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Treated Rudely by Cashier. | Lowes review from Indianapolis, Indiana

When attempting to check out at the Lowes Store located at W. 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN , only one cashier line was open. Several customers were waiting to be helped. The man in front of me asked a store employee if she was opening another line and she said "yes." We went to the line she indicated and she began to wait on this man and then told me that I had to go to the cashier next to her who had just opened up. I had to go to the back of the line. When it was my turn to be served, the cashier simply walked away leaving me standing there. The cashier who had told me to move to that line was waiting on customers who had been behind me. I put down the items I planned to purchase and stated "I guess I am leaving." People behind me said the same thing. I have spent close to $25,000 at Lowes over the past couple of years. I had just finished working a 14 hour shift and wasted an hour in the store. They have lost a good customer through their employees' rudeness.
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do you need a tissue?


No one really cares how much money you spend with the company. There are tons of customers that try to use the "I spend 335748057693865 dollars with the company, I want special treatment!" excuse and it only annoys us further.

When we say no, usually there is a reason.

Between that excuse and bringing up Lowe's' biggest competitor does nothing but get you an eye roll and some laughs after you leave the store.

Wise up a bit. Just because you spend so much money with a store doesn't mean you get any special treatment.


Who cares! Lowes makes Billions they don't care about you!


1st of all nobody cares how much money you spent at lowes, grow up.


Maybe you need to try another home improvement store. Not ALL employees are like that. So quit your *** judging.

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Door was not as ordered. | Lowes review from Savannah, Georgia

I ordered a special order entry door from Lowes. The door when delivered for installation did not meet the specifications. I refused the door and sent it back to Lowes. I was then told that the manufacturer of the door made the change to the specifications as they did not feel it necessary to have more than 6" which only had 4" of fiberglass on the bottom of the door frame, also no trim was included on the door, sidelights or transom. I said as the customer this is not acceptable, I was not notified of any changes. I paid for as ordered 12" of fiberglass on the trim. Customer service at the Lowes store in Savannah, GA was awful. All I got was phone calls stating that the door was ordered and it would meet the specs. I paid full price $3,959.52 and it took 3 months to get the door. I finally gave up and said install the door, but I felt I deserved a discount or credit for all my inconvenience, but was told the store could do nothing until the door was installed. Guess what, now they don't want to talk with me!! Lesson learned...I will never use Lowes again, Home Depot now has my business!!
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Talk abot it @ :)

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Lowes return policy and customer service

I purchased a microwave at Lowes 9 months ago. 4 months later the microwave stopped working. No return option, no apologies from Lowes when we brought the microwave back to the store. We bought another microwave, bought an extended warranty. 100 days later, this microwave stops working too. Could not return the item to the store, had to call the warranty dept. Store clerk said a "repairman" would come to the house and fix the microwave. Tried calling the "24 hour/7 day a week service repair on the warranty as stated on the warranty. Found they are open 5 days a week, 7:30-4:30/ not 24/7. Very frustrating experience, will never shop at Lowes again. Customer service is non-existent. Store clerks know very little and provide no help or guidance. This is a new Lowe's store in Moses Lake, WA. I suggest shopping at Home Depot.
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I worked in returns for many months in my store and dealt with soo many customers such as yourself; when will you people get it through your thick skulls, it's not lowes fault if your product decides to die after our return policy expires, we can't just give in to you, although in my store that's how it works most of the time, and what kind of apology do you want from lowes, it's not our problem and we don't make the hours that we are available, you know people can't be on your beck and call 24/7, that's just entitlement b.s. Next time research different brands and find one that's rated higher, instead of blaming people who have nothing to do with it. :cry


We purchased a vent free gas stove from the Lowes store in Auburn. We hired an experienced gas furnace guy from our area to install it.

He spent 4 hours with no success.

It would not ignite so took it back and got our money back. We are wondering what the policy is for getting reinbursed for the labor we paid which was $91.00 and nothing to show for it.


its actually a 7 day return policy on the mircowave. Now if you had your reciept and there was a recall on the item would of taking it back no questions asked.


We are in the process of getting the microwave repaired through the warranty process. It certainly has not been an easy process.

We have to take the microwave to a repair shop in another town as the repair shop does not have enough employees right now to come to our home. When we bought the second micowave, we just thought the first one going bad was a "fluke", but bought the warrantly just to be safe. When I referred to an appology from the store,I was referring to attitude and customer service.

