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Records Retention Department | Lowes review from Greensboro, North Carolina

After numerous emails and phone calls trying to obtain a receipt for a purchase over 1500.00 in 2006, I am getting nothing but the run around. I am trying to determine if there was an extended warranty purchased with the appliance. It was a gift, and I do not have the receipt. They asked for the same information so many times and then come back and say they need the very same information again. All I want is a copy of the receipt. It shouldn't be that difficult. Lowe's should hire people who finish high school, in my opinion.
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Oh No. I am going to contacat the records retention dept.

to see if I can get a copy of a receipt for May of '07.

I purchased a Genie garage door opener and they will not honor the lifetime warranty unless I provide a receipt.

The receipt has faded as it is 3 years old. If I can not get a copy, I am truly out of luck.


el tigre: you are rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Learn to spell also.


yes, just because you bought the toilet tissue at a particular store, does not mean that that particular store has to come to wipe off your ***. have some morals, some decency, some sence of responsibility.



Lowe's was provided with the exactdate of purchase, the date it cleared the bank, the amount of purchase and store number.. I got this information from the credit card company, so yeah um.. its the right date. All were things they asked for to research it.

If the law requires as you suggest retaining records (paper copy) for 5-7 years for instance, then this is well within the time frame and finding this info even in paper with this amount of information should NOT be too difficult. Moreover, CRS associates should know what the policy is about record retention, so customers will not be given false hope and or sent on wild goose chases. If Lowe's policy is to not keep records but for 3 years, then tell the CRS associates. It's not rocket science.

In defense of Tyrone.. the item was in fact purchased at Lowe's. Maybe you did not see my original post? Anyway, I'm still waiting for a response. I will report any GOOD things that happen with this.



if only it worked that way. you are assuming that the electronic records go back that far, often times retailers don't keep electronic records back that far because someone has decided that the cost of the disk space is too much and they still have the paper record as required by law (5-7 years usually). Secondly can you remember the date you bought something 4 years ago that you don't have the receipt for? you do realize that any date you give will most likely be wrong right? this of course means that the most likely search is in fact a hand search through stacks of paper +- a couple days of the guessed purchase date, so although no they are not searching through millions of receipts, hundreds or thousands is significantly likely.

Tyrone, this assumes that the item was in fact purchased at Lowes as you were told it was, memory is sketchy ... I have seen ppl insist vehemently that they purchased *KENMORE* (sears house brand) appliances at Lowes. I work at a box store (not lowes thankfully) to pay for my university education, I have had customers complain about something that I somehow sold them 2 years before I started there.

All this to say that it is not always as simple a task as tyrone and paula believe it is.


to ???: If the transaction is narrowed down to the date of purchase, the amount, the date the item cleared and the store location and number, it's just a matter of a few key strokes entered into a data base. They are not literally 'going thru millions of transactions' to find one line by line, page by page as they would in 1900.


I feel it is their responsibility to come up with the receipt, because they said that the could. :) In the year 2010, the request is possible.

You are right about expectations, never have'll always be disappointed.


Why is it their responsibility to come up with a receipt from 4 years ago. If the person who purchased the item can't keep track of a receipt don't expect a retailer to go thru millions of transactions to find one for you.

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Lowes Warranty

Lowes lied to me

My wife checked at Lowes on the availability of an extension for a 21" sun tunnel and was told by that they were a special order item. She wanted to check with me before she ordered and was told that the order could be called in when she got home. Subsequently, I called the store to order the item and was told that Ken in millwork would call me within 1/2 hour to get all the pertinent info so that the extension could be ordered. This was about noon on May 1st (Saturday). On Sunday at about 9 AM I called Lowes and was told that the gentleman who was supposed to have called me would be at work at 1 PM. The person that I was talking to at that point took all the information needed to order the item and said that it was taken care of and I would be called when the item came in. I then talked to a store manager to see if he could find out why I had not been called the previous day. Some time after 1 PM when Ken came to work and called me to apologize for the missed communication and said he had mistakenly missdialed my number twice and left a message both times. Out of curiosity, I called the number that he said he had dialed and left the messages. The number was not even in service. I then again called the store manager to pass that bit of info on. I guess Ken lied to both he and I. The manager, of course has not had the courtesy or the guts to call about this situation. kbsj
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May I ask what number you were told to call? As a former employee of this Company, your answer could prove interesting.

Take my advice....ignore the people on here who leave crude comments instead of discussing the true issues.

After six years of service, I got tired of the 'Management by Belittling' manner in which the Company chooses to utilize.

This comment is for Bighorn only. Good Luck!



