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Lowes in Centreville, Virginia - Website says my local store has item.They DON'T

Lowe's website assured me that the local store has the item I need in "in stock and ready for delivery". When I called the store to check, I was told "that item is discontinued and is not in stock nor will it be in stock". Get with it, Lowes......don't have your website say one thing when in fact it's simply not true. You are SO not helpful! If this is how you run your business, I'd rather patronize the little Mom & Pop appliance store down the street (you know, the one's you've been putting out of business for years).
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First off, so they don't have the item you wanted. Relax.

They have 45,000 items on hand and yes, at times their inventory is not correct. Move on with your life. Secondly, if you want to patronize the local 'mom and pop' place then do so. You obviously don't since you were at Lowe's in the first place.

Besides, at the mom and pop place you will pay twice as much, but you already know that.

Stop your *** and get off your *** and walk into the store and find your product if you want it that bad. A lazy is a lazy does.

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Lowes Website

Lowes in Reston, Virginia - Lowe's new kitchen applicances gone bad

We bought all new kitchen applicances from Lowe's & our first ones ever! Craig, our salesman & manager was very professional. From the delivery service which was rude, late, lost or left parts, cut wires without shutting off the electricity which caused a fireball in our kitchen to Naperville manager who cannot coordinate or take reponsibility, we will never buy an applicance or anything from them again. Our frig is damaged & their lack of service is horrible. Now our new frig is lost somewhere & still not here. We have talked to the Naperville Lowe's countless times. What a comedy of errors without the humor. No one cares! We own a small business & would never treat our customers in this manner. We would lose customers & now we are talking to their corporate office. We are considering talking to our attorney & the local newspapers. We really wish we would have gone with another private business owner who takes pride & reponsibility. Buyer beware!
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I agree, I usually come on board here to defend Lowe's against meaningless, trivial accusations, but I do have to say that 3P, our delivery team, is perhaps the worst I have ever encountered. I cannot tell you how many irate phone calls i have taken concerning what they have done while delivering appliances to customers homes.

To Lowe's corporate, YOU need to bring back the in-store, care about the customer, know what you are doing delivery teams we USED to have!! Half the time, these 3P delivery guys cannot even speak english! Come on! Sadly, this type of delivery "service" is now pervasive across the board, be it us, Home Depot, Sears, etc.

They are all more or less "contracting out" their delivery services to these third party delivery companies all to save a buck. I wish I had the answer, but being nothing but a specialist within Lowe's, my voice is one that is not heard @ the corporate level.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Hendersonville, North Carolina - Lousy warranty service

on sept 15th.i called lowes warranty service to have my lawn mower picked up for repair of the gas pedal.I was told there were 3 repair shops in my vicinity and they called the 1st one who said it would be 3 weeks before they could get it.the 2nd shop said they wouldn't travel to my house because it was 3 hrs away.thats totally untrue and the 3rd said he could pick it up and fix in 3 to 5 days.i said lets go with shelby outdoor power equipment and after many calls and complaining he finally showed up 10 days later.he complained about the lack of gas for his truck and i informed him all you have to do is call and explain why your not coming as promised.he said he would have it back in 5 days and a week at the most.after the week ended we called and was told he had to order a new gas pedal which he just received and would deliver the fixed lawn mower in 3 or 4 days after 5 days i called lowes warranty service and asked for their help since he is contracted by lowes to fox their lawnmowers but all they did was call him and he said 1 or 2 days he would be bringing it i get a message left on phone from lowes saying they followed up a call to shelby and was told still working on it and next week is new delivery date.i certainly don't believe the end is sum it up it has taken 1month so far to fix a gas pedal i'd hate to have a major repair done by shelby outdoor power.
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:cry :cry :cry don't the general public understand the warranty is from the manufactor NOT LOWES .SAME FOR ANYOTHER RETAILER.WHY DON'T YOU *** AT THEM??? :?

:? :?


if only you really knew what it was like. i agree with retailer4life.

you should have called in sooner.


Thanks Wally .I guess retailer4life doesn't think we can see through the smoke and mirrors


Hey retailer4life, your explanation is just more *** spewing of what's causing lowes to be going down the tubes.


This truly IS NOT Lowe's fault here. Yes, we "contract" out repair facilities to do our warranty work, as do all major retailers, including Sears, Home Depot, etc.

and But ALL of these guys, in most cases, are "independents" meaning they do not work exclusively for one retailer or another. And yes, I've scratched my head a time or two dealing with guys like this myself.

