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Lowes review in Jonesboro, Arkansas: 2 out of 2 appliances not working right, also a vanity top cracked.

We purchased a range, dishwasher and a vanity that came with a sink,last year at Lowe's. We had a problem with the range immediately, with wide swings in oven temperature, took 2 repairs to get it right, now one of the burners isn't working and they told us it's out of warranty, up to us to repair. The dishwasher has a pump problem, it's noisy and rattles badly,up to us to repair. The vanity top cracked, our problem. All 3 are 15 months old. Don't shop Lowe's. They do not back up their products. A call produced hostility from the C.S. re, who told us that everything is over a year old and it's too bad all that happened. They suggested that we get our appliances repaired. No recommendation on what to do with the crack in the vanity top. They will not even offer to share the cost of repairs. Pretty sad for a store to treat customers like that.
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Lowes review in Los Angeles, California: Canceled my account without cause

I was a user of Lowe's project card untill a week ago. Without reason or cause on my part the account was closed.... I found it redundant considering the fact their business is so slow many of their employees are having to quit due to lack of work hours... Home Depot appreciates stupidity like that considering they pick up more business that way. I will pay off my small balance and move on none worse for the experience. I will gladly tell all about the treatment one recieves in doing business with such a business.... I guess some companies would be better off if the were out-sourced to another country. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all that read this......
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I had a consumer credit card and just paid the balance IN FULL the end of December. Now I received a letter telling me they CLOSED my account.

I've been making my monthly payments on time and just decided to pay off the full balance.

Why would they do that? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

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Lowes review in Reno, Nevada: Boycott Lowe's HIW underway !

I'm Pissed! I'm Pissed! I'm Pissed!, This company and it's corporate staff ( )are a bunch of crooks, liars & cheaters . They lie & cheat too , too, I don't even know why. They aren't making any money.( ) And they clearly have no respect or compassion for anyone ,no one or anything! Not even there own mothers( ) These company SUCKS! I'm Pissed ! ( So here it is. Boycott , Boycott , Boycott. Hit them where it hurts. Do not purchase from Lowe's! This is one thing we can do to make them listen, change, Maybe give a Dam! I'm pissed!
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Lowe's just closed a store in my community. They let the employees work their full day, on Sunday, then told them that the store was shut down. This store had 100 employees with families to take care of and this is the underhanded way that Lowe's treated them. I understand that in business you have to make these kinds of decisions, but you don't work your employees on Sunday and tell them to kick rocks on Monday. This is heartless and unconscionable. After reading about this in the AJC, I did a web search and found that this isn't the first time that Lowe's has done this to employees.

I've preferred shopping at Lowe's over Home Depot because I like the store layout better. There are other Lowe's within a 5 mile radius of where I live, however, since this is how Lowe's treats it's employees, I can't support such an unethical company with my dollars.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of all of these former Lowe's employees. A better day and opportunity is on the horizon.

God Bless.


i have worked for lowes for 7 years, i love my job and i love the company. sure there are a few bad eggs but you find that in every company.

Lowes takes care of there employees and there employees take care of our great customers (for the most part). So please find something better to do with your time, you really think you can take down of change a company becuase you had one bad experience...Please :)


I'd rather shop at Lowes any day than shop at Home Depot that supports Homosexuality.


I know someone who met both of her husbands at Lowes. Yes she's a ***.


With the economy like it is any company should be gratefull a consumer is doing buisness with them. As for the employees of that company.... without customers the company would no longer need to employ them.Some customers are jerks,some employees are jerks,bottom line "the company needs the customers and the employees need the job" so drop the attitude and sell me something.


The Lowe's employee is absolutely right. Believe it or not, consumers, I worked for them and always and I mean always the customer was number one.

I bent over backwards to give 110 percent. It is the *** in management that are the problem. They get rid of all the good employees, make sure they don't have to pay unemployment, and let the lazy employees stay. Yes, Virginia, there are good Lowe's employees, only ***, vile, evil managers.

J. Edgman in Bellingham is a good example. The management will lie, cheat, threaten, do whatever it takes. Don't be naive and think that "targeted termination", "selective firing" or whatever you want to call it doesn't exist.

I know I sound like I am kidding, but not all Lowe's employees are ***, uneducated yokels. I certainly would not call myself ***. I put seven years into that company. I had no problems until a certain 400-pound yokel manager made my life miserable.

Do you consider it a good manager when fatso sits behind the counter and screams across the room at a woman who wrote off a 97 cent paint brush to clean the key machine? That is kind of management we worked for. They let a female cashier come to work drunk every day. Alcohol or drunkenness is against company policy.

She finally got fired for poor job performance and ended up with unemployment, a disability and paid schooling. Can you imagine a drunk working as a veterinary assistant?


It's the customer that is wrong, but all the time we have to take care of the customer even if they wrong and won't admit it so what is the problem, you guess it, the customer is always right no matter what the problems are or is. Just remember that one thing you can get fire from your job because of the customer not because of your actions.

This is the Lowes way of doing things, with the store managers and below them. They think they can have more customers come if they gave all they want and more since they pay and spend to a certain point in there short life!!!!!!!!!!


What alot of people dont realise is that customer service or not, lowes employees are humans also, if you go in acting like something flew up your *** and treat the asspociate wth no repect you shouldnt expect great service. Try going to Home Depot and see how they treat you over about a company with unhappy employees....ive worked in both places.Lowes is better than home depot in SO many ways....funny thing is ive never spoken to anybody that disagrees


good luck, you *** ***.