Do you have anything to do besides critizie people and be rude and condencending?


maybe you gave the wrong number. Honestly you should go over your phone number with a parent memorize it.

What if you got lost and you gave the wrong phone number to the police officer helping you. Remember the stranger safety rule only go to police officer, store personnal, parents with children for help.

Did this really happen or are you just trying to get Ken fired because he slept with your wife.

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Lowe's Power washer...2 uses and it's cooked! | Lowes review from Freeport, New York

Purchased a TF1600 Power washer last season from Lowe's. Used it 2x. Then stored it properly for the winter. Tried to use it today. it's totally cooked! Spoke to a CS rep that had a script. The script told me that the builtin powercord GFCI was shorted. After 2 uses? Yes she said. She sent me to their special website to buy the part. The site does not have the part available. So I called back...their phone message says that they are there 24 / 7 to help! Guess what - they are not. They said we're not here now...leave a message. I went back to the website and emailed their CS help dept. Do yourself a favor. go to homedepot or other. Good Luck Lowe's! Peter S.
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I want a pressure washer for cleaning the vehicles, home, roadways and much more. I purchased this TF1600 Power washer.This pressure washer is easy to use.

their power, performance, durability is good. best pressure washer


Same thing. 2 uses and done.

The power source is fine, and the GFCI functions properly, but when I hit the power on the unit, nothing.

Deader than fried chicken. What a rip-off.


I had the same problem. I got no response from Task Force period.


Disconnecting the micro switch solved my issue. Thanks for the advice.

These things just are not made to last. At least it prolonged the life and saved me some $$.


It probably was the seized plunger for the pressure micro switch. I have also had an issue with my tf1600 - pulled it out to clean the garage floor.

Hooked everything up, plugged it in - nothing. Took it apart and found the plunger for micro pressure switch was seized up. Took that apart, cleaned it up, greased up moving parts - now works better than new. The case was somewhat of a challenge to get into though.

7 screws on the back and then had to pry the front cover off.

Worst case scenario if this doesn't fix it; would be to leave the micro switch disconnected from the plunger but then YOU would have to turn on and off the pressure washer to prevent damage. Hope this helps anyone else having the same issue.

@Same issue

THANKS 'SAME ISSUE' from Hiawatha Iowa!!!

I had given up on my TF1600 based on it still being frozen after following all troubleshooting guidelines.

After reading all the negative reviews, I thought I was done, but your pointing me toward the plunger for the microswitch made sense. I took it apart and found that my microswitch plunger was frozen like yours.

It didn't want to come out, so I dribbled some Triflo onto it and gently worked it out, then greased it up as you recommended. Reassembled and it worked like a charm.

Note: if anyone tries this, test your machine before going to the trouble of putting the cover back on.


I agree it may say Task Force, but a distributor like Lowes or whomever has a responsiblity to it's customers not to sell junk. There are too many posts about 1 or 2 uses and the machine not working


Bought the 1600 and used it once before it quit working. It was brand new and took it right back to Lowes.

They replaced it since it was only a week old. Used the 2nd one once and put it in safe and proper storage. Took it out 2 weeks ago and guess what--- it doesn't work. I plug it in and ...

nothing, nada, zip, zilch. I called the customer service line, left a message not once but 3 different times over the last 2 weeks.

I've gotten the same thing that I got from the powerwasher--nothing, nada,zip, zilch. Now what?????


Same thing happened to me. Used the Task Force PW 2-3 times last year, stored it properly.

This year it doesn't get any power. The Task Force PW is a product that Lowes sells as their store brand. They chose to sell it in their store. Therefore they are responsible.

I was still in warranty when the power washer stopped working. I have called Task Force twice and each time was promised a shipping label to send it back to them to fix. Still yet to recieve a label.

Rediculous. Yes, I will always shop at Home Depot from now on.


I bought a PF 1600 Task Force pressure washer, used it once, stored it in the garage for a year. Tried to use it today - it's cooked. Task Force personnel no help.

I know of two ther people who had the same problem

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Lowes Website

Assoc. accosted me in parking lot | Lowes review from Edmond, Oklahoma

i put 2 shoe racks and a 4 inch spade shovel in my cart, went into lawn and garden to get some flowers, none inside so i go outside to find them. no flowers that i want, so i start to go inside and realized i didnt have my wallet. I was about 25 feet from my car so i pushed the basket toward my car and an assoc. came and told me he wanted my basket. i told him i was going about 15 feet to my car to get my wallet. he said he was taking the basket now and i could come back whenever. he took the basket and i went for my wallet. i came back in the store but didn't find the basket or the assoc. i went further into the store and found him and showed hime my wallet to which he said" i don't care". i asked him why he did that and he said i hadn't paid for the stuff. i asked him if he thought i was stealing to which he said "no". i asked what other reason he had for stopping me. he said none. then he said " i know what you do". i never got him to tell me what he meant by that. then i talked to an ops mgr. that said he would look into it. so far nothing has been said or done to follow up on this by Lowe's even though i made a formal complaint to the corporate office. i can assure you Lowe's has lost a customer that has purchased many large appliances from them and had carpet installation as well.
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I have yet to see or read any comment of complaint or praise from anyone who is not afraid of speaking their small minds as long as they do not have to put their names to the comments. Lots of hot air but no guts.


