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Complaint category | Lowes review from Bradenton, Florida

I was appalled at the use of the category " I am pissed". What has happened to the language used by these so called adults. I am sure there are other words that could be used to describe their complaint. I have been a customer of Lowes for several years, but object to such language!!!!! As far as customer satisfaction, this really turns me off. Your company heads should have this brought to their attention. Mabe that is why a lot of the "big box" companies are having trouble these days. Think about it, customer satisfaction should be their number one priority. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.
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I would never buy paint at Lowes in bradenton fl on 14th and cortez rd the assistant store manager Tim swanson is a complete *** I mentioned a problem .I was ready for a boxing match. The paint they mix they can never color match and have no people skills whatso ever .they lost my business 1000's a week in paint .

California A

Michael Grissom is coming to a city near you...


Mr. Grissom says most dealers were afraid to come forward at first; many of them just did not have the money to fight Dealer Services Corporation in a court of law.

Now they have found a Super Hero, who's chopping away on the Corporate Giant Dealer Services Corporation. Grissom said it’s going to be a long hard fight to the end, Dealer Services Corporation has a lot of money and they will do anything to stay in the game. So the plan is to hit them where it counts in the pocket, Grissom is asking all dealers to call 5 dealers and inform them of Mr. Grissom's tour and meet with him so that they may make a sound decision on who they get in bed with.

Wholesalers should beware because there are the targets of Dealer Services Corporation. If you consign you vehicles to a dealer and the dealer falls behind, you may be the next victim. So you need legal assistance to protect your interest in your consignment of vehicles. most dealers have no need to worry about a Uniform Commercial Code, but times are changing and lenders are doing what ever they can to keep their ships sailing, as you should too, most of you won’t take the time to research your options, just know if you are dealing with a Floor plan lender you can lose everything over night.

Some of the stories I have heard are unbelievable but very true. Here one for you a dealer owed a floor plan lender $67,000. While waiting on the bank to pay for the vehicles the dealer had sold, the Floor plan lender made an inspection, and discover vehicles were sold.

the Floor plan lender call the bank, the bank held the dealer checks, as it was trying to protect its interest, the Floor plan lender repossessed $300,000 inventory under UCC leaving the dealer without inventory to sell, the bank released the checks after six weeks, while the dealer had to close his doors. This could happen to you if you are not aware of the laws of your state.

California A


Other Company Complaint by California Auto Dealers

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Water heater delayed installation | Lowes review from Phoenix, Arizona

On 9/7/09 we went to your Higley Rd store in Mesa, AZ to order a water heater installation. We were told someone would be call us on Tuesday 9/8 between 8 and 9 am to come out that morning and detail the unit so it would be installed that day.(9/7 was labor day) Our water heater was completely gone and we had to go without water to the entire home until this was resolved. My husband arranged to be off work that morning and call me with the time they would be there and I would come home to see the detailer at the designated time. We never got the call that morning and my husband was going back & forth on the phone with Tom at the store who was trying to get this straightened out. We got a phone call at 1:48 in the afternoon from Karen at the store who said the installer couldn't do it and another installer would be calling us around 5:30 pm to come do the detail and then install the heater the next day (9/9). She left me that mans Richard at R&R Plumbing)phone number and I called him back as we had an appointment at that time of day. We agreed he could come at 8:30 am on the 9th, do the detail and he would go to the store to pick up what as needed, and the store would call me for the charge card numbers. He left at 9am, (the store is 10 minutes away). He called me at 10:30 to come to the store and sign some paperwork and pay the bill. I was to see Art or Bryce in plumbing. I went immediately and Art was there but he was taking care of another customer. He call some other CS person who said he couldn't help me. Bryce was nowhere to be found. I waited about 20 minutes when here comes the installer to pick up the heater and parts. He was also made to wait. I was finally taken care of after a 50 minute wait for Bryce(who was at lunch). My Husband lost $170 in pay that day, I lost $30 in pay. The people at the store were very apologetic, however, no one offered any compansation or discount for the aggravation, frustration and loss of pay due to their inability to see that their original installer did his job. (we found out that Richard at R&R was on call on laber day and could have done the detail and the install a day earlier had the store bothered to contact him). This was our first time doing business with Lowes, and you can be assured it will be out last. It really angered me to pay that $886 bill after the mess that was made on this purchase and installation. I guess that's why the Home Depot keeps sych a loyal consumner base. I certainlly don't see how Lowes can.
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You have know I-dea. Concider yourself luck.

