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Lowe's will "Chew you up & Spitt you out" in Court! | Lowes review from Reno, Nevada

I spent well over $250,000.000 managing, defending & living with a "Lowe's Lawsuit" These copany"Lowe's HIW" & it's " CEO Robert Niblock" needs to be held responsible. They can afford the best legal representation money can buy. Trust me I've experinced it first hand. At this point, All I can say( If I say too much, They have threatened to come after me & my family) Don't shop there. If something were to happen. They port you. They will come after you.on't shop at Lowe's. If it the last place on earth. Thanks! For more infor mation go too www(dot)lowes-lawsuits(dot)com www(dot)lowesceo(dot)com ww(dot)firerobertniblock(dot)com
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WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS! Did they take your firstborn??????


If you had PPL, you never would have had to spend that kind of money. Just $25 per month buys you legal "insurance".

I've had Prepaid Legal for 3 years and if I ever have to go to court, I have more hours than the OJ trial used - for no additional money. If you need this kind of plan, respond to me.


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I want to know why the weekly ad comes in the news paper in spanish | Lowes review from Tucson, Arizona

I thought I was living in the us where English is spoken but for the past few weeks your ad in the news paper is in Spanish. I have always enjoyed shopping at Lowe's but now I'm not sure I care to shop some place that I can't read the ad. I called my store here and asked why and the man said he had nothing to do with the ad but if I came in to0 the store they could help me with my needs. I look forward to the ads to see what is on sell.
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Our national language is ENGLISH, clear and simple.

With the exception of tourists, any person planning to live in this great country should be held to some standard. At the very minimum to SPEAK ENGLISH. I fully believe any person failing this should be removed from the country, forcibly if necessary.

I am sick and tired of all the uneducated vermin that is dragging down our society. If you intend to live and work in the greatest country on the planet, have the respect to speak the language. :(

I don't see businesses in mexico going out of their way to print ads in English, why the *** would we?


The bottom line is "WHO CARES" Are you that *** and ignorant Rayace? Theres a picture of whats on sale..

and right next to it is the price. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out regardless of what language you speak.

Its people like you who actually even bother to complain about something like that thats bringing this country down. You are very very sad.


Hey retailer for life, is the Klan recruiting? Has it ever occurred to some of you that the Mexican American population is growing faster than any other race in the United States?

Why do you think that Lowe's prints things in Spanish???? To appeal to that market, make money, and keep YOU in a job SMART ONE!?!?!

You must be older because I find it hard to believe that a young adult would say, "GO back to Mexico!" Wait a minute I got it; you come from a place where tipping cows and inbreeding is the thing to do. At your Lowe's do they sell KLAN hoods?????????



Why should I learn Spanish? I have no need for it. I don't plan on going to spain, mexico or any other spanish speaking country in the future anyway. But I have to say I have been to Spain for work and vacation. Hard to find a person that DOESN'T speak good English there.

Maybe the illegals here should just go back home and stay there? Would be nice.

You want everything in Spanish? Fine go back home.


hey all rednecks, when you say this is AMERICA your saying this is a free country , let people speak whatever language they want and grow up!!!


why would someone at the store know anything about the graphic design about a weekly news add. you dumb *** , leave the people at the store alone. just shut up and learn some spanish, its not going away.


hey *** quick being a redneck and *** about mexica people, their here and their staying here so suck it up you anoying do it your selfer


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Although I might agree too, Lowes is a business. Hispanics have money they work hard for just like you.

We don't discriminate and money is money. With sales, we can hire more people and without them more will be unemployed.

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I am an ex employee of Lowe's I worked there for well over a year and put in a lot of time and effort. I took my job seriously and went out of my way to prove that. I came to work sick with the flu or any other illness and waited until i was sent home verses...
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I just resigned after PT Lowes for 15 months.@ Sandy Springs, Ga. The store manager--openly ***--& cast of managers--senior Stock Boys--tone & attitude toward associates was terrible.

They were arrogant, no help most of the time & talked to you like you were an ***.

The work load has become total Daily Beat Down with gross understaffing & people leaving.

*** barn yard Manager pushing u all the time.

Glad to be gone.

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#151094 Review #151094 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lowes Manager

Ex employee | Lowes review from Stone Mountain, Georgia

Lowes does have a very dumb return policy. And it is filled with people that really don't care. These people make the employee and the customers time there ***. I wasn't fired from lowes i resigned. But it was the most depressing job i have ever had in my life. As an ex employee I can say that when a customer comes to the return desk of a specific race management does in fact question the return. Lowes is just filled with a bunch of miserable employees that have no choice but to stay there and work for little or nothing. That's why the service at most of them is horrible because its a very depressing job to have.
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To the person with the frigidaire dishwasher that wont drain....Did you install it yourself? If you did,you didnt loop the drainhose and that will cause water to drain back into the appliance.

