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Lowes in Everett, Massachusetts - Bathroom Remodel Nightmare

Lowes - Bathroom Remodel Nightmare
Lowes - Bathroom Remodel Nightmare
Lowes - Bathroom Remodel Nightmare
When my husband and I decided to remodel our bathroom we thought we'd check out our local Home Depot and Lowe's. We didn't see anything that caught our eye at Home Depot so we were off to Lowe's. We ended up buying a beautiful vanity, sink, counter top, mirror, side cabinets, jacuzzi tub, faucet, toilet and shower head. We bought the whole shabang! The style we chose for our vanity every piece had to be ordered seperatly. The clerk quoted that we would get everything in two weeks. It FINALLY arrived after SIX weeks! After unpacking all of the items, we had SIX defective pieces on the cabinet pieces. The mirror had a HUGE dent in the wooden frame, there were 2 drawers that were also dented, one of the side cabinets had an awful defect on the face as well. When I called the next day to report all of the damage pieces the girl was nice and told us just to take pictures of the damaged areas and bring them in and they would order new pieces. She told us it would be in a "rush order" and would take a week for the replacement pieces to come in. Another SIX weeks later they came in. The mirror had another huge defect in it. The sales person that we had been dealing with has now an attitude with US when we call to inquire as to where our stuff is. She is nothing but rude! It's not our fault that the stuff is junk! If I would have known it was going to be such a headache, I would have returned every single piece that I have bought. The counter top that we chose was a composite (like Corian, very pricey). It looked nice the first day. Until I tried to wash it. We read the directions and they stated to use any general household cleaner and a rag. I sprayed Fantastic on it and wipped it down. It left water-like rings all over the top! This was the last straw! I told my husband to take it off and return it. I did not want to exchange it and wait forever to just to have it happen again. We went to a local Countertop store that specializes in just that. We thought we would pay through the nose. We chose a Silestone countertop. It was $100 LESS than Lowe's PLUS they installed it, which my husband had to install the one we bought from Lowes. It has been close to four months now since all this has been going on and we are still waiting for the mirror to come, AGAIN! I will NEVER, EVER buy anything other than light bulbs at Lowes again! It really isn't worth the time, money or aggravation. If you are located in the Southern NH area and want QUALITY countertops and cabinets I would highly recommend Solid Advantage. The people there are curtious, knowledgable and professional. I wish I would have went there first! We ended up also getting a beautiful countertop for our kitchen as well! What ever you do, DON'T GO TO LOWE'S!!
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People don't care & aren't held accountable for their actions. Sad we have to deal w/this ***!!!!


So... this is Lowe's fault how?

You do understand that what you ordered was custom-made, right? I don't know why anyone would have quoted you two weeks. Custom cabinetry takes 4-6 weeks on average. But being mad at Lowe's because it came damaged?


Lowe's didn't make it. Be mad at the manufacturer.


That happened to me at value city with a bedroom set. I sent it back 3 times.One smelled like paint thinner with dents all over the wood part.

One had a whole on the headbord and broken mirrors on it.

So finally I asked to come into the store and see it before delivery.The manager ask to open the boxes to check the items and thank goodness the 4th time was a charm. It's nerves racking getting flawed furniture.


I think they r upset becuz of how Lowes handled the problems; not that its their fault it was damaged.


they really took the time to call you and tell you your mirror was broken dam customer service I guess they should of waited for you to pick it up so you can complain some more like the thousands of people that Scream everyday


WHEN I READ STORIES LIKE THIS, it reconfirms just how spoiled rotten folks are in this country. Lady, be glad you even have a home.

So sorry about your damaged custom counter tops and the wait you had to endure. May God bring you a perfect world in 2011.


i had the same problem with Home Depot American standard cabinets. they were *** and I am stuck with them.


kitchendude, I failed to mention that each and every time that we would bring something back that was defected we got the "oh, here they come again" look by the department manager as well as the store manager. As if that weren't bad enough to make us feel even more uncomfortable when we would explain what was wrong "this time" they would give US attitude!

Any manager that does not how to communitcate effectively and rationally with the customer, doesn't deserve to be in a such a position. Nor should they deserve my business. We're not talking about a minimal purchase, we spent thousands of hard earned dollars for this remodeling project.

