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Lowes review in Phoenix, Arizona: Lowe's Consumer Card

I am extremely upset with the fact that my credit limit was lowered from $2500.00 to $1470.00 in less than 24 hours and without any notification or justification. I looked at my account online on Friday, November 6th and had over $1000.00 left to utilize. Went to make a $200.00 purchase on Saturday, November 7th and the card declined. I called to the credit service number and was told that the bank decided to lower ALL consumer credit card limits and that a letter will be sent in the mail explaining why. As I stated to the lady on the other line, my account has always been paid on time and have never gone into default. My account has ALWAYS been in good standing and it is unacceptable that my limit was lower due to the economy. I would understand if I had not been making payments on my account or if my account payments had been late on a continual basis, but that is not the case. I have done everything necessary to keep my account in good standing yet I'm being penalized with no explanation as to why. This is not only ridiculous, but completely unacceptable. I expect some answers and have not received any. If I would have ever thought this would have happened I would have NEVER reopened my consumer credit card with Lowe's, but rather would have opened an account at Home Depot or another store. I cannot believe the complete disregard to your customers and the lack on communication. I DO EXPECT A RESPONSE WITH SOME ANSWERS! And you can believe I will be posting this on the internet for other consumers to be aware of the games that are being played.
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I just found out that Lowe's lowered my credit line from $2500 to $500 my balance is $470, so I have about $30 available. I had to find out in front of a bunch of people at the checkout when my card was declined for a $38 purchase.

I was so embarrassed. Well, I'll just pay it off and have one less card to carry in my wallet.

Lowe's really needs to look at another bank to offer their cards. I imagine GEMB is predicting even more economic disaster to come with this president we elected.


we dont set your credit limit a bank does that and if you dont like the intrest rate get a job and pay cash for your purchases


Mine was closed for trades, I am not too sure as to what that means.


What world are you living in? Turn on the news and pay attention.

Credit companies all over are tightening credit. This includes lowering credit limits on cards to reduce their overall credit laibility. Just as you stated in your complaint, the are lowering ALL credit limits.

They are not picking on YOU, It's just a sign of the times. Everyone need to learn to get by on less borrowed money.


Lowes is over priced anyways. We have a card with them as well..

I try not to use it that often, because the interest rate is HIGH! They don't care about credit limits. They don't care about customers.

They care about the lining in their pockets.. You're better off paying this credit card off and getting a home depot one.

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Lowes Credit Card

Lowes review in Boston, Massachusetts: Valid check denied

On 10/31/09 , I recieved a home equity line of credit with a new check book to use. I Went to a Lowes store in my small home town. I spent 4 hours looking for several items (over 40 items). I wrote a check to cover the cost. Certegy Check Services uses a faulty profiling system to approve checks and nothing else. My $660.89 check was denied in front of my girlfriend several members of my comunity (that I know and go to church with), three employees of Lowes and a manager. I was made to feel like crook in front of everybody there. This kind of harassment is insulting, degrading, demoralizing and cruel. Does anyonbe realize how people talk in a small town. On sunday at church, a friend approached me and said he would pray for me for my check fraud problem. Now members of my church think I am a Convict. I am insanely angry with the way I am being treated because of negative profiling which is against my rights as an american citized. Certegy Check Services Inc. and inhumane organizations need to be put out of business for causing large problems with innocent people.
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It Is to, Its #%%& well Lowe's fault and for you security freaks I would rather bust you In the face than explain the situation to you, I guess you Never had to deal with a bad situation as having to deal with 100 degree weather In a car with No Air conditioner and your at the store and your bank Is on the other side of town, really Its you security freaks that Is messing Us all up Its time The Customer Is always right again, Not the corporation Is always right and The Customer Is always wrong, oh and I would leave that worthless church find one that Truly Believes In God, and A Church that believes September 11 2001 Was Controlled Demolition An Inside Job


The problem is with Certegy *and* Lowes, not just Certegy (or if they use another company now it could be TruChecks or TeleCheck). If they don't have a policy where they can disregard the Certegy/TruChecks/TeleCheck result and call the financial institution to verify the check will clear, that is Lowe's fault.

