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Lowes in Adrian, Michigan - I was sold inferior deck stain.

I purchased Olympic Deck Stain and it peeled up in 6 months. I contacted the company that produced the stain and luckly I had my receipt. I had to send a copy to them to prove when I purchased the stain. I was refunded the money, but not until I signed a paper that I would not file suit agansit Olympic or Lowe's. The stain cost less than the product to strip off the stain. I had gunk all over my yard and flowers by the time I got it removed. Do not by Olympic products! I won't
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Similar issue. I cleaned, prepped and stained my deck with an additional layer of stain the following year.

Both layers started fading and peeling a year later. So much for a lifetime warranty.

It's not even the price of the stain that I'm concerned with. It's the time and effort that I have to put into staining the deck a 3rd time now.


Nope, I scrubbed with gallons of deck cleaner. Let it dry, and applied two coatings just like instructions said to do.

Right after doing it, I visited two public tourist locations (cave sites) and found they had used the same paint, and it was peeling. I asked the owners what they used: OLYMPIC DECK SAVER, junk.

The company came out, about a year later, and said it didnt work as listed, and though they were still selling it, they took off the guarantee.


I too used gallons of the deck filling paint. It started peeling within the year , and here 3 years later, it might as well be said I didnt do anything to the deck.

There are a few boards, with some paint still on them. It even peeled off brand new boards which had been replacements. I didnt have the receipts, of course, so nothing can be done. It was not just LOWES.

Other house paint by Olympic are great and use them all over and outside the house.

But this was junk, guaranteed for like 10 years. ha.


I have always used Olympic products and have been very happy with them. Perhaps is was improperly applied or applied when the weather was not condicive for doing so. Lets not generalize and say "never but Olympic products" as my guess is this was user error.


I used the Olympic deck wash and followed the instructions to the letter. (I have 10 years painting experience).

It peeled and chipped like paint after 6 months. Rediculous.


When it comes to deck stains there are so many variables that may cause problems. So while you think everything was done correctly there may have been some variables you are not aware of that caused a problem.

If the product is oil based, penetrates and does not build a film it will not peel.

Even if it is a "bad batch" of stain if it is oil it will penetrate, that is just the nature of oil.

When a stain is a bad batch it usually has something to do with drying, or fade resistance, or color, etc. There is nothing you can do to an oil base product to prevent oil from penetrating.

A good place to visit is to find out exactly what the problem is so it does not happen again.


To all the no it all's. I have been a painter for more than 25 years and have used this product many times and most of the time it worked well and on a deck that I did last year it failed miserably.

Within 6 months everything peeled.

The entire industry has been reformulating there products and after consulting with a competitors national expert on coatings I was informed that nobody has it right but there working on it. You also have to take into consideration the type od wood and the possibility that there in human error and they made a bad batch of stain


We had the exact same issue!! We applied it correctly -- took all necessary steps /precautions.

Peeled after one season. We called Olympic .

They told us because we applied 2 coats, the second coat "negated" the first coat and that is why it peeled. BS


The same thing happened to us. We followed instructions,etc.

We had to go back to the store Lowe's for another bucket of stain and had the same result.

Our deck looks awful and it will be a big job to get the few spots left clean. Very unhappy with this stain.


I had the same problem. The stain is peeling off after the first winter.

I don't know how to get it all off and start over. It looks awful and paint chips everywhere. I have grand children and they are picking them up.

I hope they never eat a paint chip!!! New use Olympic Rescue it stain.


I bought the new deck over stain and it's peeled after one winter. I cleaned the deck before applying and followed all instructions and it's peeling. How do I get a refund if I don't have a reciept?


the Olympus Maximum I was sold last summer did not last a year . the weather was warm and no rain and yet this spring it was pealing off in chunks I did not need a scrapper just a putty knife to remove the loose paint .

I would never recommend this brand to anyone I would not even it a F it is a very poor paint . :(


After using olympics 5 yr stain every 3 years for 14 years i bought the seven year new stuff. What a mistake!!

Not even six months and my whole deck peeled. Its garbage!

Do not buy the 7 yr olympic stain! Im out over 475 dollars plus five days labor to do it all again now!!!


I have had this stain on my fence for over 4years with no problems. The weather in my region ranges from hot dry summers to cold dry winters with very low humidity in both seasons.

As far as I can tell product is very good.

I have had NO issues or problems. :grin


My Olympic stain also peeled after only 6 months on the deck. I have not had any luck getting in touch with an Olympic customer service person so I can send them photos. I do not think I have my receipt but the project was pricey and time consuming. What a waste of Time and money. I am very unsatisfied with this product.