I read your complaint and don't even know what your complaining about. I can tell you that Lowe's strongly makes customer service our number 1 priority.

We practically turn cart-wheels to make our customers happy. Maybe you talked to the wrong person that day. You should try going back and talking to someone again in a calm manner and maybe better results will come out.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with us. Were all human and we all have our off days and make a mistake time to time.


Nice complaint, but what was wrong, you sound like you goofed up and you are blaming it on them. If you were as clear with them as you were here, I can understand why you say that, they lie cheat and steal because their mouths are agape and can't belive your poor chose of words.

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Lowes review in Reno, Nevada: A $250.00 purchase ending up costing me over $250,000.00

Too keep it real simple. Bought from Lowe's. Problem occured. Trusted Lowe's too handle the situation in a professional matter. Worst mistake I ever made. These employees are trained to destroy evidence that my imp locate Lowe's in any wrong doing. This makes it virtually impossible to proves anything in a court of law. Lowe's is a very bad , bad , bad company. I would not shop there, If it was the last place on earth. After all my drama with Lowe's. The best I can say is Lowe's Sucks. For you Mr. Niblock. OI have this. You will not be able too hide the truth too much longer?????????????
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Lowes review in College Station, Texas: Has not delivered item ordered.

On 10/29/09 we placed an order at the Lowe's in Fremont, Ohio for 1 window plantation shutter for my mother's bathroom. The company measured the window on 10/30/09 and it was ordered because I was returning to Texas. We were told it would be delivered and installed on 11/17/09 so my sister spent the entire day at my mother's house waiting because my mother, Bernie Bender, is 96 years old and no one called or showed up. Three weeks later, with no word, they contacted Lowe's and was informed that a tentative delivery would be 12/21/09, almost 2 months after ordering it. I have always delt with Lowe's as apposed to Home Depot, both of which are available to all of us, but if this is the service we will get we sill stop purchasing from you which has been substantial in the past. We all felt that the employees at the Fremont store were very helpful and friendly but if this is the service my mother is receiving none of my family, which is scattered over Ohio, Minnesota and Texas will every use your stores again.
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Joe B

This is not as much of an issue with Lowe's as it is their shipping vendors or their Installed Sales contractors. Lowe's doesn't have the power to make a manufacturer get something to them any quicker. But, if the item has arrived at the store and no one has brought it to you, then that's an issue with the contractors doing their job.


I agree 100% with Dawn. What Customers hear and what is the truth are always two different things.

Just so you know; many things have different lead times. Standard lead times are approximately 14 days (assuming that the manufacturer isn't back ordered and/or this isn't completely custom); What was probably stated to you was that it was expected around the 17'th of November and as always, you heard, "We'll have it installed on 11/17/2009". I'm sure you all probably groaned enough that Lowe's gave you a discount; so enjoy.

--- To this "Staff" guy; I don't believe it's right to contact the CEO over something petty. While you sit in your self pitty (eating four quarter pounders a day), just remember; McDonald's is retail as well.


Plantation shutters have a 6 - 8 week delivery. that you will find at any retail store. The time line comes from the manufacturer.


Comments or Questions about Lowe's HIW.

Contact Lowe;s CEO Robert Niblock directly @ (Even his home phone # )

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Lowes Jensen Beach, Fla

I went to lowes for a price on my cabinets. I had a list of cabinets that my contractor gave me. When I got there the guy in that dept. made an appointment with me for later that day as he was already working with someone and there was no one else there. When I got there later I had to wait an additonal 15 minutes. I told him I had a list and I also had the measurements but he didn't need them. He snatched the layout with the measurements out of my hand and said I'd rather do it this way. He still had not finished with the last person and had another employee help him finish that one. The other employee kept interrupting him to ask questions. I finally was able to ask him (bob w.) a question. He acted like he didn't hear a thing I said. I then said 'hello?' and nothing still. He then was asked a question by a third employee who was at another terminal helping someone else. He heard that question fine. I asked him another question. Again, ignored. Finally an old man waks by and asks where the men's room was. He heard 'that' fine and immedidetly answered him in great detail. I thought he was going to go hold the guys ##@# for him. I then asked yet another question and he ignored me again. I got up and walked out. I needed to buy 17 cabinets. Lowes lost my business forever. I have 2 homes and used to only do business with them. But this and other ignorant employee problems has soured me for good.
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Jensen Beach Lowes is like a dark deep hole smart people drive the extra few blocks to Home Depot they are in stock with professional help no like lowes !!


Lowe's and Home Depot suck when it comes to customer service. Can't always blame the employee as Lowe's/Home Depot have a tendency to put one employee in charge of three different areas.

If you try and call for pricing you can be on hold for 20+ minutes waiting for someone or get no one at all. If you want great customer service and knowledable staf.....go to the smaller lumber yards.


Sounds like you needed to shut your cake hole and wait your turn. You got a problem with old people who need to use the bathroom?

I guess if it were up to you the elderly would just *** themselves like livestock waiting for you to get your *** cabinets.