It would have been good customer service for the store to be friendly, courteous and approprioatley sorry for the inconvienence and hassel that we were going through; none of which occurred. Regardless that it was a manufacture defect, the store is selling the product.


I wonder what your attitude was. Did you go in and act like a *** Bet ya did!

You have to remember people that work customer service are ppl too. You treat ppl bad, they are not going to go out of their way to help you, and honestly they probably didn’t care about your problem if you came across to them the way you come across in this thread. Do you have any idea how many ppl say, the customer service desk deals w in a week? People much nicer, w much bigger problems than a microwave.

You get what you give.Psssshhh by the way.... the associates don’t make the product or the policy. So you want an apology?

Whaaaaaa whaaaa , *** off. How about that?


Actually there is a 90 day return policy at Lowe's. It's a 30 day price match.

Lowe's distributes, does not make the products they sell. They do offer extended warranties like any other appliance retailer. Since you didn't purchase it the first time to save money, you wound up paying for it (of course if you had went to the manufacturer for support you wouldn't of had to buy another microwave).

When you did buy the warranty on the second microwave, apparently you were not sure of what you were buying. Why spend money on something that you are unclear of it's benefits?

Two microwaves go bad in one year...have you checked your electrical wiring?

BTW, what kind of apology did you want from Lowe's? Just curious.


Also, how did Consumer Reports rate the microwave???The brand and/or model could have not been recommended by other consumers.


There is a 30 day return policy at Lowe's. The warranty that comes with your microwave or any other appliance is a MANUFACTURER'S warranty and that is why you deal with the MANUFACTURER.

The extended protection plan works by calling the the EPP hotline. If you follow the the procedures that are put in place everything would be fine.

You may even receive a brand new replacement microwave from the manufacturer. Its unforunate that honest consumers have to jump through these hoops that are a direct results from dishonest consumers who have tried to scam retail stores and get something for nothing.

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Collections calls from India for Lowes-bill is paid!

i keep getting calls from lowes 980-233-2746 866-664-2317 from India 5-8 times daily. THE BILL IS PAID. whats worse, they call my sickly, 80 yr old family members. CEO's info is available online because it is public knowledge. Lowes stocks are down. The original owners must be turning over in their graves. Contacting the BBB. sldkfoartkwoprti[id,.vmeoptiopwertieoptiwopirqwpol;vks'as'fgiwrop t oapfk dflkgoperti erodf'ksdopite oprti popeorti esokdfgkporit s;lfkg;'dfgkoperit ';fkg'sdfigkpoeri topkgfl;sdgkposeitoerptksd;lfgk ps'ti s'gksopriteorpgtikgl'kerpstisdklfgperiotj'sdoigperotjgopbvf'jkopsertjgosdfgkopser jkeropgtijdfl;gksprotiksf'zgkseportgj 'dfgjpersojgmfdl;fglflflflflfle0e0e0e0!!!!!!!! oaiserus ier a oirtu sld!
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FYI :(


I get called over and over and over again . starting at 7am . Ive never even been to a lowes . I call back every time and ask them to please quit calling me. they promise every day that I will not be called again . they call even more 4 times in 1 hour .

Ive had it Im not changing my number.

Im going to be such a pain in there *** they are going to wish they never had my number . what a *** hole company


If you are getting calls about your Lowe's credit card, then that is coming from GE finance - not Lowe's. Have you found out what the problem is with your bill and shown them proof that it was paid? It is probably a simple computer error.

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Iwas treated very rude by Rozi in return dept | Lowes review from Washington, District Of Columbia

Today my husband and I brought my elderly mother's lawnmower in to see if Lowes would service the machine, I was directed to the return desk where a young lady who appeared to very unhappy with her job,I tried to explain to her my problem concerning the mower, she replied in a very hostile way that I couldn't return that mower. A nice young man from Lawn and Garden came up front I explanied my problem to him meanwhile Miss.Roxi walked off with a nasty attitude,discusing a customer with another. I felt as if she felt I was trying to steal from Lowes, My family and I have been dedicated customers of Lowes and have never been treated this poorly. I am a Human Resource director of a Large Healthcare facility in Tallahassee and I would never tolerate such poor customer service. Miss. Rozi's attitude and body language conveyed that she either didn't care to assist me or just didn't like the way I looked, she should be remaineded that you can't judge a person by their looks,I may have been just a little short patience because I was in pain I recently had a total hip Repacement but didn't expect such poor service. zgxd
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this sounds odd to me. your first sentence says "service the machine", and then you say she said you couldn't return it. did you ask to return it, or have it serviced?