This deck is about 20 years old or so and I used the Olympic deck wash and stain combination because they promised superior performance on decks as old as mine is. And yes, I followed the instructions to the letter. Previous to cleaning the deck with the Olympic cleaner, I sanded the entire surface to insure that all loose stain and sap, etc were removed. I then washed the deck with the Olympic deck cleaner that was formulated for use with the stain. Use of this cleaner promised superior adhesion and staying power.

I had also added railings to my deck of new wood and I waited the prescribed amount of time before applying the stain to the old and new wood. The older parts of the deck are peeling like crazy, and the new wood looks like the stain is doing great. This would indicate that the stain just does not *** into older decks the way they promise it does. My deck even looked just like the wood in their promo photos!

I will have to find out what to use to strip it now! And I will have to spend money to get product to re-coat it.

I understand that many product failures are due to the way a product is usedk, and I would understand that-if somebody could tell me what I did wrong here, I would humbly beg pardon and retreat to self imposed exile on my badly chipping deck.


I, too, cleaned my 20+ year old deck and applied Olympic Maximum. It peeled in less than 6 months.

The deck had never had a sealer on it before.

Now I have to do it all over. I will not by Olympic again.


If you use pressure treated wood for your deck you must let it dry before staining it. If you don't allow it to dry, any deck stain will peel away. Allow the pressure treated wood to dry for at least 3 months during summer before staining/painting it.


IDK, I used Olympic solid deck stain and it held up very well after three summers. I just now restained it, even though there was no flaking at all, just some areas (traffic) where it had worn off a little.

I chose the solid because I don't like the grain of PT lumber.




i purchased this stain from Lowes to do my deck that seasoned for 2 yrs i power washed it with degresser and rised it waited a full 48 hrs for it to dry and after all day making it look beautiful it peeled off after the winter months this stuff is junk and Lowes makes nothing but excuses why it peels off what a waiste of money i will go to Walmart and buy the cheap stuff and end up with better results i guarentee it


I agree with you 100%. My wife and I did our homework on researching this stain and after thoroughly cleaning the deck and giving it sufficient time to dry we completed our staining project in several days.

Within four months I notice it pealing and it continued to get worse.

We complained to both Lowes and Olympic company and we're ignored by both. We lost both time and money on this project and I would never recommend this sorry excuse for stain to anyone.


We purchased Olympic because we wanted a "Better" Stain. It took 8 gallons and alot of time to finish our deck and gazeebo, Only for the stain to peel and chip not even 7 months later!

Very disappointed, If I wanted junk stain I would of bought a cheaper one. I would NOT recomend Olympic to anyone :(


95% of all paint and stain problems are the result of improper preparation. Be sure to do your homework and properly prepare your surface before applying a product.

DO NOT shortcut your prep work. Failure everytime.


I have been painting and staining for 20+ years, I applied the product in the best weather conditions and within days it was peeling. The problem is the "stain" is not penetrating the wood as stain should. This is causing the stain to flake and peel - the product is simply not working


Home owners almost always blame the product or the store....never themselves! These days no one wants to be responsible for their own actions. They even have the nerve to bring an appliance back that they've had fall out of their truck on the freeway cause they didn't tie it down and want a new one.


javascript:ac_smilie(':cry') we are getting our home and decks ready for an october wedding. we started staining our decks and it is really streaky, over lap marks show and some of the stain is very shiny, while other areas are not glossy at all.

then we needed one more can of stain, :( that's when it got worse. the colors are so far off, and when you need one more can and the other stain has been applied, you can't exactly mix the stain to make the color match so now we have 2 tone decks. one color by the same name is like black(expresson) the other expresso is like a nice brown. help!!!

it is olympic stain. no complaints as far as the product I just need help to make this look good before the wedding!


I painted the ballisters with some old B. Moore house paint I have in the garage at the same time that I used the Olympic Maximum on the deck and railings.

There had bee no previous solid stain on the deck and the desk had not been painted with a clear stain in several years. The entire deck and railings were cleaned with an Olympic deck cleaning product and then washed.

The Ben Moore paint did not peep at all. 20-30% of the Olympic has peeled in about a year.

It has got to be the product.


I painted my 25'*35' deck and the railings with Olympic Maximum cape cod gray solid deck stain last July 2010. When the snow cleared in April, I could see that it was peeling.

I spoke with Lowes who does not stand behind the product and they referred me to Olympic.