Why is lowes to blame for the appliance not working. Shouldnt you say " I will never buy another frigidaire?"

snow a

Lowes sucks. I will never shop there again.

And this poster is right on the money. They make the customers life *** when they go in their stores.


I am a senior manager and wanted to ask, has anyone noticed the level of customer service between lowes and home depot? After visiting several eastcoast states, Home Depot is soring over Lowes!!!


I am an employee for a Lowes in Canada.

I have enjoyed working for Lowes and am excited for growth with this company.

You would think that in this economy today that we would look at our glass as full and not empty?

You will only get back what you put in.

It is not easy being on the business side of the counter sometimes,but really its all about the customer and most of the time, they just want to be heard...

Dont you?


Lowes appliances suck I have had my dishwasher a frigidaire for 2 weeks and it already is broen it wont drain all the way out,give me a break here 2 weeks? come on I will never buy another thing from Lowes


I currently work for lowes and agree with ex employee. I am a white male and notice that black person in the store works in a position of labor.


Did you ever think that maybe the people that steal or the people that lie are the blame for retailers return policy issues?


I work for Lowes and I can disagree this is one opion and thye pay well and have their flaws just like any other company spwak for self not others who like their job,,.,,,

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Sold discontinued carpet runner | Lowes review from Chicago, Illinois

I purchased two large area rugs from Lowes in Kenosha WI . A matchig hallway runner to be shipped to my home . After 3 weeks of not recieving my runner I called the store to see where it was to be told they will follow up and after three more calls they told me it was not coming it was discontinued. Now I have two rugs with no runner .I have already put these in my home and now without a matching runner . I will never shop Lowes again ,not to mention I purchased a refrigerator the same time I purchesed the rugs.
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I am in search of a narrow rug runner off a roll #254061. Do you have a way to seach your other stores to see if they have it. I would like to buy a 27foot long piece.


Have you asked if you can simply return the 2 rugs and choose new rugs/runner that they have in stock? I'm sure they store didn't know that the runner would be unavailable. They will probably try to make things right if you give them a chance.


So, tell me this, is Lowe's SUPPOSED to now make a runner for you? Things change, models/styles get discontinued.

I know it will be hard for you to comprehend, but it's true, look it up, manufacturer's discontinue/end model/style runs ALL THE TIME!! Do you really think it was Lowe's?? Having worked there for over 6 years, I truly never knew that elves in the back sat and made the rugs, runners for the rugs, and the appliances we sell! I truly never did!

Wow! I bet you're the same customer who went down to the car dealer and complained that they discontinued your 1962 Studebaker last week, too!

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Lowe's sold faulty product, failed to take responsibility. | Lowes review from Athens, Georgia

My wife and I bought a Troybilt riding mower from Lowe's on April the 29th of this year. The first 5 or 6 mowings worked great. Then the belt started slipping off and kept slipping off. After one "repair" and trying to line up another one, I asked for an exchange or upgrade from the store. I was told by two store managers that, even though it had been less than two months, because their policy states 30 days, they wouldn't take it back. One manager even told me they would loose money all around if they did it. But no word on my money lost. Now, I am waiting for another repair and have had it slip a total of 4 times. It started bellowing white smoke out of the engine today and I have no idea what's going on, as the oil is full. To add insult to injury, their "Promotional" credit card deal stated 12 months, no interest, no payments. Then the last two days we've had a total of 5 phone calls demanding money. Apparently, the very find print stated that not everything was covered under this. When I told them this was very misleading, they got rude. This company is rotten and some of their products are known junk. I've found numerous complaints like mine, about Troybilt and Lowe's. I would advice to steer clear of both Lowe's and Troybilt, if you need a similar product. The stress just isn't worth it. D
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Policy on OPE (outdoor power equipment) returns is 30 days. The warranty is through the manufacturer, not the Lowe's store where you made the purchase.

That said, if it has gone out for repair and you are still having problems with it, you should ask to speak with the store manager. Explain (rationally) your problems and frustration. He or she will probably make an exception and allow you to return the item. If nothing else, there is a "lemon" policy where if the item has been sent for repair 3 times and is still not working, the store is supposed to refund it for you.

If none of that works, contact the manufacturer and explain your problem.

