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Lowes in Marrero, Louisiana - Heading of this category is offensive to me

could the company not find another word or words for customer compliants. Vocabulary should not be so limited and to have to resort to using the slang that i would not use nor allow my childrent ouse. I am dissapointed in Lowe's. I was not aware this slang was used until I happened on the sight. I was etremly surprised and disappointed with Lowe's and I will have to think about my continuing shopping at Low's. this l00 word stuff is also insane as a person need not use many words to make a point. You ever came up the the slang word as well as the l00 word limit should rethink both.
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HAHAHAHA are you freakin serious, i think this *** hole rode the short bus to school.


Sounds like the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead.


heres a catagory heading, Dumba55es .com you could head up the DUH DUHpartment


hey ***, this isn't a site sponsored or created by Lowe's!!! "Pissed" may not be in your vocabulary because you were raised with manners and intend on raising your children that way, also, but it is in the vocabulary of the English language and frequently used. (btw, your typing and sentence structure need work if you're going to talk) Don't try and pin someone else's casual word usage against a national company that isn't even familiar with this site.

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Lowes Customer Service Stinks...

We bought a tool box from Lowes 3 wks prior 2 xmas & was told by a lowe's associate that if in the next couple of wks the price went down, we could come back and recieve the discount in the form of a refund. It went on sale, I went back for the refund, the returns clerk refunded the entire amount back to my card and then tried to make me pay for the tool box again at the so called disc. price which was actually higher than what we orginally bought it for. Well the refunded transaction didnt take place immediately as this was a Sunday and of course my card was declining as it was close to xmas and I just didnt have a spare 600 floating in my acct. They told me I had to bring the tool box back or pay for it somehow. We already had the box 3 wks! I just wanted the 10% discount refunded to me. It was awful, we ended up writing a check that bounced because Lowes put it thru before the refund transaction posted.
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i am currently an customer service manger at lowes. this was somewhat the associates fault.they should always check the price too make sure it is actually reduced to the cheaper price and than do the REBILL-REFUND than again you went back two weeks later when our price adjustment is 7 days from original purchase..and for the refund it takes 72 hours to post back to your account at any store not just lowes as well as if it were a time check your price and make sure you have enough credit line


Your grammar is terrible, and is a direct reflection on the level of *** customer service I have received at Lowe's in the past.


"Hello" is correct. Your grammar is horrendous.

(Capitalization, apostrophes, then vs.

than, too vs. to, etc.) I'm an associate at Lowes, and I'd like to hope that my managers represent Lowes better than you do.


Customer service did the right thing :p


Prices don't change on the weekends at Lowe's. The pricing coordinator works monday-friday. The ads usually drop on Tuesday/Wednesday. The associate had no way of knowing when the toolbox was going to be marked down. ***, the pricing people don't even know when and what prices are going to change.

It's a day-by-day thing. Corporate makes all of these decisions.

In any case, I would have checked current price of the toolbox before I got my refund.

Lowe's does what they call a refund-rebill. They give you a efund and then rebill the item (hopefully at a lower cost) to you.

However, I usually do a REBILL-REFUND. Refunds take awhile to post, so if you are using a debit card/check, the amount may not be posted to your account right away (expecially with checks-- they can take up to 15 days to post)

If the associate would have done a rebill-refund, you probably could have seen that the price was higher than what you originally payed for it.

You never would have payed for it if you would have seen that the price was higher.

Be a smart consumer and be smart. It's YOUR money, so make sure that you check your items before you buy them.

Retail associates aren't the brightest bulbs in the pack, let me tell you..

Good luck in the future!


When we bought the toolbox, it was so close to christmas that we didnt want to see that it went on sale right after buying it full price. When we express our concern about that to the sales associate, she said that if we buy it now, and if in a few weeks the item goes on sale, then to come back and they would refund us the difference of what we paid and the sale price.