They should have done everything in their power to smooth things with us, the CONSUMER! Their customer service is nothing short of AWFUL!


Not everything comes on the "freight truck." I'm sorry that the reorders took so long, but Lowe's, like any retailer is at the mercy of the manufacturer. Do you believe the people at Lowe's want you to be unhappy?

Lowe's is staffed by people, just like every other business.

Let everyone who works for a company with NO service issues step up.

Oh, be sure to have over 100,000 employees and serve millions of customers a week. I would appreciate the insight.





Same thing when we remodeled.

Everything is cracked dented or chipped at Lowes. Where's the pride people. I get so frustrated with returning everything anymore.

Don't ever keep anything that's not right, maybe they will get the picture.



. I just got a call from Lowes with an update on our replacement mirror. It came it but BROKEN, that's a shocker!

I HATE LOWES AND THEIR NO GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have a feeling that this project will never get completed, no thanks to Lowes!


Wow, sorry to hear about your nightmare experience. Yes although I have never ordered anything from Lowes or HOme Dept.

I've heard bad things....and your story is like the icing on the cake.

Thanks for the heads up and I will reconsider buying special order items at Lowes (or Home Depot) because of your post! :eek

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Lowes in Austin, Texas - *WARNING FOR PET OWNERS*

Do not buy a SAGA PALM PLANT, they are extremley poisining to dogs, cats, and small children. My puppy, who like to chew on things ate some of this plant and is in the hosiptal and may die from eating this. Lowes needs to put wanrings on plants when they are harmful. Why shouldnt they? All chemicals have warnings on them when they are harmful. No one should have to go threw this. We bought the puppy for my daughter for easter and now my daughter might not have a puppy because lowes failed to have warnings on there products.
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I am sorry about your dog, but there are many things that are dangerous for him or her to eat. Grapes and onions and chocolate can also be toxic to dogs.

Do you want the grocery store to put a warning label on those, too? Use some sense. If you have a puppy, it will eat EVERYTHING! There are great websites out there you can use to research whether or not a plant is poisonous for a cat or dog.

If you're not sure, it's best to assume that it is!!! I do hope your puppy is ok!


That is your responsibility, not a store that sells a PLANT. Come on!!!!!!!!!


Nearly 40 years ago, when I mentioned to a veterinarian that a Crown of Thorns plant may be poisonous to my brother's cat, he seemed shocked and replied : "Well they're all poisonous, aren't they !?"


A responsible pet owner should know which plants can be potentially harmful to one's pet. It is called doing one's research. Altho' I have my own complaints about Lowes, one cannot hold the store responsible for no warning labels on plants.


This just show how consumers have an attitude of it your fault not mine. Love the comment on the car


Okay first off.... How is the consumer supposed to know what plants are harmful to children and pets....there has to be a warning on chemicals...

so why not plants...

and the puppy didnt eat the whoel thing just one little piece of a leaf. And the plant wasnt in the house it was planted outside.


Maybe SHE should have eaten the palm, and then we would have been spared her pathetic attempt to blame Lowe's!


Yes, this post is quite *** along with the poster. Mr. "Andy Capp" is right.....there are millions of things out there that are poisonous and deadly out there that don't have warning labels and ought not. This person should have done their homework before buying a puppy....there are tons of lists out there that list poisonous things, take the time to look.

Next thing....WHO BUYS A PLANT WHEN THERE IS A PUPPY IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---- Anyone knows that puppies LOVE to chew on stuff...why the h**l would you buy a houseplant that is floor level for the puppy to chew on. Puppies usually chew on weird stuff because they are bored anyway. On your next dog, try buying more toys or playing with it more to tire it out, instead of walking away while he/she roams the house looking for trouble to get into.

If this post was a warning to consumers on how the Sago (yes, Sago...NOT "Saga") plant is deadly to dogs then fine.....great post! But unfortunately the *** ruined it by stating that Lowes should put warning labels on their houseplants. No offense, but that is the dumbest idea I've heard of this month. Thanks, this post just made my day!


