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Lowes review in Los Angeles, California: Excess installation charges

recently i had a microwave installed above the stove and under a cabinet by lowes and was charged a extra fee for what the installer said was a modification by adding a flex exhaust pipe and laying a 1x3 peice of wood across the inside of the cabinet as the exhaust pipe hole was to large to bolt the microwave to / i call this normal instalation not a modification / for this i was charged a extra $55 by the installer / i wish to thanks lowes for the store credit i just recived for $55 and the consumer complaint line for getting this coreccted / sincerally david sandefur
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my gosh you all are mean, no wonder I do it myself, I wouldn't want to do business with any of you! $400 for a microwave install is outrageous, it;s so easy a girl can do it...I'd charge half and feel I got paid a fortune.


It's no wonder Menards doesn't offer installation. Look at all the complaints about installation on Lowes and Home Depot installation from consumers who don't want to pay for the work needed. They don't need the headaches guys like this cause.


You consider what normal installation? Are you an electrician or contractor?

Nope you're not...I'm quite sure you were informed in the contract that additional charges may jus want something for nothin. Real classy of you.


Mr Sandefur, your success should be congratulated. Some of the comments here show just how some of Lowes' outlets are out to *** out of your hard earned money. I'm sure if they had been in your shoes they'd be ***' and moanin'.


Must agree with retailer4life. David Sandefur, had you gone with ANY electrician to do that same job, it would have cost at a MINIMUM $400, and that is IF any electrician would come out for such a *** little job.

You just stole $55 from the pockets of the workers at that store, not Lowes itself. Hope you are proud of yourself.


Okay, ***, LISTEN REAL CLOSE here, NORMAL INSTALLATION is just that....NORMAL installation. WHENEVER a contractor i.e.

installer has to do anything more to make something fit. it is ALWAYS an additional charge! Do you do work for free?? Why don't you just go back to Lowe's and complain that the whole friggin' microhood should be free, too??

Please all of you people, go through Lowe's @ pissed consumer and read my other posts, this is getting ridiculous!! I just wish you "know it alls" (who know NOTHING at all about retail) would come into my appliance dept. sometime!! Jeez.....

And before you *** respond with your childish replies, take a good long look in your mirror and realize the problems we encounter as sales specialists, be it Lowe's Home Depot, Menards, etc. ALL start and end with you "know it alls".

Gawd... come on retirement age so I can get out of this!!

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Lowes Installation

Lowes In Stillwater Oklahoma

I have three simply amazingly BAD major experiences with Lowes here in Stillwater ..all in the past four months. My bad experience ranges from them losing a refrigerator and claiming that someone else picked it up!.... to having a complete *** and incompetent installer come over and mis measure a patio door ..and then not standing by the error... and then re ordering the wrong door... It is incredible but we have very few other options here. The people just don't care and are not well trained...a seven year old could do better than most of these people...
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this sounds like a lowes typical shopping experience that i have every time I go into that store.


Hello I am Beverly I paid for 3 details on Tuesday 27th. I met a very pleasant gentleman in plumbing.

Even though the computer was running slow and the printer was not working he tried to hold it together. I then went to millwork and flooring. All the folks were pleasant even though short staffed. Well that retail.

I was told I would be contacted with in 48 hrs. The flooring installer was on the ball. He called me same day and was here on Wednesday to do the detail. The Plumbing installer I have not seen nor heard from.

It is now Friday. My husband had me go back and return the toilet and cancel the install. When I told the return gal we were not called and no one came, she said "we aren't perfect." Oookkk. My money is perfect.

I still did not here from the installer for millwork. It is Friday afternoon. I got a call from Lowes and the gentleman on the phone let me know that they had my measurements and I had to come into the store to choose my flooring. I told him I already did also the insulation for under the wood.

He replied. " Well all I have to do is make the calls." Ooookkk. The store manager has not done a one on one for customer service with his employees.

I always hair how pleasant the south is. I guess Oklahoma is not part of the south or is it that this Lowe's just sucks.


You know if you have a problem with Lowes, you should at least be brave enough to give your name. Most people don't read comments from anonymous people.

Lowes has never given us any problems.

We really like the store. Thanks, Barbara


Let me guess, Barbara--you're on the Lowe's payroll. Do you really think that posting your first name counts for anything?

Thanks! Barbara Too


I purchased a Frigidare refrigerator from Lowes in Stillwater in Feb 2009. May 15, 2010 the compressor stopped working.

Since it was over a year, Lowes wouldn't warranty the unit since I didn't buy the extended warranty.

So I ordered a new one from Sears with a 5 year extended warranty. Yes they deliver in Stillwater.



We don't all live on a reservation in a *** teepee you *** wipe! And second off, most of the employees are college students just trying to get through school so bear with us!


:zzz ,

This person needs to grow up... Uh...What do you think?


Hmmm.... me thinkum that if paleface in Stillwater is shopping in big home improvement teepee he must be being waited on by brave in red vest just offem reservation! Just giv'em a chance, after all, you're in OKLAHOMA for gosh sakes!!

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Lowes review in Rock Hill, South Carolina: What a messed up store

Rock Hill lowes is the worst lowes of them all, in my opinion, when you go in there and go to a certain department, either there is noone around and you ask some other employee, and they do not know anything. this is really frustrating, what gives. cannot they find people with knowledge? I cannot wait for the waxhaw store to open up because I live in Lancaster, I will go there, so I don't have to put up with rock hill lowes, and sometimes when you go up to customer service, some of them women ( thats all I see anyway) they get an attitude that just gets my blood to boil. come on Waxhaw Lowes open soon, please.
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Lowes does NOT Price Match

How great of Lowes to pride themselves on a guarantee competitor Price Match. However, they are NOT willing to price match their own Store. That's right one Lowes in one part of town has one price and the other Lowes a couple of miles down the road has another price - and guess what - they will NOT match it. Even after the first Lowes told me to go on to the other store and get the item there, for they were out of stock. So guess what Lowes - I guarantee that I will take my business to your competitors instead.
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Same problem after another lowes employee said they would price match and to go to another store. How ***!

Taking my business elsewhere over 70.00 when I am a contractor. Hope it was worth it to lose customers!!


I know this is an old thread, but it's now 2013. I just had this happen to me.

Lowes in La Habra, CA is selling 28"x32" replacement glass for cheaper than Lowes in Chino, CA.

Items are the same brand, same size, same everything. They refused to match, even with their guarantee stating that they don't match other Lowes stores. When asked why, they couldn't give me an answer. :roll

Also I worked with lowes from 2006-2008.


I bought an outdoor light fixture and needed two more, but Lowes was out of stock. They initially checked stock at another local store & suggested I go there, but I didnt have the time that day to drive over, so at the suggestion of Customer Service they pre-ordered the fixtures telling me it should only be a couple of days as six more were on order.

The item was on sale for $43.16 (down from $54). Since I paid that day, I was charged the sale price on the lights. I have checked back every Tuesday and Friday (apparently their stocking days) & now a month later & I'm still waiting for these "regular stock" items to arrive. Not only am i still waiting, but i was told that the items are now priced at $36.

I was going to return my pre-paid order for a Lowes store credit & go to other area Lowes (6 miles away) to pick up the same fixtures since they had them in stock, but the want even more than the pre-sale $54 price! I explained the situation & asked if they would honor the other stores price, but was told that they had different district pricing ant could not.

Guess I'll take the one fixture down and return all 3. Good thing Home Depot is a block away as well!


I work at Lowes and I KNOW they price match other stores just because the Lowes in your area doesnt you dont need to be writing these *** *** lies get a job and get a *** LIFE. I totally agree with you, retailer4life. Our store we price match the other Lowes in our area.


I agree with Me1. I live in Wichita, and work near Derby.

I also work in retail, so I don't want to hear any lame defenses from the sarcastic retailer4life. I found, at the Derby, KS location, some tile flooring on sale. I needed about 100 sq. feet.

They had about 19 sq. feet, but I was told there was more at the West Wichita location. The flooring was not damaged or dented. I went to the West store to buy the rest, and it was more expensive there.

I went to the customer service desk and asked for a price match. They told me that they do not price match other Lowe's stores. I think that is retarded. Same with a toilet that was clearanced.

