors come out and give us estimates on carpet, to include the mom and pop folks who did our tile job. Bottom line, stop complaining and just do your research on potential contractors. It’s your hard earned money, so spend it wisely!

BTW, the Lowe’s the contractor did give me a quote today, and “yes” they inflated the square footage of areas being measured.

I called him on it, stoped him in progress, and politely asked him to leave our home. Three of the quotes are scheduled to come back on 11/5, which we’ll thoroughly review before making a joint financial decision!


My free installation ended up at $2800, Lowes is a major scam on carpet by using the pad and installation for hidden costs. $500 to haul off the old carpet, $250 to move the furniture around and they will not move beds or TV's, $84 for carpet tape and almost double the going price for pad.


If you read the $98 BASIC LABOR charge it clearly states "does not include installation on steps, moving furniture, rip up and removal and any other customization". I'm also positive that the quote for $1300 included the carpet and pad.

Before you negatively criticize Lowes and the associate that EVENTUALLY hung up on you for attempting to explain to you that you are wrong you should get your facts straight. It's people like you that make retail associates jobs very difficult.

The carpet installation pricing is very clearly listed all over the department. Try reading and listening to the professional sales associate before posting bogus stuff like this.


Even as a worker, I can see the scam. Not exactly as this women stated, but I can see it.

I went with the free installation and that includes furniture removal, carpet removal and haul away. One if the first charges I seen were for haul away. Then i add up my numbers.

They want me to buy 92 extra square feet of rug which totals $150. Why should I buy that much extra to literally cover 10 square feet that is not covered by the 15 foot roll????


You must be employed at Lowe’s. Truth is this helped me change my mind and go elsewhere.

Realize consumers have choices and for you to post your nasty reply just shows that customer was right and you didn’t do a thing for Lowe’s. It’s people like you who make people like me glad I went elsewhere!

Try making better decisions before attacking customers because Military Veterans like me wont shop there. Too bad cause I was gonna spend thousands....


Yup that's how they get you


When getting estimates fir flooring. Get several estimates.

Compare apples to apples. Most installers are subcontractors. When working for lowes they require them to be carry all kinds of insurace!! There is no way they can install a whole house for 99.00.!!

They would loose money!! They are tacking it in somewhere!! Get a bid from them for carpet pad and labor. Now get another bid!!

Compare the bids!! Is the overall price higher or lower? Is the value of the product the same? Flooring stores carry all the insurance that lowes makes the installer carry.

The flooring store will back the product and give u a warranty!! Lowes does have a credit card u can use!! Stores most likely have some kind of financing...

Depending on credit... My husband has been in the flooring business for close to 30 years....


Lowes riped off my wife. We wanted new carpet in our house so I told my wife to handle it.

She called lowes they came out and gave her a square footage of 960 sq. ft. that would cover any overages they had. So my wife said ok after I got the 4500.00 dollar bill I did the sq.

ft. I came up with760 sq. with overage allowed. front room is 21/23.6.

So carpet comes in 12 and 13 foot rolls average you take 44 running feet witch would be 12/44 foot long cut in half put it side by side you get 22/24 minus the fire place you cut out 24 sq. ft. that goes in to the two closets I have.That they charged extra for Overage they say. Hall way is 43 inches wide I figured 48 inches or 4 ft.

wide 28 foot long take the left over carpet would be 28ft long 8 foot wide cut that in half that gives you 16/14 that fits the dining room that's all the carpet you need.12 by 72 foot long they charged my wife for 12/80 running feet that's like an extra 96 sq. ft. at 5.25 a sq. ft.

that's about 500.00 they got us for not including the pad. Not happy with LOWES at all. I will not go back to them ever again.

Ladys beware. Las Vegas Nevada


It's all a scam. I paid almost $3000 for a flooring install that has yet to happen.

The contractor will schedule, then something will come up the day before and it'll be rescheduled. This has been a neverending process for me.


Explain how someone is suppose to make a living on 98$ for a whole house installation. Grow up quit wineing


Then why advertise it at $98?