So low and behold the very next week, a flyer came out stating that the very same tool box was discounted 10%. Well 10% off of 650 dollars is a lot of money, so when we went back to Lowes to get the difference, that is when we found out that the price had actually gone up on the toolbox,,THEN they discounted it 10%. So, the cashier, whom really didnt know what he was doing,,, neglected to tell me that in order to receive the discounted price, he was going to have to refund the ENTIRE amount back to our card and recharge us at the discounted price, which at that time was acutally higher than the original price we paid... The actual problem here is not the price, but the fact that they refunded the entire amount back to our card, and when they tried to rerun the card for the new price,, of course there wasnt enough on the card to cover the cost.

.. it was an unneccassary mess..


If the price was lower the first time, why did you even go back? I might be confused on what you are saying though.

It sounds like you said something like: the price was 5. After we bought it the price went up to 10. I came back and did a return and they charged me 8 on the resale.

Also, consider that the prices of bread and milk and gas and the stock market all very from day to day and can even very from hour to hour. It is great that this market is able to give you the best deal though time.


The discounted price WAS higher than what we originally purchased the item for because they jacked the price of the tool box after we bought it then put it on sale. This all took place right before christmas. I even confronted the manager about that and he said he didnt have any control over the pricing of the items....


"the so called disc. price which was actually higher than what we orginally bought it for. "

I thought you said it went on sale. How was it higher than what you originally bought it for?

I agree the software is broken on the return to Bank Cards. Id like to get in on the IT staff at Lowe's there are a few changes Id make to how the computer system works.


Ther are about 300 employees at my Lowes. and only 3 working. This store is in Harrisonburg, Va


my complaint is so persistant is lowe's "quality' CUSTOMER SERVICE , that they've exhausted my tolerance...the story begins with the purchase of a refridgerator..which i'd purchased a 5yr warranty...they've sent repairmen...from their "contracted service"departments..3 times...and the fridge had destroyed the foods...much food....and now i called them again...and more time passes..and i again wait for them to show up..they'd told me that if the repairmen come 3 times they would replace the thing...well...untrue...because they told me ...according to their records..the repairmen only came once..i have a suggestion for someone considering lowe's as a source of purchasing a major prepared to document...tape record..photograph..and take the dates down when they come...the repairmans name the copy of their work receipt..and just maybe......maybe you might be able to get something the lowe's....the customer you deliberatly lose today will affect your shareholders just as badly as bernie madhauf did to the market..and the reverse effect of advertising will be your own shortcomings your own predestined performance of customer dissatisfaction.and lackluster behavior..


did you get anything in writing?

Man some people are not the brightest are they?

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Lowes in Woodbridge, Connecticut - Discounts

Hello everyone. Basically any customer can return anything at will. The Lowe's Computers at the Lowe's stores flash on their screens NO HASTLE RETURNS. If the manager refuses to take back the return then ask for the corp number and call and state You have personally seen the no hustle return policy flash on the Lowe's computers. Remember the Wallingford Lowe's is called the return store for a reason. They take everything back and ask to speak to Jim previs if they will not take back your return. This store takes back all special orders even months later or will do disconts weeks and months later if you are not satisfied with you product, just keep comming back with a new complaint and they will continue to give more disocunts.
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I love Lowe's! It's a great store, and I get great help all the time.

Can't get enough, you're totally right by the way, they do take back a lot of stuff.

But in the end it keeps the customers happy and loyal. :grin


Regardless of this persons spelling the message is clear what he intends to relay. Which in some locations the store ends up looking like a yard sale instead of a corporate leader.


IMO, there is nothing wrong with returning almost every thing. It keeps Lowe's customers from needing to come to sites like these. People that get mad over the return policy are not likely to be repeat customers.

I think OP is an employee or ex-employee.

Guys, I can't spell either. But this is teh interwebs.


Can someone please tell me what a "disconts" is? I think the "over excited" consumer meant "discounts".

Can someone please figure out a way to make a spell check program so people like the person above stop looking like illiterate idiots? The same person that returns everything is the same person that never made it through grade school. Stop trying to take advantage of the system.