They should have a secondary method to accept a check. Same as if it were a debit card usage and a large amount, the card fraud team could block it for being out of their normal spending patterns, but a quick call to the card fraud team by the cardholder can resolve that to get the purchase to be approved. In this case with a check, the account holder calls their bank/credit union to find out what the issue is, and everything is fine on their end. They are not declining the check.

Certegy is. To clarify further, not every bank/credit union will verify over the phone if a check will clear, but my credit union does.


Same thing happened to me today. I was furious, called the number I was given and it was automated, gave me no answers and would not let me speak with an actual employee


I understand these places being worried about bad checks but these *** making people feel Luke criminals is crazy and very very unprofessional I'll never shop at Lowes again I am a contractor and have 7 other contractors following me to take our business elsewhere


I know this post is old, but I figured I'd put my two cents in. Did you ever stop to think that maybe your check was flagged because you were spending over $600 bucks and that wasn't something that you usually do?

It's called security measures. They were trying to protect you.


First off anyone in your church who honestly belives you are a convict should not be a part of the church. It is not Lowes fault either.

Emailing the ceo will do you nothing but get you more upset. The ceo is a crook who belives that his wallet and wall street is more important than his employees and his customers. He will likely tell you he is doing you a favor by declining your check like he did to his employees. He can likely tell you what a crook or convict feels like though as he is right there with them.

As for the members of your church they need to get their heads screwed on straight. Your no convict.


Do not put identifying information beyond your name on your checks. Ever heard of identity theft?


That is not Lowes fault.

It is the service that they use to approve the checks.

I never had a problem with Lowes.

Beter them Home DEPOT.


Contact Lowe's CEO(Robert Niblock) directly @


In a world where many places won't take checks any more you're lucky to find someone that accepts a piece of paper that may or may not be good. There are many reasons they may not have accepted this check.

As you stated it is a new account. Many places that do accept checks require they have printed information such as name, address etc on them. Low number checks are also a source of many check problems. Being a new account the bank may not have had information posted or available for the check protection company to verify your account.

Keep in mind that a check is just a piece of paper until your bank honors it. Asking a business who doesn't know you to honor a check is asking a lot.

Using a debit or credit card that can be instantly verified is a safer form of payment for them to accept. Ask you bank for a debit card to use with this account and your problems will be solved.


I agree the problem is not Lowes, its the Certegy, we can not overide the system to take a check, Sorry you felt like a crook


Well there could have been a few things wrong with your check. You could have handed them a "starter" check, which is just like a normal check though it does not have your personal information on it.

Another problem could have been previous bounced checks (for any amount) that have not been paid off yet.

Finally, Certegy could have flagged your checks (for some reason) and it would have been worthless for Lowe's to accept.

Whatever the result is, there are many reasons a valid check can be denied. You should find out why it was denied to prevent any future problems.


The problem is with certegy not Lowes.You should have received a recept with the number to call certegy. You need to ask them what the problem is.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes review in Dallas, Texas: Fl manager should be fired!!

Shame on you for allowing a manager to fire the FL employee.!! Have you never read the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution? Who over-sees the hiring & training of your managers? These managers radiate their attitudes to their employees who unknowingly develop these same attitudes. I remember the opening of your first stores. My husband's club bought stock in a then "progessive" company. Each year seems to bring a decline to that company. Your stores now have a "junky" aspect. I will now, along w/ many, many others, drive on by to LOWES where there is no such problem.
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Lowes Manager

Lowes review in Anderson, Indiana: Wouldn't give money back

took copy of canceled check in, they still wouln't give money back, have made 2 trips, they got their money from my bank, took item back to store, they wouldn't give money back. Said had to wait 15 days. I took proff that they had their money by canceled check. They still wouldn't give money back. Not a good policy. With the price of gas, they expect people to make several trips, I don't know of another store that does this. If I didn't have prof that they had their money I could understand, but not with showing them the copy of canceled check. I will not shop there anymore. I will give my business to another store, and I will send a message to all my e-mail friends to not shop at Lowe's, and why.
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Lowes review in Middleport, Ohio: Window Installations - Logan WV