I understand this was clearanced, but why is it different among the same chain? I work in a chain store and we have the same prices on everything across the nation.

Sometimes a signature store may have an additional sale. If that occurs and a customer says something, we will match the price.


Listen up Mr.IloveLowes4Life you have been a bigger pain in the butt then the Lowes I went to in Hialeah, FL. I dont know why you would want to contact them - I got what I wanted it just took 3 people and about 30 minutes of arguing - so go ahead call them up if you want and post what ever the *** you want to post - As for me1, I am done with you and with Lowes. buh -bye


The responses by retailer4life are typical of lowes bs. If lowes keep people like him around, it won't be long that he will worry about a paycheck, because lowes will be out of business.


Well, I guess I put a quick end to Me1's poor excuse to PROVE we would not price match the same item!! As stated before, ALL he had to do was post the town the Lowe's was in, and give a NAME and I would contact them personally and post the reason why the item was not matched.

Anyone else out there smell something fishy from him?? My offer's still good, Me1, just give me a name and a store, buddy, and I'll post the results for ALL to see!


Me1 (thank goodness there's not 2 of you!) , you STILL have not addressed the fact there was indeed A REASON the other store would not honor the other store's sale price!!! There is a reason why you are not telling the whole story here.

Give me the town the store is in, I will contact that store myself, and post the true story why they would not honor the sale price.

You say you are in retail?? My gosh, man, you mean you actually have to deal with people like you???


I am in retail myself and know how things work that is why I am so mad that this company of your Lowes does not work with customer:

1. it was a toilet on sale at a lowes in the east side of town. It was on display on sale but theyr were out of stock. Was told to go to the west side of town whom had 6 available.

2. The toilet on the west side was not on sale it was reg. price - same toilet, same sku, same everything

3. Plumbing employee said to go up front to customer service desk and explain to the manger the situation.

4. Manager had a fit - and after 30 minutes of discussion agreed to let me have it at the sale price.



Hey, anchorbanger, or should I say *****banger, pretty brave there when your safe and sound in your mommy's arms, aren't ya? I stand by my comments 100% pal, you know they're true, I'm tired of dealing with moronic customers, try it sometime, you'll have to deal with people like you....and by the way, I've written checks for $100,000, have you? , my paychecks are pretty secure young man!


Lowes still sucks. So dont be all smarmey Mr.

Lowes Manager guy.

I had a $2,300.00 entry & storm door that took 11 months to get straightened out. The guy is a customer, ya know the people that MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PAYCHECK


Now, Now, Now, Me1, if you're going to come on this site and complain about our price matching guarantee, please be upfront and tell the whole story! What you were obviously looking at was a clearance, discontinued or what we call a "scratch and dent".

These prices are often determined by the individual store. if it was a scratch and dent item, then yes, it would be marked down, we do it all the time, but that does not mean the other store would sell you a brand new one for the other stores scratch and dent price. One other possibility, is that the other store forgot to take down an expired sale sign, then again, the other store would not be responsible for the other stores mistake.

And if the associate in that other store told you to go to the other store, then again, that is that stores fault, NOT the Lowes you ended up going to. It's OK to gripe, Me1, but ALWAYS tell the WHOLE STORY when you do!

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Lowes review in Baltimore, Maryland: Too busy to be bothered

I can't express my disapointment with the Lowes of Columbia, MD branch. I went in to get an estimate for granite counter tops, and explained to the sales person (Wade) that the counter was 10' long and "L" shaped. The rep responded to me by handing me a small piece of paper and saying "I need you to draw me a picture". Okay, I'm no rocket scientist, but even a 5 yr old knows what the letter "L" looks like. The rep continued to respond in short answers and unwillingness to help. Sending this to Corporate HQ today.
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:cry Just the shape of the letter L is NO INDICATION of LENGTH and WIDTH>>>Which the guy would need to give you a GUESSTIMATE..why didn't you just pay the n$35.00 to have them come out and measure to give you a "True estimate". Why not come in with measurements? :eek


Isn't it YOUR job to help them start if they are clueless?! That is why you are titled sales specialist or sales rep ... quit whinning that others need their hands held and step up to the plate/job and say, "this is what I am going to need to help you get started."

You said ... is customers like you that really need to quit thinking that every *** time you walk into a retail store that your hand is going to be held as you shop. Do your homework before coming in! I\'m sorry but the sales specialist isn\'t going to just pull a number out of their ***, there are far too many variables. Next time you want to know a price on countertops put down the *** cheetos, grab a tape measure, and sketch out what your going to need.

#40745 is customers like you that really need to quit thinking that every *** time you walk into a retail store that your hand is going to be held as you shop. Do your homework before coming in!

I\'m sorry but the sales specialist isn\'t going to just pull a number out of their ***, there are far too many variables. Next time you want to know a price on countertops put down the *** cheetos, grab a tape measure, and sketch out what your going to need.


I have to agree with ea789, you don't seem to understand what goes into designing a kitchen or counter top. I used to work for Home Depot and we would get customer in there all the time that were clueless on home improvements or the processes involved. Stop watching these designs programs on HGTV and do your homework prior to coming in, it would save everyone involved a great deal of time.


your 2 comments dont really agree with eachother. did you actually have dimensions, or did you just point to a display and say "my kitchen is about that size"? it sounds to me like you probably didnt have actual dimensions with you.

if that IS the case, the salesman was absolutely correct in showing you the samples and prices on the board to give you an idea on prices until you came back with actual dimensions.

from what you originally posted, why would you have even gotten a manager involved? the salesman was just doing his job.


While I appreciate the response, this still does not account for bad customer service. Once the manager got involved the service rep (Wade) stated "that's not how he say it happening" and then turned his back to both of us and another sales rep THEN pointed out there was a chart with samples and prices that I could use a starting point.


Yes, an "L" is a basic shape, but to quote a countertop accurately, he needed to know if you had a 90 degree or 45 degree corner. This not only affects the amount of square footage, but most fabricators charge a few hundred dollars more for a 45 degree cut.

Anyone who had NOT asked you that would have probably mis-quoted your countertop.

I design kitchens and the reason we make YOU draw it is because many customer try to hold us to a "quoted" price, even if they gave us the wrong dimensions, or forget to mention a special depth or radiused corners, etc. If you draw the top, you have to be accountable for at least the shape of the countertop.

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Lowes Estimate

Lowes review in Danbury, Connecticut: Lowe's, attempted to dump wrong product on me.

I ordered hardwood pellets for my stove. I paid for them on a Friday. No problem 37 tons in stock. Monday the delivery shows up with the cheaper softwood pellets. I told the driver that I ordered hardwood pellets. He called the store then told me that they sold out of the hardwood pellets. I told him take them back. I called corporate and was told the store manager would get back to me. I got a call saying there was a mistake. The hardwood pellets were in the warehouse. I gave them a hour to get the right pellets to me. They did. I let them know I wasn't happy about this. All I get is "it was a mistake and they corrected it. I'm sure if the pellets were delivered to someone who didn't check, they would have received a cheaper product and possibly not known the difference. I can see the wrong pellets being loaded. But to be told that they were all sold out after I discovered it, doesn't fly. Especially when they did have what I ordered at the store.
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ok, not the end of the world, but would they called him and given him a refund for the cheaper one, i think not.


Relax, they made a mistake and then promptly fixed it. It's not the end of the world and they didn't do it on purpose. There are more important things in life to focus on than a simple mistake.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes Terre Haute Indiana incompetent ordering and installation

I ordered an exterior door with 'professional' installation. They ordered the wrong door, the installer (Ron Grub) arrived late, unprepared, and left early with job unfinished for first install appt. Was a no-show no-call for the second appt. Forgot parts on the third install appt, and was late for the fourth (and I hope final) install appt. I've called Lowes for assistance in getting the install completed and they've been of little help. Since I had to pay up front for the whole thing I guess there was no incentive. I will never do business with the Terre Haute Lowes again. If you find that you have to and they refer you to Ron Grub as a 'professional' installer, get a prescription for valium because you'll need it.
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yes, as a Lowe's man, I do have to say that virtually all of our installers fall into this category. I know there are indeed a few good ones out there, but they are indeed few and far between.

