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Lowes in El Paso, Texas - Bad attitute

Check out lady at Lowe's was mad because 1 of the items we bought (about 18 items total) was not priced and another was priced wrong. She had to call for a price check and as a result the line was held up, for about 10 minutes total. It was obvious that she was angry and as a result she let us walk away from the counter leaving a bag of merchandise (about $40.00 worth) on the counter. We did not realize our oversight until the next day when we wanted to use the missing merchandise. To late (!) for us to go back and prove we did not get all of our merchandise. Because the check out lady was an employee of Lowe's and because of her bad attitude she and Lowe's ripped us of for about $40.00. Hope our $40.00 makes Lowe's bottom line look better for now. The next $40.00 dollars we spend will be at Home Depot as we refuse to go back to Lowe's from now on.
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all you had to do was have them check the cameras at the time you were in there the previous day..and it was your fault you left the merchandise there


Uhh...its your fault for leaving your merchandise. If I paid $40 for something, i would be sure that i had all of my products before i left the store. Common sense, people...


Although the cashier shouldn't have treated you that way... you can call the store and tell them what happened and they will more than likely let you come into the store and get the things you left.

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Lowes in Washington, District Of Columbia - Documenting rip offs before they happen!!!

To all consumers whom have been ripped off by Lowes or any store, start using your, "Cell Phone" camera/video recorder to record your rebates in the store while the rebate tag or price is still on the shelf, before you make that purchase!! Get in the habit of snapping a picture or video recording of the sell price, the rebate special, the sell ending dates, you picking the item to be purchased and any other picture or video that may help you, if you find you are in a "Ripped off Situation"!! Use that cell phone for more than just a call!! Your future attorney may need that sort of documentation to prove your case. Make sure you record it with that day's date on it, because we all know when stores are headed for trouble, all proof in the stores disappear!! And they will deny, deny, deny.
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Good advise FYI lowes-lawsuits(dot)com

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Horrible customer service @ the registers-Lowes Staten Island NY

I did like Lowes, I shop there in the morning before i come to work and " i spend money " Lowes use to brighten my day in the plant department which by the way your prices are overboard lately. Hellooo we are in a recession here! But that is a whole other issue, let me not get off track about my complaint thank you. Your employees have a horrible attitude at the registers. I know we are in a recession but girls please its not that bad. Your attitudes in customer service really needs a reality check. It is not my fault those self help registers do not work properly. Sorry iam interupting your chit-chat with your co-workers and forcing you from your important conversation with your co-worker so you can assist me at the register that is not working properly. Hey! its not my fault those self help registers arent working.- Tell your boss to fix the self help registers so they work properly so we dont have to bother for your assistance which is horrifying !Please do keep in mind thats why Lowes is paying you in the first place. You are getting paid to do that position! How dare you make me feel offended cause you do not like your job which your attitude clearly states that iam bothering you. If its that bad for you, quit your job and give it to someone else who will appreciate it ! There is a lot of job loss out there or have you not noticed. I didnt get the employees name, but clearly you are expecting with child soon, if it is to much for you i suggest you go home and take the weight off your tired legs if you cant handle being pregnant and working at the same time, but then again Lowes is paying you to assist me and everyone else that spends there money. Your attitude alone will force me to go elsewhere and shop. Lord knows you all do need my money during this harsh times that have fallen upon us...Mmmm Home Depot here i least the employees have a better customer relationship with me as they smile and assist me without an attitude...Hey Lowes Corporate are you reading this ? I hope so in this economy you cant afford to loose good paying customers like me...Ahhhh to late now...
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your totally right. but dude, if she doesnt care about doing her job im pretty sure she doesnt give a *** that ur going to home depot :zzz she would probly take you there herself haha


I just found this site and I can't stop lol, lol, lol. I can't understand how people get there wires crossed so fast and don't neven understand what they are reading.

This is just to much. I agree with Mbrooks, why? Because Customer Service is the root of all business and the return of business. I find it funny that a employee would be reading anything on this site, unless!

That employee has a customer service problem and has been wrote up. I can't understand why there isn't any other complaints posted here about this Company? Maybe no one knows? I didn't.

So Mbrooks, have you written a letter to the Company or the store manager?

You should try that and see if things don't change. Maybe set them up to full and record the actions as records.


I highly doubt you are going to break the bank for them. I work at home depot but its all the same.

for every p i s s e d customer theres 10 happy ones, how much did you spend there a year?

some of the contractors i service spend between 100-200 thousand $ a year. your measly grand won't hurt.