God Bless America! :cry


Can you do me a favor and learn how to spell before you post something online? It really shows what type of person you are when you return everything and you can't even spell.

Can you READ??? :x

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Lowes Cancels my credit card

You know after a number of years of buying at Lowes that ended over Christmas when they cut my card. They said for two late summer payments, I say it is because I continually paid my card and only a 48 dollar balance. I have always paid my card and never missed a payment, late yes, twice. After Thousands they cut my credit, despite a 100% credit rating from the credit service they say did me in. They have lost my business and everyone I can tell. Home Depot here I come, and nevr again to lowes for anything. This is not way to treat customers, especially good ones. Then they have the gall to say, We appreciate your businees. How patronizing can they be. What a Joke.
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I also got a cancel account letter from Lowes. Before you start "***" on the original complaint in this string, Lowes is pulling some "shady" deals as well.

When Lowes or GE Finance or whoever runs their credit scam changes the way they send statements and doesn't inform customers so a $35 charge ends up as a canceled account this is bad business.

This canceled account then shows up in a credit report which affects future financial actions. Home Depot here I come.


Guess what Sharon not all of us have CASH flying out of our *** like you so most of us can't PAY CASH you freakin *** clown!!!!!


I actually work for lowes and its not us that cut cars, its GE money bank that goes through all the credit things. They sent us emails a couple months ago explaining because of the economy they were cutting back customers credit limits and cutting their cards, they gave no further explanation.


if we all paid in cash, this economy would crash and burn. most of our americans dont have the money to pay in cash thats why we have credit, to buy the wants and needs.

if all americans had the cash this country would have no debt, be more organized and learn how to speak to one another with respect. besides the only reason why you pay in cash, is the fact you cant get any credit


Wait this may be a shock to you and everyone else who has recently sunk our country into a debt filled recession..... when you don't pay your bills on time, like you signed up for when you filled out your application, you aren't holding up your end of the contract.

Why should they hold up their end and let you use their money to buy your stuff?

Pay your bills on time, quit being a whiner and do what those of us smart people do... PAY CASH ***!

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Lowes in Poway, California - Lowe's Refuses to Honor Extended Warranty!

Another "Do Not Use Lowe's Extended Warranty Plan" complaint because Lowe' refuses to honor it. I have been trying to have my Samsung front load washer repaired since last JULY. La Mesa, CA Appliance has been to my house numerous times and cannot repair it. La Mesa Appliance told me more than once to "bolt the washer to the floor", which voids the warranty. I am still in the process of getting this resolved. Lowe's must not pay fair market appliance repair because their vendors (La Mesa Appliance) treat the customers/consumers horribly. I am just beginning my process of the paper trail. I will be contacting the BBB, Lowe's Corp. Office, etc.
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I am having the same problem only they are telling me they are not going to honor the contract due to where they conveniently put the serial number sticker. They put it on the inside of the door where it was wet and rubbed by the door.

The only sticker out of several that has any wear at all! I refuse to buy from Lowes again.


I have to agree. Still trying to get a replacement burner for a Fridgaire stove since Nov 2009.

First company said "stove was grease issue and will not resolve". Hah, stove was clean. Grease was on serial tag down below. Second Jan 2010 company say ordering part.

Nothing yet and Lowe's EWP has been less than helpful. :(


I would call the number on the bottom of your receipt. Its a complaint/compliment hotline for lowes that sends you to corporate office. The complaint is taking then sent back to the Lowes store that sold you the appliance, they have a timeline to resolve your issue and send it back to corporate.

