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Would not exchang brand new refridgerator for upgrade | Lowes review from Pennsauken Township, New Jersey

lowes would not exchange a brand new refridgerator that i purchased there for a upgrade.not happy with refridgerator wanted a larger one the first couple of weeks i had it.was told if i upgraded,would be able to get different one than was still unhappy with it and have tried to sell it to no avail. will not buy another appliance from them,also bought a stove and microwave at thesame time and 10 interior doors. very unhappy with appliance manager in milville,n.j. still looking to buy a different fridge probably at sears.
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When you came into the Lowe's store, you were given NEW APPLIANCES, not some returns that someone decided they did not want after their "newness" wore off! In our store, there are indeed customers we have REFUSED to sell appliances to for this reason, they are "Red flagged" as customers who ALWAYS return whatever it is they buy.

Even our sales manager and store manager has refused certain customers.

After all, who wants a stockroom full of used appliances no one else will buy? No retailer does this to my knowledge, for good reason.

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Delivered 2 out of 3. No stock. | Lowes review from Warwick, New York

I purchased 3 appliances from the Lowes in Newburgh NY and when it was delivered, i got 2. When asked where the 3rd one was the delivery guy said it was out of stock. Mean while when i bought it there were plenty. 2 weeks later im here still waiting for them to redeliver it. Trying to get help from the Lowes store where i bought it is a nightmare by phone. Customer svc is total *** by by all means.They call you but only do it to cover there own ***.Get in touch with their corporate office and *** to ***, Never ever again. Newburgh,NY. Recomend taking the item with you if small enough.
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Lowes manager allowed another company to take new appliances free

I worked at Lowes in Hanover Pa. and I discovered what the Manager was doing and I caught the man picking up the appliances that Lowes said were damaged. Most were all Ok and this other company sold the appliances. I also caught another employee stealing items out thru the dumpster and another person picked up the items and put them i his truck. I gave Corey Becker the tag number but he did not do nothing. I guit working for Lowes due to the crooks not doing the right thing and contacted Lowes and they also did nothing. I hate Lowes for what they did.
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You're an ***. I work at the Lowes in Hanover and I have never heard of anything "crooked" being done by any of the managers.

I've been there more than 3 years. Corey's pretty cool and he's done his job better than most would as far as I have seen.


Corey is a great manager. He's also good in.........well you know! Leave him alone!


retailer4life suggested to contact the district manager, from what I understand that was already done. Angie Culbert, titled District Manager, but has no clue what she is doing, was informed of this and did nothing. See that is the store she came from.......


Could these appliances you are speaking of be the old units from customers and the defective RTM'd units the store places outside of the store? Most stores DO have an outside company come get them and YES they do get paid for them by this company.

Before you post things, know your facts. And why would you quit because you thought the store mgr was stealing?

Sounds like you are a classic case of a poor employee that got fired trying to bad mouth a store mgr and his former employee. Have fun on welfare.


This needs to be forwarded to CEO Robert Niblock with the offenders names, job titles, and all immediately! You can also forward this to your district manager and regional president/vice-president. I would also post it in the local newspaper if you are certain you have the incidents, actions, and those involved correctly identified.

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Lowes Manager

Not happy | Lowes review from Phoenix, Arizona

lowes 2808 operation manager and zone manager don told me and my wife not to shop your store any more we speed lots of money at lowes they need to be sorry for the way they threat poeple we love lowes but if they dont want are money we can spend at home depot .they have bad consumer relations chris says that he served in the marines that poeple likes they deal with us in many ways we dont what he means and why.this has made wife not want shop lowes anymore problem we dont need.august was bad month
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Do not shop at lowes as they treat their employees horrible. Their customer service is the worst that I have ever experience and their products are bad.


yall should shop at the home depot its such a better shopping experience


Speed lots of money..hmmm threat poeple?? The lots of money thing doesn't float because you probably return 70% of what you buy after you use it. :cry


Ummm I hate to tell you but store managers such as the ones for publix and possibly lowes make an upwards of 120k plus. Publix also has employee owned stock that it gives to its workers per pay period. So a lot of those lowly managers as you call them are millionaires on paper and have more money than most people make that have degrees.


"Retailer for life"? I suppose that could be the correct name for someone as arrogant as yourself.

I am pleased you enjoy retail so much because with that attitude you are ill suited for work in the professional world. Here is an idea for your suggestion box at your little blue box. See if you can get corporate to change Lowe's motto to something fitting like "too busy to care". One last tip; simply using "****" in place of typed profanity does not change the fact you possess somewhat less than a full vocabulary.