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18 Months of *** with Lowe's | Lowes review from Ridgeland, Mississippi

18 months of *** with Lowe's. In February of 2008 my water heater went out. I purchased a new water heater from Lowe's for $550.00. 9 1/2 months later it goes out. Lowe's says, "That's between you and Whirlpool!" There is another site just for this model of water heater The thing is Lowe's and Whirlpool both acknowledge a problem with the heater but they continue to make and sell them. I had to pay $1000 to put another water heater in. The only thing Whirlpool does is sends you a repair part that is defective as well. April of 2009, my son goes in and talks to someone at Lowe's about donating some materials for his Boy Scout Eagle project. The guy says, I would be happy to donate whatever you need. After loading all of the materials a few weeks later, the guy says "your total is $300.00". Needless to say the next day I returned $230.00 worth of the stuff. August 5, 2009, my wife and I go and order new carpet for our entire house. We have what is considered the main area and a formal living room. We originally thought about using a different carpet for the living room, but changed our mind when we went in to order it. We were very specific with the salesperson that we were doing the entire house in this one carpet. On the day of install,2 weeks later, they find out there is not enough carpet. The salesperson did not add the 2 areas together. So, we are told we have to pay and have more carpet ordered. We call on Tuesday the 25th, they say the carpet should be in by Friday. On Friday we call at 6:00pm and are told the carpet is scheduled for delivery on Sept.2. The manager we finally got to talk to says he asked someone the day before and was told that it had already been installed. Then the installer calls to schedule an appt. We are like "is it in?" Then the manager calls back and says something about how he was going to offer me a $100 gift card. Now, 27 days after the initial order, I am finally getting the rest of my carpet in. This sucks!!!! I have been put on hold for anything else we are trying to do for rennovations for 2 weeks and all they can say is that it was an honest mistake and offer me a $100 gift card.
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Sounds like the sales person made an honest mistake and the manager gave you a very generous offer. What did you want them to do, give you the carpet for free?

Your purchase would have been the same amount if the sales person hadn't made the mistake. Yes, there were some inconveniences for you, but everyone makes mistakes. How would you like it if you were ridiculed and unforgiven for every mistake you make at your place of employment. Consumers have this expectation that all retail establishments owe them because they are doing them a favor for purchasing from them.

You have every right to be frustrated, but seriously, give them a break.

I know this post is extremely old, but these words had to be said.




the water heater policy is set up by whirlpool. if they replace it for free, lowes eats it unless the consumer gets an RA number.

mine went out, called lowes, they explained it, i called whirlpool, got an RA number and returned it no questions asked.

they even gave me a reduced charge for having it installed. things happen!


So pay more and buy from a flooring outlet. You get what you pay for pal'.

Buy from a plumber and you'll see a totally different offering.

Twice the price on a label unknown. Same problems but no recourse.

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Lowes Gift Card

I will never shop at Lowe's again. | Lowes review from Lake Forest, Illinois

I have a lot of bad experiences at Lowe's in Gurnee, Illinois. First of all most of the employees at Lowe's in Gurnee doesn't have any clue about what they're doing. The first time I bought something from Lowe's is a 42 boxes of laminate wood. Employee's at Lowe's first of all set the date of pick up of the item on the wrong date. When I asked them to changed the date, it took them 20 minutes to change it. They have to make a lot of entry in their computer etc. and they blame on the customer when they do this mistakes like this. The customer service representatives would even make faces, raised their tone of voice in sarcasm as to the customer whose patronizing their store. Secondly, when I picked up the item, I have to leave 15 boxes in the store because it doesn't fit in my van. The cashier and the guys working there had witnessed that I left the 15 boxes that I will pick up in few minutes when I get back after I drop off the first set of boxes that I picked. Those guys and the cashier was so *** that they have to contact the manager and other employee to check for my receipt. I showed the receipt to be complinat with what they;re asking but they still doesn't want to relased the item. I have to wait for as long as 30 minutes for them to gave me an ok to load the itmes that I already bought and paid in full. Now buying online in Lowe's was again another story. Lowe's doesn't keep up to their words about delivery. I bought a granite sink which I'm still waiting for to be delivered. It has been almost 4 weeks now since I ordered and paid. Lowe's had postponed the delivery twice already. I got penalized for that because I have to cancel the service that will cut my granite countertop.
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Placed two order online and choose store pick up. Each time they just called me after 1 hour said no one in stock and cancel my order!

