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Lowes in Albany, New York - Cosumer complaint

your store no 1740 has a rude service manager by the name of joe. he ranks above a man named matt brown. joe needs an attitude adjustment, however matt should be promoted. i philp carlotti had a problem which matt kindly took care off i say thank you to him and humbug to joe. as a result of matt i will not be going to home depot. ipersonally like lowes and have frequented your stores in all the f for matt sstates i have resided. thanking you in advan ce for matt sincerely philip im adding these words to complete the minimum requirement.
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Lowes in Mahopac, New York - Yeah, we believe this

having an intimate first hand knowledge of lowes ccic *** you can say almost anything. eg: I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR 45 MINUTES for my grill yeah right. just the other day a customer came in on a sunday when we open at 8am and said he was waiting for 25 minutes and it was exactly 8:12am. the 5.00 an hour dolts that take your phone calls may believe this but we dont.........I will make you wait longer at the customer service desk. Just because you spend a couple of hundred dollars in the store does not give you ownership of the people in front of you......remember the louder you yell the less help you get
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You customers of lowes make me want to vomit. WHO needs you???

All you do is *** and complain.

Go to home depot. like we care.


my favorite was watching a man ask an employee for help loading a 4x8 sheet of 1/4 luan plywood. The employee, WITH TWO BROKEN ARMS IN CASTS picked up the plywood, and put it on the guys roof rack and went inside. He didnt say thank you to the guy sothe customer went in and complained about the "poor loading service"


:grin :grin Well said friend.

If they don't like Lowe's they can go to Home Depot. :p


oh boo hoo.

"I don't know" is NEVER an acceptable answer from somebody in retail unless it is IMMEDIATELY followed by the words "but I'll find out for you.".

Otherwise saying "I don't know" or "There's nothing I can do about it" = the same thing as you telling the customer to "*** off".

If you hate your retail job so bad, grow up & move out of your mommy's basement. Go get a real job.


apparently some *** at Lowes doesn't understand that what they are getting paid to do is called "customer service".

When you work retail, it doesn't matter what you 'title' is or what position you work in -- your job is ALWAYS customer service.


Oh, you people are full of it. There are dedicated people and losers in all fields, but the Lowe's in my area has an unbelievable amount of incompetent, apathetic employees.

I am not a yeller or demander. I know different people have different limits.

I won't expect a one legged man to walk fast and I do not expect that all or most Lowe's employees are capable of giving even barely adequate service. The uniform here should be a big squishy red nose and big floppy shoes, not aprons.


I am a cashier at Lowe's and I feel like I have a target painted on my forehead. Customer's think that if they yell at me for any inconvenience they have sustained, that I can actually do something about it.


If you have a problem, grow a spine and talk to the manager. The cashier is the bottom of the food chain and we ARE NOT your whipping boy.


Yes, what makes the public think that they can treat me like dirt on the floor? I have worked retail for many years and no matter what filthy word that comes out of the customer's mouth I am supposed to smile and give great customer service?

I do just that because I believe in the company that I work for but, too many of the general public think the louder they yell or the more obnoxious they become... we will give them something for free because they feel we owe it to them.

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Lowes in waldorf, md don't want young black males

I was shopping at lowes in waldorf, md and i notice that they was having a job fair. I was impressed by how many young people was at this job fair and how they was seemed to be prepared by already having interview clothing on. The job fair was held in the back of the store by the rest room. As i was going to the rest room, i saw the store manager by the name Wayne the thing that was disturbing was how he said that these well dressed young people who was making an effort to gain employment looked like drug dealers, the last time i checked drug dealers don't apply for jobs. the sad thing about this is nothing will be done about this incident becuase he will deny it of course.
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Oddly the original poster never stated a specific racial group. Who said the young people were black, that were applying for employment? Any young person that is striving to obtain gainful employment should be applauded;especially these days.


Oh my Gosh! I am shocked that this site is a forum for this kind of talk.

Really? No value of any sort can be placed on any of these comments. I, myself am ashamed that I read them all and am dignifying these responses instead of leaving this site!! Social Networking...?



First of all, is this not the place for consumer's reviews? How did this subject come to be "planted" here?

I am sick of hearing about the poor unfortunate black race. Look at your it correct grammar? NO. Why is it that EVERYTHING that happens to blacks these days is racist?

I do not see white people having a white pride month, nor do I see or hear of ALL white colleges, WHITE million man march...WOULD BE CONSIDERED WHAT? A KKK rally for sure. I do not see the whites having an all white get together and signage leading to an event of that nature. The whites of today DID NOT do what their ancestors did and should in no way be held accountable for it.

Blacks segregate themselves. Can you not see this? Give it a break, let it be, it is history stop reliving it. Everyone knows what happened to your ANCESTORS not you.