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Lowes in Findlay, Ohio - Service at the checkout

I read the letter from the fella in Colorado concerning the "long lines" at the checkout. Is this the only place he shops? ( Considering the times we're in) help is shorthanded everywhere. there is always one person who isn't happy about the way things are run. i work at one of these store in another state.. our policy is to get people checked out as quick as we can. there are employees who b/c of policy cannot run the register. don't know the story concerning this particular store but don't judge all stores by yours...
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Want credit card from lowes in florida.i;m canadian

I applied for a credit card at Lowes in MELLBOURNE florida AT THERE STORE ON 192,,on jan 6 -2009,but was refuse because of my canadian social insurance number,they said they couldnt get it in the computor . I dont understand since I had no problem getting one from Home Depot ,6 months ago here in melbourne florida .what is the problem with there COMPUTOR SYSTOM ,that they cant process my application.they are loosing a good customer ?????????????? Hope you can find the answer for me .THANK YOU, HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME WITH THIS. Sincerely , FROM FLORIDA Anna Lee
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I work at Customer service in Lowes. We have canadians that want to apply all the time.

Home depot and Lowes DO NOT use the same "bank" for money lending. Each company has their own way of doing things. Canadians want US credit cards so they can avoid the higher taxes back home. Nice try though.

When you go back home, they add it back into your statement. You cant have it all.


how are you


I'm not sure if they want my business. I applied for a Lowes credit card and was denied because they "couldn't verify my identify".

Upon further investigation, I was told it was due to my "phone number". I have an excellent credit score, 740.

Who would have thought that my shopping at Lowe's was contigent upon my phone number? I went to Home Depot.

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Lowes in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Continually wait far too long at checkout!!

I shop at the Lowe's store on Powers Blvd. in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Almost every time I shop I have to wait far too long at the checkout. At times there are employees huddled in small groups laughing and goofing off while the customers stand and wait. I know there are "self check out lanes", which I choose not to use. I'm at the point of finding somewhere else to shop if I have to put up with this much longer. I would think that your managers could see this and correct it. Thanks - John Kimmel 3850 Happy Jack Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80922
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Here's an idea - don't shop there anymore (although I suspect no one is capable of meeting your expectations).


shop there all teh time, maintain home plus 7 properties

always quick, always great

GAL (get a Life)


Ever been to Wal-Mart? How about a third world country? You have it made either way.


Why don't you use the Self Check out? They invested money in the machines to help with this very issue. If you don't use them because you say it takes someones job, think again. There is a lot of man hours that goes into the software and maintenance of the machines.

As for your complaint, It is Lowe's Policy to have no more than 3 customers in a line. If this does happen(holidays and some weekends for larger stores) then they have a program called line busting that checks you out before you get to the register.

It may be that your store is lacking employees. My store does not have enough people to meet the current demand. It is hard to find people that are willing to work in this community, but that is not Lowe's fault.


o sorry thought you were talking about wal-mart.


Good idea,go somewhere else to shop ***! :cry

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Lowes will not repair/reimburse repair costs for delivery damage