Then they'd have to go back to the rest home smelling like *** on the bus while you go relax and have your butler serve you Coco Puffs from your new cabinets in one of your TWO houses. Fascist.


stanley sands from the bahamas

i had a business in south andros ,namely sands appliance haven

contact number then was 242 3694488,or 87

i have relocated

how can i become your bahamas distributor

please send me some information


I'm an ***. At least I can spell you're.

No wonder 'YOUR' delivering furniture for a living..Bwaahahaha..

Freakin' lowes maroon. *** like you are why I'll never go there again. Half of Lowes employees have done hard time.

NEVER again, ***. Deal with it.


Your an ***. The employee you dealt with was obvouisly a ***, but to never go to Lowes again because on this one employee.

I repeat, your an ***. You sound as dumb as he is. You should try to not hold a whole company accountable for on incident. I work in delivery and bust my *** doing extra things all day long that aren't my job just to be nice and helpful.

Like helping people move there old frig to another residence.

Or moving a couch for them to the basement cause they are 100 years old and ask me for a favor... Go to the manager and complain about the *** employee you got and leave it at that...


Tell me about it.

Contact information provided by:


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Lowes review in Ocala, Florida: Pets in Shopping Carts

Why does the Zephyrhills FL management allow customers to bring in their pets and put them in shopping carts> The shopping carts are not cleaned after pets are allowed to ride in them. This is a health hazard when I place my child in the shopping cart behind a dog. Management needs to put up signs stating non service animals are not allowed in the store. I consider this a health risk to my child and myself. I have seen dogs walking with the owners and dog in the shopping carts some with blankets under them and some without. Why
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Blankets keep carts clean. You can't keep out disabled people legally.

If they need a dog, It has to be on a leash. The cart thing is a policy each store has.

I say if the service dog is on a blanket, It is allowed in a cart. Use a leash otherwise.


I am visiting Fort Myers, FL where there are dogs in shopping carts everywhere. I was in Belks, Lowes, and Costco and saw dogs in the carts.

Costco was the only ones that approached the customer asked the 2 questions they are allowed to ask and the animal was to a service dog and is not welcome in the store. I looked online and people with true service dogs are also irritated with small dogs in the carts and they distract the service dogs that are untrained and they cannot perform their duties. The ADA says that service dogs should not be in shopping carts but walking or carried by the person. A diabetes alert dog can be carried on the person to smell the breath of their master.

It irritates the heck out of me to see people abuse this law which, was made for people that really need it. People only think of themselves and not others. I am allergic to dogs and if it is in the shopping cart I may throw a coat in the cart and become ill. I think most store just want to avoid a law suit so they don't approach people.

But a grocery store of any kind should never have a dog in the cart - it could be illegal.

This practice of people who think their dogs are cute is ridiculous. I feel like starting a "NOT IN MY CART" campaign.


A child that has Poopy Diaper that leaks in a cart is more full of germs than a Service Dog on a Blanket or a cover over the seat and Does Not *** or *** in the cart!!!!!!!!!!


Get a life! Seriously.

My dogs are much better behaved than most kids these days.

You should get a job in a corporate HR setting as I am sure you'd get your jollies out of taking away benefits and instituting policies that demoralize workers.


I don't know...I've seen alot more filthy kids than dogs in stores...or anywhere else for that matter.


I think you're ridiculous. Your kid has more of a health risk going to SCHOOL then he does riding in a cart after a dog!

Some people just find things to *** about.



People who come into contact with dogs have healthier immune systems. What about kids with loaded diapers that sit in those shopping carts? Ever think of that?


You arent at a grocery store you are at a home improvement store. Even in a grocery store there is tons of salmonella and e coli.

Your children are also known for spreading eay more germs in shopping carts than a dog.

Why dont you clean the cart before putting your child in anyway, are you that lazy? Dogs are hardly allowed anywhere anymore, leave the few places left alone.


Well... what about the bag of manure I could put in the cart? The cart isn't sanitized after that, either...


after reading through these comments its obvious why lowe's cant make up their minds about letting animals in the store.... half of you treat them better than humans and feel entitled to let your "fur children" everywhere you go. i personally dont give a *** either way, i just wish the company would grow a BACKBONE and not worry about *** a customer off.


At Tough Love, if u ever tried 2 do that 2 my dog or me he would personally rip of your head because he has more humanity in his big paw then you have in your whole body. At least my dog won't hurt anybody intentionally unlike YOU!


I think rules are rules and the public safty on customers should always be observed. Store managers that break the rules should be writtne up and or even replaced.

Dogs in shopping carts is just nasty and this is one reason I will not be shopping at Lowes. There are state laws that don't allow animials into stores that sell food and Lowes sells food at the front counter.

It is my intention to report such behavoir to the athorities then let Lowes coporate deal with the state goverments. Sometimes the rights of others is much more important than the store greed of making a sale, thus Lowes will not recieve another dollar from me until their own policies are followed.

@Tim Grover

How exactly is a dog in a shopping cart nasty? Do you mean to say that dogs are inherently nasty?

Shopping carts are dirty and I'm sure covered with germs to begin with -- and this is due to humans, not animals.

Read the "Get a LIFE" post below. Kids drooling and humans coughing/sneezing on carts or their hands then touching carts, plus kids yelling in stores while the parents do nothing, is way more disrupting and hazardous to health than a dog in a store.

@Tim Grover

I wouldn't care if dogs aren't allowed in shopping carts, but the store should be allowed to make the decisions about who and what is allowed in the store. To me, this post isn't about putting dogs ahead of humans but parents putting themselves ahead of other people.