Feel angry about it!


doesn't have any clue..HHMMMM From Lowes is a 42 boxes..HUH? Should be was 42 boxes...Ummmm Lowes doesn't set a date for pickup simply because the majority of people NEVER pickup items on the date they say they will therby causing a backup of items in a storage should have called an hour before pickup so the items are pulled and ready.....When i asked them to changed the date..???

Changed?ok Entry should be entries....They probasbly raised their voices to get your attention to calm down or either aFTER THEY TOLD YOU FOR THE 4TH TIME you just didn't hear them the first 3 times and if they made faces maybe there was something stinking in the trash or either someone forgot to wear deodorant that day. They should have told you about the rental trucks you can rent for 19.95 and you could have put all of your order on it at one time...However I'm quite sure that wouldn't work for you either. "But they still doesn't want to relased the item"?

HMMMmmm As far as calling the employees ***...Jus don't know. :eek


The composite granite finally arrived at Lowe's in Gurnee. We picked it up this morning.

The sink came in good package, had styrofoam on all sides and a lot of big bubble cushion. When I opened it, I discovered what a piece of junk it is. The sink has a lot of cracks and one corner is broken. The thing is completely useless.

I went to Lowe's this evening to return the junk they're selling. I had so many bad experiences at this store.

Going to that store has brought me too many inconviniences. THIS IS MY LAST POSTING ABOUT THIS TOPIC BECAUSE I"M NOT GOING TO BUY ANYTHING FROM LOWES AGAIN.


@ JAH - It is a composite granite sink.


Never heard of a granite sink!!!!


@ Staff - Thank you for the concern. If you want, I can give you a more detailed information about those transactions that I made.

I will look for my receipts and I will post the transaction numbers. I would also like to let you know that my wife and I went to Lowe's to personally cancel the granite sink. The lady at the customer service/return section, made us wait for ~ 30 minutes while she work on her computer to cancel my order. Then she said that she cannot complete the cancellation because her computer froze and the store is already closing.

She took our address and phone number and told us that she will take care of the cancellation on the next business day. She assured me that my payment will be credited back to my account. I checked my account after 2 business days and I found out that my payment didn't go back to my account because the order wasn't cancelled at all. It has been 2 weeks now since I tried to cancel my order.

I decided to wait again and give Lowe's a final chance. The delivery date of the sink is on 9/17/09. I just hope that Lowe's will deliver it this time.

I apologized for the long posting. I'm just really frustrated about all this and upset about inconviences that it brought to me.


@ wow - I didn't proof read what I wrote in my complaint when I posted it. That's why there are a lot mistakes with my grammar.

The main thing about what I wrote is that I have bad experiences with Lowe's. That's what this posting is all about.


Tell me about it.


if you are going to post a complaint on-line for all to see, at least use proper english!

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Lowes Cashier

Lowes does not own up to there worranties

I live in Gonzales, Louisiana and on 04-25-08 I bought a $700.00 WP upright 17.7 CF freezer with a extended four year warranty.It has been a year a four months I have had a so called repair man come out to my home three time's already the seal needs to be replaced but every time he come out all he does is take a blow dryer to it to defrost the ice around the door but it is a anti-frost freezer so there is definitely something wrong with it but the repair man said that it was not his problem to call the Lowe's 1-800 number but they said that they couldn't do anything without it coasting me money. What the *** is the point of the warranty if a simple repair is going to coast me money.I simple do not recommend buying WP items or appliances from LOWES.
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Lowes does not manufacture the product. If you bought a bottle of shampoo at walmart and didnt like it,would you boycott walmart?

No, you would purchase different shampoo. Speak with the store manager.

Be polite. The store manager will get you taken care of.


I can't believe how many customers never save there recipts.It's always someone else who is to blame.Save your dam recipts will ya.People wake up and get a backbone


I agree. I work at Lowe's and we are much more willing to help a customer who is calm and respectful. Also, it helps to know how to spell and use punctuation.


Why does everyone think if you Buy something, the store is responsible for the warranty?

The warranty is ALWAYS the responsibilty of the company that made the product. Heres a little lesson for you...keep your owners manual, call there 800 number, and redeem your warranty instead of blaming someone else for your stupidity


it is not a lowes issue, it is a vendor issues, so dont blame it on lowes. what you can do is NICELY explain the problem to a senior manager at the store and explain you have had no result calling the 888-77lowes number.

if they do not swap it out, all the 888-44lowes customer care number and ask for a district manager resolution.

trust me, you will get results. just remember, be firm, but be gets you alot further!