Ask them for an RA# (refund authorization) to give to the Lowe's store. This will ensure that Lowe's gets their credit on the defective item and they should have no problem returning it.


Lowes also sells a Extended Protection Plan that provides additional protections where you wouldn't pay for repairs or service for additional years. When you decided not to spend that additional money, you were accepting the manufacturer warranty on the mower.

Lowes does not manufacturer a single product. If you have a problem with the protect, contact the manufacturer.


Wow. People really read the posts in here.

I clearly stated that I went through all the channels. I tried to abide by the warranty. And when the repairs didn't get done, LOWE'S, not me, pointed me toward the store I made the purchase.

I've worked retail before. It amazes me how arrogant people are when they have never had a raw deal. They make sweeping statements about how its all the consumer's fault and heaven forbid the store ever make any mistakes.

I'm glad you've had great experiences with Lowe's. Up until the situation so have I. I hope you don't have to deal with the frustration of all this nonsense.

The bottom line is, I bought a product that started breaking down repeatedly, less than two months into the purchase. The repairs weren't working and the Store manager told me they would loose to much money to make a return.

I find it difficult to believe that an honest guy trying to play by the rules is ALL to blame here and Lowe's is saintly.I still can't quite see in my post above where I've yelled at lowly employees. In fact, I haven't yelled at anyone. Its sad that no one seems to remember a time when businesses treated their customers with value and not a number.

Find another website to troll.


While you are complaining to the store employee think to yourself has that person been YELLED at all day by idiots that have no clue .....Think what could be worse things like maybe not having a life or a job or maybe they make little and support their family on this job and all they do is listen to complaing Jerks who dont care if you have feelings or not GROW UP people move on shop at other stores and shut up!Single mother of # supporting her children on Lowes great employment Ty Lowes


You cant blame the store they are doing policy and I have had wonderful returns done by Lowes it is just who really listens to retailers and who is the first for you to blame surely not YOURSELF


Whoops, that's supposed to be "absolve yourself".


Ever hear of the lemon law?

If you are a retailer and you sell a bad product, should you resolve yourself by putting up a short return time? That's what most of them do. I find it strange that most in Lowe's agree with me, that it should be returned. But at the moment, its entirely up the store manager.

I'm not the kind of guy that tries to rip people off and I certainly am well aware of how a warranty works, as I purchased one. But when I continuously have the same problem, that isn't getting better with repairs, then something is wrong.

Businesses like to lean back on their legal documents that state terms, but what is left out is the human factor and a strong commitment to responsibility. I've gone above and beyond to get things done the "Lowe's Way". While they have done nothing.


Have you ever purchased a new vehicle? If something goes wrong you have it fixed, you can't return it.

The warranty or power equipment works the same way. The manufacturer will have it fixed at a service center. THEY WON'T TAKE IT BACK.

The warranty is provided by the manufacturer, not the store you buy it at. If you don't like the warranty don't blame the retailer.


Copy That! :zzz

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Lowes Manager

Lowes Door Installation Process & Customer Service

I called Lowes to do a door install. The first step is to call and set up a time for them to come measure which I did. I gave the item number of the door that resembled mine to the person on the phone to note down. I had to pay $35 for them to start and they would deduct that out of the installation. The came out and measured, then I was called with prices and very short discussion about fiberglass or steel. The item number I gave them was for a steel half door with glass that replaced the one being removed for $139. When he called and asked about fiberglass I said that I would just use the steel one I picked for $139. Then we had to go in the store to sign the contract. I went in and met with a guy in the millwood department and he pulled the contract out and gave me the total. I was never shown the product but the price was correct so I thought it was the same door I gave them the product number for and asked where the $35 credit was. He stated that he didnt know about the contracts and he had to get help and he did. I was told that the contract was re worked and they left off the credit, but when I paid it was given to me. So it all sounded fine to me... Price was what I wanted when I found the door online, and I got my credit back. When they came to install it was a solid steel door. I had a steel door with a window. I said that was not the right door, and they stated that this was the door in the contract that I signed so the door was installed as i felt backed into a corner. I should have stopped them but I felt that since I had signed I had no choice. So I called the next day when I was back at work with all my notes and got mad to realize that the sales guy gave me the wrong door so I called. The supervisor stated that I was shown the product when I signed the contract and there was nothing they would do. I told her I was never shown a door when I signed and that the guy who was there when I signed didnt even know how to read the contract. She said their policy is alway show the product before a contract is written, well I did everything over the phone and was never told to come in to see the door. I have never had a repair done so I thought the part number was good enough. I can not get anyone to help me with this other than to be told I was shown a door when I signed and that was the end of that. Shop another store as they don't care about customer service. I was going to have them replace all the carpet and tile, buy all the paint I needed and all the material to get my house ready to sell. Not anymore.
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hello, I just had my new back strom door installed today. On time and done more than just a great job.