Now leave us poor ignorant hicks alone and go concentrate on developing some customer service skills. :upset


Hey, do'ntgotolowes, just relax, dahlin', go have yoself a moonpie and a yoohoo, kick them there dogs away from the wash machine on yo porch, and have a nice day!


I had to respond to Retailer4life. I am not a brain dead retard but I am a highly educated woman from the south.

I don't watch Nascar and I hate Lowe's. Retailer4life you just proved all of our points by being a rude, arrogant D*** When you say "your company" I certainly doubt you are the CEO of Lowe's. At best you are probably just a store manager.

That is not something to be proud of being that you are a "Lowe's store manager." It does sound like you are a manager though the way you speak of everyone by using *** stereotypes. Good luck in your awesome career.


Holy ****! Do the majority of brain dead retards who write in to complain about MY COMPANY Lowes have spelling and other grammatical issues?? (Must be from the south) Hint: Stop embarrassing yourselves and making a fool of yourselves by posting complaints that make no sense, go back and watch Nascar or whatever it is y'all do!

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Sleepying in wonder land | Lowes review from Westminster, Colorado

I have shopped at Lowes in the Wesminster, Colorado several times this past summer. Often, having to get keys for lawn equipment for my company. Both times that I have visited, the garden associates have hidden themselves in their "hut" not looking up to see me or even say hi. That isn't the kind of experience that I would like to have shopping anywhere. The cashier was worse than that. I waited while the cashier was on the phone talking to her "girl friend". No hello or I will will be with you in a minute. The Thorton, Colorado store is worse. Try to get an employee from the carpet department to help you. The employees felt it was more important to put carpet supplies in the overhead that to help me. Who is paying your pay check? Ever tried to complete the voice of the customer for LOWES? If the experience is lower than a 8 or so, the computer kicks you out of the survey. Seems that they are afraid that a customer will be able to voice the concern of poor customer service or lack of the employees being friendly towards the customers. Maybe the thought of the true shopping experience scares the company greatly. Lack of help, no friendly employees, employees wanting to hide in the "garden hut" where the computer system is located, ignoring the feeling of the customers has led me to believe that Lowes doesn't want me to shop there ever. For that reason, I find myself going to HOME DEPOT to do all my home improvement purchases. At least at the Broomfield, Colorado store, I can feel welcome by friendly employees in all the departments. Home Depot goes out of their way to make the customer feel good and tries to please the customer in anyway it can.
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I purchased a roof through Lowes and am very unhappy with there service. They only care about getting the money (100% in advance) and rushing through; not following promises on contract and I never received any warranty.

The never did complete the job. Screwed in Westminster!


Depends which HOME DEPOT you went to. Broomfield, Colorado has the worse customer service ever from their store manager.

He doesn't care about the customers or the employees that are in his store location.

HE committed adultry with an employee in the THORNTON, COLORADO store. Marriage is a joke to him.


I can't egt help in a home depot.LOL They barely know how to clock in :p


Hey retailer4life,

I guess that you work for LOWES. Way to go, LOWES employee looking to bash the HOME DEPOT. Go cry to your mama, sissy boy.



when you goto KAMRT or to the local grocery store, do they have a key machine in the hardware department? Nope!!

The key machines are located in the customer service desk area. Most retail stores are moving the key machines to the customer service desk. Makes sense since most customers goto the service desk asking where to find the key machine. I have done that AT walmart.

retailer4life, LOWES EMPLOYEES hide all the time they don't want to be bothered by customers. LEARN TO ACCEPT IT.







8) Hey!

Dip *** the Key's are made in the

Hardware Department in all Stores.

To bad you got lost in Home & Garden.

Hee ! Hee!


where does it say that he works for HD, he just said he gets better service there and it all depends on where you live which company gives better service..


Way to go, Home Depot employee!! Writing in to complain about Lowes!

Hmmm..... When I comp the HD, it's their employees doing the "hiding", Might want to check your guys out first!

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Lowe's poorly installed my roof in 2005 & ran away | Lowes review from Bronx, New York

I contracted with Lowe's in 2005 to install my roof. They not only failed to properly install my roof but have to date failed to make any attempts to make me whole. As a result of their lack of oversight (they hired contractors without first checking their credentials) my home developed leaks that were never there before. I have incurred serious interior and exterior damage as a result of the work performed by the contractors they hired. Lowe's never once checked the quality of the work being performed while the roof was being installed. To make matters worse, the contractor they hired to install the roof in turn subcontracted the work to another unqualified installer.
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Lowes Installation

Ripped off $99 install/to $700 | Lowes review from Rochester, New York

I had 2 windows installed by lowes and what turned out to be $99 for each window installed was @$350 each window and didnt use as much material as charged For 2 windows and install it cost me $1500. Also the screen had a few holes and the contractor has to come back and repair/ change some things, it has been 2 wks and I have heard nothing from lowes or contractor. I reccomend not ever doing bussiness with LOWES! RIP-OFF I also had the install person check out window job and they told me I coulnt have got the $99 install because I didot have enough windows put in. It is right in my contract! Ripped off in Rochester
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Sorry for bringing this up from the dead, but I also tried to get the $99 window install and it came in a $300. As for retailer4life, what is not normal?