***, you can't take stuff out of a store even to get your wallet. You have to keep them in the store.


Your an ***. I hope they trespass your *** and you have to drive an hour to buy stuff you need from now on. :x


You have got to be kidding. I have barely ever seen an associate I haven't had to corner in order to get some help.

I have waited two hours in order to get someone to get plywood off the third rack up in the air and then loaded it myself in my truck because I was turning 70 in the parking lot waiting for the help the cashier swore would be "just a minute".

The store has everything you need to build a house but if you are like me and don't quite know what to use you are better off paying the higher price at Ace to get the help you need. I swear no one works at the stores because you can never find help when you are in there.


A theif like you out to be in jail rather than at home complaining on the internet. When you walked out the door with unpaid merchandise you shoplifted.

You are lucky they let you go. Don't try that lame "left my wallet in the car" excuse where I work.

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Lowes Installation

Another, no thats not the one on sale | Lowes review from Los Angeles, California

received a discount ad in mail, showed a white plastic toilet seat round,with another seat in writing that was elongated. We have round one's at our residence. Waited until ad as good on4-28-10, went in got round one, told OH, no round ones on sale, just elongated one. On page 4 of ad, picture and top portion show round and don"t say elongated, only 2nd or lower on does. Not first time Lowes ad were deseptive,I guess it may not be last unless someone files a complaint with DA's office about it. Ad had #511004 upper right. M Houghton
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Blablabla | Lowes review from Buenos Aires, Capital District

Violation of Policy, Retaliation, violation of Civil Rights, Loss Prevention, Stock Market, etc. 1. How many Lowe's employee's are directed to call the AlertLine with a complaint? Do you know that the AlertLine is actually Lowe's AlertLine? 2. From everyone's understanding of the Employee Manual, is it acceptable for a RTM Clerk to date a vendor? 3. Is it acceptable for the HR Manger to work at Lowe's when her father works for Home Depot? 4. Does the manual also state a zero tolerance for safety and harassment? 5. Are there not "Whistleblower" laws protecting the employee? That's just a start. Comments from other employee's would be most appreciated. I'm being to feel like I don't understand the English language.
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Lowes commercial accounts.......what a joke

I have worked with Lowes for 2 years now in Dothan, Al. I am their delivery driver for commercial sales. I have never seen in my life, the amount of neglect ever given to customers as this company does. Contractors are constantly giving me *** over late deliveries, wrong items ordered and damaged products. Nobody at any level in the store gives a *** about pulling orders for contractors. The commercial sales salesmen are supposed to pull the orders and get them ready for delivery. That rarely happens. If I ask for help from anyone ( my own associates ) I get told " Im to busy", but they'll stand around and bullschit all day, or play computer games. Management included. Bottom line is: I hate this job. And I urge all customers to take their business elsewhere. Lowes isnt worth it. They are like the Walmart of the DIY world............ jerks !
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I had a fridge delivered from Lowes, the delivery was an hour late. My neighbor had a couple pallets of soil and stone delivered, it was delivered the wrong day.

My parents had 3 pallets of pavers and sand delivered it was 5 hours late. in all cases the driver was apologetic but maybe this is something Lowes should really take a look at.


Good luck with that, Seth, I am sure there are lots of "Seth's" working at Lowes. It is best to leave on your own conditions anyway.

Looks better when you are applying for a new job.

If they ask why you want to quit your job, say "career change" looking for something new. Don't complain about others or else you will look like a complainer.


You make it sound like you are the only one doing their job. Seriously you are not a team player. There is no I in team, grow up or quit.

Dothan D

the last thing on earth that I'd ever be afraid of, is Lowes firing me......... Maybe thats why Im here ? ( wink wink )


Hey Seth,

Don't you think maybe you're giving a little too much detail about yourself to make these comments? You know companies like Lowe's has people to scan the 'net for this kinda stuff right?

You told your name, your store location, and your title.

I'd either delete this or start looking for another job. Just a thought.