Tell him @ lowesceo(dot)com :cry


Thank you for your comments. However, The issue i wrote was not about the survival of Lowes, I'am happy Lowes is surviving in these harsh times, Lowes is a great store, but it also takes great employees to make the customer return with exceptional service. My issue is the lack of customer service at the cash registers that need to be looked into.


I agree with you that some of the self check out register cashiers should pay attention to the customers more. Some of the girls at my old store would stare off into space and think about things or talk to only the cute guys.

Mbrooke, I got on to them for you. I have made a lot of cashiers mad in my days at that store for enforcing the Lowe's policy of customer focus.

You are not entirely correct about one thing though. Lowe's is surviving the recession.

Lowe's is one of the top Fortune 500 companies that are hiring people, rather than laying people off. My current store can't hire enough people. Lowe's is taking in any one that they can get.

It seems like the first 20 people that apply for a job are getting it. I could be wrong about that though, I don't see the hiring process.

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We had Lowes install a barn/shed. $5,ooo.oo We decided to pour a slab instead of a footer with the wood flooring on top. The contractor-Heartland Sheds decided we didn't need that wood floor kit and didnt deliver it. We contacted Lowes they agreed that all...
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The complainers here have given next to no detail... I don't give negative reviews without exhaustive detail much credit - meaning, to what degree did customers express themselves and/or take copious notes to back up their complaints.

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Lowes in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts - Chain saw

i brough a pullin 18in chain saw in tilton new hamp and i also got the extened warrenty i went to lowes in bedford nh to see about getting it fixed because i didnt have my paper work i was told they could do nothing i asked if they could look it up on the computer they said to go back to tilton nh thats 70 miles from my home you can take your storeand stuff it i was going to have lowes get my new cabnits for my home but home depot gets it now your customer services sucks big tim
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You are CLEARLY a low class, uneducated person who can't spell. It's hard to take your complaint seriously.


Dont buy a pulin chainsaw dumba**. thats your first mistake.derrrrrrr


Why did you not keep the receipt. The reason that Lowe's spends so much money to print you a receipts is so you can show them the receipt when you have problems with your perches. Also, If you can't keep up with your own paper work, why would you expect the store that you did not buy the product at to be able to keep your paperwork?


Hey, Big Tim, instead of buying a chainsaw, I think your money would be better spent going to night school and taking some remedial English and grammar classes.

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Okay- bought carpet to be installed from Lowe's. After it took 14 days to get an installer here- they proceeded to GLUE the carpet to our 100 year old PINE hardwood floors (oh did I mention that our property is Historical?)...I walked in with about 3 feet undone...
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I bought carpeting from Lowe's and it is all waving and puckering.

Lowes was contacted time and again and will do ZERO to fix it.

They wrecked the job worse after each "Inspection" and will not fix it.

DO NOT buy carpeting here, they will NOT help you and WILL not fix it.

I promise you.

Thank you.

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Lowes Installation


Have you ever noticed when shopping at your local Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse that most of the front end are young, attractive girls? I never really did until recently. While moving "up the ladder" I have worked at 7 different Lowe's. In every single one some middle aged manager was screwing a very young cashier...every single one! My current store just completed an investigation where they did absolutely nothing about it. Is it a coincidence that these girls are hired? Always as cashiers? I think not! I think the upper management consistently hires "eye candy" so that they can get off whenever possible. It doesn't matter that its against doesn't matter that these men are 5, 10, or even 30+ years older than the young *** they hire. Or that these men have wives and families at home. This is a consistant problem throughout an immoral company and I for one have had enough!
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I too have notice how these young women give themselves to these pig managers. I feel very sorry for them, but lets not forget they have a choice not to give in.

I work at the Tustin Ca store and about to resign because this conduct makes me sick. I feel so sorry for these women.

These women are poor and will do anything they can to think they will make more money. So sad.


It is very sad but true. Lowe's as a company fosters a sexist atmosphere.

Almost all of the women in any of the Lowe's stores I am familiar with, are limitted to certain departments and jobs. It is not uncommon for promotions and opportunities to exist based more on a females "popularity" amongst the male employees.