It's a rectangle...size doesn't matter, that's a separate purchase, and has nothing to do with the price of install. I guess the only way to get the $99 install is to have them remove a perfectly new vinyl window and replace it with the same one. If you're paying to get a window replaced, it's most likely old and not "standard" installation. Regardless of fine print, it's wrong to post $99 to get people in the door!

And come on...lowe's "specialist"...really? There's no such thing, that's why you work at lowes.


Hey, Shame on Lowes guy, I BET you wouldn't be that brave standing in my face saying that, girly man! Your Boyfriend would be holding ya back, wouldn't he? Also, I do not OWN a Lowes, pally wally, I simply work as a specialist in one, and if you did, you'd quit because you'd have to deal with idiots like you!!!


Well, retailer, you certainly don't represent many consumers! I, too, have been ripped off by Lowe's for the storm door installation scam.

I had to pay $35 to have the installer come to check my door, then $99 to install the door. It was done incorrectly. It is out of square. This *** is about as contractor savvy as the other miscreants at Lowes.

As for retailer4life, it's unusual that you own your Lowe's, and if we the customers are getting tiresome, why don't you just leave? You're useless.


YOU HAVE UNIQUE WINDOWS that's why you were charged more!! You people who come into my Lowe's really get tiresome!

99.999 percent of the time it's because YOu ALL have something different than normal or standard, and IF YOU ALL WOULD READ THE ENTIRE PRINT in the advertisements, you would know this!! At least be honest when you post your dumb complaints about the store, because you know as well as I and EVERYONE who reads this, you indeed have something going on that is different than the norm, admit it! And while we're at it, where's Mr.

"Lowes Knows" and his *** Lowes lawsuits one line retort for all these posts?? I'm sure if he tried, he could come up with at least another line or 2.

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Very rude in the paint department | Lowes review from Atlanta, Georgia

I have went to lowes hardware in va for years and never had so much of a problem from one individual, as i did today. Hers how it started i had bought some paint "the best" as told by the employee, well as i had some problems with the coverage. i called and the lady was very rude to me as was her associate in the backgroud she was telling her "she didnt want to talk to me or she would holler at me" Well needless to say she was more less calling me a liar, so i called the store manager he then told me to bring the paint back, which i told him and he said he would talk to the associate, needless to say i will not return to the paint dept at lowes again, id rather get my pain some other place, more curtious ppl. youd think with a big sale they would be friendlier.
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It is customer like you that put a big pain in the you you know were! Peoppe in the paint dept give good advice and you the customer hear only what you want to.

You want to get the job done the cheapest and quickest way possible, but you ask what is the best! That is bull!

If you are told to do your job this way and then pick the cheapest products you can, well buddy thats what you get a cheaply made and poorly done job! Dont blame the Lowes Paint Dept for you short comings!

Brian F

Am I supposed to be a man, am I supposed to say, it's OK, I don't mind. I don't mind.

Well I mind! I mind big time?

And you know what the worst part is? I NEVER LEARNED TO READ.


It's customers like you that cause us can NEVER be satisfied, even if we did it 110% correct, and threw ouselves on a sword afterward, you'd still complain about something! Also, the word is couteous, not curtious. Oh the pain...the pain


Just one question. You posted I will get my pain some other place.

Is this a typo or did you purposely type Pain because of the bad experience you experienced. (the rude attitude, accusing you of lying ect.)

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Lowes Manager

WHERE IS THE FLAG | Lowes review from Augusta, Georgia

If your Lowe's does not display our American Flag Outside, Ask them why. Lowe's customer support told me it was to respect the diversity of their customers. So in other words they respect illegals and others by dis-respecting America. If their shoppers are offended by the American Flag they do not need to be in America. If they refuse to learn the language they do not need to be in America. A tiny American flag sewn on some employees work smocks is not a show of support for the Nation that has enabled Lowe's to become a large company. Fly OUR flag outside or close your doors.
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This is the first time I've seen this posting about Lowe's. I've wondered why Lowe's doesn't fly the flag at their Southaven, MS store.

I was in the store today and asked to speak to the manager about this very thing. Was told by a customer service agent the manager wasn't available but he could help. When I asked why Lowe's doesn't fly an American flag, he told me they have them hanging all over the store. I saw one.