Responsible parents don't blame a pet that has been bred to live in a human environment for germs found and touched by hundreds of people in a public place. Responsible parents clean and sanitize for their children and train their kids to live in the world, not expect everyone else to sacrifice for their sake!

I also think that goes for dog owners but believe me we hear enough of it. Also, seriously educate yourself about real dog safety issues and not just anti-breed propaganda.

@Tim Grover

I agree. Service animal fraud is increasing as a direct result of how poorly this law was written.

Even service animals should not be in shopping carts and the ADA supports this.

A business, especially one that sells or prepares food, should simply be reported to the state agency that is responsible for food safety inspection. Let the corporations deal with health/safety violations and the problem will take care of itself.


I like dogs and cats, having a total of five.

But I don't think they belong in stores. I especially do not like the dogs that are on leashes that the owner can "pay out", givng the dog 20 feet of leash.


I was in Lowes (Winter Garden, FL) and a strange dog was sniffing me. I can't believe Lowes allows dogs!

Corporate should be consistent. In my opinion, if a dog bites my kid in a Lowes, Lowes would be liable.

@People First

Actually, if anyone should be liable, the pet owner should. Or are you one of those people that would sue McDonald's if you spilled their hot coffee on you and burned yourself? Of course, this is assuming that your kid didn't initiate anything with the dog and was taught to ask the owner before petting.


First of all, I rarely see, if ever, dogs drooling,licking, doing anything to contaminate a cart. However, I have seen babies,and children lick their hands,fingers they stick in their mouths, rub their noses, sneeze, drool and etc.

while riding in a cart. Personally, all the carts are filthy, however, I would rather use a cart after a dog then a baby or child that has been in the cart. Most animal germs and disease are not transferrable to humans, unlike the widespread germs, infections, etc that humans carry and transmit to each other.

One last cincher, dogs aren't in the store yelling and bellowing that I have seen babies and children do. Personally, if one should be left at home, so should the other.

@Get a LIFE!

I totally agree.

@Get a LIFE!

Haha, that is awesome. I can't stand entitled parents. If I had a kid I would probably sanitize everything around them before and after they use it anyway because I am responsible and don't expect others to do my work.


First of all, I rarely see, if ever, dogs drooling,licking, doing anything to contaminate a cart. However, I have seen babies,and children lick their hands,fingers they stick in their mouths, rub their noses, sneeze, drool and etc.

while riding in a cart. Personally, all the carts are filthy, however, I would rather use a cart after a dog then a baby or child that has been in the cart. Most animal germs and disease are not transferrable to humans, unlike the widespread germs, infections, etc that humans carry and transmit to each other.

One last cincher, dogs aren't in the store yelling and bellowing that I have seen babies and children do. Personally, if one should be left at home, so should the other.


I have worked for Lowes for seven years. The policy is no animals except service animals.

Last year we were told if we saw a customer with an animal in the cart to call them. For the first couple of weeks, they were told please leave the animal home the next time they came in. This lasted about 2 weeks. We would call and tell them about animals and nothing was said to the customer.

I had a guy with a large boxer leave me a present in the middle of the aisle. I called management and told them and was asked to clean it up. I told them if I wanted to clean up dog ***..I would buy a dog. The manager who was allowing dogs in ended up cleaning it up.

They still allow dogs in. They are afraid of upsetting the customer and losing a sale.

I say screw the sale. If you have a dog in your cart I walk the other way.

@Lowes Employee

Only housebroken service dogs are allowed in by law. You can ask dog owners to take their dogs out if they aren't housebroke.


"The shopping carts are not cleaned after pets are allowed to ride in them." Get over yourself! Your precious little fragile child is more likely to pick up nasty bacteria from all the human hands on the cart handle. Do *you* clean up all the drool left behind on the cart when you take your brat out of the seat?


What the *** is wrong with our society today. Choosing pets over people, cmon.

Yes kids are a pain in the *** at times,as well as adults, especially nowadays but that's our own fault. There is no disicpline and no consequenses and it seems like that is becoming the norm. For people to ignore a store policy that says no dogs is wrong, the policies are there for a reason, what's next allowing them in restaruants.

Rules are rules and if they keep getting bent or broken then we are just hurting ourselves and others in the long run. We need to get back on track, bring your kids up right people and people quit worrying so much about your pets, they are just that, PETS.


In NC, Lowe's home state, the appearance of pets in their home improvement stores has been comparatively recent. I've shopped at their stores all across the state (I own several homes) for many years and it has only been in the past few years that I began seeing pets introduced into the Lowe's stores.

For many years I never saw a single pet inside a Lowe's store.

Then, slowly, I began encountering pets during a small percentage of my visits to their stores. As time passed, I felt I was seeing pets inside their store locations more frequently.

August 16, 2010 I contacted Lowe's corporate HQ to mention this and also to inquire as to their animal policy within their stores.

I was assured that NO Pets are permitted; service animals only.

Reassured concerning this policy, I began to track my visits to their stores over the next several months and was astonished to find that from a sampling of 15 consecutive visits, I encountered pets inside their stores on 12 of those 15 trips! During two of those visits I encountered multiple pets inside the stores.

Armed with these simple statistics I again contacted the Lowe's corporate office January 31, 2010 to inquire about any changes they may have made to their "No Pets" policy. Their email response was: "the policy for pets in the stores is: For safety and sanitary reasons, no animals, other than service animals are permitted at Lowe's locations".