This involves the Reno, NV Lowes. We recently moved to Reno last year, and the house we rented needed a fridge. So we purchased a 21 CF Fridge from Lowes on 7/1/07 to be delivered the following week. The delivery crew as nice enough, but when they brought it in the misjudged the turn to the Kitchen and the guy put his hand through the corner of the wall. He was ok (scraped up), and told me to contact Lowes that they would pay for repair. The damage left *** in the drywall, warped metal on the rounded corner so it bulged out at the site of impact and of course the paint & texture was wrecked. I contacted Lowes the same day was given to a "manager" named Jodi. She was out the day of the accident but called me the next day, and arranged to come out the morning after that (2 days after the incident) to verify the damage and took pictures with her camera phone. She saw the damage and told me that I would need to get it fixed and Lowes would reimburse me. I asked for a recommendation, but this lady told me she could not give me one but to use one of the laborers working on the new home developments and just bring the receipt in to the store. After not being able to find a licensed individual to fix the wall and no further assistance from Lowes for 3 months even though we inquired about any paperwork, etc that might need to be filled out and being told there was none. We also own parrots, and have to be mindful of fumes from the paint, etc (at the time of the accident the birds were not yet with us so if it could have been repaired then it would have been better if Lowes had been cooperative). Fast forward to earlier this month, we are moving and gave notice to the landlord, which means that we had to get the wall fixed. Saw an ad on tv for a licensed handyman - he came out last week saw the damage and fixed it the next day for a total cost $250 for materials and labor. I contacted Lowes and brought the receipt in to the store that afternoon. They took a copy of the receipt, my phone number, and said the "manager" would contact me when they came in the next day. Next day came without contact - so I stopped at the store. I had to ask the customer service area to find someone, and they found me Carol, who claimed to be the only female manager at the store for the past several years and that Jodi was in installation but not a manager. She had gotten the receipt and claimed to have tried to call me but no one answered (I checked my messages later and Caller ID but there was no call ever made). She didn't seem to believe my story and was very condescending (called me sweetheart and honey several times) saying that I needed to find my paperwork, etc because she would have to try to find it and that would take a few days if she did it. Just as she was blowing me off, Jodi happened to walk by and acknowledged that she remembered me and even described the home to Carol. Carol then told me that I still needed to get her my receipt so she could prove I was a customer and they could find my claim, even though Jodi told her no claim was ever opened. After the holiday last week, I went through my files and found the receipt. I called Carol this morning, and gave her the invoice number, which she claimed did not come up in the system. So I had to drive to the store to give her the receipt so she could make a copy. She started giving me the runaround that the cost of the fix was higher than Lowes would pay and that I would need to give them the amount I would be willing to take upfront to expedite my claim. Then she asked me for the receipt for the repair, which I didn't have on me at the time (it's in my husband's car which is in the shop). I told her she had a copy already, and then she told me that they had sent it on to the claim section to see if I had a claim open and that it was gone. She told me to go home and get my receipt for the repair after filling out the claim paperwork and said she would not send it in. She also tried to say at the claim was just for damage to the drywall, which was not the case and I had to correct her. Getting fed up with the runaround from Carol, I called Lowes Customer Care number, and they informed me that she is just an administrator not a manager. The manager is Mike, who has never spoken with me. They also told me that I don't have to give a lower number that I'm willing to take to expedite my claim and that the investigation would have to run its course before they contact me about money. Essentially, after over a year of this, the Reno Lowes has behaved in bad faith by misleading me, lying to me several times, and refusing to do any work to set things right all to get out of filing a claim and having it on their record. They're employees are liars and will not allow you to speak to management at all and pretend to be management rather than have you speak to one. Beware of this store and its employees.
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get over it and go complain to your birds K


There is such a thing as a licensed "handyman".He has limited jobs and has to have Ins.


I used to work at Lowes. Per Lowes own procedures, the management is supposed to open a claim after any damage and have their investigators contact you before anything is repaired.

So their failure to file definitely delayed, and because you got it repaired before they investigated, expect them to refuse to pay.

At least you were able to get it repaired even it does cost you at least you know. Also, to karin - I think they are referring to a licensed contractor rather than an actual "handyman" - it sounds like this person doesn't know much about home repair or terminology.


There is really no excuse for waiting so long to get your wall fixed. There is no such thing as a licensed "handyman" anyway.

You should have had it fixed immediately and not waited so long. You are lucky the same people even still work there

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Lowes in Atlanta, Georgia - Christian Employee Fired for Wearing Religious Pin

I shop at Lowes on a regular basis, but Home Depot is directly across the street. I am out raged that the Lowe's location in Tennessee, fired its employee for wearing a religious pin, which I saw on the news tonight. She has the right to wear the pin and show her love for Christ, just as the customer who complained has the right to feel the way she/he does. I will take my business to another store and hope that others will as well. I will tell everyone I know what happened to this woman. Pissed in Prattville, AL.
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And you would complain if they allowed people to wear pins promoting non Christian religions. To be fair they don't allow any pins.

If she didn't like the rules she shouldn't have taken the job.

It's too bad you are one of those intolerant it's my way or the highway type of people. People like you is why there are so many problems in the world today.