Unfortunately, the number of repair shops in any area is indeed limited, we cannot pull reapir shops out of a hat like rabbits, and not knowing the complete situation, maybe there was an unusual situation with your equipment or perhaps the part from the manufacturer was on back order from another vendor? A lot of things could be @ play here, we do not know.

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Lowes Delivery Service

Lowes in Rock Hill, South Carolina - Going down in a hand basket

What is up with the lowes in rock hill? Was in their the other night, and the store looked like a train wreck. Their was noone hardly in any department, and I went up to the check out line up by seems where the employees hang out. was trying to get the attention of this one young girl, who was too busy talking to the men, she totally ignored me, all I wanted to do was ask why their was noone working arond the ceiling fan area. This was friday 9-9-08. I got peaved, so I just walked out, and will never return. Some employees that work there are just down right rude. I work with the public, in the insurance business, and I know not to make a customer upset.
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Hey retailer4life, you're a shining example of the low lifes at lowes.


retailer4life, Why were you kicked out of the marines? Is it because you were kicked out of the marines for killing babies?


Hey Sgt. Carter, Wally called, he wants you over to Doctor Bailey's too!

Gawd i would LOVE to have 5 minutes alone with you two *** in my Lowes bullpen one @ a time! Don't tell me you guys actually work for a living.

Oh wait, you guys are probably still in high school!! Well, better go, you 2 probably have "personal" things to do together, don't want to get you 2 all worked up!!


retailer4 life, is that you Pyle ??


Hey, Wally, this ex-Marine is ready anytime!! Oh, by the way, *** what branch of the service were you in??

i didn't think so.... Hoo Rah! Don't ask,,,,don't tell didn't work for you.

hey, Dr. Bailey just snapped on a fresh rubber glove..he's ready for ya!!


retailer4life, After you've completed psychotherapy, you'll feel like a new man. And you'll overcome your obsession for Wally.


Hey retailer4life, why in the world would I want go to lowes, unless it's just to kick your little ***? Home depot is a much better store.

and they have real customer service. Customer service is something that lowes doesn't have a clue about. Lowes only hire the *** of the earth as you have demonstrated .

Why do you think that Home Depot outsells lowes? Besides lowes is on its last leg anyway.


Hey Doctor Bailey, something tells me what part of the exam you like best, pal!! I bet wally's all excited for that part of it!!


retailer4life, If you’ll make an appointment with your personal physician, I’m positive he can refer you to a specialist so you can get the help you desperately need. I’m also positive you’ll be able to recover from any problems you may have. I also understand that you may not have the sufficient financial resources to get a full recovery, but I’m sure financial arrangements may be coordinated with your employer.


Hey, Ashley, go take some penicillin for the STD you got from your brothers. Your *** girlfriend needs to know the truth!!


It took this person a month to write this letter, yet they still did not check it over. This letter is a trainwreck with all the misspelligs.


retailer4life, how is Wally gonna recognize you among all the other low lifes?


Hey, Wally, wanna come into my Lowe's sometime, and get in my face and call me a low life?? Your boyfriend would not recognize you!!


What the heck did you expect? You should know that "big box" stores just hire low lifes and I'm surprised they get paid at all.

And why did it take over a month for you to post a complaint? You should've gotten over this by now.


Be patient. Life goes on.

There's a war going on and a huge election. More important things in life than "does that fan have a remote control".

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Lowes in Reston, Virginia - 2 failed water heaters

2 failed water heaters and I was told to take them apart and figure out what was wrong with them. Then I should disconnect them and bring them back. Who supposed to pay for the plumber to connect and disconnect each time. Whirlpool was so rude, they went as far as hanging up on me and said it was my problem. At no time was I rude or unreasonable. Lowes said it was out of their hands. Deal with Whirlpool. This goes back and forth and I'm out the time and the money for the plumber visits. Let alone the number of trips to return the hotwater heaters.
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The Truth about Lowes