Olympic wanted to reimburse me for the stain, but my problem is my deck is worse off now than before I stained it. They also wanted me to help them find out why the stain peeled by mailing sample from different parts of the deck.


I have had some problems with olympic. I followed the directions to the letter.

I used the olympic deck cleaner following the directions to the letter. Both my front deck and back deck are same age and wood type. I used a lighter stain on my front deck and it worked perfectly. I used a darker stain on the back deck and it started coming up within 3-4 months.

I used all the advice from the sales folks and instructions and still had problems. Go figure.


Olympic is by far the best deck and fence stain you can buy. I have used it on hundreds of decks I built for my clients and you have to clean your wood first or you will experience failures.

Don't blame the product for your mistakes.

I've never had a problem with it and have been using it for 8 years on my clients' decks. I would not use it if it was going to cause me to have problems



I worked in the paint department at the time you said that your stain was recalled. There was probably nothing wrong with it.occasionally products are pulled or not sold because they are being investigated and 95% of the time there is nothing wrong with the product. Also, just based on what you listed I believe you have a different kind of stain product than the OP.


I built a bran new cedar deck applied this stain following their website instructions to the letter. The deck was beautiful for 12 months.

At 15 months it started peeling away and at 18 months looked like ***. Olympic accused me of over applying the stain so i insisted that they send someone out. The rep came out to take some samples then never called me back. They sent me a voucher to get more stain but told me I'd have to sand the entire deck before reapplying.

The stain does not live up to it's label and Lowe's kept referring me to Olympic. Very frustrating experience!


I have had the same trouble with this stain. I will not shop there for home or work projects anymore.I can assure you I am far from a freeloader.


The ONLY way olympic stain would peel up is if it was applied over a previously sealed surface. Meaning that the stain has to be able to soak into the wood, so it could never peel if applied to a properly prepared surface.



You are totally wrong, I applied this stuff to a new deck after 3 months of drying out. Then cleaned the deck, let it dry for several days, applied the 10 yr warranty stain, and in less than 6 months it has started peeling.


I started a project using Olympic stain and went back to purchase more a few weeks later on 11/26/10. When I got to the register, I was told that I couldn't purchase the stain because there is a recall on it, but no details were available (my sidebar question is why wasn't the product pulled from the shelf if there's a recall, but at least they intervened the purchase).

I was trying to purchase a one gallon can of Olympic Maximum redwood naturaltone. At this point I have not been able to find any specifics about the recall and of course will call the company (for all the smartasses out there), but one would think there would be something on the Olympic site providing details. I'd like to know whats wrong with this stuff so I know how to handle the wood that I already stained. Maybe it's POSSIBLE that they recalled the product due to complaints they were getting???, so maybe the person that started this review isn't an *** like everyone here seems to think.

Otherwise their internal quality control would have caught the stain before it was shipped. Ok everyone, go ahead and tell me what an *** I am and that a recall wouldn't be handled this


Follow all directions on everything you do and stop relying on HGTV to do it for you. Olympic is the best stain on the market and if it is messed up, its 100% customer fault.


Sorry Devon that Lowes neglect to kiss your tail. they tell you when you go out an measure that they will charge you 35 and you get it back once you place an order.

Lowes alway looks to make it right for the customer. if you complain they will fix it. regardless what is said I see it everyday.

but some people alway want a handout. I guess they want a prfessional to come to there house for free go figure.


your the local lowes jacka** that never read the label, never wrong and lie to recoup what he lost in his trip to stupidville. the stain that you are complaining about is on hundred of thousands of decks. actually it on my deck right this moment and guess what three later it still look s great so sit on that and rid it to *** ville next time you decide to take a trip.

Fat Mart cart rider

To "devon".... U are a retard.

What the paint associate said is true. Thousands of people use the stain everyday and gave no problems. But people like you and the complainant are just incompetent to read instructions and do it right. And to the maker of this post.

Lowes did not have you sign any paperwork saying you would not sue them. They do no such thing. Furthermore, you Get what you pay for. Olympic is cheap therefor you get cheap.

Cabot which is a respected brand name Is only like $4 more per gallon and is 100x better Than Olympic. So before u big girls come here and throw out a bunch of slander and lies go work in retail for about 30 minutes And deal with people like your selves, it will chew you up and spit your baby *** out!


i work at lowes and hate selling olympic products...most of the people that have problems dont want to do the work to prep a deck anyway.and only read the instructions till they have a problem


Let's see, she bought the product , used it , her deck is now stained , she bitched and moaned and got her money back . What's mrong with this picture. Don't think it's Lowes !