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One payment, one day late, now labelled delinquent | Lowes review from Harrisonburg, Virginia

I've had a Lowe's credit card for years. Always paid on time, most of the time I paid early. I was accidentally one day late and now I have a $30 late fee and they jacked the interest from 22.0 to 29% indefinitely. Add to that they have labelled my account delinquent which in turn goes on my credit report. At what point do we say enough! Who is stealing from who?? I could understand if I did not make a payment. I could even understand if I was two weeks late. But one day (it was post-marked on the due date)....
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I always made my payment on time.After years i was one day late.When i called in they told me it will be taking care of,so just pay the normal amount.I did that and now they charging me twice $ 39.00 late fee.Im done with Lowe's and Ge is not better.Im going now to Home Depot.


Lowes is not in charge of their credit cards. That is done through GE Money Bank. Your issue should be with them, not Lowes.


I agree with Shorthill wholeheartedly! Lowes shows NO MERCY. So what if you have built Apts. buying a large quantity of your materials thru them. So what if for 10 years you have spent tens of thousands of dollars at their stores. So what if you always paid on time. So what if you have flawless credit and have always paid your creditors, SO - WHAT!!



Bye Bye Lowes & HELLO HOME DEPOT, they gave me 3 times the credit limit you did. And increased it often as a REWARD for being a GOOD Customer! TRY THAT IDEA OUT!



That's what they do....

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Lowes Credit Card

Sucky Lowe's Customers And Their *** Attitudes and Actions | Lowes review from Shallotte, North Carolina

I work in Lowe's in Southport,NC. I am sick of dealing with some of the dumbest and unthinking customers in the world. First of all,let it be known I bend over backwards for every customer no matter how rude they are. For you lovely customers out there,get a clue and DO NOT come in five till close to do an installed freakin sale. We have to wait till your slow butts are out the door before we can begin to close our departments and our registers on the front end. Also,use some brain cells and please do NOT come in at five till close to return and dump a load of lumber at the return desk. That is what the LUMBER area is for. And bring a freakin receipt for freak's sake! If you don't have one you get a gift card and of course most of you just complain and gripe about it. And STOP pressing the help buttons five hundred times!!! WE HEAR YOU!!! Sometimes we are helping others and can't get up there in five seconds like you expect us too. You guys need to remember...just because your rich butts live in St. James and you come in wearing those gosh awful bermuda shorts that we are beneath you and don't matter. I got news for you. YES WE DO. PERIOD!!! PISSED OFF EMPLOYEE
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and i smart cookie learn to spell before you criticize anyone else you seem uneducated.


It does suck to work in retail and its so annoying some people act like they are the only ones in the world like no one else or nothing else even matters. I hate when customers stroll in at 5 minutes til closing time its like they do it on purpose which makes it harder for everyone to get home on time.

consider the people who need to get their children from day care or the people who have no vehicle and have to take a bus home in freezing cold weather at 11:00 at night. They dont deserve to be walked over by a bunch of inconsiderate snobs.

they deserve to be treated like any other human being. I hate when people are selfish and inconsiderate and waste peoples time for no god *** reason grow up and get lives


u dont seem to be the shrest blade in the drawer big boy . first u tell the company u work 4 exactly what u think of ur job ***. so to tell us we are *** wow or maby u dont work 4 lowes anymore .


I always have had great experiences at lowes when I go there. They always smile and are happy to show me where the restrooms are since I don't like using the one at my house.

Always with a smile too... I also like taking my kids to mcdonalds and then to lowes so we can eat in the parking lot and let them play in the sheds they have on display...Not that I intend on buying a shed or anything for that matter..I just enjoy taking up space in the parking lot. I just wish they would make sure to keep there soap dispensers in the restroom full..Onetime they were out of soap and I came in at 6:01 am and I ended up having to dryshave...I complained to the manager about being out of soap Bu t at least they had plenty of paper towels to clot my shaving cuts. I also enjoy their contractor cookouts they have..even though I'm not really a contractor and the only thing I've ever built was massive debt on my 15 credit cards.