And sadly, this is not just a Lowe's problem.

You see, Lowe's, Home depot, and all the others contract out for their installation services, and unfortunately, if these guys were the "cream of the crop", so to speak, they would not have to do install jobs for ANY of the big blue or orange box stores, they would have PLENTY of individual jobs lined up if only from word of mouth. I know as a Lowe's person myself, I would have second thoughts about any of these guys coming into my home, and if you use them, do not be afraid to ask for their credentials when you greet them at your door, you might be surprised what you're told by them.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes review in Worcester, Massachusetts: Lousy service with service advantage plan

My Frigidaire refrigerator quit refrigerating. By the time I discovered this, I had lost all of the food in my freezer and refrigerator. I called the Lowe's Service Advantage number given to me by the local store in which I purchased the appliance. Could hardly understand the person on the other end due to language barrrier. Was told I would receive a phone call within 24 -48 hrs. I'm still waiting for that phone call 1 week later. Noone locally will come and repair it due to the parts under warranty. I have since purchased a new refrigerator due to unknown timeframe of fixing the broken one. Calling the 800 number is worthless. They won't put you through to a supervisor, nor provide contact information for the regional or corporate office. When I did originally call, I expressed concern to the foreign speaking gentleman, that I was on alert for deployment to the gulf coast in response to Hurricane Ike. I am a medical professional, and was awaiting the call to go. I explained to him that I was not comfortable leaving my wife and two small children behind with no refrigerator. I was hoping to at least get someone to look at it as expeditious as possible. I was again reassured that my concern was documented and forwarded to the regional office. Still waiting for word back from the regional office. I called approximately 56 hours after the original call to check on status. I was told that there is no local technicians to provide service, and that my file is still being worked on by the regional office. As a business man and healthcare professional in the same town in which I purchased the appliance, I find this business practice absolutely pathetic. What a "*** poor" way to treat your customers! I was forced to purchase out of pocket a new refrigerator, and replace the well over $200.00 worth of food that was lost at no fault of my own.
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This is a letter of complaint regarding my manufacture warranty under my LG appliance. This product was purchased in July/2014 with an additional warranty coverage plan.

On May 28, 2015 I called Lowes service and advantage 1-888-775-6937 to open a claim regarding my dishwasher, schedule a company service call. My appliance is making a high pitched whistling sound during the entire cycle when operating. I was given a scheduled date of Friday 06/05/15 with a company A.J. appliance service between the hours of 1-5:00pm.

On 06/05/15 at 12:30pm I get a phone call from a representative with Lowes service stating that the AJ appliance was cancelling my service call scheduled last minute. I had already left work thinking that I would need to be in the home between the hours of 1-5:00pm waiting for service person to arrive. I was told by the Lowes rep that AJ appliance was over booked and couldn’t make my scheduled appointment. The Lowes representative then gave me a reschedule appointment for Monday 06/08/15 between the hours of 1-5:00pm with a company called A.E.

appliance. I took this appointment missing more time off work. The technician arrived at 2:30pm, he was an older gentleman. He states that he heard the whistling sound when he first arrived at my home; put wasn’t able to hear it after awhile.

I’m still hearing the noise as I’m standing right next to the tech. I turned off my TV, turned off house fans trying to help this elderly man hear this high pitch sound that’s clearly coming from my appliance. The man then tells me to call the service rep back and schedule a different appointment with another tech that he has hearing issues and can’t hear the sound the dishwasher is making. The tech gave me a receipt of his visit.

The next day I called once again Lowes service line, explained what the tech had said to reschedule with another company that would be able to hear this high pitch sound this appliance is making. I’m given an appointment with A.J. appliance on Friday 06/12/15 1-5:00pm, the company was a no show!

I called the service number06/12/15 again asked to speak with a supervisor her name was Pam, I explained what was happening the cancelations last minute, no shows, sending a Tech to my home that is elderly and has a known hearing problem. The concern/complaint is written in my file as to why I’m requesting service a LOUD pitch whistling noise!

The issue I have here is that this product is still under manufacture warranty and is covered, which was paid for by ME the costumer.

This issue needs to be settled I am sending my complaint to LG services and to Lowes services. I have copies of all emails from Lowes confirming all scheduled or rescheduled appointments.


We are having the same problem with our extended warranty on our new Whirpool washing machine. They came out and said we needed new parts.

Now we cannot get them to come out to install the parts that have been here via UPS.


Friendly people with NO knowledge of their vendor as to whom can or cannot work on appliances! Would rate them at a minus 100 for service!

I will NOT buy another major appliance that requires Me to use the Advantage Protection Plan from Lowes! I have all the respect for the Lowes store Manager (JT) in Cleburne, Texas!!


Disclaimer, I painted in my younger years but haven't painted in years. You guys either got a horribly bad batch of paint or you must have been expecting the paint to be pro style without having to pay for a pro actually doing it.

I read these reviews after buying a gallon of flat white for a weekend project. It made me so paranoid I decided to test one support board nobody would see. I painted the whole board (2"x4"x6') then walked away and 20 minutes later it was dry. I was surprised so naturally I put another coat on (because that's how you paint).

No complaints so far but I'll send an update after a night of drying.

There is no paint that exists that you can just put one coat on and walk away and it'll be perfect for 5 or 20 years. Also it seems that most complaints are for semigloss and to be fair I have only used flat.


All appliances have a year warranty and they ask if you want the additional year. What I have found is that if it cant be repaired take it back to the store and ask to speak to the store manager only - if not in ask for the district manager - if no answer call the corporate number.

Most returns will give you another until they get someone in the store to fix yours or in most cases give you one of equal value. And for goodness sakes take responsibility for your own purchases and SAVE YOUR RECIEPT!




My husband and I purchased a washer from Lowe. Before too long, it began to bray and bellow, so we called the service department and were referred to a local repair shop that Lowes subcontracts. The first time their rep came out, he needed to go get parts. He dropped in the next week, and needed more parts. The week after, he decided that he didn't know what was wrong with it, so he left again. The next time he came back, much later, was a demand performance, and since a month of study hadn't diagnosed the problem, he wanted to take it with him, and fix it in the shop. About a month later, the guy shows up with the washer and swears it's fixed, however, his back is injured, his dog is birthing puppies, his wife is due home any moment, etc, and he can't get the machine back in the house.

The friendly local village *** (me) told him to go on--I'd get someone to move it in. I did get some local kids to install the washer, and I turned it on. It didn't bray or bellow anymore, it gave one thin, agonized screech and died forever.

So I called the shop, and was curtly told that whoever carried the machine inside must have "done sumpun to it".

I'd paid over $150.00 in parts, and was guaranteed a serious chewing by my husband, so I called the dude some creatively nasty names, questioned his parentage, and gave him my august opinion of his little hole-in-the-wall repair shop.

Then I called Lowes. After about twenty minutes of being shifted from here to there, I was informed that they could give me deep sympathy and the name of another repair shop...

So I gave them, the repair shop, and the Better Business Bureau my written opinion of the entire farce, threw the old washer out, bought a good one from Sears, and went my merry way. May I add that my merry way doesn't stray to Lowes--I haven't darkened their door in two years.

*** once is okay, most times, but *** twice leads to extinction.



Thanks for the comments. I did try local repair services.

All the same answer. We don't work on appliances under warranty coverage. Frigidaire's answering service gave me the same answers as well. Noone to service your area.

Apparently I live in a vaccum of space that noone can find or wants to come to. LOL I did speak with the manager, and once providing proof of purchase, he may be able to help me out. I've also corresponded with the Lowe's Customer Care Center.

They too have been courteous and helpful. Thanks again for your thoughts.


Usually what we do in our Lowe's is give the customer one of our local authorized repair providers. We usually avoid the 800 service advantage number because as stated here, you are routed to a national call center who then routes it to a servicer.

Every Lowes I know, unless you are in a very unusual area, has at least 1 local servicer. When we give our customers one of these numbers, in many cases they get service later that same day. We do try to avoid the 800 number whenever possible. Also, irregardless as to where the refrigerator was purchased, also having been on that end as well, any Frigidaire repair facility is authorized to do those repairs for you, again provided that the unit is still under manufacturer's warranty.