Maybe you could keep the puppy from eating the plant! Oh wait....that would mean that YOU would be at fault.

Of course it MUST be someone else that is at fault. Are you the same person that sued McDonald's because their coffee was hot?


First of all, it's Sago Palm, not Saga, and you're an ***.

Do you ask for your grocery store to put a warning on coffee, that it may raise your blood pressure?

Or how about a warning label on your car, that it may run over something?

How about vodka, that it might make you drunk?


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Lowes in Ellicott City, Maryland - $300,000.00 in damages and climbing from Lowe's roof install

In September of 2008 we contracted with Lowe's to replace a slate roof on a home built in 1837 with Owens Corning 30 yr. shingles. Their installer came and removed the slate-left it all over the lawn. The roofer then left our job to go to complete others he had started. He did not cover our roof and then the rains came - 4" of driving rain from tropical storm Kyle came up the coast and onto our open roof and into our home. We now have 11 rooms completely destroyed with plaster walls and ceilings on the now warped floors. Mold is growing everywhere and Lowe's has not made good on their warranty or made any attempt to make us whole. Their insurance company was useless and actually told us when we could not find the contracted roofer (the job was paid in full, $11,000.00) that we needed to find a roofer to get out there and close that roof up saying, "It is, after all, your investment. You need to find yourselves a roofer." The fight goes on.....
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Tell me about it...

Contact information provided by:


Don't worry about it - your house sucks, and Obama is going to buy you a new house anyways....


I would, on a normal basis, say someting sarcastic.

Not this time. I am sorry to hear about your major problems. I am very sorry that I can't do anything to help.

I will pray for you and your family.

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Lowes Warranty

Lowes chasier mistake

Lowes cashier overcharged me on my receipt at checkout and could not refund my money had to see customer service and they would only give me a gift card for their mistake. Lowes should be aming to please their customer and be glad someone in this economic hard times is there in the store buying to begin with and not one of these stores who is going out of business. I f this keeps up they may be filing bankruptancy. I would like for this store to be there for the consumer instead of out to see how much money they can gain by these types of practices.
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Why could they only give you a Merchandise Credit at CS?

There are only three reasons I know of:

1. You paid with a Gift Card or Merchandise Credit

2. You had no receipt.

3. (most likely) you paid with a check.

If it was 1 then so what who cares. You got back what you paid with.

If it was 2 then just go get your receipt.

If it was 3 and it was the same day, the cashier along with there supervisor(head cashier or higher) could have refunded the whole sale and re-invoiced the sale, on the same register. You would have had to write a new check, but that is because the wrong amount was written on the old one. This can only be done on the same day and requires a mangers approval(To keep the honest people honest). If the error was noticed after the day of the sale, you have to wait 15(sometimes 8) days before you can get cash back.


Contact information provided by:

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Lowes Cashier

Lowes in Tampa, Florida - They sold us a front door that didnt fit and insisted it did

we bought a door from Lowes/the salesman took our measurements and gave us a door. the door didnt fit. they argued over the phone several times and different stories were told to us by different people / out and lies. they would not make good and we said fine pick up the door and give us our money back. they said no/ they would rent us a truck and bring it back ourselves. first of all we both have arthritis and cant pick them up and lift them into a truck and secondly this was thier mistake and we feel they should pick it up. secondly, they recently measured our floors for tile and they measured over 100 sq. ft more than the other company(the other co. did it and they had left over)
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The doors at the building supply houses are generally manufactured using the same materials as the doors at the boxes... I would have to say that shipping/handling takes a toll on Lowe's doors, whereas building supply's are better for not being damaged.


It si anazing how people think they are getting a deal with these outfits. I am a contractor and there are no deals at Lowes,Menards,Home depot.

I can always get a better quality product at the local lumberyard at the same price or less.

These places have *** products at the price you can get a quality one for. As for Sally boo hoo you keep going there you deserve it.


why would you contract them to do your floors if you felt they did your door incorrectly?