I also love the way they cave and give me my "Just because I'm Alive" DISCOUNT! I love Lowes when I'm mad at home depot :upset I love taking up peoples time asking many *** questions when I really have no intention of buying anything and especially i9f there are other real customers with checkbook in hand or cash ready to drop a huge purchase :p I also love taking pieces of hardwood that a friend gave me and that I have NO CLUE of who made it..Model number...Item Number and no name (Unless I just Make up a name) trying to save face and get an employee to call every vendor in the U.S. and describe the hardwood flooring in their hand.

:grin As you can clearly see...I HAVE NO LIFE...and I don't intend on buying one from Lowes even if it is marked down 50% and even if I did I'd return it and try to get list price for it. :p I am the common customer ;)


The only problem I had with Lowes is getting something custom made and there installers. Had a cabinet top put it, they came out and measured it.

When they put it in they had measured the wall as beeing square. The just missed it by a 1 1/2. Had a nice gap and they would not take it back. Same with windows same problem, this time it was 10 sets, none fit.

Had better luck at Home Depot but there not to bright either. :(


ps. I no longer shop at the Lowes in northern Delaware because of poor customer service.


hey there, we all have to deal with inconsiderate, greedy people no matter what side we are on. I have been on both sides.

Please don't laugh, but I think it would be useful to teach the children more respect, integrity and knowledge of what is important. Many people that you describe are probably just not good thinkers or problem-solvers and many are just impatient, selfish and greedy.

Fear and greed ruin things. that's all.


Heres another gripe about customers....It is HOME IMPROVEMENT. Not Trailer Improvement...Go to a mobile home supply House for your ***!

quit *** at me Because we don't have it. Or Better yet "BUY A HOUSE"!!!!


FYI :zzz


I hear ya Sapphirea. It is even better when you work for a small business owner.

Picture this....the place closes at 5:30, you are balancing the register and closing out for the day. You have a stay at home female that had ALL DAY to come and shop just realized they ran out of a product. The time now is 6pm. :cry You have a 1/2 hour drive home, your own family to get home to, cook a meal for them, clean up, pay bills, etc, etc.

The owner says, OPEN THE DOOR, LET THEM IN and you are there for another 20 minutes because the customer is "looking around" and chatting it up because it is apparently they do not have anything better to do at the moment. In the meantime, another set of people strides in EVERN THOUGH there is a sign posted on the front door with the hours and the CLOSED sign is up, so after a 5:30 closing one leaves about 6:30. People just do not care or realize that even people that have businesses or work in retail also have a life, families and other responsibilities. Most people that own a business or are managers are there 60-80 hour per week and then go home and STILL work on business related tasks such as orders, new products, paying bills, meetings, etc, etc.

Sure it was their choice to open a business, but than does not negate the inconsiderate behavior of some people that are the constant abusers of that business owner. There are business hours for a reason...people DO have families, homes and other tasks to do besides their business. People do not respect other people or their time. I understand the whole customer service thing, BUT do customers, even GOOD customers care or respect that business owner as NOT to take advantage of them?

No. Inconsiderate!

They just take advantage of people. One will not understand until one walks in those shoes.

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Totally Dumb and Sucky Customers Who Drive Lowe's Employees NUTS! | Lowes review from Shallotte, North Carolina

I work at Lowe's in Southport NC. I can't BELIEVE the attitudes some people have. Now,let it be known I bend over backwards and am nice to everyone no matter what but i have to vent. You lovely customers need to STOP coming in at five till close to do an installed sale. We cannot pull the money from registers till your *** is out of the store and it makes it harder on us. Another thing, you need to get a clue and a BRAIN and not wait till five till close to return 500 boards of lumber at the RETURN desk. That's what the lumbar area is for,though I doubt they appreciate that either. And if you DO bring a return,use some brain cells and BRING THE *** RECEIPT! If not you are getting a gift card. But of course you are going to *** and whine and moan about that because most of you no matter how hard we try want MORE MORE MORE sucking us dry like vampires. We are people too. I don't care if you live at St. James. WE MATTER TOO! THINK before you act. Period. I'm done now.
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My favorites are the customer that actually gets pissed because we don't carry the twin male extension cord, that is an extension cord with a male plug on both ends. Or the ones looking for the 3 prong to 4 prong adapter for their new dryer.