Advancements based on "relations" with management, and tolerance to sexual harrassment is unfortunately the norm, not the exception.


i happen to work at a lowes where there are just as many males as females up front. some "cute" or not 18 yrs old up to 70.

i myself included. it is people like you who blow things way out of proportion that give a great company a bad name. did you not get something from your mgr that you wanted?

what about the stores with female mgrs, are they sexually harassing as well. this has to be one of the most uneducated things i have ever read.


I hate to say this, however, I just moved to a new state and had to buy a few things from Lowe's. I actually went there 5 times in one day and at different times of the day.

I found the most attractive women in paints, tools and plumbing section.

Cashier and customer service folks, well, there was alot to be desired. LOL I will give this one particular Lowe's props tho, they had the best customer service I have ever seen in a Lowe's.


I guess you weren't getting any


I agree; Not the company's fault, but the individual case by case bases. I know our HR (a female) seems to actually hire unattractive women, yet that doesnt mean Lowe's only takes the ugly ones. I feel people should be hired for their skills and work ethic instead of their physical assets.


I hate to tell you but this happens everywhere, it isn't just Lowe's. It takes two to mess around. It isn't the company it is the morals of the people involved.


Retailer4life has it on track. This is going on in our store with 3 cashiers, oops, 2 are now dept.

mgrs. in our store. With our pay I guess that makes them cheap somethings.

Wait maybe I misjudge. they've all put in at least 6 months.


Why not hire them? Should only the ugly people be hired?


I work for Lowe's, too, and sadly this is true. (But to be fair, it also happened @ the other 2 retailers i worked for, too. And....these "sweet young things" who could not even find their way out of an open paper bag are the ones that continually get promoted to team leaders or department managers and end up being OUR SUPERVISORS!


Contact information provided by: :cry

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Rochester, New York - Purchased Door, 1 year later still not installed.

Last year I purchased a $3000.00 patio door. When the installers arrived to install, the determined the door had been cut wrong. The measurements didnt match, they installed anyway and for week we had to deal with cold air seeping through the large gaps in the door. Then they had the dept. mgr. come out, he agreed the door was not cut for my patio (which the measurments are taken at the time of order). Meanwhile my husband and I stuck towels in the gaps to prevent the air from coming in and the hear from going out; while they place another order for the same door, well we waited and waited. We finally called the store 2 months later to find out when to expect our door, of course the dept head was out, we heard back 30 days later; only to inform us that they ordered the wrong door and had to place another order. The installers came out to install door #2, only to learn that it was again cut incorrectly (based on the measurements when the order was placed). They had to place another order and told us they would call when it came in. Well, we never received a call, my husband called back 30 days later and was told to give a little more time for the door to be custom cut and shipped to the store. 3 months later we called again and was told the door had been sitting in their store for a few weeks. We were contacted by an installer notifying us that he would be out to install, he came. He took one look at the door and said "This is wrong again, Im sorry!. He called the store while I was there and told them they again the wrong door was shipped. He called me 3 weeks later and said, the door he left sitting in my shedd is the door he just hope it was cut according to the measurements. Four months later, I havent heard back from the installer. I called Lowes to speak with the dept head, who was very rude, put me on hold for 15 min. and when he reurned, I explained to him how I didnt feel I should have to pay the full price for a door that still hasnt been installed, he response was, OH you will have to pay the full price. After speaking with the financial company, I realized Lowes was paid in full for the purchase I made on my project card, now they were coming after me for a purchase that is still sitting in my shedd and the door that was installed with the large gaps is still stuffed with towels to now prevent the rain from ruining my kitchen tile. This has been a terrible experieince for me and my husband.
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A door coming in wrong spec is 99% manufacturer or salesperson error. If it was detailed wrong the installer would be paying for the wrong door himself at cost plus 10%.

Needless to say, your installer is going to make sure he measures correctly... I've personally dealt with issues on doors that have taken ridiculous amounts of time to fix, mostly due to lengthy lead times from vendors/manufactuers.

You should keep in mind if a door is going to take 3 months, it will take another 3 months if there is a problem with it. Problems are common enough where I wouldn't wait that long if it was something that I needed/wanted ASAP.


The measurement errors are to blame on the installer, which is what the detail was for. I agree, the Specialist and/or Manager that placed the original order should have kept in contact with you (and been more understanding), but the store does order those doors from companies and sometimes it takes quite awhile (a $3000 door is not a common thing).

Also, the installers are not Lowe's employees, but contractors who simply work for the store. There is a rating system used for rating your satisfaction with the install which you should exploit if they do a poor job. However, in this case, honestly your best bet would be to return the door.