Boo hoo hooooo :cry

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LOWES credit card limits drop with no reason

As a long time lowes customer,I am pissed off at the way Lowes has cut my credit limit from 2500 to 990 an then last week cut to 490.I have never been late or missed a payment in 16 years Ive had my card.SO WHAT UP LOWES YOU DONT NEED MY MONEY.I always paid above my minimum payment but not any more. when it paid off Im taking my card to my local store an cut it up in front of the store an give it to the people at service desk an be sure everybody hears me when I say LOWES SUCKS
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I have had my Lowes card for 25 years. The due date on our bill is the 10th and that is when I pay it.

When I went online to pay last month the due date had been changed to the 7th and they had charged me a late fee. I received a letter in the mail saying I was in default and they were raising my interest rate. The rate was outrageous as it was! I called and canceled the card.

Now they are reporting that as bad credit to the credit bureau. ALSO, I paid my bill online a day early this month and I just went and saw that they had charged me a late charge and had not applied the payment.

I have the confirmation e-mail, but it is ridiculous that I have to fight for Lowes to be fair after 25 years! Thanks're building something alright..a bad taste in people's mouths.


did me the same way, cut my credit limit down to what I owed. Had my card sent 1984 credit was $5000


Apparently your credit was slow


Bell76 it is called a "Lowe's Card". Yes it is actually a GE money bank card, but because Lowe's has put there name on it, it is a Lowe's card.

If Lowe's put there name on a card that gave all customers free computers with every sale, but it was really a card back by say Dell or Compaq Lowe's would be the hero because it is a Lowe's card. You have to take the marketing bad with the marketing good.


What you people dont understand is that Lowe's has nothing to do with it. It is the Ge Financing company that is responsible for this. You going in and cutting your card up in front of everyone just makes you look ***.

1 single mom

I unserstand your frustration. Lowes unexpectedly closed my account (with an $18 balance) in January.

They said it was because of negative reportings from Equifax. Untrue. I contacted Equifax, obtained a copy of my credit report and there is absolutely no negative reportings whatsoever. I am rebuilding a home for the third time in 4 years (from south LA, finished remodeling in 2005 3 months before Rita hit, flooded for Rita, flooded for Ike).

Each time I purchased the bulk of the materials from Lowes so one can only imagine how much was spent in their store.

Never had a late payment, always paid more than minimum payment required. I guess they are recession proof because they didn't need my money!!!

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They Should Call Lowes In Smithfield NC Slows.

I went to the Lowes Home Improvement Store In Smithfield On Brightleaf Blvd. I had ordered an appliance online and came in to pick it up. You wouldn't believe how long I stood at the customer Service Desk waiting for someone to notice I needed help. Then I finially got the person at customer services attention. If she wasn't busy texting on her phone she would've of noticed me in the first place!Anyway a long story short. I arrived in lowes at 2pm and left there with my appliance at 6pm!!!!! I will never order or go to them again... I can't stand the way they are. Poor customer service and the employee's are more slow than helpful.
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Update! We received a new gas grill fully assembled today at 2:15 PM.

The young men that delivered it were very helpful and courteous. It was a happy ending to a very frustrating situation.


I have now experienced two problems with this store in only 3 months after shopping here for 10 years without issue.

We picked up a grill there yesterday. The person at the counter told us to wait in the loading zone and the item would be delivered to us. We waited in the prescribed area for 15 minutes then my wife went back in and asked the lady what was happening. Then she (my wife) was informed by the same Associate that we would have to get a cart and go to the aisle where the item was located. What was that all about I ask??

Then I received the 100 lb. box and was unable to get any help to load it in my truck. The young lady at the service desk must have called "Code 50" about 5 times and no one showed up. I was disgusted and just did it by myself. Also, FYI - there was no loading activity going on outside.

Here's the kicker: I got the gas grill home to find that it was damaged beyond use.

My wife called the store at that point because I was too "hot." She got cut-off 3 times. Finally she spoke with a gentleman that said he would have another grill assembled and have it delivered today. I am now waiting for this to happen.