Evidently some of the Lowe's store managers have decided either through ignorance of the policy or by reason of activism to overrule their corporate office’s policy in this matter.

Reading some of the comments posted here by animal owners it is clear they have been making arguments in favor of permitting their pets largely anywhere they wish to take them in a manner very like those arguments made for many decades by another special group: Smokers.

Smokers often and loudly contended that they should be allowed to smoke anywhere they wished since it was their “right” to smoke where and when they wished. It was not obvious to them that others’ rights were being assailed when they introduced their smoke into public access locations. The important thing here I think is, “they were introducing something possibly dangerous and often unpleasant to others” and therefore were the ones creating the problem; non smokers did not introduce anything dangerous or repulsive to the smokers in that regard. Smokers, determined to “exercise their right to smoke”, complained bitterly and often engaged in name calling and threats to press their position.

Reading the postings of the animal owners here, the similarities are I think pretty obvious.

For those who wish avoid having to deal with the introduction of others’ animals into Lowe’s stores, I recommend following the advice of the retired Lowe’s employee, Starrider: If you don’t like animals; don’t go where they are allowed”. While he no doubt did not mean that in any charitable way it is never the less a good idea. Vote with your wallet as I have done: shop elsewhere but at least inform the Lowe’s corporate offices of your intent and the reason. That is exactly what I have decided to do if Lowe’s decides they will not reign in their individual store managers.

@NC Lowe's Customer

Blah blah blah .. Animals are cleaner than a lot of humans.

Calling corporate office.. Mind your own business..

@NC Lowe's Customer

DIY allows pets. Rax allows pets.

Home Depot allows pets too. So if you need building supplies, then "DON'T LICK THE CARTS AND DOOR HANDLES. YOU WILL BE FINE".

Grow up. Kids with sticky hands are more of a germ problem then a dog.


All the people I have ever known who don't like animals were usually not raised with pets and are ignorant about them. When I say ignorant, I don't mean it in a bad way.

Everyone is ignorant about something. My husband & I do not have human kids by choice.

We prefer animal kids, and we are very happy this way. We bring out bulldog everywhere we possibly can and my dog is more behaved than the uncontrolled, spoiled screaming kids people bring to public places.


A dog is an animal. Children are human.

The people here who put a dog infront of a human are *** and should not be allowed out in public.

A dog, cat or any other animal can be left at home. Deal with it "animal people" some people are afraid of dogs and no matter how much you believe your dog is safe there are always instances were the best animal can attack.


If you want to be Leno-y, we can have you come down here, and you can do high fives! We could put a wig with a gray streak in your face!

We can have you read off cuecards! We'll put Kevin Eubanks over there on guitar!


Correction, A dog is probably more welcome in Lowes than an adult who has an out of control child in the cart.


Ihappen to have a very smart Shih Tzu.He has never had an accident in the house, he is groomed very often,he even gets his teeth brushed every day. I have taken him with me to Lowes several times.

He has ridden in the cart,but be sure of this,he has never left any of his bodily

excrements in the cart of on the floor.

He has never cried to the top of his lungs for something he wanted but could not have, and he has never pulled anything from the shelves that had to be cleaned up by one on the associates. So I would venture to say that a dog is probably more welcome in Lowes than a dog.


Please try and come up to me while I have my dog with me in lowes and try something ***. If your so allergic to dogs.....

or are so ueber protective of your kids....

stay home. You are the humans that should be omitted from natural selection in the first place.


Service Animals Only......Thats what the big sign On the front door of all Lowes stores state. Leave the *** dog home.

I hope your f.a.g. dog gets run over by a forklift.

@Service Animals Only

You are probably the biggest *** I have ever heard of who wishes for a dog to be run over probably a heartless *** like yourself! My dog is the most well behaved animal I know and he is a lot more behaved then half of the screaming kids that come into the place that I work!

I have cleaned up more "accidents" by kids then I have ever cleaned up after my dog and mind you I've had him since he was a puppy! So don't give me that *** about dogs!

Clearly you are not knowledgeable when it comes to dogs.!


Knock Knock to Tough Love

If you ever happen on me with my dog in a cart and "attempt" to slam it against the wall, they would be picking you up in pieces with a spatula. Talk about a loser, you got anger issue there kid??


I retired from Lowe's and animals being allowed in the store is great. I am so sick of everyone *** about everything.

My dog is my kid.

If you don't like animals; don't go where they are allowed. Oh and Papaman, you are the one that is pathetic and am sure you live by yourself picking your nose as the only means of attention you will ever get.


My 2 cents are this:

I too would rather ride in a cart slobbered all over from a pet than a car that a baby sat in. My own nephew always has a runny nose and is always sticking his hands in his soiled diaper. So no thank you.

We should allow pets anywhere there isn't food. If you have a problem then shop elsewhere.

Or can I find a shop that is doesn't allow kids.....


I thought germaphobesjavascript:ac_smilie(':x') had a pocket full of disinfectant wipes on them at all times. So swab the cart out, dogs have half the pathogens of humans, at least you cant get swine flu from dog drool, like you can from somebody else's kid!


Being exposed to allergens, dirt, and germs plays an important role in the development of your child's immune system. Your negative attitude and incessant complaining is certainly doing your child more harm than being exposed to a dog. My dog is probably cleaner than your kid anyway.