If your race does not want be stereotyped, IMPROVE it. Use proper grammar, stop committing crimes and (to the young black males) PULL UP YOUR PANTS! What is it supposed to mean?

Is it you can not afford to buy a belt? Maybe you want everyone to know you have on clean underwear...I mean really now, what is with the pants hanging off your hips?


Is it STILL this easy to stir it up for a thrill? Anonymous gives real NO ID or references.

No one else reports it. But (he?) knew how to stir it up with a deliberate attack on a legitimate business in a highly competitive and saturated market with the choice of words that were used. Looking at the store, there is no reason to believe it. Then or now.

And what (he) stirred up in minutes goes on for years? What does that make us for giving that old post the power?


I'm not racist by any means. However, it amazed me to read these posts.

Who are you trying to convince? You certainly just convinced me of your ignorance! You didn't even use proper grammar. There are these tools called spell check and grammar check...I suggest you use them in the future before posting such ridiculous posts!

Welcome to the 21st century people...use the tools provided and you will get much further in life. What happened to hard work and dedication to get where you want to be in life. People today are just looking for the easy way out and the free hand outs.

You aren't entitled to anything and the fact that you think you are proves just how ignorant you are! Just sayin'...


Killer Robot - You too have a problem with the English language. The word is "seriously" not "serious." Glass houses?


I was looking for the hours of lowes and found this. I truly lauded at the people making fun bc really this post is retarded.

The church people are correct but then again if you make a post like this you're asking for response. And the lowes Mgr's comment didn't mean he was racist. It meant our youth dress unprofessional and act even worse. It's just truth.

And the *** who generates this post needs to learn language again bc he/she sad "I was in lowes and I notice they was having a job fair" how bout they were having a job fair tard. They talk like this a few times in the post.

Racism may suck but fact is if adults or parents didn't let their kids go out looking like they do for a interview then maybe they would be treated more serious. Not a sermon just a thought.


Always choose to hide behind anonymity. A cowardice act, regardless of race. Why stoop to their level.


After serving my country and serving alongside black, white, yellow, red..the thing that i ever really cared about was if they able perform their jobs. I didn’t judge nor did I consider the race of the person.

There were some that disappointed me and guess what, they were from each race. Some excelled, from each race. What I am trying to say is that we kill ourselves as humans when we look at someone who is different than us and criticize. I am a black male who came up in the inner city.

I didn't know how to speak properly and i didn’t own any decent clothes because we were poor. Like someone who gave me an opportunity, so i do the same regardless of their skin. God made us all and if you have any problems with that please talk to him and stop taking it out on each other. You never know when you might need that other person.

Besides, if we all go back to Africa you will then turn on those with darker skin, or red hair, or maybe anyone else to blame and make yourself feel superior. Why is it that we need someone to always be the "THEM" and not realizing that the "THEM" is us.

When does it end. Sadly…when the world ends.

Love is a constant with no shadow of variableness


Typical black person to use the race card.


i happen to stumble onto this site. i was looking for something at lowe's....

i am very upset over the comments that have been typed here. the nerve of anyone making fun of another human being. but guess what, when you lay your head on the pillow tonight, and you are all alone, think about what you have said about a creation from our heavenly Father, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. God bless all of you and I hope and pray that you will try to be more like Christ, who loved everyone.

i may not like things that you say and do, but i would never hate you for a color of your skin, how you talk, or your actions. again.....i may not like your actions, but i am commanded by my heavenly Father to love you.


I pray that ALL of you repent and learn to LOVE one another as Jesus loved us! All of this racism, profanity, and people trying to place themselves on a higher level than other people is nothing but the works of the Devil!

You are condemning yourselves to *** by your actions, and way of thinking! Who cares if someone cant speak proper English or dress high class. They are not the ones in trouble. YOU are when you ridicule, talk negative about them, and be racist toward them.

That goes for all people. no matter what color u are. You can respond however you want but just remember This life you are living is only Temporary! And how you spend it here and how you treat people will determine where you will spend eternity!

Oh and if you don't know... *** is real!

So I hope you all take what i said into consideration! Life would be so much better if we learn to love each other and get along!


amazing how the internet has given racist a forum to operate behind the scene.

stand up and become a real citzen or shut the *** up!!!


you people are really hostile...

First, he never said he was mad that he didnt get the job, he was mad that he heard this comment. so making fun of his grammar and slang is just to satisfy your inner racist.

Second, he said they were dressed well so why are you talking about how bad black people dress for interviews, you just wanted to share that with us? this isnt a forum to complain about other races. so please, save that for your clan meeting.

Third.... What exactly is your argument with this guy? that a manager should be able to call a group of black males drugdealers??? If they are not qualified then they should not be hired. At no point should they be called drugdealers.

go ahead and make fun of my grammar

and i am white by the way, not that it matters


Can we all just get along..... Lol!!

Now that *** was funny. No Matter What They Will Always Suck.