If I cannot get this resolved I will start a process to speak with someone at Corporate headquarters far beyond Kelvin Redd and Rex Rhyne. Folks you've got way too many Managers, Generals, Admirals and Chiefs but I couldn't get help putting a 100 lb. box in my truck. Hey, Kelvin!! Hey Rex!! Guys, I could have used your hand! :(


If your appliance was not ready when you picked it , Lowes is suppose to give you a gift crd worth 25.oo. Once an order is placed on the internet, Lowes has 30 minutes to pull that item and have it ready for pickup. Otherwise they must give a gift card for the inconvience


I have been a very satisfied customer of the Lowe's Smithfield store for 10 years. 99% of the folks have been just as nice and helpful as they can be.

Yesterday, however, I ran into my first legitimate issue with a single employee that had apparently forgotten that he worked for Lowe's and thought he was going to play games with me. Believe me when I say that he pushed my buttons and I walked away from this person before I began expressing myself in that aisle.

As soon as I got home I sent a formal complaint via email to Lowe's corporate. I didn't think twice about it.

It is the company's policy that following a written complaint, a store manager contacts you within 24 hours. The gentleman did call and apologized for the unwarranted incident that had happened.

The point I am making is that when you encounter a "real" problem let corporate know in written fashion. I do believe that Lowe's will listen and act.


Most all of my experiences at Lowes of Smithfield have been very good.... except for ONE.

One time I was at the Service counter to check out and the young lady saw me, her desk top phone rang, she turned her back to me, proceeded to laugh and giggle with the person on the line, which I assumed was someone whom worked there because it was an inside call, then when she finished she rang-up my products. As I was greeted by another Lowes manager type person at the front registers while on my way out the door,I told her how I was treated and she addressed the issue immediately and appologized. I felt better and I hope the young lady received additional training.

My very best experience with Lowes of Smithfield just happened about 4 weeks ago. I bought an out building (Wood Rainer 10 x 10)and Ms Erica in the lumber dept.

gave me excellent service, was very knowledgeable of the product and most of all she was very pleasant to deal with.

She's great and I told others about her great service and smiling face. Way to go Lowes!

You don't always have to get angery, just let a manager know that they have an employee that needs more training and how you were treated.


I've worked at Lowes of smithfield for 11 years, and I know for a fact, that she did not wair 4 hrs. Lowes policy is 20 minutes or less for on-line orders.

As for the associate rexring, our phones are not set up to e-mail,text, etc. No cellphones are allowed on the sales flor. Further, the Store Manager and Operatios Manager have an office less than 10 feet from counter.

Exeration is one thing, but 4 hrs? BS


well you live in north carolina that explains it. They are too busy lounging.


People can't read your mind. All you have to do is ask.

Believe it or not, sometimes places are under staffed, and if thats the case then one person may be doing 2 or 3 peoples' job. If they are texting, just interrupt politely. How in the world would it take 4 hours?

Ask for help, if it doesnt come in 5 to 10 minutes, ask again. I smell exaggeration.


Yeah! Use your voice.

Contact info provided by: :(


You have fingers so I am assuming that you have a mouth. FREAKIN USE IT!

When I stand waiting longer than 10 min I open my mouth. First politly. Should nothing happen a little force and sarcasim. Still nothing I get loud and demand a manager.

All told I never wait longer than 20 min.

Grow the *** up and grow a pair.

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Lowes in Seadrift, Texas - No service

3/23/09 lowes ft worth tx. near loop 820 and hwy 199 around 2 pm t0 2:30 pm I looked for help in lawn and garden eventually I found the barbed wire and t-posts I wanted but could not get to the wire rolls under a shelf. Again I searched for help. Next I went to customer service and waited while a woman talked on the phone for a while. Next I went to a cashier and asked for the stores phone number,called and got a dis-connected number. I called information for the correct number and called and asked for the manager or the service desk. Eventually the operator came back on and asked if she should try again . I said no thanks I will take my business elsewhere. Simms lumber was happy to fill my 1600 dollar order and not turn their back on me and pretend I was not there.
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1 comment

The phone number for each store is posted in LARGE PRINT right behind the customer service desk. And those employees behind the service desk have to also cater to customers on the phone...YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD who needs help.

Thank god you don't shop at Lowe's anymore...people like you make going to work unbearable.