Do yourself a favor, quit this job and find one you like. Life's too short to stay in a job you hate.

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Lowes store employees commision going in big wigs pockets!!!!!!!

I am a current employee of lowes. I have extensive major appliance sales experience with various companies in commission based positions as like my current position. But what I have found out recently really disturbed me and may even be illegal. Competitors like SEARS pay their associates commission no matter what the selling price is, a flat 2-3% commission. The reason for that is because the manufacturer pays that commision back to SEARS or is negotiated with SEARS at point of mass inventory purchase. Either way that incentive is paid by the manufacturer. Lowes pays their Appliance associates an hourly rate plus these vendor paid "SPIFFS" of dollar amounts, amount set by the vendor, instead of 2-3%. Would you believe that LOWES has put a restriction on discounting where we lose our commission if we sell at more than 10% off. Yet they still submit these uneligible sales to the manufacturer to get paid the "SPIFF"! Where do these spiffs go of up to $80 an Appliance. Not to the employee who spent his hard working time with a customer who was going to buy from SEARS. But even though I saved the sale for LOWES I get scammed out of my commission because I had to go below a 10% discount to price match the competitors deal. What a freakin joke. Some CEO's bonus getting paid on my hard work! "FOR LOWES EMPLOYEES" U NO HOW TO GET PAID ON DISCOUNTED APPLIANCES. ON THE SHIFT F1 SCREEN UTILIZE THE PREPACKAGE PRICE OPTION AND ENTER IN THE DISCOUNTED PRICE WITHOUT DECIMALS!!!!!ONLY WORKS ON STOCK ITEM#S
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I can b greedy too, u can cut my pay some more, I dont care, I make up the difference in merchandise. Thanks Nibby


The place is a *** hole to work for anyway . they only promote suck *** .They give you a small raise once a year and you have to deal with *** hole customers that want everything for nothing.Managers are lazy


I am a designer and just to set the record straight I personally wanted nothing to do with the appliance end unless I was selling my kitchen customer. Too many problems you fellows have to deal with.

Delivery banging things up, Appliances missing, dented, scratched, I would cover for my appliance department if they needed it or they would call if swamped but I did not just pop in for a sale. Appliance sales = pain in rear!

But now it does not matter as it is a WE deal. So I guess you should get certified in cabinets so you can help too.


its a shame many of the appliance specialist do a good job i think what riles many of them up are when a kitchen design person would never help with freight but would pop up when a cust wanted to buy a washer dryer combo while you were selling a coffee maker making no spiff far too many times these guys would brag about the 500.00 they made this past week while you were at lunch or throwing freight zone managers sais you were to be called to make the sale if you were in the store i could not design a kitchen so why should they be able to sell appliances and take spiff money


yeah i'm a design specialist...nobody likes hearing that they will be maiking less money than the previous year! Lowes knows how to keep it short and sweet though don't they!!

I like how they say the vendors will lower their prices, even though the vendors have no clue what is happening!!! lies!!


The management at my store was very sarcastic and making fun of the fact that our pay was cut, but now that they realize that "they" will be the ones filling in and training all the new people when all the specialists quit they have changed their tune, its really kinda funny, they have begun to treat us with some respect, to late though, Im outa here along with many others.


I use to hate the words "just looking". Now I keep my fingers crossed that that's what I hear.

I use to have to overcome just looking. Well let me help you look. What we looking for. Now I just say OK ill be around if you need anything and I gets lost.

My job is kinda easy now. Haha screw Lowes!


What happened with prices going down? I saw prices go up $200-$500 on fridges.

I also was told that Lowe's is still collecting spiffs from vendors. I don't trust them, next SSEI will become a market thing. Good luck. All store managers got a Ipad, just wasting more money.

We all are being replaced by technology. Lowe's bought AGT stores to help them online business, have you looked at the prices? They said the wanted to be number 1 in appliances, and the cannot stop Sears. Sears advertises like a real appliance store.

Local customers don't even get ads. Lowe's has such bad commericals that you have to wonder what they are trying to sell. Cut the pay of your top performers,and expect them to sell the same, it won't happen. When the vendors see the numbers drop, they will step in.

They might just raise the cost of appliances for Lowe's. Memorial, fourth of July and Black Friday who cares.

I won't be working those days, and if I have to, I won't put my neck on the line because we don't have product. Good luck Lowe's, it is going to be a rough year!!


How about my 11 years, did not look at any other opportunity, because I was too busy thinking of keeping my cabinet/appliances sale up 24/7. Got very little raise, I am very upset at myself for trusting lowes, till few days ago, I felt like I was working for great company, I should applied applied for positions, I could have been store manager or district manager by now,oh, I forgot' I was too busy taking care of customers.