With this type of error those doors are refundable. If they disagree, call the corporate office and state your case.


Contact information provided by:

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Lowes in Everett, Massachusetts - Bathroom Remodel Nightmare

Lowes - Bathroom Remodel Nightmare
Lowes - Bathroom Remodel Nightmare
Lowes - Bathroom Remodel Nightmare
When my husband and I decided to remodel our bathroom we thought we'd check out our local Home Depot and Lowe's. We didn't see anything that caught our eye at Home Depot so we were off to Lowe's. We ended up buying a beautiful vanity, sink, counter top, mirror, side cabinets, jacuzzi tub, faucet, toilet and shower head. We bought the whole shabang! The style we chose for our vanity every piece had to be ordered seperatly. The clerk quoted that we would get everything in two weeks. It FINALLY arrived after SIX weeks! After unpacking all of the items, we had SIX defective pieces on the cabinet pieces. The mirror had a HUGE dent in the wooden frame, there were 2 drawers that were also dented, one of the side cabinets had an awful defect on the face as well. When I called the next day to report all of the damage pieces the girl was nice and told us just to take pictures of the damaged areas and bring them in and they would order new pieces. She told us it would be in a "rush order" and would take a week for the replacement pieces to come in. Another SIX weeks later they came in. The mirror had another huge defect in it. The sales person that we had been dealing with has now an attitude with US when we call to inquire as to where our stuff is. She is nothing but rude! It's not our fault that the stuff is junk! If I would have known it was going to be such a headache, I would have returned every single piece that I have bought. The counter top that we chose was a composite (like Corian, very pricey). It looked nice the first day. Until I tried to wash it. We read the directions and they stated to use any general household cleaner and a rag. I sprayed Fantastic on it and wipped it down. It left water-like rings all over the top! This was the last straw! I told my husband to take it off and return it. I did not want to exchange it and wait forever to just to have it happen again. We went to a local Countertop store that specializes in just that. We thought we would pay through the nose. We chose a Silestone countertop. It was $100 LESS than Lowe's PLUS they installed it, which my husband had to install the one we bought from Lowes. It has been close to four months now since all this has been going on and we are still waiting for the mirror to come, AGAIN! I will NEVER, EVER buy anything other than light bulbs at Lowes again! It really isn't worth the time, money or aggravation. If you are located in the Southern NH area and want QUALITY countertops and cabinets I would highly recommend Solid Advantage. The people there are curtious, knowledgable and professional. I wish I would have went there first! We ended up also getting a beautiful countertop for our kitchen as well! What ever you do, DON'T GO TO LOWE'S!!
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People don't care & aren't held accountable for their actions. Sad we have to deal w/this ***!!!!


So... this is Lowe's fault how?

You do understand that what you ordered was custom-made, right? I don't know why anyone would have quoted you two weeks. Custom cabinetry takes 4-6 weeks on average. But being mad at Lowe's because it came damaged?


Lowe's didn't make it. Be mad at the manufacturer.


That happened to me at value city with a bedroom set. I sent it back 3 times.One smelled like paint thinner with dents all over the wood part.

One had a whole on the headbord and broken mirrors on it.

So finally I asked to come into the store and see it before delivery.The manager ask to open the boxes to check the items and thank goodness the 4th time was a charm. It's nerves racking getting flawed furniture.


I think they r upset becuz of how Lowes handled the problems; not that its their fault it was damaged.


they really took the time to call you and tell you your mirror was broken dam customer service I guess they should of waited for you to pick it up so you can complain some more like the thousands of people that Scream everyday


WHEN I READ STORIES LIKE THIS, it reconfirms just how spoiled rotten folks are in this country. Lady, be glad you even have a home.

So sorry about your damaged custom counter tops and the wait you had to endure. May God bring you a perfect world in 2011.


i had the same problem with Home Depot American standard cabinets. they were *** and I am stuck with them.


kitchendude, I failed to mention that each and every time that we would bring something back that was defected we got the "oh, here they come again" look by the department manager as well as the store manager. As if that weren't bad enough to make us feel even more uncomfortable when we would explain what was wrong "this time" they would give US attitude!

Any manager that does not how to communitcate effectively and rationally with the customer, doesn't deserve to be in a such a position. Nor should they deserve my business. We're not talking about a minimal purchase, we spent thousands of hard earned dollars for this remodeling project.