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Lowes in Bloomington, Indiana - Handicap accessibility

I shop at Lowes. Recently I went to Menards and decided I would prefer your store. But I cannot get around it without an electric scooter basket. So, I'm back to Lowes. Please reconsider your decision about having scooters. While it may not be required by law, it is good business to cater to customers. The old bottom line was profit. The new bottom line is the well being of people. Corporations have made things difficult for the common people for a long time and we are beginning to recognize that we don't have to take it from corporations any more. We can take our business elsewhere. -Deb
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You have become too comfortable with your handicap. You no longer push your limits.

You have settled into your handicap and in that comfort you no longer try. As a handicapped person myself, I push myself constantly. I get extra PT by walking further by parking further away. In doing this I have started building more stamina and a greater tolerance to the pain.

Now this doesn’t address them not having a scooter for you. I use it to illustrate that YOU should help yourself. That your usual appliance that you use for getting around should be just fine. I know pushing yourself hurts and you will pay for it but it’s worth it.

Yes there are extreme cases that need a electric cart but those extreme cases usually have their own. Make yourself better so you don’t need to rely on them.

I can guess why they don’t have carts, insurance. Normally handicap and elderly aren’t the best drivers and running into something there could be costly.


Stores that don’t have electric scooters ...probably just don’t care or they don’t want law suits if you get hurt while riding it


Hard to believe someone can make smart *** comments about people that need electric carts to get through these huge box stores and not be informed how big of a *** they sound like. I have recently and very reluctantly had to start using them and only came across this thread because I was Googleing to see if Lowes had them as I need to get in to a store to buy some stuff.


Menards is not a corporation it is owned and operated by John Menard. If this is truly an issue for you write him a letter.

He is a business man. If you can convince him it makes good business sense to do so he will have them in a very short order. It's business 101 if it can provide enough additional revenue to pay for it's self it's a no brainer.

However if it won't at least pay for it's self there is no way in *** Mr. Menard is going to do it.


And that My friend is what is sad. He should be reading these comments and addressing them himself.

this Company did not I repeat did not honor the lady in Marion county after selling her the wrong product. She had to paint it the shade she needed and the young man Tristan would have made this right but they took him off put him back on checkout.. Jhon should look at these comments and make them right. I would suggest not using this store .Jack never has returned the calls email nor sent a check for her cost.

Store is in Owenborrs Ky. If you tell them as you say a corporation you tell them a lady got smart with you when you called and it is on. They go and talk to them and Lowes a corporation as you say didnt send the products on time to her and gave her the product at cost and paid for the wiring cost at the venue. This has been over a year and I still send emails to no effect of course and yes Lowes has the chair and will have someone waik with you as you shop.

So as your comment suggest no way in *** he puts Money First not his customers but a Corp puts theirs first. Corp Dif extended stores , Invested in Mateiral Francise, and stock Holders Hmmmm.

Should not have to write him a Letter like he is going to read and return one any way.Comments tell the Story he can read them and make the stores do what he says put the CUSTOMER FIRST. Not being able to walk is Truly a Issue hope you gained some points because thie really doesnt make him look good.


Why should everyone who shops at a store have to pay for your need for an electric scooter? It should be the responsibility of the individual to pay for out of the ordinary needs.

How could you even tell if the store is better if they do not have electric scooters and you need one to get around the store?

Oh wait, I guess you were actually able to get around the store without one to see that you liked it. Did you ever stop to think that the store may be nicer because they do not spend on things like a row of electric scooters that are used by less than 1% of their customers?


Hey BOB, what if your an amputee like I am and don't have a prosthetic leg. It would be nice to have a cart to ride and shop. Guess your to stupid to realize that


I'd probably want my own cart so I wouldn't have to be concerned if the store had one or not.


These are not “out of the ordinary needs” They are an absolute Necessity for someone who is handicapped.I suppose you also have a problem with handicap parking spaces! We are the ones that can’t shop unless the store provides Electric scooters.

You Sounds like a very bitter person. I hope your never in the circumstances where you need a scooter.


Bob! I just lost the use of my left leg, I have been a customer of Lowe's, Menards and Home Depot.

I just checked to see if I could actually get to the flooring department at Lowe's. I'm 65, not usually handicapped, I'm sad to inform you, even non-handicapped people have accidents and become handicapped. I have needed the use of a scooter 3 times in my life.