Black,White who cares.. Red is what we all bleed.


Maybe if you learned to speak English properly you'd have better luck finding a job in which you deal with the public. Your comment is filled with grammatical errors that, I am certain, are reflected in your spoken language.

I am a Southerner from Mississippi and I speak with a severe Mississippi Delta accent. However, I speak in my "native" accent only at home and around friends.

In public and in my professional life, I speak correct, unaccented English. You should try it.


Unbelievable in day that people are still trying this ***. I have been shopping in that store for over ten years.

No where close to what you are saying. Get a life


Another ***-*** lazy *** that wants to blame the "man" for his inability to achieve! More than half of the employees at this store are ***...certainly, and I wish he was, Wayne was a racist, then there would be a lot less *** working at this store.


to the clown with the naam sayin. ok, you got your attention with that nonsense,but, don't slip up and let me catch with that condescending attitude on the streets. it will get your *** torn off real proper!


I have been with Lowes three years. We hire anyone and everyone.Most diverse group of employees of any place I worked.

Any race,sex,age,religion or sexual orientation is welcome.There are bad apples in every barrel,don't crucify the whole company.


Bad economy, everyone needs money. People always have a prejudice and not necessarily by race it may have been something else, you never know though... people are still very prejudice, and mind you that does not mean just color


It seems to me, if what you say is true, the "manager" to which you were speaking may have been confiding in you about a problem which already exists. Perhaps, this might reflect upon the way you were talking to this manager and it is not really a true reflection on the Lowe's Stores or their policies for hiring of employees.

I personally have witnessed employees selling drugs in the bathroom during shift change and have reported the incident to the management. I was thanked and told that it would be handled.

I never saw either of those two people in that store again. I think it is great if the managment is working on keeping the rif raf in the streets where it belongs and why do young people want to represent for thugs anyway?


wat the *** is a race card? when you play it, you dont win or get anything from using it.

there are still racist *** rednecks in waldorf.

people are still going to say, and do racist things. why is that so hard to believe?


yo yo yo yo naam sayin naam sayin I bet dis *** hur wuz jus tryna git a job naam sayin and them niggaz in lowes was bein trilly trill and not lettin dis *** git his papaz naam sayin?

dats why niggaz need to be hustlin cuz niggas dont want niggas in da workspace... i meen, all wez tryna do is slang *** in da workspace? wuts so bad about dat? we beez workni in da workspace and slanging *** makin more money so wez cn git some rimms yo... i aint seen no prob naam sayin?

If this is how you talk; you most likely won't get a job. It's sad that 50% of young black males talk this way as well... get mad and everything but that's not far off bo any means. Even young white males try to copy it now...

Being *** is cool.


I don't think the color of your skin or your background and heritage were the reason you didn't get the job. I also don't think there was much foul play with what the manager said either.

Younger people dress like drug dealers nowadays. It's the "cool" thing to do ever since Lil' Wayne said it was on the radio or his cd (I'm not blaming Lil Wayne but he was just an easy thing to pick out)

You get these kids that do anything now just to fit into this image portrayed by these guys. It's cool to rob and steal, hit women and deal drugs. I talk as if I'm old but I'm only 22... I just see it and I'm not *** enough to fall into it myself.

It's ridiculous the poster even knows how to use a computer? I can't blame Wayne. The poster himself probably did too many drugs in school to learn proper spelling and/or grammar. How the *** can our nation function in the future if people like this poster are running the different systems in America?

This is pathetic. It makes me laugh on the inside a little. I'm moving out of the U.S. ... this "culture" or lack thereof is just a culture of stupidity and ignorance.

To the original poster: You're a *$&%ing ***, you probably shouldn't be allowed to have a job... none the less... breathe.


OMG, can non of you read and write?! There was nothing in the orginal blog about "young black males", which goes to show that the writer was not very intelligent. Then the lot of you, except one, went on about the same thing.

In the quote of the manager Wayne, he said nothing about blacks or any other race. It sounds more like some uneducated *** is just paranoid!

To the author of the orginal blog:

It is a wonder that you could navigate on a computer to even find a spot on the web to complain. If you spend at least half the effort to that on something worth while, oh let's say on something like an education, you wouldn't have to spend your life being paranoid about your race and complaining to others how you are such a looser.


To the teacher and everyone else that is involved in the mockery of judgemental antics that took place at Lowes in Waldorf Md..

Get over yourselves.. Let the process take it's own path.. We as a whole can only control many things in life and this senerio is one of them.

Futhermore, to the teacher that rants on speaking/education, shame on you, Maybe if you were a educator instead of a dictator, many other young people could write that perfect response to this blog..

Instead, pay checks and Union rallies might of been more important to you, instead of offering your expert training in your class that we pay for..

Come on people, enough is enough..


Ask him...