They should have done everything in their power to smooth things with us, the CONSUMER! Their customer service is nothing short of AWFUL!


Not everything comes on the "freight truck." I'm sorry that the reorders took so long, but Lowe's, like any retailer is at the mercy of the manufacturer. Do you believe the people at Lowe's want you to be unhappy?

Lowe's is staffed by people, just like every other business.

Let everyone who works for a company with NO service issues step up.

Oh, be sure to have over 100,000 employees and serve millions of customers a week. I would appreciate the insight.





Same thing when we remodeled.

Everything is cracked dented or chipped at Lowes. Where's the pride people. I get so frustrated with returning everything anymore.

Don't ever keep anything that's not right, maybe they will get the picture.



. I just got a call from Lowes with an update on our replacement mirror. It came it but BROKEN, that's a shocker!

I HATE LOWES AND THEIR NO GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have a feeling that this project will never get completed, no thanks to Lowes!


Wow, sorry to hear about your nightmare experience. Yes although I have never ordered anything from Lowes or HOme Dept.

I've heard bad things....and your story is like the icing on the cake.

Thanks for the heads up and I will reconsider buying special order items at Lowes (or Home Depot) because of your post! :eek

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Lowes in Austin, Texas - *WARNING FOR PET OWNERS*

Do not buy a SAGA PALM PLANT, they are extremley poisining to dogs, cats, and small children. My puppy, who like to chew on things ate some of this plant and is in the hosiptal and may die from eating this. Lowes needs to put wanrings on plants when they are harmful. Why shouldnt they? All chemicals have warnings on them when they are harmful. No one should have to go threw this. We bought the puppy for my daughter for easter and now my daughter might not have a puppy because lowes failed to have warnings on there products.
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I am sorry about your dog, but there are many things that are dangerous for him or her to eat. Grapes and onions and chocolate can also be toxic to dogs.

Do you want the grocery store to put a warning label on those, too? Use some sense. If you have a puppy, it will eat EVERYTHING! There are great websites out there you can use to research whether or not a plant is poisonous for a cat or dog.

If you're not sure, it's best to assume that it is!!! I do hope your puppy is ok!


That is your responsibility, not a store that sells a PLANT. Come on!!!!!!!!!


Nearly 40 years ago, when I mentioned to a veterinarian that a Crown of Thorns plant may be poisonous to my brother's cat, he seemed shocked and replied : "Well they're all poisonous, aren't they !?"


A responsible pet owner should know which plants can be potentially harmful to one's pet. It is called doing one's research. Altho' I have my own complaints about Lowes, one cannot hold the store responsible for no warning labels on plants.


This just show how consumers have an attitude of it your fault not mine. Love the comment on the car


Okay first off.... How is the consumer supposed to know what plants are harmful to children and pets....there has to be a warning on chemicals...

so why not plants...

and the puppy didnt eat the whoel thing just one little piece of a leaf. And the plant wasnt in the house it was planted outside.


Maybe SHE should have eaten the palm, and then we would have been spared her pathetic attempt to blame Lowe's!


Yes, this post is quite *** along with the poster. Mr. "Andy Capp" is right.....there are millions of things out there that are poisonous and deadly out there that don't have warning labels and ought not. This person should have done their homework before buying a puppy....there are tons of lists out there that list poisonous things, take the time to look.

Next thing....WHO BUYS A PLANT WHEN THERE IS A PUPPY IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---- Anyone knows that puppies LOVE to chew on stuff...why the h**l would you buy a houseplant that is floor level for the puppy to chew on. Puppies usually chew on weird stuff because they are bored anyway. On your next dog, try buying more toys or playing with it more to tire it out, instead of walking away while he/she roams the house looking for trouble to get into.

If this post was a warning to consumers on how the Sago (yes, Sago...NOT "Saga") plant is deadly to dogs then fine.....great post! But unfortunately the *** ruined it by stating that Lowes should put warning labels on their houseplants. No offense, but that is the dumbest idea I've heard of this month. Thanks, this post just made my day!


Maybe you could keep the puppy from eating the plant! Oh wait....that would mean that YOU would be at fault.

Of course it MUST be someone else that is at fault. Are you the same person that sued McDonald's because their coffee was hot?


First of all, it's Sago Palm, not Saga, and you're an ***.

Do you ask for your grocery store to put a warning on coffee, that it may raise your blood pressure?

Or how about a warning label on your car, that it may run over something?

How about vodka, that it might make you drunk?


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