To "me" If you had not gone to school,( I am making and assumption) you just would not know much of anything. They get a commission off the carpet , and the padding, Get it? A+B+$98!


Mike, This is how it works. The installer gets a rate based off the square footage payed for by Lowes.

They also get paid for moving furniture, removing carpet and pad. They also get paid for moving furniture, upholstered carpet, trim pieces, transtitions, etc. They ARE making more than $98 for the installation. Lowes simply increases the retail prices on carpet and pad to cover the cost of the installers fee and then market it as x amount.

If the consumer believes he is saving money because Lowes tells him he is... well it's a credit to marketing.


It's called a bait and switch. It's an absolute scam.

Get multiple estimates. Period.

If you choose to only get one estimate how can you compare? Take the time to do it right on the front end so your confident in what your buying.


Yes understood then just market and charge the installation charge instead of creating smoke and mirrors to confuse the customers


Everyone has had there own type of encounters with lowes and other large retail stores. If you feel good about yours and the service provided ..

That's good. But I agree with the installation price being of a misleading nature regardless of further information in some pamphlet... It should say on the shelf with the price of installation that the price does not included preparation for installation. And I know its the consumers job to ask questions and they are there to make money but you know *** well that the marketing team putting the idea into effect knew it would draw the unknowing customer in for an ambush sale.

And it is irratting for a fellow human being to take something at face value for what it says and to get excited about getting a deal only for them to come out and waste your time when you can get a better deal with your localy owned small town or city store. And they know this and that is why their main advertisment in adds commercials and on shelf are made to appear to be a better deal while knowing that people in general will misunderstand. So the people on here that are acting like no one has a right to be upset are wrong in my opinion because you did not share their experience of being maliciously misled.. Because it was preconceived.

Which is wrong on a moral level.

Things are to tight with finances today for some company to try and mislead and railroad you into a series of events to get there foot in the door so they can get a bigger profit margin when its well over the smaller company now. Support your local small businesses that conduct theirselves properly.


I am a flooring installer and accidentally came across this You all *** idiots. It says right on the ad that the 98 only covers BASIC install.

Which means, walk in and start kicking out pad and carpet. Of course removing and hauling away the old, dump fees, moving furniture, installing tack strips, steps and any custom work is extra charge.

Quit whining and get over it. Find something better and more productive to do with your time


I couldn't have had a simpler carpet to remove. No furniture, carpet is not glued etc. I still feel taken advantage of and time wasted to meet someone to have a quote be ten times the amount quoted!!

I wish I had read reviews before wasting my time.


Real professional.


I've installed carpet for 20 years. You will be hard pressed to get the same carpet cheeper at a mom and pops..

Lowe's has BUYING POWER over these carpet mills, And the small stores will sell you one sample and put in a lesser grade. No b.s...

Stay with bigger stores... Get multiple estimates, and take the sample home until install of you go to small place


To confused

As a employee of Lowe's that works in the flooring department and a former Flooring technician for 20 Years . There contractors mismeasure jobs regularly over price floor prep. Do yourself a favor go to a mom and pop store you'll get better service and a quality Installation.


Lowes gave me one number for the linear foot of carpet and double the amount for padding? I don't understand this..

why aren't the the same thing? example 96 LF for the carpet and 192 for the padding?


not really the carpet is 12 feet wide but the padding is 6feet wide / so if you only got 96 Lf of pad you would have 1/2 the pad you need ! but they would probably try to scam you anyway.96 Lf of carpet is 128 sq yards .pad only come in 30 and 40 yard bales so they would say you need that extra bale.

then when they send the installer out they actually only give him 10% less pad because that is all you need. even then the installer uses up the pieces of pad he has left in his truck in your house.(you would never know) and sells the full bales to mom and pod stores for me I have been in the business for 40 + years .BOB MC


Because the pad is 6 ft wide and most carpets come in 12 ft wide. Thus , the Lft would be mode for the pad than the carpet.


Lowes carpet scam in NY. Forget all the little charges that add up like moving furniture they can charge hundreds of dollars for.