I would like to start off by saying, I hope to not offend any one w/ this statement. I am an employee of Lowes. Just as you have your horror stories, we have ours. I love working with the public and truly love helping customers. But, I have been cussed, spat on, had things thrown at me. Even w/ this being said, I still love helping others. It takes a polite, responsible,patient, courteous, and mature person to work in retail. It is not for everyone. Please remember, when you go into your neighborhood Lowes, we want to help you. We may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we sure will try. Afterall, do you honestly think that all of us want to upset, offend, or sell the wrong product? No, we don't. We are only humans. At some point, mistakes happen. I undertand it costs you, the consumer, money, time and patience. And of course, there are always employees that do not care whether or not you get help, or even get the right thing. And, it only takes one rotten to spoil the whole bunch. Sometimes, you just need to look a little harder to find the perfect one. We are out there, we are the ones who try to solve your problems. We are the ones who load vehicles for the elderly just because it is the right thing to do. We are the ones who think about an unhappy customer after we leave work. We are the ones who wonder what could we have done different to make the customer happy. We are the ones who try to help you even though we are in an area we know nothing about. We are the ones who call you if you drop or lose something. We are the ones who see you struggling w/ something and grab you a cart BEFORE you ask. We are the ones who truly do care. And yes, WE ARE OUT THERE! I will not say which store I work at, just that it is in the south. I am not in management, just a small little employee w/ a heart and a voice. If you learn anything from this message, I hope it is to be compassionate and understanding. Afterall, I still am after years in retail.
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retailer4life youre a liar...lowes service sucks and you know it. And who "made" you read these forums.



Uhm, honestly, I worked for Lowe's for 3 years, worst retail experience in my life so far. Managers were 10 years younger than me and I was 32 at the time.

Regional didn't care, corperate didn't care, they treated us like push button robots, worked 60 hr weeks and maybe a 2 day weekend off every 3 months.

You complain, you got written up and eventually axed. Worst place I have ever worked.


Hey Wally, stop dreaming about getting in Dr. Bailey's *** and give me some facts about customer service, pretty boy!!

Before you call me one!

You know you can't these arguments on this sight, It's like taking candy from a baby going head to head against sapa like you! You can only come back with a little smirky one-liner, that alone is a clear indicator of the intelligence difference going on here!


Hey retailer4life, you're a *** and a shining example of what customer service is not.


This, in a nutshell, sums up what we @ Lowe's truly are. We are there to help, NOT be ridiculed, made to read all the tripe the complainers have to write about in these forums, I have called out several of the "complainers" personally on this site, and of course when I've challenged them with the facts, they no longer communicate!!

Truth about Lowes nailed it, in my book. To you complainers, take it elsewhere!

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Lowes in Los Angeles, California - Excess installation charges

recently i had a microwave installed above the stove and under a cabinet by lowes and was charged a extra fee for what the installer said was a modification by adding a flex exhaust pipe and laying a 1x3 peice of wood across the inside of the cabinet as the exhaust pipe hole was to large to bolt the microwave to / i call this normal instalation not a modification / for this i was charged a extra $55 by the installer / i wish to thanks lowes for the store credit i just recived for $55 and the consumer complaint line for getting this coreccted / sincerally david sandefur
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my gosh you all are mean, no wonder I do it myself, I wouldn't want to do business with any of you! $400 for a microwave install is outrageous, it;s so easy a girl can do it...I'd charge half and feel I got paid a fortune.


It's no wonder Menards doesn't offer installation. Look at all the complaints about installation on Lowes and Home Depot installation from consumers who don't want to pay for the work needed. They don't need the headaches guys like this cause.


You consider what normal installation? Are you an electrician or contractor?

Nope you're not...I'm quite sure you were informed in the contract that additional charges may jus want something for nothin. Real classy of you.


Mr Sandefur, your success should be congratulated. Some of the comments here show just how some of Lowes' outlets are out to *** out of your hard earned money. I'm sure if they had been in your shoes they'd be ***' and moanin'.


Must agree with retailer4life. David Sandefur, had you gone with ANY electrician to do that same job, it would have cost at a MINIMUM $400, and that is IF any electrician would come out for such a *** little job.

You just stole $55 from the pockets of the workers at that store, not Lowes itself. Hope you are proud of yourself.


Okay, ***, LISTEN REAL CLOSE here, NORMAL INSTALLATION is just that....NORMAL installation. WHENEVER a contractor i.e.

installer has to do anything more to make something fit. it is ALWAYS an additional charge! Do you do work for free?? Why don't you just go back to Lowe's and complain that the whole friggin' microhood should be free, too??

Please all of you people, go through Lowe's @ pissed consumer and read my other posts, this is getting ridiculous!! I just wish you "know it alls" (who know NOTHING at all about retail) would come into my appliance dept. sometime!! Jeez.....

And before you *** respond with your childish replies, take a good long look in your mirror and realize the problems we encounter as sales specialists, be it Lowe's Home Depot, Menards, etc. ALL start and end with you "know it alls".

Gawd... come on retirement age so I can get out of this!!