I have used Olymic Stains on the fence and deck for five years. Getting ready to do it again this year. I have had no problems with the product.


The acid tongue response written by "Lowes Paint Assoc." (above) is precisely why I haven't shopped at Lowes in more than two years. Also, I had a situation with their "professional" storm door installation people who charged me $35 to measure out my door then decided it would be too much of a hassle to hang the door.

But they kept my $35.

I was going to file a complaint but decided never to shop there instead. I hear so many Lowes complaints these days.


It's not that the people working at Lowe's don't know anything about paint or stain, it most of the customers are either *** or don't bother asking anything (because they already know everything). Maybe this woman should have asked if there was anything she should do before applying the stain.

Most people stain their deck, then *** and complain just to get their money back. It's strange that 1000's of other people use the stain (correctly) and never have her problem.

Furthermore, if you don't like Lowe's or the people working there, then contact the "professionals" (who buy their stain at Lowe's) and ask them how to prep/apply the stain. Better yet, hire them to do it for you!


As a deck cleaning and sealing specialist,it is likely the consumer did not clean the surface properly and therefore the stain could not adhere properly. I have seen this time and time again and to fix a problem always cost more than to do it correctly to begin with...I don't necessarily love Lowe's, but they had nothing to do with the is the case in America, it's always someone else's fault, never mine


if you don't know how to DIY, don't. Since you stated you got the stripped paint all over, we can tell you don't prepare properly. Don't screw things up and blaim it on perfectly good products and the place you bought it.


You blame lowes and you have every right,the reason for your missfortune is because the person that sold the stain to you knows nothing about paint.I have been a painter for 33 yrs and the way lowes works is that employees kiss *** to get the position,doesnt matter if they product knowlage or not.Example i applied for lead in paint didnt even get a interveiw the job went to a brown noser that didnt know anything more than how mix paint.She worked windows and walls ha just a blind cutter.Its sad they say its all about customer service and the emplyees but its only about stocks


Yeah, Olympic is terrible, you used it wrong, got bad results, and they returned your money! WOW! thats terrible...


Since 'stains' are designed to 'adhere' by penetration, and your product "peeled" it would appear the surface was not properly prepared for staining. Even new wood that has never been traeted can have 'mill glaze' or excessive resins that prevent penetration.


Don't buy Olympic products.. you said it yourself. So shouldn't this be a complaint against Olympic and not Lowe's?


Sisnce you don't describe anything as to why this occured I have to assume it was human error.

As far as I know Consumer Reports rate Olympic stain at the very best.

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Lowes in Albany, New York - Lowe's should hire cleaning people

iI'm A costumer at Lowe's and I really don't like how this store treat they own employees as servents.They showld have they own cleaning department they shouldn't have employees cleaning the store.Especially the bathrooms that is very sad how this company with a lot money and they use thths people like this that as low the can get.Also they let other employees threat bad the others cashiers like they are nothing with no respect.Most the time I don't have help and see managers walking by and the are in the phone and no ask if I need help.Lowe's talk thing about other store but don't really look them self first.
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i worked for lowes a VERY short time. i was hired as a CASHIER!!!!!!!!

yet i found myself pushing carts, and being asked to clean *** off of a toilet seat, which i did not do! in my job title, i did not agree to cleaning restrooms, or pushing carts, i have great retail experiance with my previous jobs, who i have left out of boredom. i thought owes would be a fun enviroment until i realised all the young girls are 18 and already have 15 kids, as well as being full time alcoholics. cleaning people should be hired, why would it be degrating for a CLEANING person to CLEAN.

cashiers are for ringing up sales, customer service, and greeting.

if i wanted side work, i would have been a server.thank god i only have to work voluntarily because i get bored sitting at home all day! iv decided works just not for me!






So Lowes should let go of the people they are paying to clean, or take those hours away from them, and pay a cleaning crew because the work is degrading? So wouldn't they be degrading the cleaning people? Who cares what you are doing as long as you are getting paid for it...

***..By the way no matter what you say in your first line, we all know you are an employee, not a customer, or costumer or whatever you wrote, alothough I am suprised you were able to fill out the app by yourself.**


Where the *** did you go to grammar school?? It is tough times right now.

If you own that business you would not have spent the payroll that company does to keep their Great looking stores.

If you don't like working there and don't want to clean bathrooms.. go somewhere else and work in a filthy dump like yourself...