Contact info provided by:


1st, to be fair to Lowes of Waldorf, it appears have a very diverse work force (from top to bottom).

2ndly, a lot of young people simply do not "get" the interview process. You know the whole "making a great 1st impression" etc. Showing up in a halter top, body piercings, pants falling off your butt, clingy/tight/sexy attire, are simpy not "business/interview appropriate".

Re: drug dealers... in Southern Maryland the drugs of choice are prescriptions, *** and marijuana, so WE KNOW what a drug dealer look like don't we? Or at least what the average abuser look like. They look like Suburbanites. My husband and I get so sick of the hypocricy, that we always tell folks that every job should be like the ones we have & require "Annual & Random Drug Testing" of ALL employees.

Question ... What is the "Race Card"? Is it similar to the "Gender Card"? When can you play it? So if someone says something that is offensive, you should simply be silent?

Does anyone know what a SMIB is? After moving here, it was the big joke where I worked. SMIB=Southern Maryland InBred. So if I overheard during an interview that most of the applicants looked liked SMIBs, (a)should I ignore it; (b)smile and nod knowingly; (c)speak up; or (c) post to the net "XYZ company biased against Rural White Southern Marylanders? Where is your Moral/Ethical Compass?

The the whole diction thing... everyone is quick to critisize black folks on this. I rarely see anyone critique when whites speak as though they are still teenagers and phrase/ends sentences in the form of the question, although they are making a statement (Calfornidiciton- not a real word, I just made that up).

That's it .... One Person's Opinion


Perhaps if the letter writter took the time to learn how to speak English and conduct his/herself like an educated adult..they may not have to go through life playing the race card every time they didn't get something handed to them on a silver platter?


Quite presumptuous. At the time I interviewed with Lowes, there were a diversity of minorities; in particular; \"black males\" employed in the Waldorf store.

In addition, my partner and myself have always been favorably impressed with the pleasant demeanor and knowledge that we have received over the years at the Waldorf location. As to \"Wayne\", possibly one of several managers (I am familiar with two others). Wishing you luck in your endeavors. Place efforts forth in positivity and for more than reason, comments such as these are preludes to flagrant actions in life.

Foremost, no inference was made relevant to \"race\"; just because something is conducted in the \"back of the store\" has not negatively impact the intent of the Fair or any future opportunities that may be granted. Lastly, possibly, you could take a intelligently mental note and view this in a manner to your benefit: Whereas, A twofold response could be....: \"How would one know what a drug dealer looks like?\" Wise quote: \"Speak without offending; listen without defending\"


I just happened to come across this blog because I googled "Lowes in Waldorf" and this blog was the third one down.

Apparently, someone played around during English class. I agree with half of the other posts. What the manager said may have been offensive, but the author only helped prove the mind frame of the manager by showing that he couldn't write/speak properly?

I bet he still stood in line for that job. And I bet that he didn't get that job and that's when this blog was posted. HA. Please invest in your education first before trying to rally people to stand with you. No one likes ignorance.

Last, if the author is only a minor (15 - 17 years) and reads this again, be sure to ask for after school tutoring.

:zzz :x :grin :p 8)


You did not get the job did you? And Diann the title of the letter said.

" lowes in waldorf, md don't want young black males "

Maybe that is where Play the race card got the attitude that the letter writer was inplying racism. IMO if they talk the same way they type it could be the reason they did not get the job.


Whre did this person say anything about race, or a black person. I read and re-read and still don't see it. You commenters need to stick to the facts of the story


your title has nothing to do with your story. if u want a job apply online.

get a interview and show up in a shirt and tie with dress pants. walk like a normal person and not like someone that fits that stereotype.


Everyone is racist! Everyone is racist! Maybe they used grammar just like you and he was simply figuring that they were ignorant.

Let's look at what you said closer. You state that he was generalizing about young black men...yet you generalized back that "nothing will be done about this incident" as if it were 1930 again.

Maybe he was speaking on how they were carrying themselves. Maybe they all spoke broken english. And by the way, there are plenty of drug dealers who hold down full time jobs...its the easiest way to hide what they really do.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Reston, Virginia - Lowe's St. James, NY Brandon Blowhard *** Mgr,

Attempted to have a few rudimentary questions clarified for a millwork order recently. Had received a very polite call from the evening mgr responding with a final quote and he indicated he would be following up the next morning to answer a simple question. The next morning Lowes calls, they dont know anything whatsoever about the previous quote/call nor about the open question. When I reiterate asking to have my question clarified, the employee drops and runs to the manager. Ok, perhaps the Manager is the go to guy. Guess what.. Noooooooo !! The Manager procedes to claim that I berated his employees (only spoke to the one this morning) and that he deals with 100's of customers and no one ever questions anything that they fork over their money, bend over and have him insert his attitude asking how rude can you get Brandon???? Deeper Brandon!!!
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Lowes in Reseda, California - Pella door was not what we ordered