I heard specilists and ASMs are going away very soon also? Have anyone else heard this?

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Shoddy installation, Failure to correct | Lowes review from Reston, Virginia

Lowes installed new vinyl flooring in my kitchen and dining room, and new carpeting in two of my upstairs bed rooms and my hallway. The installer came three days late, claiming he had a funeral to go to. OK I can understand that, but he couldn't possibly have been their only installer. I had to take time of from work to be home for this installation. When he finally did show up, supposedly on the day his monther-in-law was buried. He rushed through the job, and got glue on the vinyl flooring in the both the kitchen and the dining room, and did not install the threshold between the two rooms. Nor was the metal triom installed at the doorways. The carpeting upstairs was cut crooked and the baseboards were not reinstalled, and the metal trims were not installed at the doorways. After many, many complaints, and finally going to the store and standing in the store and yelling at the top of my lungs, did I finally get someone out to inspect the job done by their "qualified" installer. The supervisor lamented about the terrible installation job done by the sub-contractor, assuring me he was NOT an employee of Lowes. As such they had no controll over their work, but Lowes stands behind their installation, so it would be fixed or replaced. It never was. That was in the year 2000. I have since sold that house and it is still not corrected. I would never use Lowes for installation for anything, not even a nail. I buy nothing there that costs more than $25.00 now. They got all the money they will ever get out of me. I now shop at HOME DEPOT! By the way this was the Lowes in Kingston, NY.
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big b

I am commenting on Connie's comment. There are internet prices and in store prices.

I am sure lowes doesnt care if you ever come back. They were trying to help you


I used to shop at Lowes until they ripped me off also. I bought some decorative rock to build a flower bed.

I looked this rock up on their website before I went there and I wish I had printed the ad. On the website it showed the rock being one price and after I went there and ordered over 50 of these rocks and they had them loaded in my truck I went to pay for them and I noticed the price was a little steep. I ask the cashier why this bill was so high and as we started going over it I noticed the price of the rocks and I went on to tell her what the price was online and she had me to step off to the side of her register while she called the manager and little did I know that while I was standing there getting pissed because it was taking so long they had contacted their corporate office and had them to change the price before I could call my husband and get him to print the ad for me. And just like you I am no longer a Lowes shopper.

I have been in that store one time in ten years and that was to get a gift card for a family member.

I am now a Home Depot shopper. And this Lowes was in Florence,Kentucky

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Lowes Unethical and Irresponsible

I have purchased a washing machine from Lowe's about a year ago and had bought the service plan along with the machine and the machine broke so i called up customer service to file a claim about my machine. They brought out a tech. to look at my machine and he said he had ordered parts. But after 3 months the parts had arrived and which i had to pay out of my pocket and the tech has charged me for the service out of my pocket. It has been 3 MONTHS since my machine failed and it is still unrepaired! I have a very busy day with a family and the tech has not keep his appointment times straight, i had an appointment with the tech at 5:45pm one day and i was prepared for him to come at 5:45 only but the tech called me at 11:00am saying that he would arrive in 30 min and he called while i was in college disturbing me from my work he has done the tech has done the same when i reschulded a week later and yet again he did not show so i called Lowes to get another tech but they still have not gotten me another tech. when i bought the machine service plan they told me it would take an average 3 days to fix my machine and it has been 3 months and they never told me that they would send just an tech that probably has no experience on servicing my machine and i excepted store service techs not random service tech that just barge in at whatever time they feel like that behave unprofessional with my home, my time and my machine. I want this issue resolved AT ONCE I've had enough and want my machine fixed i would like to continue being a Lowes customer but i can assure you i will not be if they handle issues this way.
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Did you call 1-888-77-LOWES when you made the initial call for service? Lowe's doesn't have service techs at the store, so you will never have anyone with a Lowe's nametag show up at your door. Service is provided through repair companies authorized (and properly trained!) to fix the appliance in question.


Lowe's in East Fort Worth,Texas,has the worst customer service that I have ever seen.Not one employee gives a ***.

I wouldn't buy 10 penny nail from this bunch of dipshit's.


i've made some accusations against lowes but 1 thing I can say is that the appliance service plans are for real when used properly


you are completely confused on how a warranty works. have you contacted the service advantage hotline again.

because they can easily set you up with a different service provider, who by the way does not work for lowes and so fourth does not represent lowes.

obviously that service company is who you should bad mouth. you should notify the management in the store you purchased it from cause they may very well handle it there being in your current situation.


What phone number did you call to complain? Maybe I can lead you in the right direction on how to handle this.

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