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Lowes is charging for water bottes $13.99,if you return a bottle it is $6.99.I got rid of my water cooler and brought my empty bottles back and was told that they are worth nothing.They said it is not a deposit but a promotion.I paid $7.00 for those bottles and I...
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When they first started they were deposits and mid stream thy changed how they called it. so anyone that purchased a couple years ago they treated it as a deposit.

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Lowes in New York, New York - Lowe's 2nd Avenue Store Brooklyn, NY

For some reason, it is next to impossible to get anyone to answer the phone at this Lowe's location in Brooklyn. I wanted to order an expensive appliance from them and just called to see if it was in stock. For several days, I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone in the appliance department or the managers office. I'm glad I took my business elsewhere because God forbide I ordered it and needed to call someone there for a problem. This location is sorely lacking in customer service - try another or better yet, Home Depot or PC Richard.
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i wouldn't even call it 'customer service' because the service part doesn't exist. not only was it impossible to get a person on the phone, but even closer to impossible to get a manager to help you with ANYTHING.

i ordered an AC to be delivered, they forgot to call me to make an appointment so i called them. they assured me product was in stock. they call the night before to let me know the time window it should arrive. i stay home from work with the intention of going in late so someone would be home for it to be delivered only to get a call at noon (the delivery window was 9-1) telling me they were out of stock of the AC i ordered.

no apologies, no excuses, nothing. trying to fix the problem? forget it.

they could care less. terrible terrible communication and very poorly handled.


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Lowes in Alexandria, Louisiana - Incompetence

incompetence... Geezz I dont think Ive ever witnessed the absolute ignorance of Lowes employees. Train these people already! I have a number of experiences with these idiots and have finally come to the point of saying no more. From the person who attempts to help you on any aisle, to the customer service center. Just go somewhere else to submit your hard earned dollar..... or wait... and wait... and wait for either an answer to a question or, God forbid, you buy an appliance of some sort and want it loaded or....delivered, or just simply the right one brought from the back. Save yourselves alotta trouble and just buy somewhere else.......
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I don't know which to do :cry or :grin at these comments. True on the training, but more true on the customers.

All 3 places I have worked retail its the same thing. The consumers think we are *** cause we work retail, not true.

A lot of us are smarter then you that is why you come to us with your questions.

I hate to say it...I love my job and I love what I do. Rude customers and all :)


As a previous lowes employee I can tell you that you are right on one point...they need better training...from the top to the bottom of the ladder. But, in defense of lowes employees, please remember what they have to put up with...substandard management, misguided and miscalculated schedules (mgmt not scheduling adequate people to cover departments which means another employee from another department has to cover that empty department and may not be trained to ex: cut blinds, cut glass, cut wood, special order, drive forklift, etc.) Not even the Manager of the store knows all the procedures of all the departments.

Also, please understand that 90% of the time they are approached by equally *** customers with questions such as; "do you work here" (no, I bought the red vest at Walmart); "how much would it cost to fence my backyard, just a ballpart figure" (hmmm, let me get my crystal ball and see how big your yard is); "will this curtain look good in my kitchen" (uhhh, duh); "do you know where the...ah, I can't think of the name, its square with hole in top and I think I bought one here, or maybe Home Depot 5 years ago and I want to use it for..." (Well, lets just spend the day walking through the store to see if we can find it going on that description!). Or, the customer who asks you for something specific, you find it, you know it is the right one and they tell you..."no, that's not it", only to see them at the register buying the exact one you showed them. Classic is the customer that fabricates an item that they need and insists that Lowes has it, And then Lowes employees are humiliated by customers who remark about Lowes employees intelligence with comments such as "well, of course you wouldn't know, you work at Lowes"....OR, how bout the customers that don't know that light on register means its open, light off means not open. OR, the customer that knows you, sees you in the store shopping on your day off and asks you to find something, cut something, check a price, etc.

OR the customer that walks up to you while you are engaged on the phone with another customer and starts talking. OR, the customer that yells down an aisle, "hey, hey you, i need some help"....oh, I could write a book on how rude customers are and if I was a "betting man" *** customers would beat out *** employees...