We ordered a door from the Lowe's in Mission Valley in San Diego. The door arrived and the installer did his job. Unfortunately when the home owner came home she found that it was incorrect. Now we have to go through the hassle of reordering it. The Pella door that came in 4 weeks later was the same as the one we originally got. The Pella "Rep" said he knew it when he went to pick it up. So he took photos of the door to show them what NOT to do. Now we have to wait another 2 weeks to get a third door. We have been through this before with Lowe's when we ordered cabinets, so we know we are in for a fight. For some reason they just do not communicate with the factory. The Pella "Rep" was courteous when he arrived the first time to look over the door and made copious notes. For whatever reason Pella did not follow his notes. They just shipped another door that was manufactured just like the first one. We are giving them the two weeks. If they do not deliver our door on that day we are removing the door and casing and taking it back to the store ourselves for a refund and getting a door from someone else. I can't wait to see the look on their faces when we walk into their store with a door and want our money back. We're done with Lowe's. No more. We are going to get everything at Home Depot or the new True Value hardware store that went in near Clairemont Square. Lowe's - You are horrible. You may be in the top 50 in the Fortune 500 but you are in the bottom 50 when it comes to customer service and integrity. You lost a 2 to 3 thousand dollar per year customer. You will never again have the pleasure of taking our money. To Lowe's shoppers - Be tough and do what we did. By allowing them too much time to try to fix problems they hope that you as a customer will give up and go away. Being tough is the only way to get them to change.
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1 comment

We bought a fiberglass Pella entry door to the tune of a just under $4000. (from a Pella store).

Because of the style had to get the mahogany woodgrain. Well much to our surprise when the door was delivered it had a pink color to it. Long story short the gel stain would not cover the pink, so after going around with Pella they had someone come out and stain the door for us to hide the RED appearance. Now we have a 4000.

dollar entry door that looks painted brown! Pella did not offer to refund any money, take the door back, did not apologize that we were not informed of color, and the salesman had no idea they came tinted pink! Pella does not stand behind their product or care about the customer satisfaction.

Would not ever buy another Pella product nor recommend them. Buyers beware!

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Lowes Delivery to Disabled Man

I paid a delivery charge to Lowes of $59.00 for them to deliver 16- 8ft 2x6s, 8- 4x8 7/16 osb panels, 9- packs of 3 tier shingles, and about 6 -1lb boxes of assorted nails. The clerk asked me where they should stack it and I asked her to please have them unload it next to my storage shed, which sits back about 15 or 20 yards from the driveway. She said that would be no problem. Also Home depot has always unloaded my supplies there with no problem. I paid the delivery charge because I am 100% disabled and I should not be trying to lift and carry any of that. If I try to move any of that I suffer terribly for it. I ordered the supplies on friday and the delivery came midday on Saturday. My wife and I were there to meet the delivery driver. He was planning to unload the supplies in my driveway. I explained that he was supposed to stack it next to my storage shed. He said; and I quote, "We never unload the material anywhere we cannot back up to" I told him the lady who sold it to me assured me he would stack it next to my storage shed and that Home Depot always did. He said if I would help him he would put it there. I said I am disabled and I am not supposed to be doing that. He wanted my wife to help him. So I helped him unload it. He was carrying a osb panel by himself and he was carrying a pack of shingles by himself but he needed me to help unload the truck. It made no sense at all. And I am still suffering for it the next day.
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If you're disabled, what the *** are you doing buying building materials ? You're full of *** and just want something for nothing.


You don't have to build it. A brother or son could build a shed .


It's amazing to me the amount of people that reply to these posts that cannot put two coherent sentences together. It's very difficult to try and understand what some of these people are trying to say.


The charge is to pay for fuel, time to load product, ifta taxes, employee labor.etc. was product not able to be carried via all terrain fork truck on pallet? If not then standard to charge to hand carry per bundle/sheet by all lumber roofing building materials suppliers.


Delivery drivers and workers related to the construction industry often work very hard for relatively little pay. As mentioned previously, if you had explained your situation (politely) and offered a tip for his troubles, he may have been happy to help you out. In general, you probably cannot expect a delivery driver to have the time to do all of that work, let alone the will.


People amaze me,,,always wanting somthing for nothing..who in there right mind is going to carry that material 50 to 60 feet for nothing...if you would of said hey,,give you 25.00 to do it..***, he would of probrably done it...ask yourself what would you of done in his position.


I was just considering calling Lowes for a delivery. I am disabled and have also just had surgery.

My husband just lost his job, due to his disability. I am not going to be humiliated by being promised something by the SALES rep that something will be done by the DELIVERY Dept. Do anything to get the sale, once they have your money, nobody cares.

Do not need any more problems. Try and see if a locally owned business has the products I need, and will deliver them without passing judgement on my state of health, as well as keep their word.