I am sure there would would have to be someone locally to help you. Also, in closing, I would make sure the Lowes store manager (not the appliance sales associate) is made aware of this.

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Lowes review in Monroe, New York: Useless Lowe's furniture warranty

Bought 3 patio love seats from Lowes, still under warranty when button on back cushion fell off. Called disrtibutor - none left, no help. Manufacturer is overseas, no help. Called Lowe's Customer Assistance, no help. Called store Manager where we bought them, no help: None in stock, can't replace. WILL reimburse cost of whole seat if returned, but then we can't replace with matching one (bad solution). Won't reimburse for repair, even though Lowe's warranty states "We will, at our sole discretion, REPAIR IT (caps mine), replace it, or refund your money based on your method of payment." We're stuck with defective furniture. Nice. We're no longer Lowe's customers.
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Hey, SRB427, I guess you realized you were in a winless argument here. But like you said, you're 57, probably OD'd on the metamucil since last we spoke!! :grin


Is Lowes4life mr. Niblock?


is he really the president of Sears? Stay tuned.....


I can see how many who complain on here can take any response comments seriously. I could say I am the president of Sears and some would believe me.

Dont believe everything you read on the internet - some people who respond may be employees of some typw of retail store or maybe even have worked for a Lowe's at one time, and now work for the competition pretending to speak out for the company you are complaining about. Most of that furniturecomes from overseas and there is no replacement hardware or accessories, the best they will do is give you your money back. Although if it were me and I was happy with the furniture and all it was was a button I would try and fix it myself and save the gas to stop in.

If it were a manufacture defect I would have started with the manager on duty, then asked for the operations manager, if you didnt get any resolve ask for the store manager and then the district manager everyone has a supervisor. All in all the Dept Manager of inside lawn and garden should have been able to take care of your request.


Hey, srb427, pretty quick with the jabs when your'e safe, arent ya? You might be 57, 50 more than your IQ, but I'm digressing here, so back to the issue at hand, since your OBVIOUSLY SOOOOO SMART compared to the rest of us, you must also know that Lowes does not manufacture the seat cushions!!

If the manufacturer no longer makes them, what do you expect us to do?? Many times the manufacturer will not take merchandise back, this in turn leads to higher prices for all down the road.

You would have (NOW READ REAL CLOSELY NOW SINCE YOU'RE 57 AND KNOW IT ALL) had this same response from Home Depot, or any other retailer. The managers cannot just do what they (we) want, we have guidelines just as you do in your job, that we, and you, must follow, so just remember that.


Dear bigger idiots (retailer4life and CJ),

Shame this site allows name-calling losers like you to comment without knowing what you're talking about. A) The seats/cushions were less than one month old and still within warranty.

B) As stated, manufacturer is overseas and Lowe's Customer Assistance couldn't give me contact info for them. C) If you had the slightest idea what you were talking about, you'd realize these cushion-buttons aren't just "sewn on", but require a special tool to insert the connecting thread inside the cushion in such a way as to anchor them properly, not something as easy as "just sewing them on". D) Taking back ALL the seats just brings us back to where we started: no patio seats and none available we want to replace them. Funny how you think the whole back cushion costs $4.00!

But obviously you mental giants work for Lowe's, or you wouldn't react so childishly. By the way, I'm 57 and know what any decent retail store should be responsible for.


Kudos to cj!! We @ Lowes have really had it with moronic customers like this!

Also, just HOW OLD were the cushions? Some manufacturer's do give long warranties on their products, but HOW LONG did you actually have them? I bet a lot longer than buying a 25 cent button and sewing the thing back on was worth!

And to chevrolet.....That's probably what your parents said after they had to introduce you to the family after you were born!! :grin


Hey ***! They will take back not only the defective unit, but all of them.

So they are following their policy to the tee.

Besides, what kind of *** are you that you can't sew a button back on a $4 cushion? Serioulsy, shop at Wal-Mart, I'm sure the your local Lowe's employees with thank you.


Lowes new slogan is

"Its not our fault"

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Lowes Manager

Lowes review in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Valspar: Horrible Paint

We added a 700 sqft addition to our home using over a dozen gallons of primer and Valspar paint from Lowe's. We painted the room, then installed the floor, thus giving the paint over a week to dry. One year later, we moved a chair that was in the corner, and it was stuck to the paint on the wall. We pulled the chair away and chunk of wall/paint came off. We also had the same problem with picture frames; paint stuck to the back, causing the pictures to stick to the wall. We literally had to pry the frames off. I send both an e-mail and written letter, hoping for an apology and maybe an explanation, but nothing. It's just horrible paint, and even worse customer service...TJN
View full review

What's the deal with valspar paint leaving streaks a year later?


I USED VALSPAR ULTRA GLOSS ON KITCHEN CABINETS.The adhesion was very poor and pealed off after 3 months. I was still tacky to the touch.

The prep incuded washing with TSP and sanding . I stripped the valspar off and used Dutchboy and it adheared much better. I aso used the Valspar flat on the walls and semi gloss on the trim. It too peeled of.

Using painters tape was a disaster. In the past I have used Valspar with no prblem.


Valspar Signature Hi-Def Advanced Color, Paint + Primer has been a waste of money. We applied a coat of paint and had roller streaks.

Lowe's store told us to use a low nap roller.

We did that and after three coats we still have roller streaks. Painting with a brush looks good but who is going to paint a whole room with a brush?


I just painted with Valspar Medallion and have had none of those problems. We used 3/8 inch rollers-disposable type, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

After waiting 24 hours, the tape came off flawlessly and no streak marks. As a amateur painter myself, I can say the problem is most likely you and not the paint.


It's not the painter it's lazy consumers. Everyone wants to cut corners they don't want to degloss shiny surfaces....

They don't want to prime ... They clean their walls with whatever they find. Latex paint especially a satin or gloss takes.

30 days to properly cure so you need to be mindful. If you skip steps then you get what you get.


I am on my third coat using the Medallion Valspar. $40 bucks a gallon?

What happened to Valspar? I have used this paint often over the years, and this time, my money and time are very much wasted. I am not getting the coverage expected. Two coats and there are streaks, lines, and missed spots.

It won't go on the roller well, and once on the wall, who knows what will happen. I am no newbie to home painting projects. Triple the effort and money on this project. *** it I am pissed at this situation; I could have hired someone to do this work, and used Big Lots' paint for better results.

I bought my Valspar at ACO hardware, not Lowes. Yeah, this product is a waste of time and money.

Wish I would have found this site before I started my project, and before I realized something was drastically wrong with the quality of the finish. :cry


Valspar signature paint didn't use to be this bad. I have always used this paint with it covering with one coat coverage no streaking with the shiny lines or paint being pulled off.

But I bought a new house and bought Valspar to paint my house and every single room the paint wouldn't cover evenly. I would have shiny streaks all over my walls photo frames are causing the paint to come off the walls too.

Terrible paint! I will never buy Valspar again total waste of time and money.


I purchased three gallons of paint from Lowes, 2 gallons to do my living room and 1 gallon to do my dining room....I purchased the paint with primer and was very disappointed with the way the paint adhered to the wall, it was shinny, looking almost sticky...I have purchased paint for years, even cheap paint, this is the worse i have ever used...I finally couldnt look at the embrassing walls anymore, went to Sherwin Williams and had to purchase the same quanity to redo the walls...I think this Paint is terrible and will never purchase it again, I would suggest you dont do it, you will be sorry, when you have to purchase paint somewhere else or just shake your head every time you look at your wall


I painted a concrete patio floor with Valspar, came back 2 hours later

paint was still somewhat tacky,like it wasn't dry, I thought because it was very humid out,needed more drying time, let it sit all night,

next morning ,not as tacky,but very slick and oily, and paint chipped and peeled off very easy, took remaining paint back for refund, they said , wow,we never had a complaint about Valspar, they called a Valspar REP on the phone for me to talk to, and he said must be the high humidity, and that particular paint wasn't recommended for concrete,and kept blabbering on and on, finally ,I cut him off, and said *** you, I will buy paint from Walmart next time, later he called me at home, and said he would replace paint I returned at no cost to me, even though I used half of it, but I still have to scrape off the paint I already put on, which will take me a day or two, sO i still lost out.