I agree. Lowes' has the worst possible associates in its returns department.

They are all very grumpy and are least interested in helping the customers with any returns.

Even if you have the receipts and product codes in order they treat you like you are stealing something from them. I am never going to shop at Lowes again!!!!!!


Remaineded....HMMMM HR for a health company..would love to see the typos at that job. It was nice of you to imply that the woman didn't like your looks..are you sure of that? What if it was a case of halitosis instead?


Why would you not CALL first to find out before hauling it in, since you just had hip surgery, (of course Roxi was suppose to know that too). Did you have your reciept?

How many years ago it you buy it? Does Lowes look like a repair company?


You have no idea,


"or just didn't like the way I looked"...

She must have thought you looked like a dog with its butt shaved and trained to walk backwards.

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Lowe's will "Chew you up & Spitt you out" in Court! | Lowes review from Reno, Nevada

I spent well over $250,000.000 managing, defending & living with a "Lowe's Lawsuit" These copany"Lowe's HIW" & it's " CEO Robert Niblock" needs to be held responsible. They can afford the best legal representation money can buy. Trust me I've experinced it first hand. At this point, All I can say( If I say too much, They have threatened to come after me & my family) Don't shop there. If something were to happen. They port you. They will come after you.on't shop at Lowe's. If it the last place on earth. Thanks! For more infor mation go too www(dot)lowes-lawsuits(dot)com www(dot)lowesceo(dot)com ww(dot)firerobertniblock(dot)com
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WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS! Did they take your firstborn??????


If you had PPL, you never would have had to spend that kind of money. Just $25 per month buys you legal "insurance".

I've had Prepaid Legal for 3 years and if I ever have to go to court, I have more hours than the OJ trial used - for no additional money. If you need this kind of plan, respond to me.


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I want to know why the weekly ad comes in the news paper in spanish | Lowes review from Tucson, Arizona

I thought I was living in the us where English is spoken but for the past few weeks your ad in the news paper is in Spanish. I have always enjoyed shopping at Lowe's but now I'm not sure I care to shop some place that I can't read the ad. I called my store here and asked why and the man said he had nothing to do with the ad but if I came in to0 the store they could help me with my needs. I look forward to the ads to see what is on sell.
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Our national language is ENGLISH, clear and simple.

With the exception of tourists, any person planning to live in this great country should be held to some standard. At the very minimum to SPEAK ENGLISH. I fully believe any person failing this should be removed from the country, forcibly if necessary.

I am sick and tired of all the uneducated vermin that is dragging down our society. If you intend to live and work in the greatest country on the planet, have the respect to speak the language. :(

I don't see businesses in mexico going out of their way to print ads in English, why the *** would we?


The bottom line is "WHO CARES" Are you that *** and ignorant Rayace? Theres a picture of whats on sale..

and right next to it is the price. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out regardless of what language you speak.

Its people like you who actually even bother to complain about something like that thats bringing this country down. You are very very sad.


Hey retailer for life, is the Klan recruiting? Has it ever occurred to some of you that the Mexican American population is growing faster than any other race in the United States?

Why do you think that Lowe's prints things in Spanish???? To appeal to that market, make money, and keep YOU in a job SMART ONE!?!?!

You must be older because I find it hard to believe that a young adult would say, "GO back to Mexico!" Wait a minute I got it; you come from a place where tipping cows and inbreeding is the thing to do. At your Lowe's do they sell KLAN hoods?????????



Why should I learn Spanish? I have no need for it. I don't plan on going to spain, mexico or any other spanish speaking country in the future anyway. But I have to say I have been to Spain for work and vacation. Hard to find a person that DOESN'T speak good English there.

Maybe the illegals here should just go back home and stay there? Would be nice.