I work for lowes delivery and I do stuff like that all the time I am not putting my name because they will fire me and I have to tell you that stuff gets old after a while you bust your but the coustomers complaine the hole time your at there house you kill your self to make them happy and for all your trouble you don't even get a thankyou to add to it your boss is on the phone to you all day long yelling at you we work 14 hour days with no lunch most of the time buy the way they take the 30 minute lunch from us weather we take it or not yes its illegal but if you say anything they just fire you so as you can see we have a lot to deal with so next time you about giving him a bunch of *** think about what it would be like to him for a day


Well you can do what I am doing - I bought a $350.00 door from Lowes and they wanted to charge me $79.00 for delivering it - I went across the street to Home Depot and am renting one of their trucks for $20.00 taking it back to Lowes - picking up the door and bringing it home - maybe they will get the idea :p


Most likely the delivery driver identified the fact that you are perfectly capable of carrying some boards. My amazing detective skills lead me to believe that you are not truly disabled. If you never, ever do anything but accept tax pay dollars then yes, you will be sore for awhile after actually getting some excerise.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


lol you expected this poor guy to carry all of those 2x4s and 4'x8' sheets of plywood and 9 bundles of shingles 15 to 20 yards by himself. He prolly has a wife and kids to take care of and your trying to injure him because some kid in the lowes store said they could do it. Nice.


As a Lowe's representative you should really perform a spell check on your responses in the future.


This is not standard pratice for a delivery.The sales assocate should have specified on the delivery direction the needs of the customer.As for the customer we do our very best to take care of you as long as we are aware of the situation.GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE is our primary goal.Espically in delivery.


Being disabled myself I understand the situation.


Here is my answer. When a disabled guy pays for delivery so he won't have to carry, he shouldn't have to.

And for the *** who made a judgment on how disabled the guy was. I am him. I'm a disabled American veteran.

You should try doing something for your country *** and stop judging people you never met. You get injured in the service of your country and see how you feel about carrying packs of shingles when you paid to not have to do it


I'm also a disabled veteran. I don't look disabled but I was shot then flipped in a tank and had my arms ripped off.

People judge all the time. They have no idea what a soldier goes through no clue what stress is.

I was paid 226.00$ a month before taxes was taken out. I would have tipped the driver but I wouldn't appreciate the the complaining.

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Lowes in Las Vegas, Nevada - Employees abuse customers and store covers it up

I was getting measurements for my contractor of bathroom sinks a large pediestal and a small guest room. I was told "your plumber is dumb all sinks are the same". I then asked for help anyways to make sure. The employee started throwing sinks and toilets 16 feet away and when I tried to run I got hurt. As I left, he then threw and crashed over 20 other sinks, toiltes etc. I was running to get help. The sound was terrifying. All I could think was he had gone crazy "postal or culinbine". The store employees from the nursery area at the other end of the store came running and could hear the crashing. I asked the store manager to call the police she wouldn't "we'll handle it in house"? The man was crazy? I was up front by the cash registers crying and getting a cold pack for my leg. Still requesting the police. I was again denied the right to get a police officer. Now LOWES says nothing happened and only one sink fell. Oh! by the way Lowes says "there are no cameras in the store" and I need witnesses? The whole store heard the crashing. There were witnesses. Store employees were directed into a group for discussion and hushed. We saw all of this. So who protects the consumer from irate employees when the store wants to cover it up? If an employee does go "postal or crazy" who protects the consumer. Who protects the cvictim from and over worked, pressured employee? NO one the store is only worried about liabiliy and coverup. AND they lie that there are no cameras in the store areas or the cash register areas. COME ON GUYS there had to be cameras in case you are robbed.... DUH! I now tell everyone that you are not safe in their stores and I no longer shop there.
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it was YOUR store JERRY.


Guys, the reason he did not call the police is because he is making it up and knows that they police will charge him with making a false report and wasting their time. He could have easily went to a pay phone and dialed 911, it is free to call for emergancy.

He is either doing this for laughs or she was fired from Lowes.

Maybe she or he is the one that was on steroids or worse and got fired for drug abuse. This whole letter spells drug user.


That's insane. I'm a good sized 215 pound man and those things are a pain just to pick up and put on a truck...

Doubt it's true, but if it was you call the police yourself the first chance you get.

There's cameras and other customers in the store. It would be a pretty open and shut case if something crazy like that happened, lol.


Why is this incident not on the news? Why are you the only person reporting it?

If many people witnessed it as you say there would be many people saying the same thing. I don't believe a word you say. Why didn't you call the police yourself? No cell phone?

Leave and call from home, pay-phone, nearby business. Why didn't anyone call the police? I am a contractor and frequent Lowes and HD, I carry a cell phone as does many (most) lowes customers, but none of them called?