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Lowes in Erie, Pennsylvania - Paint can lid not put back on tightly

I had a quart of paint mixed at Lowe's. Checked out they put it in a plastic bag. I got out of my car at home, grabbed the bag walked into my garage. The bag ripped. The can fell out.. you guessed it.. lid not secure paint went everywhere. I had black jeans on. They are now splattered in paint. I went thru 2 rolls of paper towels cleaning up the excess paint. I went in and called the store where I purchased the paint. Asked for the manager, explained what had happened and his reply to me was "What do you want me to do about it?" I was amazed at his lack of concern. Not I am sorry Maam I will gladly replace your paint. I am going to the store today with empty paint can in hand and sure hope that I experience better customer service than I had on the phone.
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It was a quart can of paint not a gallon and LOWES put it in the bag why wouldn't I think I could carry it in the freaking bag. LOWEs did not secure the lid after they mixed it.

Really? I am guessing you are the *** manager I talked to.


Why were you carrying the bag where it could rip? Shouldn't you have been holding the bottom of the can?

I am all for stores taking responsibility, but if you drop a can of paint, the lid is going to come off...

now, if it had just turned over and the lid came off you might have a better argument... I hope they didn't give your money back and told you not to go back to the store


i agree. Dropping a can of paint the lid is going to come off from the pressure.

No matter if lid was secure or not. Stuff happens


If you drop a can of paint, the lid will come off. If you drop a glass bottle of milk, the glass bottle will break.

Thin plastic bags rip, gravity takes over. Pilot error, pure and simple really.


Your right on CC !!!!


You dropped a can of paint and it opened. Big surprise there.

If you went to the grocery store and dropped your gallon of milk and it opened would that be the managers fault to. Talk responsibility for your own actions, it was your fault.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Germantown, Maryland - Bad Customer Service On Repairs and Warranty Issues

After three visits two my home from two repair companies, my 2/1/2 years old Frigidaire washer is still not in working conditon. After several calls to Lowes warranty service, they suggested a buy out (this is not approved). The buy out involves buying back my present washer and giving me a gift card to use at Lowes to buy a replacement. Problem with that is a) they only give me back what I originally paid two years ago for my washer b) the 4 year warranty (with an additional 6 years parts warranty) that I paid for for the washer and dryer is voided with over a year to run (bear in mind that for 6 months I haven't had the use of the washer while the warranty was still in effect, c) they will not buy back the pedestal that I purchased for this particular model and d) why would I want to buy another item from them! If I buy a new washer from them, I need to purchase a new warranty at additional cost plus pay the additional for the price of the washer at todays higher price. I told them that, if they would not give me replacement value and would also cancel my currenty warranty if I accepted the buyout, I want the washer to be repaired or simply replaced. I am currently waiting for the repair company to call me with the date of when the other parts will be in. During this six month period I have been forced to spend over $300 at the laundromat. I would never expect that a $800 plus washing machine would break down after 2 years (the motor, the motorboard, the speed plate which drives the motor are all broken). I will never do business with Lowes again and I would strongly caution any buyer against Frigidaire products and purchasing one of Lowes warranties for any of their products. P.S. When I bought the washer dryer, there were delays in delivery and they dropped the first washer thatwas deliverd down the stairway of my home and asked me too just accept it in its damaged state and they would give me afifty dollar discount! .
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All service warranties ... after you call three times for repair's and the fourth time you can forced what is called a lemon law.. A buy out is not an options Lowes has ..They have to refund your money ......Just so you know


I am a lowly employee at Lowe's, but having worked there for 5 years, I can assure you that at MY Lowe's we have a satisfaction guaranteed motto! We take anything back! I've seen grills, washers, fridges, etc come back even after a few years, with or without the an additional warranty.



I am contacting you on behalf of Electrolux Major Appliances in relation to your posting on I would like to apologize for the difficulty you have had with your appliance. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you, so that I can personally look in to this matter in order to do so, please send me your contact information and the best time to contact you. I would also need your model and serial number and a file number, if available, so that I can research this matter.

Again, I regret the disappointment with your appliance and look forward to resolving this issue with you.


Chris Polk

Escalation Specialist

Electrolux Major Appliances

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Lowes Scams Customers on Rebates

Promised an in-store rebate to have a dishwasher delivered, Lowes in Oaks, PA, will not honor the $75.00 rebate because we also had the dishwasher installed. They claim that it was not delivered, it was installed, a seperate and additional charge (which we also paid). The sales manager told me the dishwasher met rebate qualifications and the rebate form was printed out at the register. When we stopped payment on the check, the bank clerk remarked, "They won't give you the gift card will they?" We asked if this happens often and they stated that they can not say.
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My contact info is below. I'm bringing claims.