But the real scam is they over estimate the yardage. My Medford Lowes in NY contracted Gemini Florring to come measure. They said I needed 79 yards. I thought this was excessive so asked for a remeasure from another company they use named Penco came.

They gave me yardage of 71 yards. Both companues working for Lowes charged differnet prices for moving furniture and carpet removal. Penco was much higher fees although lower yardage. I went to a reliable carpet place in Farmindale and they said 62 yards.

I gave them the job and it was done a lot cheaper too. Never again LOwes for carpet!


Ok folks just run off lowe's carpet people and there dirty scam they are doing to everyone. 24x24 cabin 1340.00 LOL they got 35.00 for show up fee.

Called measuring for install. Turn Lowe's into a chinese laundry. No more from me.

Go to a mom and pop place and save money and gives work to good people. Not scammers


The problem with most consumers when it comes to flooring purchases is that they dont understand how it is sold from the manufacturer or how it is installed. For instance carpet is "sold" by the sq foot but comes from the manufacturer usually in either 12 or 15 feet widths.

Padding typically comes in a 6 feet width. So if you have a 10x10 room you want to carpet then you will have to buy 10 feet of carpet that will come to 120 square feet. So if it is 1.00 per sq foot then you pay 120.00 not the 100.00 that you think you should pay. Then for the pad you would end up purchasing 20 feet of pad which comes out to 120 square feet as well.

Now on to the $97.00 Basic Install from Lowe's. That price is for install of carpet and pad with no other labor involved. If you have done the pre-work like moving the furniture, removing the old carpet and the old pad then great for you because you qualify for the basic labor. Now if dont want to do work whats so ever then there will be extra charges involved.

Also on pad being required that is stipulated by the carpet manufacturers. If you read the brochure about your carpet warranty it will tell you that. I cant stand un-informed consumers and then what to rant on about a business being scammers. The last time I checked a business was in business to make money.

It sounds like to me that the associates did not have all the training they needed. Which is not their fault but that of the upper management.


Your comment is incorrect. The Lowes and the Home Depot flooring scam is alive and real in every city everywhere.

They use an independent measuring service that normally bumps up the yardage figures because if they mess up and short the job then its on them and they have to pay for the mistake. Also, NO carpet warranty that I have read in my 25 years of handling flooring claims states that you have to purchase new pad under your new carpet for the warranty. Most all carpet manufacturers recommend a 7/16", 6 lb density padding under the carpet. It also recommends hot water extraction cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

Anyway, the purpose of this entire post was to let consumers know of the Labor Scam that Lowes and Home Depot are running for FREE, $39 or $99 labor. This is highly misleading as most comments are touching on this exact issue. These giant box stores also force you to replace your pad so you are forced to BUY there overpriced padding. If consumers do there homework with their local flooring experts then they will most likely get a better job done with the exact same products.

All this without any gimmicks or tricky promotion ads that aren't really what they are cut out to be when looking at the estimate. Consumers simply need to take that estimate to a professional full service flooring dealer and the consumer will save much more money compared to the $35 estimate fee that they have to pay to the Box stores.

I also can't stand uninformed people that comment on things that they know nothing about!!! The width of the carpet has nothing to do with the issue at hand...You must work for Lowes or Home least your math is correct.....the rest is wrong


This is not a scam you retard. Read all the print you *** ***.


"If consumers do there homework with their local flooring experts then they will most likely get a better job done with the exact same products."

"Consumers simply need to take that estimate to a professional full service flooring dealer"

Sounds like someone is talking bad about a "scam" to get people to come to their local business which runs the same "Scam" but by "professionals" and "experts"


I understand that lowes has to make a profit. However, it is their job to fairly represent the costs.

They wait until after a $ 35.00 measurement to hit customers with the fees. All the extra fee were downplayed by sales associate until the very end. This is a trained sales tactic called the assumed close. After the purchase decision has been made you let the customer know the real cost.

Then proceed as if the decision to purchase has already been made. Manipulating customers is good for business.


Just had Lowes install 780 sq ft of carpet/pad in our home. Paid 97 for basic install, plus extra for a couple of add-ons: 400 total install price.