My mother-in-law had Lowe's install 4 Pella windows. The windows are great. However, the installation looks TERRIBLE!!! There is no window ledge & some of the trim was cut short. Instead of recutting the trim strips and boards, they just caulked the gaps. The windows were purchased in Logan, WV. If you buy windows from Lowe's of Logan, WV, get your own installer. I am truly displeased with this Lowe's. The manager promised to follow-up with us and has still not gotten back to us. Before it is over, Lowe's will probably blame Pella. Again, do NOT let Lowe's install your windows.
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We are getting ready to purchase 15 windows and install from lowes of beckley ,pella, what should we be aware of for our protection this is a big purchase for us. they have already measured and gave us an estimate, now what


haha lowes for windows, shouldve just went to sears. there installer put in windows one day and sinks the next, should have called a WINDOW COMPANY, im sure you overpayed as well most of there products are cheap and generic. Yes even pella has cheap and generic windows that they would never sell to a cutomer only to large department stores, who want something cheap and generic.

Joe B

Your problem isn't with Lowe's. It's your contractor you need to be mad at.

Whenever you purchased your window and whenever your bid came through the Installed Sales department, a contractor accepted the bid and at that point he claims all responsibility for the project. Lowe's really doesn't have anything to do with your problem but because they care about their customers, they will do what they can to keep you happy.

Charleston, WV


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Lowes review in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Lousy product supplier

90% of the time i shop at lowes i can not find the product needed. it seems that they need more educated people too order the right products. if you are lucky too find what you need . you cannot find any of the accesories to go with it.i am talking about every day items. plus the store i deal with is the only supplier in the area. or i would shop other places. they drove out the other building suppliers. and now they cannot stock the right supplies. also do not even try to ask an employee a question. they do not have a clue as to what you are asking 60% of the time
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Bill Lowes isnt the only person that sells poulan so its not their fault...yet another example of someone being ignorant about whats going on? People shop where the best service and prices if any small business wants to compete then they have to be friendlier and have better prices.

and for your question about dept.

jobs..they have people in every dept and they are trained for that dept. It would be impossible for someone to know everything about every dept....but of course it sounds like you wouldnt need any help anyway because you obviously know everything!


Keep the local little guys in business!These major chains are here one day out the next. I agree, they should hire people that know what their selling.

The computers may be ordering what is selling but, someone has to be the buyer, whoever they are, they should keep quality in mind also.These stores claim to be here to service us. Why is there 40 employees walking around, why is there different department jobs???? Because they are hired to sell us what we need or there wouldnt be a need for them.I purchased 2 different pieces of outdoor power equipment from Lowes, a blower and a chain saw. The blower never started and the chainsaw was just plain dangerous.

Never go up into a tree with a poulan. Shop local service is great and they stand behind what they sell.


The computer automatically orders stock when it runs out. What exactly was it you were looking for...the truth be known it probably wasnt an everyday item...and most times its the customer that is uneducated or just misinformed about what they are doing and they blame it on the worker for not agreeing with what they think they need! I shop there all the time and I'm never surprised at how ignorant some people are and how they act because an item is out or the employee doesnt know exactly what they need...but yet they dont even know what they need.

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Lowes Floor Installation RipOff

Had a tile floor installed by Lowes and the installation was very bad. Lowes gave us a very hard time to fix the problem and after one year they refunded some of our money. Numerous tiles were not level, grout was not installed correct and some tiles are loose. Make sure you watch the workman or better, have a Home Inspector stop in a fews times to check up on them. If there are any problems have the home inspector write a report and make sure to take pictures. I thought by Lowes doing the Install I would get a very Professtional job, but the results were like I hired a Handyman and I payed double what a handyman would charge
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maybe someone needs to figure out that a company like Lowe's is not set up to do jobs right. They are not accountable for their subs the way a local store is.


you had no problem taking the money in return which is shut the *** up money!!!! Lowes always caters to the customer it makes me sick to see the same a== h000les get money for mistakes as a human take the money u have no right to complain asnd there are many happy customers ty for your time ***


you all suck ***


Reply to: Bio]-[azard

I guess you work for Lowes? Thats really sick for you to say I wanted them to fail or shovel food in my mouth. This is the last floor I will ever have, why would I want it to look bad? I think you have a Personality Complex.

I paid double the price to get a Normal Job done. I have tiles with lippages all over and a lot of the tiles have very little glue and some are loose and you say I am at fault? We were very patient with the contractors, they promised to be done in two weeks for the holiday and took about one month.