Neither of these things actually exist. LOL They are right up there with the board stretcher.


another thing when you bring back the grass seed/ fertilizer throwers that you used to seed your yards ...MAKE SURE to (Wash them OUT) wouldn\'t want another customer who actually wants to purchse something they intend to use several times to see it\'s already been used and returned..might get the impression that the previous customer that purchased it was cheap


well I had a customer come in 5 till 10 with her son who was purchasing a carpet install. First time I've ever seen the woman...had been talking to him and his fiancee for 3 weeks prior about the install and carpet choices and leadtimes.

When she showed up I filled out the contract he signed it and I sold it thru the system. The next thing I know after 10 minutes of contract jots and tittles his mother said they wanted installed in 3 days...wellllllllll he had chosen special order carpet and he and his fiancee were aware of the leadtime of 2weeks. It was already 10:10 and registers were closed so I offered to correct everything first thing in the morning and they could pickout an instock carpet to be installed in 3 days..But what she didn't know the boy and his fiancee had already looked at ionstock carpet and didn't like it. Anyway after she went bonkers I went to my car in the parking lot and this lady was still going ape in the parking lot screaming and grunting like some sort of spastic clown.

Evidently the mother in law had something to prove to her sons fiancee I guess.

I have never seen such a display of lunacy. It also might help after someone asks you 3 times what can they help you with that you actually give them a response associated with retail merchadise you are actually looking for.


So now lowe's is spending money to hire spies to watch the aisles for an employee who does not engage every customer so they can fire them. Now that is not saying they should not be enguaging everyone. But this does not give way to a chance of forgetfulness or accident of missing someone or even the fact you have greeted that person to death already but it means that a spy several aisles away from you can tell if you are speaking with a customer or even greeting them what a *** plan make employees anal about doing the job and fearful each day of on the spot termination


Ok so did we just help the problem with all of this positive talk??? Just curious......

You want change?? Have the courage to "CHANGE" your attitude and lead by

example! :)



Hehe thank you! you read my mind..


Go back to the projects where you belong!


Go to home depot if you have problem with lowes then you'll go back to lowes when you have a problem with home want never be satisfied so go home an cry yourself to sleep.


Sally and Lance,

You miss the point. I don't know what kind of work you do or if you even work.

Think about how you want to be treated when you shop. It doesn't matter what kind of store. Now, think carefully about how you treat the people serving you. YOU may treat the people serving you with some amount of respect but many people shopping do not.

Saphirerain91 is not expecting people to treat her as royalty, she is not even asking people to treat her with respect. She is just asking people to not be disrespectful. Yelling at a cashier (who does not make the rules but must follow them) because you don't like the way the computer system is programed is just ridiculous. What do you expect her to do?.....rewrite the computer code and store policy to accomodate your yelling?

Do you expect the drycleaner to understand how the machines are put together and fix them if they go down? Do you expect the guy who mows your lawn to put together a lawn mower from scratch? Do you expect the pizza delivery guy to 1. fix the ovens if they break and 2.

repair his car himself? Then why do you expect the Lowes associates (or any other retailer) to rewrite the computer program for you? The computer program is what it is. Yelling and being rude to the associates will not give you your cash or whatever else you want.

If you don't like the associates response then ask for someone who has the authority to change it. Bottom line think before you react and be nice. It will get you a lot farther. Many of these associates have the same frustration you do and really do want to help you get the results you want.

Do you really think they want to be screamed at? It doesn't matter if you work a job for $5 an hour or $100. All any of us want to do is come to work, do our best and go home to take care of our families.

All of us want to be treated nicely or at the very least fairly. Remember that before you rush to hurtful words and nasty behavior.

@Been There Done That

Yes , You are soooooooo right. Most customer are good but you have some that are just plain ***.

Either they have money and think they are better than you are or just lead a miserable life and want to bring you down too.

I dont let them get to me anymore. I have worked at Lowes for ten years now and feel it is time for a change.


Your welcome S! Unless people have been there, they just do not get it. I challenge anyone that thinks that these people are parasites go out and get one of these parasitic job for a few weeks and see who the parasite really is.