More than fair--good quality installation. Installer quite accommodating; at our request laid carpet around door jambs 'tight' so as not to come loose and butt up snug against the door frame. Had to ask for this; they were pleased to honor request. But, BUYER BEWARE!

If you ask you shall receive--maybe with extra fees. Our installer did these pro tricks without additional charges. At job sign off time went around and checked each door jamb and all wall borders--all good with a little tweeking. Thought we so thorough, but...found that the bedroom walk-in closet did not match the color in the bedroom!

(Weird) The install dept at the purchasing Lowes store said she would help, she ordered another piece of carpet for the closet, same color as the adjacent bedroom. It will be swapped out next week. Lowes does stand behind their work and products. We are doing a whole-house remodel and have gained a lot of experience in the process.

Most important to keep in mind: every single projects has multiple problems. Just be prepared to deal with anything that could happen. The Lowes Corp and its website have many problems as retailers go; we have experienced them.

But the carpet was a breeze and it is beautiful, and well installed. Thank you


As for all of you who wanted to actually beat the salesmanager up, shame on you.

If you would not just read the BIG letters you actually have to read the FINE print, wow would have figured if you own a house you would have learned that by now. So again shame on you for being disgruntled I enjoy all of the salespeople they help you when you ask and dont treat you like your ***.

As for myself I too am looking for carpet but luckly I have a daughter who wants to rip it up that means I've got to scrub underneath because whoever laid the carpet was ignorant and tarred it looks like it anyway. But we rent are house and told our landlord there was a leak down there and im sorry but that will be there issue to tend to im just fixing the carpet. Ive put tiles in by myself this will be no different. So please when you see a sales price read the fine print.

Ps i like home depot too. :zzz


I do not have but a few word's to state.Forget LOWES and GO WITH HOME DEPOT.You will get served well and YOU will not go broke in the process.IT'S so simple.


Home Depot was HORRIBLE!!! 8 months to Finalky get the Hib done and 3 carpet reorders later.

First they insisted they come measure. The ordered the sq footage for the laminate when it should've been the sq footage for the carpet. Swapped them. So we were short.

Then reordered the carpet. Sent the wrong dye lot. Next reordered and it had holes in it from the forklift. Finally 8 months later my carpet is down.

Oh but that's not took several tries for them to get the laminate down correctly as well. We did a full remodel down to the studs so all door casings and drywall rac were brand new. They had big wood chunk gouges out of them.

His Mallot also hit the new kitchen cabinets and gouged the wood in a 2 week old kitchen. Steer clear from the Home Depot *** crew in California.


I ordered carpet from Lowes 10 days ago. They had a sign for guaranteed 10 day installation.

Now I call today, find out my carpet is not in, no more trucks this week. Won't be installed til mid October.

Every person gives me a different story. What a crock.


Wow i know Where not to go for carpet now lol

Andrew Ferrell

As a Lowe's employee and manager of several departments, one of them being Flooring, I would like the time to explain how the "scam" works... In our area, Lowe's charges $97 for the Whole House Basic Carpet Installation.

This promo is for residential tackstrip-installed carpet. Basic installation includes installer delivery of new materials, installing new carpet & new pad, supplying & installing all transition metals, replacing tackstrip has needed, seaming, and final clean up of the job site, including vacuuming 1 time. Basic installation does not include moving furniture, any work on stairs, taking up & hauling away existing carpet & pad, and installing new tackstrip (for instances where there is no tackstrip). All of these services can be purchased for additional fees.

In our area, we charge $.21 per sqft. to take up & haul away existing carpet, $.10 per sqft. to move normal household furniture (large, bulky, or excessive furniture is more), and $.25 per lft. to supply & install new tackstrip (ex.

carpeting over hardwood flooring). Stair labor varies by stair type. Basic labor for non-residential tackstrip-installed carpet is $.56 per sqft. & glue-down carpet is $.57 per sqft.

If you had 1000 sqft. of carpet & pad to be installed, no stairs, no furniture to be moved, and no existing carpet & pad to be taken up & hauled away, regular retail would be $560.00 for labor. With our promo, you would only pay $97 for labor (a $463 savings). We still pay our installers normal cost for labor and actually loose money on basic installation.