Mr. Gary clifton was a true professional at has work.

Thank you lowes for picking him to work for lowes. Curtis hairston


I agree with Murrill, as an installer we want the customer to be as happy as possible. That starts with verifying that the product we have there to install is the right style/model, right size, and not damaged.

I am more concerned with my paycheck than your product, but that is paid through trip charges when people at the store waste my time.


Lowes Reynoldsburg, oh salesmann Jim L. tried to pull the same stunt with me that I didn't get refunded for my detail $35 charge that it went to the man that came out to measure.

They also gave me my money back as a cash credit at customer service. He was a real ***!


What is the price to replace front entry door 36" and Storm Door in the Fort Myers FL 33905 area?



Mistakes are made everyday by everyone. If the product was incorrect you shoul have refused it.

I am a general contractor as well as Lowes installer and I always verify that I have the correct product prior to job install.

I go as far as testing a picture if my customer is not home. As well as you refusing your installer should have been more concerned about your product being right than his paycheck.


I had a storm door installed by Steve Barker and am very satisified with his work. Am waiting for main front entry door to be delievered in early Dec.

and Steve will install that door at that time. Thanks


go buy the prehung door you wanted,pull the hinge pins on both doors swap the doors and take the other door back to lowes.


That is kinda dumb of you to purchase something over the phone and not think you should at least ask to see a picture of it when you signed the contract. You shouldn't take a strangers word. The item numbers could have changed or their could have been a computer error.

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#150561 Review #150561 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lowes Installation

Lowes does not offer refunds

I returned some items on June 20th for a refund. What I wanted was store credit so I could buy my Dad a barbecue grill for Father's Day. Instead of offering me the store credit they submitted a refund to the credit card I had used to buy the products with. They said it was their policy and next time not to use a receipt for store credit. I'm confused here. If I didn't have a receipt I wouldn't of got anything and with a receipt I didn't get anything either. They returned funds to a credit card that I cancelled. I think my money is gone. I will never shop Lowes again!
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Still never returned to Lowes and never will! Home Depot has my business now and never a problem with them.


a refund put back on the same form of payment as the original purchase, those theives! put on your big boy pants and suck it up.


The policy is the refund goes to original purchase type. Why is Lowes to blame for you cancelling your credit card?

Exactly how were you ripped off?

Your money was refunded to the paytype you originally used. Your statement is the money was refunded to a credit card you cancelled.


I did not owe the credit card any money and I did get my money back after about 2 weeks. However, the point of the complaint was this - my father did not get a present because the returned items was all the money I had at the time. Isn't it amazing that a company that prides themselves on doing something 'good for your father on Father's Day' did something like this?


Sounds to me like you still owed the CC money otherwise it would NOT have gone threw and you would of gotten a store credit.


Calling a person a *** for getting ripped off from a retail giant is unforgivable.


you are truly a ***


your *** if you pay with credit card you withh get it back on you card. if you have no reciet you would have got store credit


It is a common practice for retail stores to make the refund in the same form as the purchase. Cash for cash, return to a credit card when purchased on a card.

The retail stores pay a fee to the credit card company when you make a purchase.

They get it back when they make a return to the card. I am sure if you contact your credit card company they will send you a check.

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Lowes ..worthless liars

lowes is worthless, filled with liars, not knowledgeable ,,,twice i bought appliances for two homes,twice the same saleperson made a mistake,lowes did nothing to help,first time wrong style microwave to fit cabinets,that total sale was $3100.00,second time sold me fridge to fit into a spot with cabinets fits the opening,but you cant open doors,,i hire a contractor to resolve problem,since lowes is not helping and i need a fridge for my medicine,,just so happens contractor does work for lowes,,i had to pay him $400.00 to remove old cabinets which cant be used cause of fridge size,,again lowes wont help,,i now have hired a cabinet maker to build cabinet to fit right,,cost $1100.00..lowes wont help and wanted to charge me $2000.00 for a premade cabinet..this aplliance sale for stove,fridge,dishwasher..$6000.00,,lowes are crooks,,no customer service,,dont care about thier customers...lowes home office sends me discount coupons,,my store wont accept saying item is already discounted..
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Come on seriously I love talking to a person at Lowes . They have great employees and great installers.