This is idiotic. If your assertion is that Lowe's is unchristian, I'll remind you that they are closed only two days of the year, and one of them is Christmas.

If your point is that you, as a Christian, have an obligation to punish Lowe's for behavior you disagree with, I'll wait for you to provide me with examples of Christ as avenger. It seems to me the only time he attacked anyone, it was moneychangers IN THE TEMPLE.

Finally, the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself has to reside somewhere in your head. Which aspect of love are you demonstrating here? Feel free to look up 1 Corinthians 13:4, which gives you a specific list of the aspects of love.

Now, stop being idiots. Go and sin no more.


Ladies and Gentlemen, first of all I'd like to say that I am a christian and also an employee of Lowe's. Before anyone starts saying I'll cut up my card and I'll never shop Lowe's again.

Think about the Christians that do still work there for the simple fact that there is no where else to work. You're taking food off of their tables. Wives, husbands and children going hungry because you decided you were going to stop shopping at their parents store because of the ignorance of one store manager. If you do that then you're no better than that manager.

Now second of all the lady wasn't fired. She was simply asked to remove the pin and refused to do so, so she quit and then said she was fired. Anyway, I hope that you will all think of the people who do work there that still go to church and praise and worship the lord. Continue to help us serve you and make our living.

Just do as I do, pray for the bad apples, but never judge the whole book by it's cover.

If any of you come through my line you will hear me say god bless as you walk out the door. And I say now, God bless you all.


I would'nt worry about that - they fired me for worshipping Satan.....


If you people get this worked up about a religious pin, then your life is pretty pathetic. "I'm not going to shop at Lowe's because they made him or her *** the pin" give me a *** break. Stop buying into religious propaganda!


I work at lowes she should not have been wearing the pin in the first place it is against the rules. You are not suppose to wear anything that could offend another person.

@H Ormand

What if wearing clothes offends people? Will they make them take them off to?


I will never shop at Lowe's again either. I cut my card in half and sent it back taped to a note (in red) that said "it's called Christmas for Christ's sake. Keep your card!"

@D Williams

And they will return your card, postage-due, with another note that says "we aren't open on christmas you bible thumper".


The lady actually quit and fabricated the story. Second, its lowes written policy that you can only have lowes affiliated pins on your vest.


Don't be so quick to say "I'll start going to Home Depot". I recently e-mailed them about the fact that "Happy Holidays" is supposed to cover all the winter holidays.

Yet once Christmas is over they say "Happy New Year". Their response was that they didn't want to offewnd non Christians and non-believers.

Yet they will make big bucks off Christians and those who do believe. Apparently they are not worried about offending us.


Was going to build new garage this spring, used Lowe's when setting my new modular home 3 years ago. Will NEVER shop Lowe's again.

There seems to be a lot of Christian people working there, VERY nice and helpful but I'm sorry for them.

Just like someone said, they sell alot of, Christ based, "CHRISTMAS" items and don't mind taking money for them. Well, won't be getting anymore money from me.




Do you beat your slaves and keep a tight leash on your wife too? Because the bible says to do those things as well.


Another event poorly handled by upper management. Lowe's will soon be seeking a government bailout, too.

You can't do anything as an employee to support a religion, but the store can sell "Nativity" scenes & Christmas decorations, lol. Just as Jesus predicted 2,000 years ago.


I agree with all of these comments on Ms. Sutton being fired over expression concerning Christ.

I live in Troy, Alabama and we only have a Lowes and another local hardware store.

The local will get my business from now on unless I am in Mongomery or Dothan and go the Home Depot. This is totally getting out of hand in our country where agnostics and athiest have rights but Christians to not


''The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established, nor shall the full and equal rights of conscience be in any manner, or on any pretence, infringed.'

I WOULD SUE!!!! I'm cutting up my Lowes card.


I will never shop at Lowe's again after seeing on the news that a woman was fired for wearing a religious pin.

@L Smith

You won't be missed.

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