Hey, Lauren! Something tells me that you're single! (Good hunch, eh?) and are just angry at the world....just go buy a box of chocolates, turn on "Desperate Housewives", and it'll be OK, and work on the attitude, or you'll grow old alone!


:( I agree!! They are incompentent idiots and I had the pleasure of telling them so to their face!

They made my remodeling project a total nightmare!!

I can't even began to state what *** they put me through and all they could do was blame others (installers, sales man, etc)

Stay away from Lowes!! :(


Hey, ***! Come into MY LOWES sometime and call me an *** to my face sometime, instead of being REAL BRAVE and doing it in a forum like this, and while you're at it, bring along your ***** buddies retailer2 and Lowes Knows, because you'll need'em! But wait...Lowes knows will go down like a baby and scream his little babble, so he won't be of much help.


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Incompetence of Lowes Staten Island store service

This has been the latest bad experience with Lowe's Staten Island Store. I went to buy air conditioners to this store. The Lowe's store personnel named Derek was sent by customer service to answer a few of my questions about my requirement before buying the product. But to my utter surprise and angst this person Derek was so rude that he did not answer any of the questions. He kept on murmuring something, which I could not understand, and behaved as if he was in some other world. So, I left without purchasing the product. It is surprising that customer service is the means by which the companies can distinguish themselves; I can go to Costco, Walmart or Sears and can get the same product. I will think twice, and will probably go to Lowe as a LAST OPTION.
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I know exactly who that is. I got no help from him either. He isn't new, just ***


Hi! I am LOWES KNOWS and I am *** ***.

You probably work for the *** Home Depot you little ***! First off, Derek could be new.

Second, Lowe's doesn't need your snooty *** as a customer, they have plenty more. So shut the *** up!


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Lowes in Boston, Massachusetts - Everyone please read this its unbelievable!

i recently purchased a stove at lowes and they told me it would take about three weeks for delivery because it was a special order so i agreed.three weeks went by and the stove came in they called me the night before and told me it would be delivered the next day so i took a day off of work.the next day i received a call from them and they said the stove was damaged and they could not send it out. i was mad at the fact that i was missing a day off of work as well as not being able to get the stove therefore making the apartment not rentable still. so they said if i waited two more weeks they would send out a new one. so i did. two weeks went by and i again received a call saying my new stove had come in and was scedualed for delivery the next again i took another day off.sure enough i got that call the next morning telling me that the new stove again could not be deliverd because this stove also was damaged.i was furious..lowes continued to calm me down be promising me a better stove worth more money for the price i originally paid for the previous would take a week.i stupidly agreed.same story the night before i get a call and they tell me the new model is in and scedualed for delivery the next day.the next morning something so unbelievable happened they called me and told me that this once again "the new stove"was damaged also..can you believe this three stoves three attempts three day off of work and still no stove.i lost three days of pay also a full month and a half of rent..i cant pay my mortage as it is now i have to go another month without rent money,which is 1400.00 a month.because of lowes i lost around 2000.00 dollars and i still dont have a stove..what king of home improvement store is this.they are gonna make me lose my house because i can't afford my mortage this month.they really suck! very very pissed off x-customer
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gary from smithfield - blame walmart, blame lowe's - it is your own *** fault for wanting to get everything for nothing. You get what you pay for -- if black and decker was a problem, why go and purchase another one.

Purchase a better brand.

Even home depot sells items that are better than their "brand" names. what a copout.


why not purchase in stock merchandise - it is a rental ??? Poor poor shoopy - dont know what lowes you shop - or work at since you mention "internally".

Nothing shady or dishonest about them calling to inform customer that product was received damaged - stop being a passavist and stand up for yourself.

You agreed to wait for new sos merchandise. If time were such an issue - you should have persued another venue.


My advice ~ don't shop at Lowe's, they suck miserably, you wouldn't believe some of the *** that goes on internally, if people only knew what they do to their own employees, it's not pretty.


Maybe, after the second time, you would have a)picked an in-stock stove, b)not taken the day off before they checked for damage or c)gone elsewhere. The loss of your money is your own fault


I agree with S, they at least told you that it was damaged. And why are you special ordering a stove for a rental property? Take stock items ***!