My experience has revealed there are some people that are insecure with themselves or they "think" they have a little $$$ so that in turn requires the world to cater to them and they treat others as if they were beneath them. :roll Truth be told, people who have worked these jobs or people that DO in fact have any decent amount of $$$ usually do not treat people poorly. Most crawled though lowly parasitic jobs working for greedy individuals or corporations that denied offering any benefits so they could lined their own pockets. Some people have been there so they do not treat others poorly. Those that ride the coattails of their parents $$$, were handed $$$ from family or just live a lifestyle on plastic (credit cards) in my experience behave poorly. I have run into the occasional self made, independently wealthy ***hole too. ;)

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Lowes Gift Card

Don't shop at Lowe's | Lowes review from El Paso, Texas

DO not purchase CRYNTEL flooring at Lowes, the product is defective if you do not have 60% humidity at all times and even then who knows, they don't try to help, Instead they sent an inspector paid by the manufacture to tell me that the environment I live in and raise my children is HARSH. I spent over $5000 on flooring that is cracking. Buyer beware>>>> Lowes sells fine print items that don't work in all places, they need to understand that some places are dryer then others and not sell that product that would do poorly in that environment. New Mexico is not Florida! I was Lowes customer but after this I will not shop at lowe's again.
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On 11/15/10 I purchased a microwave and a french door refrigerator at VacaVille, Lowes when I got home I noticed on the internet that the microwave was 55.00 cheaper. Feeling that I was ripped off I called the store and got the night manager who said he would adjust the price.

Sorry not acceptable. Called overall store manager next today and was told the same thing.(Not acceptable and very poor customer service) No additional compensation.

I cancelled my order and will never shop at lowes again. I will take my cash to a good store who values their customers.


Greedy!!! Why should you get more money then the sale price!!


Typical consumer Rant, and buyers remorse. do your homework before investng that kind of money, Im a sales spec.

for LOWES I have taken some heat for talking customers out of certan products that they cant afford or wont work well for their application, some insist on the purchase and doing it themselves and then they screw it up and blame the world for their stupidity.

The store that I work at stands behind our products and installations 100% I watch it happen everyday or I wouldnt work for them. Look in the mirror!!!


I purchased engineered Oak Hardwood Plank flooring to cover 555 Sq Ft. and the day after it was put down I noticed whereever I walked or sat my furniture intentations were left.

I notified the company and they sent an inspector who they pay (conflict of interest) to come out, walk around in silence, showing no compasion that someone just wasted over $1,000 to be embarrassed of their floor. This engineered wood is a farce. It is so soft it cannot withstand anything, yet the warranty on the box says 20 yr. warranty and the product is durable.

Cryntel does not know what durable means. I was given a copy of the instructions that must be followed in order for the warranty to be honored. It's a joke. Instead of putting this warranty inside the box, it should be placed on the outside of the Box to make sure the consumer sees it.

I am so angry that this company took my money for a defected project that shouldn't be on the market. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, so I'm spreading the word that Cryntel is not to be trusted. They are not true to their word as their product that the product I purchased is "much more stable than typical solid hardwood and may be installed on any level of your home, including below grade areas - simply because engineered hardwood flooring is comprised of laminated layers, which expand or contract to a lesser degree than solid hardwood." I purchased this stuff from Lowes and I will tell them that they need to remove it from their shelves.

I'm also going to send the Cryntel's CEO a letter expressing my disappointment and disastisfaction with their Oak Hardwood Plan American Red Oak, Engineered Flooring. :(


$5000.oo on cryntel flooring is rather high...$17.60 per carton 20 s.f. per carton relatively means you purchased 8 full pallets of cryntel peel-n-stick tiles...that would be enough to cover 5,600 s.f.

Did you install both floors of your home and 2 rental homes as well? :?


I had my truck damaged by Lowes and they told me that they don't care. That no matter who I talk to or write letters to at the corp office they are told that there is nothing they can do.

This is a corp.

policy. They played games and even gave me a *** number to call telling me that this is their insurance company.


i am a sales person for lowes and i do qualify the customer. i make commissions of what i sell.

if it gets returned because of a defect in material i lose the commission.

Other home retailers do not offer commissions to the sales people so they do not care. Lowes employees are more knowledgable because they have a financial stake in what they are selling.


I'd rather shop at home depot, The people at Lowes are ***

#70243 :(


Lowe's continues to put there bottom line.

Before customer satisfaction & safety.

You can contact the CEO Robert Niblock directly via e--mail or even stop by his house. Don't shop @ Lowe's & spread the word! :eek

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Lowes troy-bilt junk

Lowes Troy-bilt 7.75 T 21"cut Self-propelled mower transmission slips after 4 months of use. I called Customer Service nearest repair center (mower shop), and brought it in to the shop. I stayed while they checked it out and the repairman said "It's the transmission, warranty item." They called later and said only some grass was "caught up" needing cleaned plus the blade needed replaced:$43 parts & labor. Yes, it still slips. Call 1-888-77LOWES for the service center near you, go there & talk to the marks (oops,customers). They will tell you "Do yourself a favor and go buy somewhere else."
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2015 Troy Built Pony lawn tractor is a piece of crap. The frame is stripped out so the steering column is screwed.