You say I must have a lot of time on my hands to write a small complaint. It takes no more time than writing an e mail and you had the time to reply, so what are you talking about? Yes they gave me a very small refund to have the shoddy work they did fixed.

If you do work for Lowes, try to stop running away from customers that need help in your store, do it as a New Years Resolution because like you said "KARMA IS A B".

>Written by Bio]-[azard, on 21-12-2009 >08:33

>I believe that when -some- people go into >the retail chain to get things (ie; >Lowe's), they're wanting them to fail in >some sort of way. You know as Consumers >that you're "always right" and we live in >a world that expects people to shovel >food into our mouths for us. The fact >that you would take the time to post on >here, shows that you have too much time >and you infact were looking for >attention. I'm sure as you said, they did >give you the money; but that's because >they do value you. Merry Christmas and >Karama is a B.


I believe that when -some- people go into the retail chain to get things (ie; Lowe's), they're wanting them to fail in some sort of way. You know as Consumers that you're "always right" and we live in a world that expects people to shovel food into our mouths for us.

The fact that you would take the time to post on here, shows that you have too much time and you infact were looking for attention.

I'm sure as you said, they did give you the money; but that's because they do value you. Merry Christmas and Karama is a B.


No they did install backer board. They made lippages on the corners(can't spell it).

Had another guy from Lowes check it out and he said the tiles he pulled did not have the proper amount of adhesive. Never install epoxy Grout because they smeared it on the tiles and it is almost impossible to get it off.

I spent $26,000 bucks, so I was not looking to save. Lowes almost doubles the quote of the guy that actually does the job


several tiles not level? The subfloor is the issue...Did they install durock or hardibacker or did you opt out on paying for those items before purchasing the install?


Easy there Jimmy. If the description in the complaint doesn't apply to you then don't worry about it.

Your comment about inferior skills is at best disinegenious. I am a pharmaceutical scientist, I don't puff up my chest b/c you don't know how to test your prescription drugs. I've never considered someone w/o my expertise to be inferior. You've got a confidence problem my friend.

The simple fact is when we pay for a service we expect some quality controls to be in place. Given the number of rip-off artists in home remodeling and the lack of oversight, it seems very plausible that consumers are going to be taken advantage of.

Get over it.


Sorry about insulting the Handyman label. Its just that around my area, all kinds of nuts that have no skills go into the Handyman business; this was from the Housing Bubble.

Lowes did have their people come out once and a while to check on the contractor, but the people they sent to check them did not know what they were looking at.

Well my contract said the work had to be corrected, but I had a hard time getting them to fix it.


Hey Spike,Hiring a handyman, will get you a professional job nitwit.You say it like a handyman does inferior work. I was a "professional" remodeler for 26 years before turning the biz over to my two sons.Now I have a small handyman service but still posess the same skills as the "professionals" as you like to call them.The only one with inferior skills here is you, given the fact you couldn't do the tile yourself.ButI digress,when hiring LOWES to do any installation always remember, Lowes doesn't do the work, they sub contract work, to any one of numerous contractors on their list.To get on their list all you need is liability insurance($515.00) and in my state a contractors lisc.($90.00).Sometimes Lowes doesn't know what a contractor can do until it's too late, and your the guinea pig.It was in plain english on your contract.Along with a paragraph absolving them of liability should the work not be correct.Maybe some reading lessons should be your main focus.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes review in Austin, Texas: Free Deliver - Receive VISA Check Card NOT

I purchased a Whirlpool refrid from the Lowe's in SW Austin. The deal was to pay for deliver ($89.) but receive a VISA Check Card in that amt. as a refund. This is after sending in all the paperwork, etc. This purchase was 4/6/09 and after many (7+/-) phone and emails; still no Check Card. I will go to Home Depot in the future even though I like the Lowe's environment's the principle. Bait and switch or just not very capable of follow thru on the administrative end of promotions. One person couldn't even find me in the system...
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Yes, this is once again "Lowe's" fault. Guess you mailed the rebate forms in on time too.

Or even realized this was handled by an outside firm. Principles are a luxury in this economy.

Good luck finding someone to help you at H.D. - see how far your principles get you...

Joe B

Home Depot Delivery = Curbside Drop Off.

Do what you will.