Some (including me) people are allergic to dogs. Why should we be subjected to animals while we're inside shopping?

It's pretty simple. Leave your pets at home. They're not your children. They're not equivalent to children.

They're not human. See the difference?

If you can't bear to part with your precious little dogs, stay home and order what you need online.


I'm disabled. Why is your allergy more important than my disability.

You should stay home. I need to get things I need and a service dog makes it possible for me to survive. Being disabled is no picnic.

You sneeze. Take a pill.

The disabled could die.

I can't believe you are that selfish. Read ADA laws.


my compaint is that i had to bag my own purchases today while the lowes cashier was busy playing with a dog. now as i am a big girl and wear big girl panties that really wasn't too bad, but when i had to pick my change up out of the floor because the *** couldn't wait long enough to make sure she was putting it in my hand before she let go of it, that made me mad.

no apology, no please excuse me maam, nothing. she just grabbed up the **** dog and started kissing it on the nose and letting it lick her in the mouth. so i truly hope that since she was so uninterested in doing the job she is paid for that the ugly stinking mutt had its nose and tongue up the dirty smelly butt of some other ugly stinking little mutt right before she let it lick her in the mouth. which is sickening by the way.

i love dogs, i have two of my own, but i would never think to push my animals down someone elses throat. not everyone loves animals. leave your pets at home, no one gets bit and the pets are safer.

if you can bring dogs to the store can somone bring their 30 foot pet python??? same difference.


What a bunch of losers! Leave the MUT home.

Next time I see it in the store I will personally rip that thing out of the cart and throw it agents the wall as hard as I can! Then you won’t be able to say “My dog has never made a mess in the store”


papaman63 - Your proctolgist called, they found your head.....


PAPAMAN63 is a real sicko.


HA. I am a Lowe's employee who enjoys the little dogs the customers bring into the store.

they are all so well trained and wonderful. and NEVER have i ever had to pick up after an unruly dog running a muck in a store or make an over head call for a lost dog or tell a dog to stop trying to break whatever they have. *** ive never even heard a dog bark in my store. yet children run around like heatherns climbing shelfs screaming and doing whatever they *** well please while their dear ol mums and dads just sit there picking out their blinds.

its *** me off that someone would even complain about this. allergies are understandable but unless ur child or u are all over the dog a dog walking or riding around with a customer will never produce enough allegens to cause even the most asthmatic child to go into a coughing fit. and if they do seek immeadiate treatment becuz ur child should be in a plastic bubble. I dont see why this would be a problem.

and on shopping carts whats the difference between the germs all over ur nasty grimy childs hands as they go into their mouth while riding in their car seats and a shopping cart? hah nothing. these carts get rained on coughed on sneezed on and everythign else. one dog sitting on it will probably make it cleaner.

haha never would i ever put my child in a cart that i didnt santitize myself. or atleast put a blanket down. u dont seriously expect me to go outside my store and wash and desantitize every single buggy in my store??? if u do ur insane.

so get a life and stop finding something to complain about. its sad how *** and arrogant some ppl are.


Bri, I think you're lovely. I kept staring into your eyes when I spoke with you and I can't stop thinking about how beautiful you are.


I liked your boots! ;)







shame on you lady. some pets are peoples children. I'm sure you clean the cart after using it so it will be clean for the next person to use.


Really! You have nothing better to do than complain about a dog in a Lowes store.

If you feel that it is a health risk to your child and self maybe you should shop at a store that has a no pet policy. Here in Redlands CA we have two Lowes stores that I frequently shop at with both of my Papillions, Keylee and Teemu. In the numerous trips to Lowes my dogs have taken with my wife and myself, I have never had a complaint about my dogs or been asked not to bring them back to the store by the staff. They have never urinated or defecated in a store.

They have never barked at, bitten, coughed on, spit on, or vomit on another patron of the store. They are not allowed to run rampant through the store unsupervised. They are not pulling merchandise off the selves and breaking it. They are both kept clean and well groomed and better mannered than some children I have witnessed in the stores.

My wife and I have had to tell children not to run up and start petting them, grabbing their faces, or pulling the long hair that hangs from their ears and tails while the parents stand and watch without correcting their unmannered rude children. Don't take me as a child hating ***, I have two childeren of my own, well they are 18 and 19 now, but they are still my children. When a child walks up and has the manners to ask if they can pet my dogs I will tell them and their parents that they don't ***, but they will lick them to death at witch point they can decide if they want to pet the dogs. I have never had a parent or child that declined to pet them after being warned of a tongue bath.

The children enjoy petting the dogs as much as the dogs enjoy being petted. I have had adults of all ages approach and enquire about the dogs and pet them. This all being at a store that the Califorina Health Department doesn't find as a health risk and bans all animals except service dogs from, such as a business that sales and serves food for human consuption. I have been in restaurants trying to have an enjoyable and sometimes expencive meal, while an unruly child is allowed to wail at the top of their lungs, throw food across the restaurant, wipe their infectious green snot all over the table, seats and any other thing they can touch, cough without covering their mouths while their ignorant parents sit and watch and not say a word.

And this same behaviour has been witnessed in grocery stores where I purchase food products which I expect to be clean and safe for my families consuption.