I hope and pray you never need help. I thank you for the information, I won't stop at Menards for flooring, or anything else, even after I regain the use of my knee.


Shop at Lowes Rogers, AR we have 6 power carts with big baskets on the front. Just waiting for you.

three of those are new fast models. Enjoy


Buy your own??? Anyone who requires a scooter for large stores knows how difficult they are to take apart, load in your car, put it back together just so you can pick out new door handles or whatever.


Any personally owned scooters are not meant for shopping. They don’t have the baskets that the commercial scooters have.


Don't go there at all go to a local lumberyard and they will probably find and load everything for you.Lowes doesn't care if you come back the local lumberyard will. Lowes,Menards,Homedepot don't have better deals anyway unless you local lumberyard is just screwing everyone. Really compare quality and price and you will find you are going to be better off.


Any Lowe’s hardware store I’ve been to all have electric scooters.


You have know idea, until you read this.


no, the new bottom line is still money. always has been and always will be as long as you're alive. get used to it.


I’d like to see you get used to being handicapped. If the store doesn’t provide an electric scooter I don’t shop there. Not because I don’t want to it’s because I can’t walk!


Buy your own scooter, then you will not have to relay on the store to provide you with transportation, which is not part of their business.

@Lowes Shopper

Buy your own? Have you ever priced them?

Most people needing them are trying to get by on SSI or SSDI, typically under $1250 Mo. If these stores

can offer some help it would

increase their sales

@Lowes Shopper

The personally owned scooters do not provide the big baskets you need when shopping.


Jan you're trying to talk to the kind of moron that embarasses me as a conservative. With clowns like him cluttering the landscape conservatives will continue to lose ground, though we AREN'T a bunch of heartless jerks.

I can guarantee, without reservation that HE takes advantage of certain "extras" retailers provide.

But like idiots across the land he considers them his "right". Color him LOSER.

@Lowes Shopper

Home scooters do not have the big baskets for shopping. Also many can't get them to the store.

@Lowes Shopper

I'm having a knee replaced, why should I have to buy a scooter to put my money in their pocket for the 2 months I'll be off my feet?

@Lowes Shopper

For people who think having a electric scooter to get around a large store is unfair one should consider that I for example are 100% disable veteran isn’t that enough maybe not oh should a person that worked all there life and now have a hard time getting around because they are 80 or 90 years old? Maybe they should rely on their children or others to shop for them at what point did we lose common curtesy for each other, at the end of the day we should all be happy and healthy but for some strange reason it doesn’t work that way.

As a personal point of I hope you never know anyone that gets old or disabled. 72 a usmc vietnam disable veteran

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Lowes in Medford, Oregon - Bosch tankless water heater and appliance service

my husband and I bought a bosch aqua star tankless water heater and a bosch washer and dryer. we bought the water heater three years ago this coming september and have been having trouble with it starting and have to continually reset it to get it to work. we called to have it serviced and found out there is no one in our area that will service it which makes it pointless to have a warenty to have it serviced once a year as no one will service them so what is one to do then.we also have a bosch washer that isn't working and have the same problem and have had it made very difficult to get anyone here to service it also if i knew then what i know now i would never had bought a bosch appliance and am so upset that i want to return them where we bought them . i have'nt had the washer and dryer for a year yet and now have to go to the laundry mat to wash my clothes while i wait for someone to set up a service appointment. how long does one have to wait before something is done. beware of what you buy. we live in oregon. has anyone else had anything like this happen to them
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I work for Lowe's and I truly do sympathize with you. I am in the Chicago area, and we have the same problems with tankless Bosch water heaters.

We at our store have NO ONE to install them, so basically, the poor customer, if they choose to purchase one, has to find their own installer. For this reason alone, I usually try to have them stay with the traditional upright "tank" style in an energy efficient model, be it gas or electric. The plumbers/service folks are also more adept at servicing these units if and when a problem occurs. The Bosch laundry has proved very reliable for us, so sorry you are having this problem.

Have you tried calling the Bosch #800 number? They could probably find a service provider for you if you are near a large city or town like Portland or Eugene.

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