Valspar Signature paint + primer is the worst paint I have ever used. Two coats and there is still bleed through.

I wasn't trying to cover any color out of the ordinary and the paint will not cover. This is a bad product.

It does not live up to any of the claims made by the makers or sellers of this paint. I will never buy or use this product again.


We purchased 10 gallons of the Valspar Exterior paint, we had our home pressure washed and cleaned....when we got ready to use the paint, our painter noticed that the paint was not spreading and staying on the looked as if it had been frozen. I called Lowes and was told to come back and they would look at the paint we purchased, we took the paint back and the manager checked the dates on the 5 gallon buckets we were sold...they had they same stock numbers and dates as the other ones still in the store.

After this he opened the 5-gallon bucket that was unsealed that we had returned and said the paint looked like clabbered milk! He was very nice and got us 2 more 5-gallon buckets, at a discount I might add! :grin ! I have tried to find out how to contact Valspar to see if they are willing to help with the cost of the extra painting that we have had to absorb, but from the sound of all this (other complaints sent in), I guess it is a waste of time.

I really think that Lowes may need to reconsider selling this paint if they are going to have to keep fixing a problem that may not necessarily be theirs.

Any way....Thank You Lowes for helping me with my paint! :)


Just finished using three gallons of Valspar Signature Semi Gloss Interior paint in my family room. The paint is GARBAGE and I came to the conclusion that I put three gallons of water on my walls.

The label states, "Exceptional Coverage & Quality." After the third quote I still have bleed through!

Spare your time and money and DON'T buy Valspar paint!!! :cry


I have same problem an on them now have a lawer waiting on you have pic of what happened with yours I'll appreciate it an fill you in on processed...


Just had my house painted and used Valspar Signature. Complete garbage.

Same as everywhere else, used 3M tape and it rips the paint off the walls. Each wall and ceiling needed 3 plus coats.

Horrible product. It was like painting with water.


Used some Lowes Signature primer/paint and found it to be full of gells...terrible stuff. Ended up having to sand the bumps off from the wall, strain the remaining paint through a filter, and repaint.


Valspar Paint is horrible. The cost has raised over the past 4 years and the quality has cheapened.

Never again will I allow Valspar paint in my house. My husband and I complained to the Valspar company itself who had their Rep in our area come to our home and take a look at the rooms as well as the outside we recently hired painted. After looking at our issues, he agreed we had a problem but he said he would have to take the matter up with his superiors. He agreed coverage was an issue - still not covering properly after 4 coats of paint!

After talking with his Superiors he contacted us today to advise the problem was not in the can. It was those who applied the paint....the professional painters known for great work in our area and who also said they have complained about using Valspar paints. We have used these guys in the past and were more than pleased with their work.

The problem is not the painters.....its obviously the paint. :sigh


Valspar Int Paint w/Primer

I tried Valspar Prem Int Paint w/Primer due to Consumer Reports Recommndation

I struggled with this paint. Wasted both money and precious time recoating.

I had trouble the last time I ventured from premium paints from Sherwin-Williams when I tried another Consumer Reports recommendations. I see Valspar is no longer at the top. It was a horrible experience. I bought it at Lowe's.

Since they are the probably the largest retailer of it. Then they are responsible for it too.


Valspar Int Paint w/Primer

I tried Valspar Prem Int Paint w/Primer due to Consumer Reports Recommndation

I struggled with this paint. Wasted both money and precious time recoating.

I had trouble the last time I ventured from premium paints from Sherwin-Williams when I tried another Consumer Reports recommendations. I see Valspar is no longer at the top. It was a horrible experience. I bought it at Lowe's.

Since they are the probably the largest retailer of it. Then they are responsible for it too.


I HATE Valspar paint. I've been battling the peeling from painter's tape for 10 days now!

I've tried every method to avoid the peelng. No matter if it's still wet, the fresh paint peels off along with the tape. It is causing me so much extra work. Now I have to contend with ripped pieces of paint still attached to the overall paint.

This is a Valspar nightmare.

Valspar is horrible paint. Don't buy Valspar.


I suppose I was lucky in that I had only a small bathroom to paint and only bought half a gallon of this Valspar garbage. Certainly the worst imaginable paint I've ever encountered in 40 years of painting interiors. I am going to try and scrape it off the walls - don't want to have in my house - period.


Tom p. *** on 35 years painting?

You are a joke. Why don't you use fast hide by Olympic. Also to respond to all you othe *** clots you all suck as painters. 99.9% of all paint issues is the painter not preparing the wall correctly or just don't now how paint.

Do me and others a favor Don't buy my paint.

Go somewhere else. ***


Thank you for your cander. You have helped me make my own decision to never use Valspar again.

I am a painter and have so far been very happy with their large selection of colors. We have had the recent first ever problem with bubbling. I won't waist time telling you the long story but if you are a Valspar representative you should not be.

If you are trolling you should get a life. Either way you should be ashamed


:grin Hahahahaha loser.


This paint is horrible. Spent days taking down popcorn ceiling and hours of repairs.

Leaves roller marks, dries so fast you end up unrolling the section you just painted trying to work the areas together. Uneven and splotchy coverage.

Essentially ruined all my hard work (after a full day at the office). The primer looked great, I should have just left it up as finish coat.


I agree that Valspar Paint + Primer sucks. We've painted our Kitchen with Valspar soft gloss "Kitchen and Bath" paint + primer.

It's impossible to paint with this paint - leaves roller marks. Not sure what the problem is...

if it's the primer in the paint that makes it streak or if it's the gloss part. Very frustrated and disappointed.


I used the Valspar signaure whit semi gloss paint for the first and last time... It's going back to Lowe's...

I used it on primed baseboard, didn't cover.... streaks and spots from primed surface showed thru.. Do not purchse this product.

It's nothing more than a thick primer.. :(


I am not a person who enjoys painting and willing to admit that my skills are not professional grade. Reading the other posts on the poor performance of this paint makes me realize that perhaps this is not my issue but more a problem with the paint.

I will need to put at least two coats of this paint on the walls to cover the bleed through and streaking that I am seeing with the first coat. This is not a cheap paint price wise and I am disappointed with both the fact that it has underperformed as well as the fact that this was sold by the Lowe's paint rep as the best solution for my painting.

Other paints I have used in the past have covered far better with far less work. Needless to say, this is my last time purchasing this brand of paint.


Kelly - Sounds like the streaking is a water stain/damage of some sort. You will need to spot prime those areas to fully cover.

Valspar Signature is not really 'paint & primer in one'... Its just a thicker grade paint with more hiding pigments. Subsurface stains can still bleed through.... Same with Behr, and the others, it just covers over other colors better to provide one coat coverage.


Valspar sucks. Olympic One is the way to go.


sounds like you might not know how to paint and not realize that this complaint is about Valspar, not Lowe's. ***.


I bought White ceiling paint/flat/ by Valspar. It says one coat painting on the can.

I have a small area, dining room and living room about 13x30 square feet. I have painted two coats of paint on one side of ceiling fan trying to see if the streaks and splotches would improve and no it looks reall6 bad. Its not smooth and/ or covering the ceiling well. I have used 1 1/2 gallons and I haven't made it to the dining room area and this paint is not cheap price wise.

Also the paint has a light pink tint wet or dry. Yes pink! It's horrible! I went to Lowes to talk to someone about it.

They said a Rep. needs to come take a look at it. They called him and he was in a meeting and my name and number was give to him over the phone. He told Lowes that he would call me after the meeting.

See I've been waiting for new furniture for the past 7 weeks ( and no I'm not well to do, I haven't had a new couch in 25 years) but its coming any day now and I'm running out of time. I don't want any freebies or anything like that.

I just want to know what I can paint on my ceiling to fix the problem!!! Please help me with much needed advice.


I am a little more particular than most, with that said I am having a difficult time with the paint I am using (Valspar), there just does not seem to be any way to put this paint on the wall with out creating roller marks. I have so much time invested in painting this room that it is not even funny.

Now it looks like I will need to start over with a different paint. I would not recommend Valspar to any one.