If this happened and made as much noise as you say, and there were that many witnesses, I AM SURE that a number of them would have had cell phones and could have called. But oh yeah, it never happened...


Oh my god! This is horrible...steroid raging employees...And oh my god! They only hire people from Culinbine...and btw WHAT IS THAT?

Did I miss something in the bill of rights? Cause I do not remember that it says you have a right to use someone else's phone to call the police when SUPER HUMAN employees launch 75-125lb items SUPER HUMAN lengths at you.

Every Lowe's must be like this...LOOK OUT comes Lowe's to kill you with TOILETS AND SINKS! And if you don't get nicer, maybe they'll throw a vanity cabinet or a TRACTOR at you.

A word of advice...don't shop in a grocery store...that may be where he gets his next job...oh god the thought of having turkeys launched at you from 200 ft away...

All of these things are just as easy to throw 16 feet away.


If you ask me, the only way a person could throw a toilet 16 ft would be if they were using steroids......which would explain the sudden anger the employee showed (roid rage). It sounds like the police didn't need to be involved here....this is a case that needs to be investigated by the United States Senate....maybe then something will get done.

Some advice for you.....a basic cell phone plan costs what? 10, 15 per month.

If you have a cell phone, you don't have to ask someone to call the simply get it out of your pocket and dial 9-1-1. Makes things simple and throwing toilets.


Yes you can throw a toilet 16 ft what was the store #


Sounds to ME like a bunch of *** PLEASE, throwing toilets 16 ft, !!?? FIRST, I work at a home improvement store and throwing toilets 16 ft.

isn't possible. 2nd, if you had to listen to all the whining from *** like you, you'd be throwing the toilets AND the *** with them. Get a frickin' life !

...oh yeah, having cameras that cover every inch of a 125,000 sq.ft.

building wouldn't be possible, unless you had, uh, maybe 1000 - ***. But I'm sure they were lying! I'm sure they were trained in on the Toilet Dept.

just in case an employee goes postal. (and it's Columbine)


And which Lowes was this?

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Washer broke seven days ago and is still broke

My new washer that I just bought from Lowes Route One in Lewes Delaware, broke seven days ago. They sent someone out to take a look at it. The service man said it would take another four days for the part to come in. On top of that it would take another three to four days for them to get back out to take care of it. I feel Lowes does not honor their contracts, they dont worry about the inconvieninces that you go through. As a consumer I would not purchase anything from a Lowes Hardwear store because you will get screwed. I feel as a consumer if a company promises you something they should have to honor their words. Thank you I hope you all take this seriously cause I would not like to see this happen to you. Joseph Kupchinski
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I doubt any of you read your terms and conditions. Many of you don't even know how insurance/warranties/contracts work, but you'll *** and moan about the service that your not paying for.

Next time, don't buy the plan, wait just as long for service, and pay for it yourself. The plan basically is there to pay for the service. I used to work for Service Advantage, and guess what..90% of you have absolutely no idea what you were covered for, or what you were actually entitled too. Thats not our fault, thats your fault.

I've bought plans, and since I am an EDUCATED consumer, who takes the TIME to know what I'm buying, I've never had a problem getting things fixed through warranties or contracts.

And to those of you who think calling and screaming will get things accomplished...I have news for you. IT WONT!!!!! The plan is not there to make special exceptions.

And EVERYONE wants a special exception. The plan is not there to replace your machine because of YOUR situation. And if you would take the time to read the terms and conditions you'd know when you're eligible for replacement. I got so *** sick and tired of being disrespected every single day.

Especially when I have went OVER above and beyond for many of you to make sure your "problems" were taken care of. I have received numerous commendations from people and you know why..........They let me help them. That's the problem. You don't let us help you.

And what's with raising *** when the rep you talk to doesn't give you their last name or other personal information? Company policy PROHIBITS them from giving that out. And even if they COULD, it would still be a personal choice. There is nothing saying they would HAVE to give you that information.

That is information that you DO NOT need to have. So next time you call with a problem keep this in mind. They are there to help you. But they can only help if you want to be helped.

Also think about how you treat the rep that takes you call. If you were in their chair, would you appreciate being screamed and cussed at for nothing you did? No? Then DON'T DO IT!

If you call in expecting a bad time you'll get it. It's all up to you what kind of experience you have.


Lowes warranty service is a joke. I sympathize with you.

We purchased their extended protection plan on a Maytag refrigerator and thus far it has completely quit working 4 times. Each time it is the same problem, they have to replace the electronic unit that controls the temperature and the compressor. The most recent breakdown occurred on June 21st and it is still not fixed. First the parts weren't available, then when the repairman attempted to install them after they finally came in, sparks shot out of the back and it short-circuited the outlet it was plugged into.

He declared it 'not repairable' and contacted Lowes. According to the warranty terms they are supposed to pick it up and issue us a gift card in the amount that we paid for the refrigerator. That was 3 weeks ago and they have yet to do anything.