Last time I checked the product arriving at the store damaged wasn't the stores fault. Pretty sure it's either the manufacturer's fault or the deliverer's fault.

They checked it for you before they brought you a damaged product, and even though it wasn't their fault continued to give you a better deal and tried to accommodate you. You should be thanking them for that.


you should have ask them the 2nd time if they checked to see if it was damaged instead of taking another day off work. No matter where you work things happen stuff does get damaged.

Just like your rent( why are you replacing the stove )did it get damaged by other people. It is partly you fault...



Lowes has become the Wal-Mart of the home repair merchandisers... Everything you buy from them has to be returned because it doesn't work OR under performs.

I bought an electric edger from them made by black and decker, and used it once and the "rechargable" battery didn't recharge so I took it back and got another more expensive black and decker. Used it once and could have cut the grass better with my sissors..

Took it back and went to home depot and bought a "homelite" brand got better edger cheaper with more attachments and paid 15.00 less for it.. :grin So guess where I shop now...


Wish to know what your talking about of lowes that is so important that we need to know let us know


I never liked lowes :( :(

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ROCK HILL LOWES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a former employee of the Lowes in Rock Hill, and have been gone for a while, off to bigger and better things, so I feel now I can say what I felt about working at that store. I always felt used, and abused, which others have been too, and got no recognition for anything I ever did, but sure got stomped on for mistakes. I feel that is the worse lowes to work for. There is one rebutation that this lowes has, and it is, if you want to return anything, take it back to the rock hill lowes. People would come from North Carolina ( knowing good and well there are lowes between here and there) just to return merchandise, because management would approve to take it back, ( I know from first hand experience). I still hear that people are unhappy working there. I am glad I made the right choice to leave.
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Lowes in Southhampton, New York - Lowe's Delivery is the Worst

When buying a frig Lowe's promised to hookup the new ice maker to the existing line. It also clearly states on their website that they provide this service ( ). The delivery was late, the delivery person had a bad attitude when he walked into my home. He had to use my husband's tools, he never turned the frig on, didn't take out the packaging inside, or a number of other things they were supposed to do. When I told him he was supposed to hookup the ice maker, he said he doesn't do that. I told him I would not sign the receipt until he hooked up the ice maker. He then started taking the frig out of my home. I told him I would sign the receipt and complain about him to his company, so he left the frig sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor, unhooked and my old frig in my drive and left. I will NEVER buy anything from Lowes ever again.
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Lowes Delivery Service

Lowes in Kansas City, Missouri - Rebate Fraud

On May 19, 2008 my husband and I bought a utility shed at the Olathe, KS location. It had a rebate form for $55.00, credit back for delivery. I filled out the receipt and mailed it the very next day. I checked the on line status of my rebate and it said there was no record of submission. I sent an email to the website and received an email from “Cyber Rep” asking for information that was on the receipt I had mailed in and said give it another 2 -3 weeks. I still have not received my money and it's been almost 3 months. That's false advertisement and fraud!
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Did you follow up on the return email? Cyber Rep is the designation for people working on the email team, if you haven't received anything from us it's because either it was lost or damaged in the mail. The rep was asking for you to provide more information so they can do a more thorough search of our extensive records (the is close to a billion submissions in our database).

Assuming you followed the correct procedure when sending you rebate and your taking the initiative to try to clear up the issue with us, there should be no problem getting this fixed up.

Contrary to popular belief those of us working at the rebate center do not go out of our way to disqualify consumers, do you any idea how much easier it is when we can just say "Yea, I can get that resolved for you" than to have to sit and argue for 20 minutes about why we can't.

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After I spent $10K there on appliances ,The Lowes in BolingBrook missed 4 delivery dates for my kitchen sink. I found management helpful at first and then incompetent in the end. Store Manager Jim also went back on his word for compensation for my losses. He refused to honor a $200.00 discount. I will never shop there or at any Lowes ever again!!!! The store manager Jim and Matt were also late at returning phone calls and condescending at times when dealing with our situation. I will now shop at Home Depot (the lesser evil) for all my housing needs
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Yes this Lowes has terrible customer service even corporrate does not return phone calls



I work at Menards, and would be more than happy to see you in Menards

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Lowes in Big Rapids, Mi. won't stand behind products they sell.