As far as the $1300 labor fee, I would guess that the job was being performed by an installer with their own warehouse. In these cases, we have the special order carpet shipped to the installer's warehouse to save time & energy and we get the installer to supply the pad, which is incorporated into the labor fees instead of the material fees. We still charge (in our area) $.48 sqft. for basic pad, $.63 sqft.

for premium pad, and $.79 sqft. for Stainmaster premium pad regardless of if the store is supplying the pad or if the installer is supplying the pad. As far as sqft. goes, industry standards for a 10' X 10' room are as follows: 10 X 10 = 100 sqft.; for ceramic, laminate, or wood flooring, 10% extra for cuts & waste is figured in = 110 sqft.; for ceramic tile on a diagonal pattern & ceramic-looking laminate, 20% extra for cuts & waste is figured in = 120 sqft.

(there is more waste & pieces to be cut for the diagonal pattern & the grout lines have to be lined up on the ceramic-looking laminate); for 12' wide carpet & vinyl, 12 X 10 = 120 sqft.; for 13'6" wide carpet & vinyl, 13.5 X 10 = 130 sqft.; and for 15' wide carpet, 15 X 10 = 150 sqft. For any carpet or vinyl that has a pattern, extra material is needed to ensure the pattern lines up at the seams. Carpet pad comes in 6' widths.

Industry standard to to charge labor for the amount of materials being handled. A benefit to our customers is that Lowe's pays the sales tax on the materials for most of our installation categories (a 7.5% savings in our area).

@Andrew Ferrell

I know this is old.. But thought I would put my .02 in.

You don't lose at all.. There is a 40% mark up on all carpet. And cost for basic Pad is .12 a sq ft. Your charging I believe .59 or .69 a sq ft.

So to me it sounds like a win. You make your money to pay the installer just off the pad alone!! Carpet is your income. The installers carry all the insurance this is why they use qualified contractors.

Lowes has no liability.

Its very smart but you don't need to claim that your doing a service for customers. Your still a profitable business.


If a business wasn't profitable...why would they be in existence?


@John q citizen- I did not think areyouserious was being an ***, as you suggested. I appreciated knowing the truth from a professional, as well as the facts!

Also, how dare you assume, someone that you do not know, is not intellegent and how do you know that that person didn't attend college.? So what if he/she didn't, it is none of YOUR business!! Besides, many successful people, including the founder of Apple, didn't attend college. It sounds like he knows a lot about the business he is in!

Unlike yourself, who appears to have a talent in "trying to look smart when you are NOT!".

He was trying to be nice and give good advice, Duh? Who's the *** one here??


Would you spend 2-3 days installing carpet for $97? So why are you people acting so surprised that Lowe's is doing all these "SCAM" things to milk more money out you?

It's just an advertising gimmick, no more, no less. You still pay full price for labor, it's just tacked in carpet, pad and little extra charges.

@CRPT guy

It is true,I had about 1500 sq ft of carpet laid less than 1 day.They pulled everything up hauled it out.laid the new paid( I upgraded),carpet,and $160 extra for steps...Paid less than $2800. PS house was empty no complaints

@CRPT guy

Every carpet install contract is pre written KNOW what YOU want exactly...Talk to the sales man.Pay the $30 measurement fee.You will not have any want new metal carpet hold downs ,transitions,what ever ,communicate this with the salesman and the estimator/installer.You will get a install complete price,yes steps are about $10 a step (1 each) extra in labor. :)

@CRPT guy

Tight wad people complain and bark the most on complaining sites. These people are not your Servants :grin


Forget about the big boxes...they are trying to rope you in to something that they are trying to do smoke and mirrors on.

1. At any other store, a reputable installer will have a one year workmanship warranty. In our store, if the installer does not honor this, they don't work.

2. You will always get better work from an independent contractor, at least at our store. If they want to work tomorrow, they have to take care of the customer today. Otherwise, there is a wastebasket under our counter that has seen more than one installer go by the wayside.