And by the way, these businesses are deemed by the California Health Department to be a health risk to you and your child from my clean, mannered and well behaved dogs. Oh, and by the way my two children have grown to be two clean, well groomed, well dressed, well mannered, polite, cutious, respectful, employeed and healthy model young adults, which my wife and myself are just as proud of as our other two children, Keylee and Teemu.


You probably need to watch out for kids biting you, kicking you, stepping on you, pushing shopping carts into you, throwing things at you, spitting at you, or calling you names more than a dog biting you. You sound like a person I would tell my dog to *** on purpose.


To all of those complaining about dogs in stores, you must be pretty retarted to think that pet owners would bring untrained dogs into stores. Yet I have seen plenty of unruly kids in stores.

If your child is not old enough to walk, put them in your stroller. Babies can't sit in shopping carts anyways.

And if you are worried about cleaniless, the last thing you can expect to be clean is a shopping cart where hundreds of strangers' hands have touched it, dust, rain, dirt, lord knows the bacteria in there if it is from a supermarket with raw meat. Get real.


i have lived and worked all over the u.s. and in europe, and only lowes seems to constantly violate their own policy on pets in the stores with the knowledge and consent of management.

there is no concern for the health and safety of the pets or the customers or the employees. in fact i have stopped shopping at lowes because i have kids who are deathly allergic and lowes refuses to do anything about it when i comment to management about the dogs in their facilities. the inmates are running the asylum and they are idiots. i cannot wait until someone sues lowes because a dog bit them in the store, or because someone tripped in urine and fell on the coment floor because lowes allowed "fee-fee" in the store so they would not upset ms.

customer and make her go elsewhere to buy her curtains!!!

or just plain ask ms. customer to leave the dog at home next time!!!


I have children and own German Shepherds. I love them both and yes the dogs are much cleaner than the kids.

Here is my smeel: In some other countries dogs are allowed everyplace a human is yes, even church. There dogs tend to be very well trained and well behaived. I personally feel that the US would jump on board with that idea as my dogs are very highly trained and bring me joy. My children are not as well trained but much smarter ;-) I have a perfect 5 year old that is potty trained very healthy and can read quite well.

She was born with a German shepherd in the room and she has had one by her side since the day she was born. She has never gotten any unusual illness or picked up any germ her body couldn't fight.

My point here is simply this, if we don't expose ourselves and our children to germs how will our body know how to defend itself? To much sheltering breeds weakness.


I'v worked in retail for over 30 years. I've never had a problem with any dog that came into a store in a cart.

On the other hand I have seen children *** *** and puke in the store. Parents will let their children run around with gooey hands making a mess of displays, throwing literature on the floor.

They cry, complain and fuss making it hard to converse with their parents. Give me a dog in a cart any day.


I've worked in retail for over 30 years. I've never seen a pet in any store I ever worked at cause a problem.

I have seen children *** *** and puke in stores.

Parents let them run all over with gooey hands making a mess of displays, throwing literature all over the place, crying, nagging and making it hard to converse with their parents. Give me a dog in a cart any day.


You should leave your child in the hot car with the pet?


Every day at least one cart in each supermarket in the US gets urinated in by a child, many suffer even worse. It is your responibility, as a concerned parent to clean any place you sit your child. Also if your child makes a mess it is your responsibility to clean it up.


pets in shopping carts are ridiculous just think of the employees that have to clean up a mess left behind by pets. Trained animals for medical reasons are okay. People are so rude.


i would like to just say.... you are complaining about managment because of the dogs in the carts, mgt has nothing to do with it , employees are trying to make everyone happy it's not our faul that customers are not smart, they could walk there dogs!

and justin is right ! these are never cleaned so i would worry about the other kids that where there before your child !


Have a question?

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Good point! However Lowes does post a sign saying no animals allowed unless service animals but your right people do it every single day, all the time at all Lowes.

My husband has worked for Lowes for about 8yrs in 3 states & this has always gone on & been my question to him as well!

Yesturday some people brought in a pot bellied pig! was a service pet though!Lowes is very very customer service focussed in many ways, this i guess is one of them!


pets are cleaner then children. it would be better for your child to sit in a cart after a dog, not another nasty child. at least your child cant catch hiv from a dog.

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Pissed off Lowes Customer

2006 I got a Lowes Credit card and faithfully have paid it even paying more than minimum needed. Recently I went to Lowes to purchase tile to finish the renovation on my bathroom. To my surprise my account had been closed by the company. The reason according to a letter I received 3 days later was Old credit issues. Why if that was the case why give me a card to begin with? At this point in time I will never ever set foot in a Lowes store and would highly advise others to do so also. Lowes lost a good customer and lots of business with me.
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Bring wipes!!!!! Lowes is a FAMILY Store!!!

In fact, Lowes has wipes at the entrance... You should use them anyway!!!!


:p :p :p :p


It was not Lowes that closed your card, they partner with GE Capital. WIth the current credit crunch, this has happened to a lot of us.

As a Lowes customer, I will tell you to take it up with GE and not to hold it against Lowes. They are not able to control this or the credit company.


I ordered a clawfoot slipper tub from the Lowes store in Harper Woods Michigan. The contractor asked me to ask the store not to uncrate it since he finds as a contractor that a lot of the problems occur when either uncaring or not trained people carelessly uncrate these ane damage them.