I Bought washer with extended warranty (now expired) and it keeps going out of balance and you can't wash in only hot water it switches to warm by it's self. I work he stays home and didn't know there was a problem with it. Repair guy Whirlpool sent was *** and don't know nothing about either problem. Even I know a washer is suppose to be in the middle and not off to the side when it's done spinning. I ask Lowes if I could to switch to better brand AT MY COST, they said no.
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Lowes, along with any retailer, only refunds product for a short amount of time (specified on the receipt), after that time all products must go through the manufacturer. It's not the stores fault the washer doesn't work.

Generally speaking manufacturer WANT to stand by their product. ALWAY call them first.


Get online and contact Whirlpool directly. Please do not listen to any of these people on here as the whole point of this site is to view your coplaint or complaints on here then maybe somehow or somewhere get some advice and help to solve the problem not what everyone else is doing on here.

Now again contact Whirlpool either by phone or online. Let them know your machine is out of warrentee and the fact that you had tried when it was under warrentee that you had tried to repair it. Show or explain your work repair reciepts to the Whirlpool SUPERVISOR or service person. This MAY OR MAY NOT help you get a better rate on your repair and give them your opinion as to weather you would ever buy their product again.

I suggest you try the nice approach first before you accuse, abuse or otherwise missuse the person your speaking with. The point is to get your machine working like it is suppose to and get on with your lives. Once you get your machine repaired and your still not happy with Whirlpool then I would suggest getting a lawyer's opinion and suggestions as to your next form of action. At the very least you should have your machine repaired by this time and some of your sting may be gone.

I am TOTALLY with you that you should not be having this issue with your machine at all weather it is or is not under warrentee this action is NOT correct in any way...

Get it repaired first then start your complaining if your not happy with the rest... I hope this helps it sure as heck is much better than the BS your getting from the other Brains on here...


Next time think about going to Menards


Lowes fixed my washer twice! The washer is defective in its design and should be pulled from the market. My hubby is dying and thats why he stays home and I work.


Are you serious,


Really are you serious.



You're that ballsie, that you think someone should replace your old washer after the EXTENDED warranty is expired.

I guess so

you work and he stays home.

Sounds like a great life for him. Whomever him is?


Another example of a consumer thinking they have the right to "rent " a product for several years then swap it for a new model. (Extended warranty expired tells me its been at least 4) Then when the product has issues (usually from abuse not use) they feel entitled to something for nothing.

If you want to rent somethig go to Rent A Center and pay thier inflated prices. Your trying to scam retailers cost me money in higher prices.



I work for Lowe's in the appliance dept., so I think I can give you some

info. The standard warranty for any

appliance is 1 year (manufacturer),

Lowe's offers 2 or 4 year extended

service plans that start once the manu

facturers warranty is up. So if your

extended warranty is expired as you

state, you would have had the washer

for either 3 or 5 years. Unfortuneately

with this amount of time passing since purchase there is nothing Lowe's (or any retailer) could do. If

this has been an ongoing problem and had been reported you may be able to receive some help from Whirlpool. I deal with customers and

appliance problems daily and I can

tell you that Lowe's will do what they

can to satisify their customers when

able, but if 3 or 5 years have passed,

there is nothing Lowes would be able

to do. Please call Whirlpool and see

if they can help you. You may even try

calling a different service tech.


We do stand behind the products we sell, Mishap2345!!!! We can also speak and write correctly, too, using proper grammar.

OK, now, be honest here, when did you purchase the washer?? Do you realize that WE DO NOT GET CREDIT for appliances from the manufacturer after a certain amount of time? This is also true for Sears, Home Depot, Best Buy, anyone.

And if we do take it back, who pays for your problem? An honest customer who is not trying to "milk the system!" I bet you've had the washer for several months (years, perhaps?) And now want something new without paying for it!

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