3. Carpet is ALWAYS sold by the sq. ft. or sq. yd. Lineal feet is for lumber yards.

4. At a real flooring store, we will not be working in lawn and garden tomorrow...guaranteed.

5. At a regular flooring store, nine times out of ten you will have folks that know what is going on...this is our wheelhouse. If we don't know the answer, we have the resources to get you your information.

Nothing is free. The $97 installation came about when people got wise to the "free pad" scam. Again, NOTHING IS FREE. It is added somewhere.

At a regular flooring store, estimates are free...not $52 to be taken off your bill if you buy. Free.

6. Our installers will tell you exactly how much the install will be, what it will be extra to move furniture, etc. Nothing is hidden.

You get the picture. Go to the folks who know and shoot straight. If you have to have fine print, here's your sign...


To mr. areyouserious,

You are quite the a__hole aren't you.

You obviously hate your job by the way you responded to someone else here. If you hate your job so much, why don't you go back to school and get an education so you understand the real world and then maybe you can be lawyer and take that attitude to court with you and screw everyone who comes along. What a *** you are. the man just had a question and a complaint!!

if lowes has a problem then they should work it out and creeps like you should stay the *** out of it. its not your business


Lowe's charges $51 dollars for a free estimate...

And if you don't agree with the over price. They will not refund you the money.


what makes you think an installer shouldnt get paid for the material that he handles? and what makes you think you shouldnt pay for the amount that HAS to be ordered since its the amount the carpet mills only offer?i guess in your own little world the carpet mills and all involved in the flooring process shouyld do things your way and not the way its been done for years.

so you have a 10 x 10 room and dont wanna pay for a 12 x 10 peice of rug .well guess what thats how it works anywhere you would go from lowes to the mom and pop store.and as for labor on that so called extra 20 sq ft well the install has to handle it by carrying it cutting it down to size. but i guess that extra 20 sq ft will break your wallet huh? dont be so ignorant to what the industry standards are in the fact that some materials only come in certain sizes and wake up and realize that the world isnt gonna change for you!im an installer myself and it *** me off to see such ignorance from people complaing about dumb things like i had to pay for a 12 x 10 when my room is only 10 x 10 .REALLY? are you serious?

get over yourself already!its bad enough that on a daily basis we have to deal with peoples filth and their pets *** and lets not forget the people that thought we should move their dirty laundry simply because they are to *** and think i thought that was included in the price of moving normal furniture! but go ahead and get the mills and installers to not gharge you for a 12 x 10 because your room is only 10 x 10 and sleep well knowing you simply dont understad how the real world works!continue to have a good life in fairytail land with the other simpletons.


$97 BASIC install. That's what it said.

You wanted special stuff done. That's not a basic install.

You don't get $97 BASIC install price.


So I return to Lowe's and spend 2 hours talking to their reps. I literally had to write out every possible measure for every possible item by square feet, linear feet, and then find out how by what measure and width the pad was sold.

Every item should be considered in exactly how Lowe's or the manufacturer might sell it, this gives you best odds of thwarting their crookery. I say crookery, because they are thieves, plain and simple, no better than pick pockets or purse snatchers really.

The minute you don't check every line item, they'll slip in a new hustle on you. For instance after going through some 20 items, and getting my print out, I didn't notice a labor field (and of course! they didn't point it out). They upped the priced on their $97 install to $190. I now have to drive back to very inconveniently located store and do a round 3 with them.

The reps at this store like to play dumb. One rep who "acted" befuddled by the computer system and everything in general, turned out to be the "manager" of the department - befuddled? Confused? I think NOT. Thief, I think YES!

Later another clerk on the phone told me that the labor charge may be for the pad. He literally said that the pad is sometimes charged as labor to avoid tax - still think Lowe's is legit?

Then alas it came down to their mantra of a "two week" turnaround time for installation - all I can say is YEAH RIGHT! What it actually is, is that you need to have the pathetic rep call the manufacturer (while there in your babysitting presence) and affirm that the carpet you want is actually in stock - not doing this will cost you "months." So I affirmed that my carpet was in stock and they generated the contract only (big surprise) the target installation date was a MONTH away!