I am a little more particular than most, with that said I am having a difficult time with the paint I am using (Valspar), there just does not seem to be any way to put this paint on the wall with out creating roller marks. I have so much time invested in painting this room that it is not even funny.

Now it looks like I will need to start over with a different paint. I would not recommend Valspar to any one.


javascript:ac_smilie(':(')Started painting house two days ago got about 2/3 done and realized it was bubbling everywhere. Called Lowes they said I had bad batch of paint and they would replace it.

Went out there got 7 more gallons of valspar exterior only to open it and see the bubbles all through the paint. Could watch paint bubble as you poured into the tray. Called Lowes again waited hours for them to call back and inform me they have never heard of anything like this happening and would send a rep out. I told her the address to this site and said I find it very hard to believe she had never heard of this problem.Will never use valspar again and not sure I will ever shop Lowes again either.

Very angry!!!!!!! :(


THIS PAINT STINKS!!! I've been painting for 35 years, usually stick to Benji Moore but my SIL bought the Valspar Ultra Premium (what a joke!)for my daughter as a gift.

We didn't open the cans for a couple of months, and when I finally did the paint had separated so badly it looked like a broken hollandaise. Took it back to the store and had them shake it back up, but it never did look like it was fully incorporated.

It goes on lumpy, never flows out, and doesn't even hide itself. Absolutely, without a doubt the worst stuff I've EVER used.


I'm currently using white Valspar Cieling Paint (goes on light purple & turns white) over white cielings. During the 4th coat, we're finally seeing it all blend together.

The first 3 coats, all you get are roller marks, streaks, uneven. Very, very bad paint!


I painted 2 rooms,my livingroom and kitchen.We used Valspar paint and found it nice paint to work with.It went on like butter.I will use it again.


Bought 1 gallon of Valspar Signature paint color (warm fog) this morning. Got 3/4 of it done - decided to pack it up and return it.

Wall prep was perfect; pre-primed white - paint runs and does not cover.

Roller marks everywhere - when cutting the trim to the ceiling all brush marks are visible. How do they sell so much paint. I have been doing over the eight rooms in our house and until the kitchen used Benjamin More and Sherwin Williams no problems.

Like BM more, but the most expensive however doing it twice is worse.

Bad Paint I would not buy Valspar ever again. Don't know whether or not they will refund the money but at this point I really don't care.


Worst paint I have ever used. Only bought it because the salesperson at Lowes pushed it.

Every complaint posted here is true.

It never completely dries, peels right off when bumped slightly, drips badly while being applied and stinks for weeks. Do yourself a favor and void this paint like the plague!


Three days ago I bought 4 gallons of Valspar Premium paint in eggshell finish which was recommended by the paint associate. Spent two days painting and love the color, hate the paint!!!!!

It shows uneven roller marks and looks terrible. I'm an interior designer and have NEVER had this issue. Usually use Ben Moore and am so mad at myself for not buying it instead. Now I have to see if I can get my money back and do the labor all over again.

BTW, followed the preparation instructions and used the correct roller and brush for the eggshell finish. I'm soooo disappointed!


Tried the Valspar paint+primer because I had gift cards to Lowe's. What a mistake!!

Had already primed the walls because they were two-tone from a previous owner. This stuff caused sag edges just from cutting in the borders!! And then the rolled paint sagged off of the cut-in borders!! Even had the *** run down the corners and puddle on the floor.

I have done all of my own painting (exterior and interior) for over 30 years and have NEVER had this happen before. Obviously the paint sucks and I would NEVER RECOMMEND this to anyone, professional or DIYer.


Valspar paint is the worse paint that you can buy and I have been painting for over 40 years. No two gallons purchased at different times ever come out to the same shade.

Never covers like they say it will. color mixing machines in the stor nevr produce the correct shade.

Stay away!






You are right that lowe's line of valspar is terrible but don't let that turn you off to valspar all together. The valspar medallion line is a great paint and It's a bit cheaper than behr.

Although I will say behr is still a bit better. Also remember that if your walls are already painted than you don't need to use a primer.


We bought and had our house painted with Valspar exterior paint 9 years age, we notice that acouple years age the paint job started peeling on serveral areas of the house. We contacted Valspar and they were willing to replace the paint (we still had the receipt) We will not use that *** paint again.


i spent 40.00 for to gallons of ceiling paint that could not cover i one coat white over white,are you kidding?left streaks ,roller marks and i used the recommened type of roller from i have to spend double to attempt to make it look acceptable.trying for a refund from lowes today


I am a Lowe's paint associate who has been employed three years in Arizona. I have found that just about every customer I have asked for valspar paint feedback has loved this paint!

Usually if a problem ocurs, it is due to lack of surface preperation,cleaning, priming etc. Gene :roll


I am a Lowe's paint associate who has been employed three years in Arizona. I have found that just about every customer I have asked for valspar paint feedback has loved this paint!

Usually if a problem ocurs, it is due to lack of surface preperation,cleaning, priming etc. Gene :roll


Valspar used on wood exterior trim is cracked and peeling in less than 2 years. Terrible paint, will never use again.


VALSPAR SUCKS. I've always used Ben Moore which works beautifully - used Valspar for the first time because of convenience, & they had the colors i needed.

Big mistake. This paint is extremely drippy & on thin side, you can see drips running down the wall from edging. Looks messy.

Not very durable, blocked off areas with blue tape to paint different color, tape completely took paint off. I am an experienced painter, this formula was really disappointing.


Remeber Latex paint takes up to 30 days to fully cure. More than likely the cause of the situation, these items were allowed to come in contact to the walls before they were fully cured allowing them to stick and cure whitch is what caused the peeling:(


I have only ever used Behr and Glidden paints. We went to paint my Fil and husbands barber shop, and my sister in law was in charge of picking up the paint.

I assumed she'd get Behr. Instead she got valspar. HUGE mistake!!! Took three coats of white to cover a very very pale shade of mint green.

It's very watery and cheap paint.

Behr ultra, two coats MAX and my home bathroom looks amazing. Too late for the barber shop though :(


used valspar for the first time,never again :x way too thick and when i opened the can the second time there where clumps of paint in it,i opened a can of behr paint from 3 yrs ago and was in better condition then this fresh valspar


Nwver Again! I used the Valspar Ceiling white that goes on purple and is suppose to dry flat white.

It dried a lighter shade of purple. Tried covering the purple with another brand of ceiling white and the purple bled thru, then tried a coat of Kilz and it's still purple.

Checked the surface with a moisture meter after drying and got a 0%. Glad it's a small room, looks like a drywall job now.


I am so angry I could punch something. I just tried painting my laundry room with Valspar Eggshell in a dark red color.

It was like trying to paint with egg whites, I couldn't get it to adhere to the wall. I have painted for years and never experienced anything like this. I called Lowes and they encouraged me to come back and switch from eggshell to satin. They also encouraged me to use a very flat roller nap and said it might take three or four coats to get good coverage...what in the world?!!!!!

Came home full of I have the biggest mess I have ever seen. Bubbles and globs, goey red paint running all over the place. I am so angry. It is going to take a sander to grind this stuff down to a smooth wall finish and I cannot imagine how long that is going to take.

Valspar and Lowes are going to hear from me in the morning. #(#$($*$*$W


I am so angry I could punch something. I just tried painting my laundry room with Valspar Eggshell in a dark red color.

It was like trying to paint with egg whites, I couldn't get it to adhere to the wall. I have painted for years and never experienced anything like this. I called Lowes and they encouraged me to come back and switch from eggshell to satin. They also encouraged me to use a very flat roller nap and said it might take three or four coats to get good coverage...what in the world?!!!!!

Came home full of I have the biggest mess I have ever seen. Bubbles and globs, goey red paint running all over the place. I am so angry. It is going to take a sander to grind this stuff down to a smooth wall finish and I cannot imagine how long that is going to take.

Valspar and Lowes are going to hear from me in the morning. #(#$($*$*$W


:upset We purchased several 5 gallon buckets of this Valspar no VOC paint for our new home. We assumed the runny, low coverage-have-to-do-over-again problems were due to the no VOC quality.