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Lowes Installation

Lowes In Stillwater Oklahoma

I have three simply amazingly BAD major experiences with Lowes here in Stillwater ..all in the past four months. My bad experience ranges from them losing a refrigerator and claiming that someone else picked it up!.... to having a complete *** and incompetent installer come over and mis measure a patio door ..and then not standing by the error... and then re ordering the wrong door... It is incredible but we have very few other options here. The people just don't care and are not well trained...a seven year old could do better than most of these people...
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this sounds like a lowes typical shopping experience that i have every time I go into that store.


Hello I am Beverly I paid for 3 details on Tuesday 27th. I met a very pleasant gentleman in plumbing.

Even though the computer was running slow and the printer was not working he tried to hold it together. I then went to millwork and flooring. All the folks were pleasant even though short staffed. Well that retail.

I was told I would be contacted with in 48 hrs. The flooring installer was on the ball. He called me same day and was here on Wednesday to do the detail. The Plumbing installer I have not seen nor heard from.

It is now Friday. My husband had me go back and return the toilet and cancel the install. When I told the return gal we were not called and no one came, she said "we aren't perfect." Oookkk. My money is perfect.

I still did not here from the installer for millwork. It is Friday afternoon. I got a call from Lowes and the gentleman on the phone let me know that they had my measurements and I had to come into the store to choose my flooring. I told him I already did also the insulation for under the wood.

He replied. " Well all I have to do is make the calls." Ooookkk. The store manager has not done a one on one for customer service with his employees.

I always hair how pleasant the south is. I guess Oklahoma is not part of the south or is it that this Lowe's just sucks.


You know if you have a problem with Lowes, you should at least be brave enough to give your name. Most people don't read comments from anonymous people.

Lowes has never given us any problems.

We really like the store. Thanks, Barbara


Let me guess, Barbara--you're on the Lowe's payroll. Do you really think that posting your first name counts for anything?

Thanks! Barbara Too


I purchased a Frigidare refrigerator from Lowes in Stillwater in Feb 2009. May 15, 2010 the compressor stopped working.

Since it was over a year, Lowes wouldn't warranty the unit since I didn't buy the extended warranty.

So I ordered a new one from Sears with a 5 year extended warranty. Yes they deliver in Stillwater.



We don't all live on a reservation in a *** teepee you *** wipe! And second off, most of the employees are college students just trying to get through school so bear with us!


:zzz ,

This person needs to grow up... Uh...What do you think?


Hmmm.... me thinkum that if paleface in Stillwater is shopping in big home improvement teepee he must be being waited on by brave in red vest just offem reservation! Just giv'em a chance, after all, you're in OKLAHOMA for gosh sakes!!

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Lowes in Rock Hill, South Carolina - What a messed up store

Rock Hill lowes is the worst lowes of them all, in my opinion, when you go in there and go to a certain department, either there is noone around and you ask some other employee, and they do not know anything. this is really frustrating, what gives. cannot they find people with knowledge? I cannot wait for the waxhaw store to open up because I live in Lancaster, I will go there, so I don't have to put up with rock hill lowes, and sometimes when you go up to customer service, some of them women ( thats all I see anyway) they get an attitude that just gets my blood to boil. come on Waxhaw Lowes open soon, please.
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Lowes does NOT Price Match

How great of Lowes to pride themselves on a guarantee competitor Price Match. However, they are NOT willing to price match their own Store. That's right one Lowes in one part of town has one price and the other Lowes a couple of miles down the road has another price - and guess what - they will NOT match it. Even after the first Lowes told me to go on to the other store and get the item there, for they were out of stock. So guess what Lowes - I guarantee that I will take my business to your competitors instead.
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Same problem after another lowes employee said they would price match and to go to another store. How ***!

Taking my business elsewhere over 70.00 when I am a contractor. Hope it was worth it to lose customers!!


I know this is an old thread, but it's now 2013. I just had this happen to me.

Lowes in La Habra, CA is selling 28"x32" replacement glass for cheaper than Lowes in Chino, CA.

Items are the same brand, same size, same everything. They refused to match, even with their guarantee stating that they don't match other Lowes stores. When asked why, they couldn't give me an answer. :roll

Also I worked with lowes from 2006-2008.


I bought an outdoor light fixture and needed two more, but Lowes was out of stock. They initially checked stock at another local store & suggested I go there, but I didnt have the time that day to drive over, so at the suggestion of Customer Service they pre-ordered the fixtures telling me it should only be a couple of days as six more were on order.