Jos. Santoli, Esq


I purchased a $1,200 Kitchenaid Dishwasher online on June 29, 2012. Right under the "Add to Cart" buttom, it stated a rebate was available.

After I paid for the diswasher, I was taken to another screen that said the rebate program was called the "KitchenAid Major Appliance $300-$400 Rebate" and offered me a convenient area to download the form. I immediately downloaded the rebate form and filed it online. Unfortunately, I just received a letter saying I don't qualify for any rebate because I didn't purchase 3 appliances at the same time. MISLEADING!!!

This was stated nowhere during any part of the purchase or rebate process. I even read the Terms of Offere where it states "Consumer may choose one model per appliance type up to a maximum of 4 models, with a maximum rebate of $400 per household." It says nothing about a minimum.

WHAT A SCAM! I would have purchased a cheaper dishwasher!

Joseph Santoli, Esq.

Lowes has a history of this. If it happened to you call my cell at 201-926-9200 or email me at with your tel no and details.

We are bringing claims to get scustomers their money back.

Jos. Santoli, Esq.


That happened to us as well. Even though we paid almost $1000 for a dishwasher there, they said we can not get the $150 back for the rebate that we filled. I am very upset about that.


I had to comment to upset, if your receipt show that you paid for a delivery, it will state right on the reciept, "delivery", right beside the number 2. Then you are able to get the rebate and I as a manager would make the call to the rebate center after you received your letter denying your claim.

to help you get your money.

BUT, if you did not pay for a delivery, please respond, why would you expect to get moneys for something you did not pay for. Please respond, I would like to know what are consumers are or are not thinking


I love the people who come into the store 2 months after their purchase and say " I didn't get my rebate and they show us the rebate receipt. We ask did you mail it in?

"NO". and they still want us to give them money for their *** mistakes.

What do they expect. For the retailers to always pay for their stupidity.

And most people on this forum do even read the rebates. Their just to lazy to do the work.


Thanks for your reply. I will keep your post in mind when I think about going in lowes.

And they do have competition.

People like you make us shop with your competition. Hope you don't get down sized because of slow business.


Working @ Lowes, if you have the dishwasher installed they actually don't charge you to have it delivered so you wouldn't qualify for the free delivery. The free delivery rebate prints out automatically if your applaince is above $397.

The only rebate you may have qualified for was free installation if the dishwasher was above $497. This is a totally separate rebate and at the rebate center we can correct that for you if it happens.


Well, Mr. Lowes Knows, you popped up here, too.

C'mon, now, we @ Lowes you are a little slow and can only write that one little lowes lawsuits line, but step up, try real hard, and think up a complete sentence here.

Or maybe you cannot defend yourself in this forum..... Maybe you were one of the terminated Lowes "do nothing" associates and you too feel like venting with your all too stale lawsuits line......



Hey, "upset customer" do you also want someone from here @ Lowes to come over and wash the dishes for you, too? These posts from you guys are getting ridiculous!


The dishwasher was delivered, installed, you paid no sales tax, and the old one was hauled away Yes, the receipt prints out a rebate... It's a *** cash register! It even prints out the delivery rebate if you buy something, know it can be delivered, and opt to take it and have us load it up in your usually way too small SUV.

There is NO WAY for us, as humans, to reprogram the register to not print that rebate slip. :(


I have to agree with Cmiller. The same thing happened to us.

When you are promised something, the store should deliver. Ours was for free delivery, installation and haul away for dishwashers over a certain amount. The rebate form printed out.

Now we are told that the model we bought does not qualify. The rebate offer says it does.


Mr. Miller, you say you had the dishwasher installed by Lowe's, correct?

In our Lowes, that $140 D/W install fee INCLUDES the delivery by the installer, the installation, AND the haul-away of the old unit! Plus, if your area is like ours, there was also NO SALES TAX charged if you had the install arranged through the store!! The delivery fee only applies if you have the store deliver it, drop it off (with NO INSTALL NO HAUL AWAY of the old dishwasher).

So, you actually came out ahead if you ask me. Please read my other posts @ POC Lowes, I just get so tired of dealing with customers such as yourself who try to "work" the system on us, you know what your're doing, and get mad and feel you have to post when you get "outed" in forums such as this.


Actually he has a point. As far as working the system, are you kidding me?!!

I didn't buy a dishwasher, I bought a dryer and requested interest free payments instead of a percentage off. I was also granted a discount as a sale was occurring and the model wasn't in the store. I made it a point to reiterate the price, discount, extension several times to ensure that it was copacetic.