The reps assured me that barring disaster my carpet would arrive on time. They then, even started to make jokes about extreme scenarios in which it would NOT arriving on time!

So I pressed them that if they were so convinced it "would arrive" and "be installed" in two weeks why were they insisting I sign a contract that put this a month out. They stopped laughing, looked befuddled, and then gulped that it was just "a formality."

Lastly, one rep needed to "walk me up to the counter" with my contract. WTF? I'm placing a huge order with them and they need to give me a prison escort to the pay station so I can pay out their precious deeply F'd contract (that they've already made a "copy" of)????

Lowe's is from *** and I'm not looking forward to babysitting their mercenary installers either.

Lastly, let me mention their famous "$97 installation" scam. If you need tacking strips, the $97 install IS A LIE! Tacking strips will run you 90 cents per linear foot, i.e a 12x12 room will cost you $43.

Needless to say I won't be buying ANYTHING at Lowe's EVER again, and will make a point to tell every single home improver to do the same where humanly possible.


... As a follow up on my last comment, let me just say that I was referring to Lowe's selling carpet in a minimum of 12' widths.

Here are some other areas where they're gaming people:

* Double check that they deduct their measuring fee

* Double check that the pad/price you want is accurate. They upped it on me - and were "oh so surprised" by it.

* If you're tearing out your own carpet (very easy to do with a carpenters knife and some gloves), be sure they remove their "haul away" fee ... they'll also be "oh so surprised" by this.

* Above all else DOUBLE, TRIPLE CHECK their square footage calculations.


Lowe's may operate differently elsewhere, but in California they allegedly charge by the square foot, and they seem to have a real nice price. That is until you place your order for say a 10x10 room. What they do in this case is charge you for a 12x10 section of carpet, i.e. that's 20 extra sqft of carpet you'll be paying for that will never be installed.

The clerk who was perhaps slightly smarter than a hamster, and was obviously trained to avoid confirming this was their practice, because I was reduced to finaly phrasing the question as "Yes or no? You're making me buy the overage?" to which she could only nod her head.

The measurer was also trained to include the closets as though there was no logical break in the layout, i.e. a 10x10 room with a 2x5 closet came out to 12x10 for the "room total."

I'm going to call them tomorrow and see about using the overage (cut outs) from my larger room in the closet. Somehow I think they'll be some problem with that.

The other hustle which is very subtle is the pad. I haven't determined the minimum width of that the pads are sold in, but in my case I have a room that could be carpeted with two 12x10 sections of carpet, but in order not to have a seam I need to buy a 24x12 section of carpet, HOWEVER, this shouldn't mean that I can't get away with two 12x10 PADS! This is to say change the orientation of the pads (as the seam) doesn't matter and put money back in your pocket.


1. they charge alot more for the pad. that is how they charge 39 or 99 on install. anything exrta cost more. read the fine print. do you charge more for upgrades at your job. if not let me know where you work i will always buy from you and screw your coworkers.

2. everyone charges buy the squarefoot now so they can rip you off easier. who would pay 2000 for carpet anyway, you just have to replace it down thr line.

3. lowes actually pays there installer pretty good considering most of there installer work everyday. ask carpet store installer how many days a week they sit on the butts. it is alot more than lowes contractors.

4. almost all installers for any store are independent contractors.

5. best place to get carpet, just like everything else, ask friends and family, go look at references, and use the internet.

6. carpet is for suckers, have something permenent installed.


Lowes sells carpet by the square foot because all the other flooring is sold by the square foot customers just wanted it that way.

Lowes is the only big box store that get thier installers certified.

CFI certified floorcovering installer

I am a Lowes installer and even though Lowes is verry demanding you customers should know that they will do anything to make you happy

Lowes paid for my certification. Ive got the level 1 carpet cert and the wood &lam cert.


1st of all we ARE a REAL carpet store.

2nd 97$ are for basic labor. If you want us to do other stuff you have to pay.