The item was on sale for $43.16 (down from $54). Since I paid that day, I was charged the sale price on the lights. I have checked back every Tuesday and Friday (apparently their stocking days) & now a month later & I'm still waiting for these "regular stock" items to arrive. Not only am i still waiting, but i was told that the items are now priced at $36.

I was going to return my pre-paid order for a Lowes store credit & go to other area Lowes (6 miles away) to pick up the same fixtures since they had them in stock, but the want even more than the pre-sale $54 price! I explained the situation & asked if they would honor the other stores price, but was told that they had different district pricing ant could not.

Guess I'll take the one fixture down and return all 3. Good thing Home Depot is a block away as well!


I work at Lowes and I KNOW they price match other stores just because the Lowes in your area doesnt you dont need to be writing these *** *** lies get a job and get a *** LIFE. I totally agree with you, retailer4life. Our store we price match the other Lowes in our area.


I agree with Me1. I live in Wichita, and work near Derby.

I also work in retail, so I don't want to hear any lame defenses from the sarcastic retailer4life. I found, at the Derby, KS location, some tile flooring on sale. I needed about 100 sq. feet.

They had about 19 sq. feet, but I was told there was more at the West Wichita location. The flooring was not damaged or dented. I went to the West store to buy the rest, and it was more expensive there.

I went to the customer service desk and asked for a price match. They told me that they do not price match other Lowe's stores. I think that is retarded. Same with a toilet that was clearanced.

I understand this was clearanced, but why is it different among the same chain? I work in a chain store and we have the same prices on everything across the nation.

Sometimes a signature store may have an additional sale. If that occurs and a customer says something, we will match the price.


Listen up Mr.IloveLowes4Life you have been a bigger pain in the butt then the Lowes I went to in Hialeah, FL. I dont know why you would want to contact them - I got what I wanted it just took 3 people and about 30 minutes of arguing - so go ahead call them up if you want and post what ever the *** you want to post - As for me1, I am done with you and with Lowes. buh -bye


The responses by retailer4life are typical of lowes bs. If lowes keep people like him around, it won't be long that he will worry about a paycheck, because lowes will be out of business.


Well, I guess I put a quick end to Me1's poor excuse to PROVE we would not price match the same item!! As stated before, ALL he had to do was post the town the Lowe's was in, and give a NAME and I would contact them personally and post the reason why the item was not matched.

Anyone else out there smell something fishy from him?? My offer's still good, Me1, just give me a name and a store, buddy, and I'll post the results for ALL to see!


Me1 (thank goodness there's not 2 of you!) , you STILL have not addressed the fact there was indeed A REASON the other store would not honor the other store's sale price!!! There is a reason why you are not telling the whole story here.

Give me the town the store is in, I will contact that store myself, and post the true story why they would not honor the sale price.

You say you are in retail?? My gosh, man, you mean you actually have to deal with people like you???


I am in retail myself and know how things work that is why I am so mad that this company of your Lowes does not work with customer:

1. it was a toilet on sale at a lowes in the east side of town. It was on display on sale but theyr were out of stock. Was told to go to the west side of town whom had 6 available.

2. The toilet on the west side was not on sale it was reg. price - same toilet, same sku, same everything

3. Plumbing employee said to go up front to customer service desk and explain to the manger the situation.

4. Manager had a fit - and after 30 minutes of discussion agreed to let me have it at the sale price.



Hey, anchorbanger, or should I say *****banger, pretty brave there when your safe and sound in your mommy's arms, aren't ya? I stand by my comments 100% pal, you know they're true, I'm tired of dealing with moronic customers, try it sometime, you'll have to deal with people like you....and by the way, I've written checks for $100,000, have you? , my paychecks are pretty secure young man!


Lowes still sucks. So dont be all smarmey Mr.

Lowes Manager guy.

I had a $2,300.00 entry & storm door that took 11 months to get straightened out. The guy is a customer, ya know the people that MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PAYCHECK


Now, Now, Now, Me1, if you're going to come on this site and complain about our price matching guarantee, please be upfront and tell the whole story! What you were obviously looking at was a clearance, discontinued or what we call a "scratch and dent".

These prices are often determined by the individual store. if it was a scratch and dent item, then yes, it would be marked down, we do it all the time, but that does not mean the other store would sell you a brand new one for the other stores scratch and dent price. One other possibility, is that the other store forgot to take down an expired sale sign, then again, the other store would not be responsible for the other stores mistake.

And if the associate in that other store told you to go to the other store, then again, that is that stores fault, NOT the Lowes you ended up going to. It's OK to gripe, Me1, but ALWAYS tell the WHOLE STORY when you do!

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