I received my bill and it was higher and as if I had been talking to myself. I was livid and customer service at corporate level are inept or seemingly ignorant/apathetic.

The store personnel were more helpful.

It took close to two plus weeks to clear up. It shouldn't have happened in the first place.


Paint rebates are also scams. Their rebate applies to qualifying items but their is no way to determine what is and is not a qualifying item; the store can't even tell.

The advertised brand and type are not enough information. You are a fool to believe anything that they say.

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Lowes Gift Card

Lowes in Chicago, Illinois - Missing Installer

I have lived a nightmare. It all started when my original contractor made a mistake with my shower stall. He installed the shower base and last, he "tried" to install the shower doors, they were too big. I lost $400 (could not return the stall, as the base was already installed) so I proceeded to order custom made doors at Lowes (cost $850). Lowes told me I should get them in 2 weeks, never happened. When they finally called me after numerous follow up calls, and 21 days later, it took 7 days to schedule with the installer. When the installer arrived with the doors, he discovered the hardware was missing, so he left. I was furious, I called Lowes which they sent someone to hand deliver the missing hardware but the installer was long gone. When I called the installer myself, he told me he could not come back until the following week....???? the doors are in the bathroom along with the hardware, yet the installer proceeded to put me at the bottom of his list. After begging him to do sooner, he agreed to come back in 2 days. Never happened. Never returned my calls, has not returned Lowes managers Lowes tells me they will do the best they can with another installer, but can't guarantee me the exact day. I'm at their mercy. I called their 1-800 number to complain and guess what? They transferred me back to the store. This shower stall has costs me over $1000, and over a month later, I still don't have any doors.....I am sick to my stomach with this as I have out of town visitors coming in 2 days, I will never shop at Lowes again or recommend to anyone. If they promise you anything, please ask them to put it in writing and sign it.
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CXL your Lowes *** Card.the want to screw me over a $5.00 paint rebate. kiss my ***.


Situations like this can be frustrating. Your original contractor should have been involved with the purchase of all fixtures being installed.

This would have saved you time, headaches, and money. The good contractors insist on it.


One of the things I have learned the hard way, is never purchase anything and expect someone else to install it.

A true contractor will chose what gets installed, how, and how much. They also expect some markup in what gets installed.

Unfortunately subcontractors is just a fancy term to induce you into buying something you will regret later.

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Lowes in Richmond, Kentucky - Extended warranty on troy built products.

I purchased a troy built tiller in october 2007. I PAID 79.97 for an extended warranty which was told to me all parts were under waranty except normal wear and tear items such as oil filter plugs tires. The tine broke and I had to pay 75.31 for the repair. I think it wrong that an employee tells you the item is under warranty then you have to pay for it after purchasing an extended warranty.wHEN i SPOKE TO Kim Lowe she was very rude with me while I was asking questions.The extended warranty was explained to me different than what I paid for. My support for Lowes has been damaged badly. Thank You for your effort in solving this matter. Michael Turner.
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The employee you spoke with stated that the ITEM was under warranty. From what you stated he/she did not say the repair would be covered.

Only a technician can determine if something is a covered part/failure. The store employees cannot provide you with that information unless it is a maintenance item, the failure is a result of something you hit or as a result of an unauthorized repair or adjustment.

I don't believe that employee is to blame here. They did provide correct info.


I had the 13hp horse tiller 20 minutes before the tines bent. I think it would be a great idea if TroYBuilt would improve the product quality. This 1800.00 tiller is as delicate as a little flower.


I think you would prefer that every tyne that breaks in the United States be covered by warranty?

That way you would be able to complain about the rise in purchase price of the machine.

Personaly I would prefer you to pay for a tyne every time you run it through rock.

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Lowes Warranty
  • Michael Turner

Lowes in Washington, District Of Columbia - Cashier was beyond rude

4-20-08 i made a purchase at lowes. the cashier did not bag instead left my roomate to do it. also he sat a rake i purchased behind him causing us to leave it behind. we had to return again to get it. i shop there often but this person made me think about not returning to shop there. i am a credit card holder with lowes. i have never before been treated so badly at your store. i hope never again or i will never shop there again. and will also advise my friends and family. ticket info 0340 terminal:62 4-20-08 13:20:48 sales #s0340jm1 1075188 store located at 5405 wadsworth bypass arvada co also on ticket invoice #62515
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you are a WHINER....