You want everything in Spanish? Fine go back home.


hey all rednecks, when you say this is AMERICA your saying this is a free country , let people speak whatever language they want and grow up!!!


why would someone at the store know anything about the graphic design about a weekly news add. you dumb *** , leave the people at the store alone. just shut up and learn some spanish, its not going away.


hey *** quick being a redneck and *** about mexica people, their here and their staying here so suck it up you anoying do it your selfer


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Although I might agree too, Lowes is a business. Hispanics have money they work hard for just like you.

We don't discriminate and money is money. With sales, we can hire more people and without them more will be unemployed.

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I am an ex employee of Lowe's I worked there for well over a year and put in a lot of time and effort. I took my job seriously and went out of my way to prove that. I came to work sick with the flu or any other illness and waited until i was sent home verses...
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I just resigned after PT Lowes for 15 months.@ Sandy Springs, Ga. The store manager--openly ***--& cast of managers--senior Stock Boys--tone & attitude toward associates was terrible.

They were arrogant, no help most of the time & talked to you like you were an ***.

The work load has become total Daily Beat Down with gross understaffing & people leaving.

*** barn yard Manager pushing u all the time.

Glad to be gone.

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#151094 Review #151094 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lowes Manager

Ex employee | Lowes review from Stone Mountain, Georgia

Lowes does have a very dumb return policy. And it is filled with people that really don't care. These people make the employee and the customers time there ***. I wasn't fired from lowes i resigned. But it was the most depressing job i have ever had in my life. As an ex employee I can say that when a customer comes to the return desk of a specific race management does in fact question the return. Lowes is just filled with a bunch of miserable employees that have no choice but to stay there and work for little or nothing. That's why the service at most of them is horrible because its a very depressing job to have.
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To the person with the frigidaire dishwasher that wont drain....Did you install it yourself? If you did,you didnt loop the drainhose and that will cause water to drain back into the appliance.

Why is lowes to blame for the appliance not working. Shouldnt you say " I will never buy another frigidaire?"

snow a

Lowes sucks. I will never shop there again.

And this poster is right on the money. They make the customers life *** when they go in their stores.


I am a senior manager and wanted to ask, has anyone noticed the level of customer service between lowes and home depot? After visiting several eastcoast states, Home Depot is soring over Lowes!!!


I am an employee for a Lowes in Canada.

I have enjoyed working for Lowes and am excited for growth with this company.

You would think that in this economy today that we would look at our glass as full and not empty?

You will only get back what you put in.

It is not easy being on the business side of the counter sometimes,but really its all about the customer and most of the time, they just want to be heard...

Dont you?


Lowes appliances suck I have had my dishwasher a frigidaire for 2 weeks and it already is broen it wont drain all the way out,give me a break here 2 weeks? come on I will never buy another thing from Lowes


I currently work for lowes and agree with ex employee. I am a white male and notice that black person in the store works in a position of labor.


Did you ever think that maybe the people that steal or the people that lie are the blame for retailers return policy issues?


I work for Lowes and I can disagree this is one opion and thye pay well and have their flaws just like any other company spwak for self not others who like their job,,.,,,

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#151018 Review #151018 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Sold discontinued carpet runner | Lowes review from Chicago, Illinois

I purchased two large area rugs from Lowes in Kenosha WI . A matchig hallway runner to be shipped to my home . After 3 weeks of not recieving my runner I called the store to see where it was to be told they will follow up and after three more calls they told me it was not coming it was discontinued. Now I have two rugs with no runner .I have already put these in my home and now without a matching runner . I will never shop Lowes again ,not to mention I purchased a refrigerator the same time I purchesed the rugs.
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I am in search of a narrow rug runner off a roll #254061. Do you have a way to seach your other stores to see if they have it. I would like to buy a 27foot long piece.


Have you asked if you can simply return the 2 rugs and choose new rugs/runner that they have in stock? I'm sure they store didn't know that the runner would be unavailable. They will probably try to make things right if you give them a chance.


So, tell me this, is Lowe's SUPPOSED to now make a runner for you? Things change, models/styles get discontinued.

I know it will be hard for you to comprehend, but it's true, look it up, manufacturer's discontinue/end model/style runs ALL THE TIME!! Do you really think it was Lowe's?? Having worked there for over 6 years, I truly never knew that elves in the back sat and made the rugs, runners for the rugs, and the appliances we sell! I truly never did!

Wow! I bet you're the same customer who went down to the car dealer and complained that they discontinued your 1962 Studebaker last week, too!

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