3rd you don't have to buy or pad, but you will not get a warranty. Your choice


It is a scam. It will NEVER cost you what they advertise. Do the intelligent thing and go to a real carpet store


You have got to be kidding me. You think that the carpet company is going to warrenty your carpet with a used pad underneith it?

Please. You must still believe in the tooth fairy!


Just thought I would let you in on a little something> First of all Lowes does not loose money on the cost of a sale with what they pay an installer.Also they under pay the installers! (less than the going rate) They dont care about the installer not to mention you allways have to fight to get your money as well as deal with the sales persons mistakes which ends up costing you more money as well as time.I personally have taken a carpet to a mom and pop store and was able to get the same carpet installed for less and had a really nice installer that did really good job. However I did pay alot more then $39.00 for that install 8)


Read the fine print you must of had alot of custom work in your install 8)


Lowe's now has a $39 Stainmaster install. all of the signs in the stores state that price is for a "carpet ready" room.

Meaning, no additional labor is required. If you were the installer would you do 2 to 3 hours extra labor ripping out the carpet and pad and haul it away for free? Of course not. At the same time, if the customer has already removed the carpet and furniture, why should he have to pay the same thing as a customer who hasn't?

It's not a scam as Lowe's is paying the installer alot more than 39 bucks to do the job.

and if no additional services are done, Lowe's actually loses money on the install. they do it with the big picture in mind that you will keep coming back to the store and purchase things that they make a profit on.

As far as the negative comments by "independant floor guys"...Well folks, you get what you pay for with discounted carpeting from someone who is paying alot more for the same carpet as Lowe's with it's buying power.

How do I know all this? Had my own flooring biz for 30 years before working for Lowe's.......


as a lowes employee did u sign a contract. yes you did.

did read contract. no you did not.

and the reason we sell carpet by the square foot... had a lady ask me how many yards in a square foot...duh...


Does *** work for Lowes?? :?

I just came home for Lowes with them wanting to charge over $240 installation fee for my stairs. Of course the associate never explained that I would have to pay an extra $100 because it is a small job. He told me all it would cost is $7 a stair. They charge extra for everything! Even the manager couldn't tell us exactly how the charges broke down. I think they just want the $35 dollars to measure steps! (which the guy didn't even do)

I agree Lowes Carpet is a SCAM!


Note to Brian, Home Depot started selling carpet by the square foot years ago. Competitors had to follow to make their prices easier to compare.


I understand what you mean about the square yard deal and the misleading price comfort. To make it worse, in terms to square yard versus linear feet.

it would actually be X 12 for 12 ft goods and X 15 for 15 ft goods.

Since we are talking linear feet. Now square feet converted to square yards would be X 9.



Never in the history of carpet has it ever been sold by the lineal foot.

NOT EVER!!!! But lowe's does...Wanna know why? Look at prices when in lowe's...Boy that 80 cents looks real good and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Think about this...CARPET IS SOLD BY THE SQUARE YARD!lOWE'S WILL SELL BY THE LINEAL FOOT AT 80 CENTS!

well times this by 9. which is a square yard, you will come up with an astronomical price per square wonder they can install for 39 bucks. You will save far more money going to those fancy home carpet places. I did and got better carpet done by professionals and at a cheaper price.

I think Lowe's marketers think we are retarded. most people in lowe's are contractors and builders who know more than anyone in that store.

Take my advice and stay away from lowe's shady pricing practices. We dont need to be ripped off any more by these big corporations.


pad is alway required for any new carpet install anywhere. ad also states basic labor.

extra labor includes tear up, haul away, tack strip, and stairs.

yes the salesman should have brought that up but who doesnt ask questions before they buy? and maybe he was trying to explain it before you were *** on the phone


Well, if the associate would have explained it properly then you wold have known about the extra charges for steps, etc. But if you would have read the advertisment, it specifically states that the 97$ is only for the installation of carpet and pad.

As far as the having to buy new pad, it is required by the manufacturer in order to get your carpet warranty. Lowe's will not install ANYTHING if it cannot be warrantied.

So, if you want *** carpet and *** installation, without a warranty, then of course, go somewhere else. :grin

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