I'd have thought you'd say something to the manager... is not bagging stuff (and what stuff?

would it even fit in a bag? how much was there?) 'beyond rude'?

you kinda... strike me as a super whiner.


Ummm.. This is not Lowes website, this is a 3rd party site for people to *** to others about their unhappiness with companies.

Also, so you've been nothing but happy with your expiences (you say yourself you shop there often) with Lowes except for this one time and now you're ready to not shop there ever again because a cashier did not bag your products and you forgot a rake? Wow, I bet you're hard on your kids.

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Lowes Cashier

Lowes in Eugene, Oregon - Service Protection Minus at Lowe's

I'm going to post what I wrote to them in my third email, followed by their only response. Sorry if it seems like a mad-lib, I just wanted to remove extraneous personal information: ************* Hi, this is the third note in three days I've sent on this subject. The first was sent yesterday from, and the second was from that and, but I have not had a response yet. Whether or not this gets through is an open question, but at this point I'm not really hopeful. Three days ago, the belt on my washing machine went out. I remembered that I had a similar problem some time ago, and that the Service Protection Plus I purchased with my Maytag washing machine covered the problem. Unfortunately, when I contacted the store I purchased it from [store location] Lowe's, they could not find any record of it. When I purchased the plan, one of the selling points was the fact that Lowe's could look up my account on the computer at any store, and I would receive service as long as the plan continued, yet this time I was informed they would need a receipt and a date of purchase in order to look it up. I am rather taken aback by that. When I worked in retail -- well before my purchase of a washing machine at Lowe's -- we could pull up anyone's order information from their name, address, phone number, or a scanned receipt, and we could reprint said receipt any time a customer asked for it. While my name isn't completely unique in the United States, my guess is there are relatively few [name]'s who purchased a Maytag Atlantis washing machine, model XXXXXXXX, S/N XXXXXXXXX, from the [location] Lowe's and who had service one time previously from [name of repair service], also in [location]. To be honest, I rarely get extended warranties (a term I know retailers hate), but my father thought it was an excellent idea, so I purchased it rather than argue with him. If Lowe's can't even pull up when the "Exclusive Service Protection Plus" was purchased, I can't imagine I'll have much use for it in the future, since I've already wasted several hours trying to get this resolved. If it's out of warranty, fine, at least I have a definitive answer, and I can look into getting it repaired or replaced, but if I can't even be given a definitive answer, it makes it impossible for me to resolve the issue without a great deal of annoyance. I of course apologize to the person on the receiving end of this email, since they had nothing to do with the problem. I just thought I should bring the issue to (hopefully) someone who can look up the account and tell me if my purchase is still covered, or if I needed an alternate method of fixing the issue. ******* Their response? "Thank you for contacting Lowe's Customer Care. I apologize for the frustration but in order for us to request a receipt we will need the date of purchase. If you know how the washing machine was purchased we would recommend contacting the credit card company or bank to get this information." Here's the last note I sent, before I hit the internet for more information: ********** My frustration must be only a tiny percentage of the frustration of working at Lowe's without a relational database for customers. Being forced to pull up information only by date, and not by the name, address, or phone number of the customer, or by the make and model of the product must make the job very difficult. I'll contact GE, since apparently they are the ones that contract for repairs. If they can't find a record, I'll just chalk up "Service Protection Plus" as a bad investment, and see if there is a website dealing with retail frustrations where I can express my opinion. Thank you for your time. ******** That pretty much covers it. Yet further proof that not only are extended warranties a waste of money, but certain retailers apparently don't have access to relational databases -- or at least, not when it's time to use said warranty. What I find somewhat amusing is they believe the credit card company can pull up "When did I purchase a washing machine?" information more quickly than the company I purchased it from. Try to wrap your head around *that*.
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Purchased the worthless 4 year Protection Plus from Lowes for my $1500 Samsung side by side. Huge crack appears for no reason in the freezer door, ice shoot.

Filed a claim which was erroneously denied for cosmetic damage. Now starting my letter writing to State Boards of Ins. Samsung denies any liability for manufacturing a piece of *** unit.

Never shopping at Lowes again. Sears only now.

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Lowes in San Dimas, California - I called to confirm delivery the day before and was lied to.

I ordered sod to be delivered on Wednesday. I called the night before and was told it was cut and on the truck and would be delivered the next day on schedule. The next day my crew was here until noon when my husband sent them home because it never arrived. I called when I got home and was told that the nursery didn't even have the PO on it. Now it is being delivered on the day of my husbands surgery and I will be doing it alone cause I can't afford to pay a new crew.
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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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