So I say again, their 'protection plan' is a complete joke and a waste of money. We have no choice but to use the gift card they provide, if we ever receive it, but we will NOT ever buy another extended protection plan from them.


What do you want from them? They are fixing it.

The transmission went out in my 06 truck, fixed under warranty, but I was without the truck for almost 2 weeks. Don't harp on Lowes because you expect them to fix it that very day?

Be realistic, as THEY ARE FIXING IT!!!

I agree with the above post about the age of your machine. How "new" is it?


Did u buy a service plan from them? If you didn't then it is a MANUFACTURER's DEFECT!!!

Hence, you should call the manufacturer. If retailers wasted time and money to check EVERY SINGLE item that came through their store...then you would NEVER be able to afford them.

Oh, and I notice that you didn't even say how long ago you bought the washer....New can mean different things to different people. New can be last which case your warranty is up. So next time when you're asked if you want to buy a longer warranty...maybe you should think twice about it. Its the MANUFACTURER that gives a *** warranty...and that is from EVERY MANUFACTURER in the WORLD!!!

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Troy, Al Lowes under *** poor wal-mart manager

This store is unbearable(Troy, AL) . How can you put a Store Manager who knows nothing about home improvement in charge of a home improvement store? David Rountree not only is a blithering ***, he treats his employees like *** He uses threats and intimidation to get what he wants done, done. Almost all the good employees ran off, along with the customers who were coming here for the year before he arrived. Anybody left is so depressed from working here, they might as well be working for Wal-mart. Saddest thing is the district manager, Michael Bowman, knows he is a ***, knows he doesn't know what he is doing. Yet, Bowman is letting the people of Troy,Al suffer because he is the *** *** that hired him!!
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I wanted to commend Lowes on the great job they did at local Boys & Girls Club in Troy AL. It is sad that one employee who gives bad service can mess up the reputation of the store.

A store who does so much work for free could not be that bad. Sorry, I can't write a complaint.

Great Job Lowes in Troy, AL! :grin


I have had some problems with Lowe's in Troy, but the good outweighs the bad. Many of their employees are really decent at the job they do.

As for me and my house, we will continue to shop at Lowe's in Troy.

You just simply have to overlook ignorance. This is true anywhere you go, not just confined to Lowe's.


Seriously tru2god2 u should be slapped for saying somethign so ignorant. wow.

i live in alabama and just because its in the country doesnt me we all wear overalls and no shoes. where have you been under a rock?? Mobile is a giant growing town full of up and coming industry and im sure one day u will be begging to work in one of our giant coorporations we have moving to Mobile Alabama. yes alabama.

ur very ***. and im guessing ur from up north so i guess that makes u an *** right.

a nose in the air unintelligient wanna be brat. very sad.






The Lowes in Troy since it's conception was poorly managed. They didn't even train their employees properly on the thin clients because the store wanted to skip some training and break the record for setting up a Lowes store faster than any other.

They essentially threw the employees to the sharks.

I work at the pavilion Lowes in Dothan and just from stopping by in previous months at the Troy store, many of the employees are clearly not trained the way management should be training them. It's too bad such a nice store and a nice town have to have such awful managers.


New to the area,and it was a nitemare from day one when I walked in the place.Needed flooring for home and payed deposit,and no one showed up at my home,called and finally went to store and begged for my deposit back.. and my special orders x2 was placed on shelfs,after they said it was not in yet after a week and a half..Find things they have when employees say they don't carry stuff.Product you carry but you don't have installers to put it why do you addvertise it to be installed....I realize when I go to your store,to make sure I have plenty of time so I can scout out and look threw stuff,for what I need,a one man team that I am.Love the extra change I get back each time...


The only thing Bowman cares about is his big bonus check by letting Roundtree run the store with as little help as possible!

Bowman should have gotten the boot too.


As of 5/23, D Roundtree is no longer in the employ of Lowe's. The Troy Al store will be under new management.Roundtree was unceremoniously given the boot.

Even in retail, poor human behavior will catch up with you. Treating people with dignity and respect is a fundamental necessity. Often, retail mgmt requires contempt for others, skills in abuse and exploitation, deceit, and a sense of absolute power.

Will upper mgmt ever recognize the true power of treating people right (as it is always spelled out in their employee handbooks--on the first page)? May the new mgmt lead to real success for all!


If the Contractor is like most I've know around here he doesn't give a ***. His momma probably set him up in business and he's probably a worse employer that Lowes.

That's how they get rich, paying people nothing and winning through intimidation. *** hole is a proud title for them.


You sound like somebody who worked there and got fired by this guy. Being a contractor I shop at both lowes and HD extensively, but have no idea who the managers are much less some district manager.

Just admit you were a *** employee and deserved to be fired.

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Lowes Manager