There is no repair for it.

So a gently used, excellent shape tractor is now junk. ARE YOU FREEKING KIDDING ME!


Bought a TroyBilt TB110 mower at the end of the summer last year. Used it exactly ONCE.

Now it won't start. I've taken it apart, cleaned it, replaced the spark plug - I *can* get it to fire if I do just the right rain dance, hold my tongue just so, spray some starter fluid into the carb, etc. - but it will only run for a few seconds until the fluid's gone. I pulled the plug and put a teaspoon of gas in the spark plug hole, and that had the same result - fires, runs for a couple seconds, dies again.

It's pretty clearly a fuel issue.

I've not run ethanol fuel in it.

I find it simply unacceptable that a brand new mower will only work once between having to have the *** engine rebuilt. That is the absolute last thing I ever buy at Lowe's, and I'll be goddammed if I ever buy TroyBilt again!


Did you try draining the old fuel and filling it with FRESH fuel. People using stale gas is one of the biggest problems encountered with small engines.

That's why manufactures don't accept returns of small engine products and require that they be taken to a repair shop for evaluation. They will repair them if there is a defect but the consumer will be charged if the problem is caused by the consumer.


I have a 50 " Troy-Built Zero Turn XP 25 hp mower. Its four years old.

I have a significant safety problem. I can't keep the gas cap on the mower. I don't quite fill it with gas. then make sure the gas cap is on properly.

Start mowing. After around 10 to 15 minutes I smell gasoline, turn around finding the gas cap is off and gasoline is sloshing out of the tank. I turn the mower off and get away from it until the gasoline has dried. Then start the mower and continue cutting for around one hour.

The cap stays on!

This happens each time I mow. I had the gas tank replaced, the cap replaced and this worked for several months. Then the same thing has began again for this mowing season.

Anyone had this problem and if so how did you resolve it. It seems that there is a pressure build up in the tank and blows the cap off???


Fancy 4-stroke Troybuilt *** trimmer.

Start cord recoiler broke due to a shltty ***-made junk piece.

Cost of piece: $75.

Labor $75.

Bought a shltty Ryobi 2-stroker trimmer.

Simpler, lighter, less expensive. I hate Ryobi SHlT too, but I bought the POS because it would accept the cutting head from the Troyshlt trimmer.


Every bit of troy bilt gear I have bought (1 pony lawn tractor and 2 *** trimmers) are junk


I bought a troy built pony from Lowes about 6 months ago. It's failed twice.

I also had the so-called service agreement. Never once did they pay up. First time they claimed it was my fault for using gas with ethanol. Well they never said anything about not using ethanol juiced gas until AFTER I bought the mower.

I started using the non-ethanol gas even though I have to drive 5 mi to find a non-ethanol gas source. Didn't keep receipts, so when the transaxle fails they give me the same song and dance about not using ethanol and I can't prove them wrong so I am screwed again. I thought using ethanol gas was good for the environment? Isn't forcing people to look around for non-ethanol gas an EPA violation?

Somebody needs to put this company down for good, legally that is. What about a class action suit against Troy and Lowes? Lowes sells garbage and de-frauds their customer’s worst than any store I've ever shopped at.

If I were you I would steer clear of anything with the name on it. :(


My 1.5 year old troy-bilt 7.75 has lots of issues as well. 1.5 years old and im already looking for a different mower.

still has 1.5 years of warrinty but its worthless in ohio.

fuel is to blame for my mower issues they tell me its the fuel quality in ohio. so if you live in ohio and plan on buying a troy-bilt mower expect to have your gas shipped in from out of state


Wish I'd read this page before today. Bought a TB110 from Lowe's this morning.

Followed the manual - added oil, put a bit of gas in the tank and tried to fire it up. No luck. Then I noticed fuel pouring out of the air filter housing on the deck. It was defective right out of the box.

As soon as the gasoline all dries up, it's going back pronto. GARBAGE.


i got a auto matic troy built and in less then two yrs it been in the shop 5 times and I have a warrentee on it but it cost me $$$$ everytime they repair it I should have bought a John Deer with all the money I put into it its really *** made 803 482 3068 thanks for the headaches

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