I spoke to several people the day before (the day it came in) to make sure that it would be delivered in the original packaging. I was assured by all that this was fine. Not 15 hours later not only is it delivered completed uncrated. An acrylic clawfoot tub was delivered upside down with the top of the box completely detached and then the delivery men just let it drop onto the garage floor.

I was speechless. I was told by "Rick" that I had to sign that I inspected it when I told him but i didn't inspect it and that it was supposed to be left in the box and that they just dropped it on a cement floor on the rim of the tub.. He assured me Lowes would take care of me. Well it was damaged and I demanded they pick it up.

Rick came back in his pick up and threw it in the back. I called corporate and was assured that I would get a call back in 24 hours. Well it has been 48 hours and no one called me. The sales person in that store was very helpful but the delivery people were beyond belief.

I really wanted that tub.

Could not beat the price. It was actually like watching a Laurel & Hardy movie the way the delivered it.


Contact Lowe's CEO(Robert Niblock)

directly @


I don't know about Lowes, but I work at Menards, and our credit card is handled by HSBC, which has NO affliation with Menards. Therefore, Lowes credit card may have nothing to do with them.

On the other hand, why not save big money and head to Menards for all your needs!! :)

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Lowes Hampton and Newport News store Sucks!!!

Bought items from the Newport News store and an employee said that they checked on the item to see if it was broken (Johnathan Everman)and so we bought the items went in on 11/14/09 to pick up the items and both of the 2 that the Newport News store had were broken, so the customer service called over to the only other store (the Hampton store) that had the vanity item#16691 to make sure that the one that they had was not broken and Bubu from the Hampton store said that he checked on the item and it was not broken. So we went over to that store to buy the item and bring it home. We got it home and opened it up and it is broken and the manufacture did not finish putting the items together. The drawers were not put together like they should have been. I then called to speak with the MOD from the Hampton store and spoke with Sherita @ 7:41pm on 11/14/09. She was a little rude but said that she would order another one but it would be 7-10 days before she could get it in the store but then they could not deliver it to me for free in exchange for the broken one. The is a bit of a pain in the butt since I have been trying to get these since 11/7/09 and this is the 3rd one that we have tried and no other store has any. It should be rushed ordered and delivered free to my house with a discount for my troubles. Then I called over to speak with the MOD from the Newport News store and spoke with Scott @7:52pm on 11/14/09 and he said that he could not order it until Tuesday and from that day it would be 7-10 days for the store to get it and that he could not rush order it, nor could he deliver it to my house for free or with any kind of discount for my troubles, nor could he sell us the display at a discounted price. This item is $476.10 and I have tried 3 different items and spoke with Johnathan Everman from the Newport News store who was also suppose to order a bathtub for us. But when I called 2 days later to double check if the item was in yet or not, I was told that the item was never ordered. That item #286051 which is $447.30, we bought it from the Hampton store on 11-11-09. This was done with Free delivery, thanks to Patty a Sales Manager at the Newport News store who arranged this to be done due to my troubles and it was delivered 11-13-09 and it is in ok shape but a soft pipe is kinked and can not be installed because of this. It will reduce water flow. I spent $2,037.61 from Lowes from both the Hampton store and the Newport News store and this is getting really old. I think that I should get a new bathtub delivered and double vanity delivered undamaged to my house for free and that I should get some kind of discount, because of the trouble. The bathtub may or may not leak due to the kink will not know for a fact until it is installed. The vanity is broke at the bottom right side where its cracked and the backing is not attached and the medal bars that the drawers are on, on the left hand side are bent and not attached. I would like someone to call me ASAP with a replacement with free delivery and or some kind of discount for the broken items.
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See I work at a retail store as well and know that customer service needs too be addressed. My issue is that both of these store employees and top management all had a careless attitudes. All in both of these stores the employees states that they checked out the product and it was not damaged, but when I go in to pick it up, it is clear that no one really looked at the product, box never opened but clearly damaged and the product is damaged inside. DON'T LIE TO SOMEONE AND TELL THEM YOU CHECKED OVER THE ITEM AND IT IS NOT DAMAGED WHEN YOU REALLY DID NOTHING!! Even the managers had the I don't care attitude. Retail means you must have people skills, if you don't, don't do retail.

I have worked in customer service at a retail store for the last 6 years!!


Do you really think stores put damaged merchandise on the shelves on purpose? Many things can happen to a product from damage in manufacturing, shiping or a previous customer knocking it off the shelf.

Unfortunately things happen. As a retail employee I do not enjoy seeing peopple frustrated over a damaged product. Unfortunately we don't go in the back room and build a new one. If we are out of stock it may take some time to get a new one.

I don't understand why everyone thinks they need to be "COMPENSATED" for their time.

Face it..we don't live in a perfect world and things will happen that are not conveniant for you. Retailers DO NOT owe you compensation for lifes hassels.

Let it go...quit complaining and get on with your life.

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Lowes Delivery Service

Lowes review in Missoula, Montana: Sold Textured Paint offered incorrect Roller..

Do not even bother with complaining at Got no satifaction from Store Managemet @ Store #2277, when was recommended a roller for a special textured paint. Paint clumped, and when I returned and ask about the problem, the Team Leader in the paint dept. stated that the wrong roller was used and showed me what was to be used correctly. I complained to management at the store and got no assistance. You can only imagine what the clumped paint did to the wall of the new house I had just moved into. In a few words... Store Manager worthless, Team Leader Priceless.
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Lowes Manager