Have you ever tried to get an install Through HDepot comeon that is a joke in its self ...... I like a store where I can speak to a person with any ?s not a warehouse who says you have to call 1800 #s to get help Lowes fixes any issues right away Thanks Lowes Love it there


I suppose with all that money you spent,that you assumred the people at lowes can look into a crystal ball and tell whether or not you measured wrong. Don't forget, they sold you what you asked for.

As they do for the other 5-10 customers that ordered stuff the same day you were there. Are your needs special or just like everybody else. Sorry, your fault.

If your going to whine about your mistakes then have a buying agent work for you. Maybe your spouse.


we have to go through endless training at lowes and know the product very well but it does not help if the customer does not know their measurements so please dont blame us instead use ur time wisely and measure first


measure your cabinets first before you do anything. its like when we get customers looking for cooler pads.

no size or anything they have all they say is do you know what size my cooler pad is. come on really. than you ask them what kind of cooler they have. oh i dont know.

whats the duct size of the opening of the register. Oh i dont know. how dont the customer know they bought the product. than you ask.

how old is the swamp cooler. oh its like 10 years old. are you being serious these coolers change every 2 to 3 years. some of the customers we get in there are some real winners.

just want always to put the blame on the staff. maybe put the blame on themselves.


Customers need to start being kind yes there are some bad employees but many rude customers


this whining about the fridge not fitting...gee...ya know if you actually take the *** time to measure where the item is supposed to go before making a purchase you'll know what size you can get that will a delivery person it is very frustrating when a customer says before we even get the item off the truck...hope it fits...


Talk about it .



The first sentence of this guys complaint was RIGHT ON THE MONEY....Until he said he was talking about the Lowe's employee's, and not himself and the other idiotic customers I and over 100,000 associates have to deal with every day @ Lowe's.


if lowes instaled the cabinet then you had to go and sign a contract do you not know what you are signing if they did not install you the customer came in and gave the measrement to the sale person so if it did not fit it is you fault


I agree with you 100%. Lowes hires young adults that don't know much about the products sold there.

I don't shop there anymore. There is a Home Depot right down the street with intelligent employees.

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Customer service sucks! No show on repairs | Lowes review from Medford, New Jersey

Had to wait a week for a tech to fix the same problem again for the forth time. Was call the ay of the apointment that the tech would be a no-show. We had dirty clothes waiting to wash and then was told that the ext avail appt was for the following week. Will not be able to get any help to get fixed!!! My daughter is here on vacation and has been waiting all day and my husband and i are planning to go on vacation with her and we are trying to get laundry done befor we leave. CS reps where very rude and did not even care about following up with servicing a $2K washer machine!!!! I really am upset that Lowes thinks this is acceptable!
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Life is too short to complain. You get what you paid for. If you don't purchase an Extended warrenty, then you are at the mercy of the manufactor. So that means if you need service with in the first year you will have to got through them.

Like any company Lowes is selling a product producted by someone else.....and the manufacotr are the ones who warrenty. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

When something breaks down. People think that this a personal attach on them.

When you car breaks down what do you do? Take it in to the shop and get it fixed. And you move on.

Your appliance breaks you don't bring it in you get service in your home.

Lowes offers the extended warrenty due to the fact that the manufactors warrenty doesn't cover as much as these do. Belive what you want read the fine print.

So if you want to complain, and obvoiously you do, then hit the manufactor. Refuse to buy that line and put the blame where it lies.

Try to have your snow blower break down in the middle of winter. Record snow fall and at christmas time. Taking it to a repair place that is swamped with repairs and trying to also send their employees home for holidays so is short staffed.

So being the responsible person we should all be: You make alternative arragements to have your snow removed, until it fixed. Do you blame the place that sold it to you....well that would be a no, but I have a feeling that you would say YES because using a product and NEVER expecting it to break is the perfect world you live in. :cry :cry


When you purchased the washer the salesman offered "EPP" extended protection plan...which evidently you refused.Extended protection plans cover anywhere from 2-5 years on purchases ..however most of the time people refuse to purchase those which caters to express needs such as yours.


what are you talking about?...There are NO

service people who work for Lowes...These are independant service companies who are

certified by the manufacturer...You have to

contact the manufacturer customer service

number...This is true of Home Depot, Menards and Best Buy also.


Talk about it @



wow I am having the same problem.. lesson learned never buy from Lowes again it's not the product I'm mad about it's the way they work with the extended warranty customer..they just don't care once you buy the product you are just a number to them... :(

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