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Cheap Lowes

I parked my car around 7 o'clock in the morning and i came back to pick up my car back around 1 o'clock in afternoon. however my car was gone. I tried to look for the notice sticker or signs around the parking lot. but i could not find any signs of my car. therefore I went inside to the lowes and asked about the car. They said they called the towing service and took the car away without noticing me. There was no notice sticker nor call from them. I even left my phone number and name front of the car. I paid $130 to get my car back. We can not see the warning sign around the parking lot easily. Therefore I am trying to tell to those workers who works in building structures or people who needs to buy some stuff. I recommand to go to the Home depot. Because Lowes can tow your car away if you are not showing up about 4 hours. I am so disappointed. They got better customer services also we can see the parking warning signs easier than lowes. Lowes is so cheap that they will tow your car away without call or notice tag if you park your car for a while. Also Lowes is not really helpful to us. If our car broke down front of the Lowes, we can not park the car. Beacuse they will tow your car without noticing even if your car is broke. I truely recommand not to use lowes. They are so cheap and not helpful to us.
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This is so funny! I can't believe someone has the nerve to complain about getting their car towed in a private parking lot.

I love the rants on this site. Full of angry miserable people that think the world owes them for every inconvenience.

Hmmm here is an idea, try following rules and talking to people with respect. I bet you also went in to the store raising bloody murder and that is probably why no one took the time to help you find your car.


@ Seriously?

I challenge you to spell "challenge."

Learn how to spell! Dumb ***!


Actually there are signs everywhere during football games and stadium events for the cheapskates that dont want to pay for stadium parking so they park at Lowe's and think the signs are a bluff. You have to be blind not to see them!

Lowe's doesn't care, it's the of the plaza security that has the cars towed, not Lowe's. Why should they be held responsible?


Let's see - signs were posted - you parked anyway - car towed. Makes sense to me. After all, it is a parking lot, not a Park-N-Ride.


Let's see, you had $1000 in the back seat and you parked your car in a parking lot (meant for consumers of that business), left it there for a significant amount of time, didn't notify store management or anybody of the situation and you are pissed off at the business for towing your car. Amazing how *** you are and this is just indicative of the attitude prevalent in our country -- that it is always the other guys fault!!

I'm never wrong because I am the consumer and afterall the consumer is always right.

Right?? Wrong, Dummy!!!!

Take responsibility for your actions and grow up!!!!!!


Sounds to me like "wondering" there might be a Lowes' employee or even a store manager to get this upset at the complaint, but why call this person ***? unnecessary! Lowes commited an unprofessional act and total diregard to this person.


Call corp. North Carolina, Lowes does not own the parking lot.They just might cut you a check.


Leadership is a choice and responsibility! If your people love you and follow you, they will help you!

If Lowes knew how to treat their own, they would put Depot out of business!

Ask yourself, how commited are you? A follower obeys, a leader CHALLANGES!


You don't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed my friend. Why don't you park your car in a Home Depot lot if you prefer them.

Or at least tell the stores mgmt of your plight next time. They would probably let you borrow a phone for a tow service.


i know it is my fault that i parked my car in their parking lot. but they should least notice me where is my car at. because i had about $1000 in my back seat.

I didnt know my car was stolen or towed.


Why would you leave $1000 in the back seat?


I'm just wondering why you are parking your car in their lot if you are not in their store shopping. Stores provide parking for their customers, not commuters or people too chesp to pay for a parking spot elsewhere. Don't blame Lowes you basstard.

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Lowes review in Phoenix, Arizona: Low's

Recently I decided that for my husband's 31st birthday I would buy him a grill. I researched online, and found "the one" and it was only listed for sale at Lowes (at the time). Although they have horrific reviews I gave them a chance anyways...big mistake!!!!!!!!!! I purchased the grill and requested to have it assembled (on a Tuesday), On friday at 6pm (*** 4 days later ***) the grill was not assembled!!!!! I was furious! The manager tryied to make excuses that didnt make any sense and only offered that i take the display grill (which was poorly assembled, woobly, and all scratched and dirty) for a discount of $30.00... I didnt even get a courtesy call to let me know that it would be ready with a 24 hour notice...especially since they had FOUR days to put the grill together. They just dont care about their customers or business. a week later we purchased the SAME grill from Fry's Marketplace, for $100 less!!! and they assembled it for free :) go to frys!!!!!
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