We were resigned to re-painting when we came in two days ago and found that every wall contained bunches of spots, large and small. They seemed to follow a lateral pattern for the most part, but on the out-pointing corners, there were blotchy spotted messes as well. We're stunned. And we thought it was just because it was no VOC and we had to make due with it.

I took photos and will bring them into the store to get refunds. This sets us back several weeks' worth of work.


Valspar paint SUCKS--do not waste the money! We have spent hundreds of dollars in this paint b/c it was used on the house before we bought it and Valspar is the only one to carry this color.

the exterior paint didn't even last 3 years and areas exposed to alot of sunlight even less. We had a gift card and decided to try the porch paint.

I'm glad we didn't use our money b/c it hasn't even been a month and it is already peeling and in areas where porch chairs have been pushed around, the paint came right up. SCRATCH PROOF MY ***!!!


We used it, and it's a horrible product. What is even worse is that you can't even remove the stuff easily.

You have to scrape it, and it is really difficult to do so. Our front door window now looks a mess. At least we stopped at the first before spraying the second. Everyone, should you ever wish to do something with your windows, don't bye Valspar.

Get something else that won't fail what should be a simple job. If only I saw this website sooner, then I wouldn't have let the man at Lowe's give it to my mom to use.

And it's just a new house. :sigh


Seriously, don't buy this stuff I paid $35.00 per gallon for semigloss signature paint that dried way too quickly and left roller marks everywhere. I just remodled this room and these people actuall talked me into putting 3 coats onto my new walls, actually makes me sick.


I had my first experience with Valspar and it will be my very last. Spent 3 nights (4 hours each) painting a 12x14 room that has off white walls with the Hi Def Yellow paint (base coat).

Another 2 days (6 hours the 1st day and 7 hours the 2nd day) applying the Brilliant Metals Gold Metallic paint. There were lines galore! It dries way too fast. It was super watery.

JUNK, JUNK, JUNK!!!! I took it all back to Lowe's and got a refund. Now, I would love for Valspar to pay me for the time I put into the whole thing. What a waste of time to wreck my walls.

Now I've got to fix it. :(


I just TRIED to paint my front door with Vaelspar. Very, very, very BAD paint.

It bubbled, would not cover in one coat, would not let you marry/blend the paint without pulling it up and worst of all it won't dry. It is sticky, sticky, sticky. I need to remove it an repaint with any other brand than this. Stay away from this.

I consider myself a semi-professional weekend warrior who has never, NEVER, experienced such a problem in my entire painting life and I learn how to paint from the best my Grandpa! :(


I painted my way through college I have put on more than 1000 gallons of paint. I used Valspar from Lowes and have had trouble with it bubbling.

Even when I brush it it leaves bubbles. I have seen this before but it always levels out. Not this, it dries with the rings of bubbles in it all over the wall. To prevent it you must run all the paint out of the roller and go over the paint.

That gets most bubbles out and takes about three times as long to paint a wall. Don't use Valspar.


Painted my stairwell and hall. Paint is splotchy.

Shiny in some spots and dull in others! Can see roller marks. Complained to

paint desk and was told that I put too much paint on the roller!! Painted 2 daughters new homes this spring with Behr!

Never had this problem! Never using this paint again!

Solution to sand and repaint! Not with their paint!!


Definately the worse paint on the market.

It bubbled like no tomorrow..Being an experience painter, I thought I would try it out..guess what? ..I took it back for a refund, and bought Bengamin Moore...


my parents used valsper outdoor non skid paint. it looked good for a day.

the paint had dried. the next day it rained and the paint came off. it is the cheapest paint on the market.

we are returning the other can we purchased and bringing back the unused portion of the first can. i hope that lowes will reimburse us for both cans.


So, I have been painting for years, helping people get rooms painted without contractors prices..All of my jobs are referrals . When it came to baseboard, doors, casings, and fronts..

the 1 coat paint isn't covering.. I do know most 1 coats paints mean 2 coats... after the 2nd coat it was still wet and looked as it should. The next day when I walked in to work on casings..

the baseboards looked matte , whithdrawn and clearly not covered.. (keep in mind they are bisque to begin with).and i am using bright white and a semi gloss. So... to the casings ..

3 coats and the same results.. We have the Valspar rep coming out today.. finally after 6 days of waiting for him.. I am a bit nervous, cause I was told these reps..

will blame you on everything before they admit product flaw. My clients are wondering if I am just a less than even "good" painter.. makes me sick.. but will report back after my meeting today.

I take pride in my job and bid them per job .. not hour ..

because i like to take my time and do it correctly. I have the worst taste for Valspar paint and will decline any job that clients insist on me using it from this day foreword .


1st time using Valspar paint, we painted our tween daughter's room in a beautiful blue back in the 1st week of August 2011... October 12th 2011, the room still has a horrible paint smell.

We have aired out the room with open window, ceiling fan and window fan from the time we get up until bed and as soon as we close the room up the smell is back. I put a bowl of vinegar in the room (home remedy for paint smell) and it made no difference. Also, we had a particularly warm day to which the house got up to 74 degrees, the paint smelled so bad, we moved my daughter out of the room. Still today, she is not in her new room.

You can put your nose to the walls and smell the paint. It is not sticky, but the paint smell is significant. Valspar offered to send us their asthma/allergy paint to paint again, and there is no way. We are not covering up a potentially dangerous paint smell.

After dealing with Valspar for a week and jumping through hoops, we finally were able to go to our local Lowes and get a refund on the paint.

Hopefully, the smell will eventually go away, until then, my daughter is in a spare room. Will NEVER use Valspar paint again!!!!


I am a retired senior citizen. Paid good money for several cans of *** valspar paint.

Used exterior paint two months ago, today, noticed bubbling and blistering. called custormer services. informed it was mositure in the paint. its taken three months for this to occur.

yea right, just *** paint. never again, going to use every websit to complain about valspar paint. also looking into to lawsuit. just not right to sell ***.

June to Octber,2011, painted job should still look good. It in the front of the house too,really angery.


three months ago, had my house painted using valspar, exterior paint. today, three months later, paint is blistering and peeling.

what a *** paint. used benejamin moore and had no problems. never again, using valspar paint.

going to take back remaining paint. stay away from valspar.


Used 7 gallons of exterior paint (Medallion) on a house and garage. The roller left the bubbles, as mentioned by Dave in Churchville, so i tried spraying it instead, which dripped like crazy, and i'm an experienced spray painter.

(The primer went on without a hitch with both methods.)

Hours later, i can still leave fingerprints in the film. Never again.


I'd like to add, I refused the offer of the new can of Valspar paint, would never use it again.


Painted my daughters room in July 2011, 2 months later, the walls are still sticky. Had Valspar rep.

and Lowes paint mgr. here at my house, they agreed paint was sticky and only offered my money back and a can of valspar primer and new paint to try again. Very annoyed. If this doesn't work, not sure what to do next.

The room also smells so bad, their paint is horrible, should be taken off the market.

Also, Valspar rep. acted like he never heard of this problem but from the looks of this complaint board, I think he lied.


We used Valspar for our nursery, and it smelled like sour pickles. The smell got worse with sunlight and air (bacteria, anyone?).

Valspar and Lowes agreed it was bacteria in the paint, and refunded us all the money for the product and the supplies. Valspar bought us the Asthma and Allergy paint to fix the sour smell. Didn't work. Ended up having to use KILZ all over walls, ceiling, and closet and hire a professional painter.

Used Aura by Ben. Moore, and smell is finally gone ($700 later). Used Asthma and Allergy in a different room, too, and it, too, smells! I am afraid I'm going to have to use KILZ again and repaint AGAIN (with Ben.

Moore this time).

WE WILL NEVER USE VALSPAR AGAIN! Something is obviously wrong with their paint.


Quite possibly the WORST paint on the market!! I am a professional abstract artist and have also done faux finishes over the past ten years.

This paint is so thin and runny, it drips from the roller and runs on the wall. I am currently on my third coat and can still see the flat white paint i'm trying to cover!

They should take this horrible paint off the market. :(


Is anyone interested in beginning a class action lawsuit for damages incurred for paint that will not dry?


fixed nail and tack holes, primed with Kilz about a week ago. Today began painting finish coat with roller and noticed small bubbles all over the walls.

I have never had this happen in my 40 years of painting using all brands and types of paint.

I used a wide brush to tip the paint and knock off the bubbles. hopefully I can cover with sherwin williams paint and do not have to prime again :cry


*** who paints their guitar.


I painted my guitar with it and I waited for it to cure. Seemed fine 2 days later I laid it on my carpet.

Bad move now I have a huge mark on my carpet that looks like the body of the guitar. Great job on the adertisements but I think valspar should have spent more money on trying to develop a product that Dries like maybe added more hardener idk whatever.


Yes, there is such a thing as paint and primer in one. I know because I have used different brands with much success.

Valspar Signature Hi-DEF paint is the worst excuse for paint I have ever come accross!!! I was hired to paint a child's room with bright orange paint. I told them that a paint and primer in one would cover in one coat because in all my previous experiences it has. Valspar Signature Hi-DEF paint is the worst product I have ever used in twenty years!

I don't know how many people will remember the powder drink mix called "Tang". It was advertised many years ago as "What the astronauts drink". It had an orange flavor and looked like orange tea. I would have had better coverage on the walls if I had used "Tang" instead of Valspar paint!!!!!

I called the number on the can (888-313-5569) to complain. I guess Abby (the woman I spoke to is used to complaints) She was very short with me and said "Nowhere on the can does it say it is a "one coat" paint!" I replied that it was supposed to be a paint AND primer in one. She again said "Nowhere on the can does it say it is a "one coat" paint!" I guess I was fooled by the words "paint and primer in one" and "superior coverage".

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! I paint for a living and will from now on REFUSE to use Valspar paint!


Everybody who is negative about valspar paint are retards and don't know how to paint


I was begining to wonder if there was anyone else in the world with this problem...looks like there is.

Purchased a 5-gallon bucket of white Valspar exterior paint for a playhouse. After prepping exterior and priming, I applied FOUR coats...and it still needed more. Took it back to Lowe's and explained what happened. They didn't blink when my hubby asked for an exchange, thinking there was something wrong with bucket we got.

Tried again. Same problem. Tried a different surface. Same problem. Returned it to Lowe's again...excellent customer service.

Tried one coat of Weatherbeaters from OSH and it covered beautifully.

So, the other day I wanted to paint an interior room. I tried Valspar interior eggshell. Applied three coats. SAME PROBLEM. Pulled out an old can of BEHR interior white paint...covered beautifully.

I love Lowe's, but not Valspar paint!


I agree this is by far the very worst paint I have ever used. I just finished a room and have the same problem with the bubbling..

The paint with primer did not cover a stripe as advertised. I am hoping it dries ok bur after reading ll the problems I doubt it will


have had similar problems, we spent a lot of time and money to repaint living room, kitchen 2 story foyer and laundry room. will never buy Vaspar paint again.

What a huge waste of time and money.

i am still fixing walls that the premium paint, that keeps peeling off the properly prepaired walls. DON'T WAISE YOUR MONEY ON VALSPAR PAINT!!!!




I bought a gallon of Valspar outdoor latex paint and primer in one. Spent approx $50 @ Lowes And was told that this is their best quality paint, hence the price.

I cleaned my garage door, and sanded the rough sections. Started with the first coat, and it was o.k. Until I got to the last panel of the door. The paint when applied started to form little bubbles when applied.

Weird, since I hadn't changed anything in terms of brushes, application, and it was the same door. I poured a new batch from the can and started my second coat. The bubbles appeared even more than before. The only way for me to somewhat get rid of them was to allow the paint to sit for about 5 mins on the door, and then go back over it again in order to burst the bubbles.

If you look closely, u can still see the bursted bubbles on the surface. Needless to say that I bought a few cans at the same time for different projects, but I'll be returning them.


So we decided to re do our bathroom, and we chose valspar. It is the worst paint ever!

It took about 4 coats, super tacky, and it is peeling off the walls and we just painted it 3 days ago. I don't even know what to do about it, it is just horrible. It still doesn't look even after the 4th coat. We are so aggravated.

What was suppose to be a fun project ended up being a nightmare! :(


I painted with the high gloss paint on a dresser that had been sanded, cleaned, dried, primed twice with Valspar white primer and two coats of primer included paint. Each coat of primer and paint was allowed to rest 24 hours between coats. It was done indoors, in a climate controlled area. It has been over a month and it is still tacky to touch and it doesn't show any signs of drying because it is just as sticky now as it was two weeks ago.

For 40 years I have been painting, staining and so on things I have built myself as well as houses inside and out. The only time I had trouble it wasn't with the paint, until now. That being said, if you buy cheap, expect more coats and costs.

However, this time, it was the paint. I contacted the company via email and the rep was very friendly and willing to help. He said I didn't do it wrong and he doesn't know why it has done this and that he had not seen any problems with this particular batch of paint. He offered me a refund immediately, which is all you can expect. I believe it takes quite a combination of things to do it right, and we can't all be 100% perfect at anything. I also believe Valspar sells their products with good faith intentions or they would not willingly refund your money. If they didn't, they would be out of business in a heartbeat.

#317908 so after reviewing all of the negative *** that is being said i am not even going to use the unopened free gallon of white i found in the home im moving into.. glad i looked into it.


No such thing as a paint and primer in one.. Paint was not bad after second coat, but the sell, I have never used an interior latex paint with such a strong, bad and long lasting odor.

Enough to make eyes water and give headaches.. Lasted almost two weeks.

Will go back to Ben Moore Natura.


"My husband and I have always used Valspar paint. This time, he tried a new finish, their Ultra Premium Kitchen and Bath Soft Gloss Paint. We've remodelled houses, built houses, and know how to prepare a wall. This one is going to have to be sanded, skimcoated, and repainted. It's peeling off the wall in multiple places, and is still sticky to touch after over 3 weeks on the wall in air conditioned conditions."

Builders dont use Valspar....ever.


Just used some custom mixed Valspar signature product from Lowes to paint some furniture. This stuff is awful.

Some of the worst paint I've ever used and I've been painting for 30 years. I would not recommend this to anyone especially for the price you are paying. Definitely would NOT use for painting my house. It doesn't cover well at all, goes on horribly, does not hold a wet edge, and clean up is a mess.

I had to throw out my high quality brush because it wouldn't come clean.

I love Lowes, but DO NOT buy this product. Go somewhere else.


Don't buy this paint! Valspar paint fumes are strong even though they claim a "low fume" rating.

Made me sick, no paint has ever done that to me before. My husband had to finish. Made him sick to. We painted our bathroom, the paint ran down the wall when we added the second coat.

Had to sand those spots. The walls still feel sticky 2 weeks later.

I would not recommend buying this paint product. :cry


Regularly shop at Lowes. If given a choice, I will shop Lowe's rather than Home Depot.

So, I felt pretty confident purchasing their paint. I usually get Behr. This was the biggest mistake. This paint is cheap, does not cover well.

Left roller marks on the wall. I generally find people who complain about a product, usually are overly picky. NOT THIS TIME.

The product is not, absolutely not worth the money. Will continue to shop Lowe's, but will never buy paint from them.


Painted my whole house with Valspar paint. As a non pro it seemed to cover well and looked good.

Because scope of work was rather large decided to hire pro painter. It has been over 5 months and the trim paint (gloss white) feels tacky, it is not peeling just sticky to touch. The rep said cover it with a clear coat. My painter told me we need to sand it to give the clear coat some teeth.

I don't know what to do with this substandard product.

I do know it is costing time and money to correct a problem that should have not happened.I can't wait to see what Valspar recommends they have taken no action as of yet. oh I also have left messages for the rep that will not return a F phone call.


I just painted my bedroom using Valspar asthma & allergy friendly paint. It smells worse than any other paint I have ever used.

I expected more for the $57.98 price I paid for this 'special' paint. I would not recommend this paint to anyone with allergies.


We used Valspar primer about 2 weeks ago and it had a horrible smell. It smelled like cat urine.

My husband and I figured it was the primer so we quickly painted over the primer in hopes of getting rid of this horrible smell. Well, its been 2 weeks now and the smell is just as bad. I have to keep spraying the room or lighting candles to mask the smell.

I will never use this paint ever again. And by the way, 2 weeks later and the paint is still tacky.