I asked why not outside and he didn't answer. I also notice that Walgreen's doesn't fly a flag. You would think two of the biggest corporations would be grateful to the country who made them great.

If you love this country, tell the folks where you shop you would like to see the American flag flying in the front of their store. I did note Chick FilA and Hardees were flying flags.


An American flag flying outside. Is that what would make you feel better while you walk out with the cheap Chinese products you just purchased?


Lowes in Kona Hi don't


Please do so and show you are American


You need to read Facebook! We as Americans are outraged by Lowe's not flying the American flag.

I will be shopping along with many many others at Home Depot or my our local hardware stores.


My bank didn't fly a flag either, Said it might upset some customers. Told the bank manager this is a customer that would no longer be a customer if they didn't put the flag up.

This is America and if the American flag upsets anyone they can leave. The bank now has a very large flag on display outside. Went to Lowe's, got the Manager and told him I would be shopping at Home Depot until they put a flag up OUTSIDE where it belongs. Being in a Military town it has been easy to get customers to leave Lowe's for Home Depot.

So many people complaining about business moving away but not enough complaining about businesses catering to foreigners. Us old retired Vets will not give up or give in.


I agree I heard this going on first hand ... I was aggravated to find this out myself since I have veterans in my family for one but, hurt as an American at the same time for these companies to be feeling like this...

Do you think if an American customer in another country complained about our flag not flying in front of their store they would do the same? I doubt it! Oh, I better stop there cause I can go on and on about this topic...

Thank you for my freedoms and your service to our country!!!


Hey PAY ATTENTION. You sure are a foul mouth and probably an America hating liberal.

Liberals are the first to cry "Racist" about anything and everything. The AMERICAN FLAG deserves to and should be flown high above the building. Not inside. The Walmart and Home Depot stores here do fly the flag outside and I go into any large business that doesn't and ask they why.

Lowe's is the only one with the lame excuses. Call me names if you want.

I know what I was doing during the Nam War and if your pitiful body was alive then I bet I know what you were doing... Say it to my face panty waist.




They don't care about their employees or flying the flag. & why would they fly our flag? Everything in the store is from china, so why not fly theirs

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You can do it, they can't help. | Lowes review from Bellevue, Washington

What is going on with Lowes? Has the number of quality applicants dwindled down that far or are they just not paying enough to get quality people? Every time I seek help at Lowes I go away frustrated at best. Here is my most recent experience: just tonight. . . It is Saturday night and to finish a weekend project, I need a part for my pressure washer. I already know to steer away from seeking help at Lowes but specialty stores are closed and I am running out of time. So I breakdown and head to Lowes. The sales guy, Ralph, at the first Lowes store I go to tells me that his store doesn't carry the part but that the computer shows that a newer store--30 minutes away--has eight. They are near closing time but if I go now, I could make it. I really want to complete this project in the morning so I immediately bolted... ...without taking the time to get the exact Lowes SKU number. My mistake. My HUGE mistake. I drive 30 minutes and make it to store number 2 before they close. I prepare to bask in the warmth of successfully getting the part just in time. But my dreams come to a crashing halt. They didn't have the part. What is worse, they claim the part doesn't exist. They had never even heard of the part nor could they call anything up like it in the computer. What!?!? But then how did Ralph at the other store find it and describe it to me. Why was I told it was available? Only one solution, call back Ralph at store 1 to get the details. Right? Easy enough. I get store 2 to call store 1 back. Now store 1 claims they have never heard of the part. But what about Ralph? Did they speak with Ralph? No, they just tried looking for it. I kept asking the folks at store 2 to ask for Ralph but somehow they are just not getting it done. I try to be patient. Fifteen minutes go by like this and I can't take it anymore. I tell the folks at store 2 that if they are not going to ask for Ralph then I wanted to take the phone. Surely I thought that would get them to ask. Instead, they handed me the phone. I was a bit surprised but was happy to take over. I must admit I had this attitude like "let me show you how to cut to the quick." But I soon find out I am not going to show anybody anything! I was the one about to be "schooled." I immediately ask to speak with Ralph. The store 1 folks didn't even respond. They wanted to help in their own way. They asked me more about what I was seeking. I again ask to speak with Ralph. They simply were not listening. They tell me they can't find the part in the computer. I ask for Ralph--I wanted to say something like "read my lips." But they are not going to have me being the one dictating how my needs will be addressed. They call others over to help. I try to appeal to their logic explaining how finding Ralph would save all this manpower being applied to the problem. I plead to be transferred to Ralph. 30 minutes go by--no, I am not kidding!-- and no one will go look for Ralph. Everyone thinks they can come to the rescue, but all I want is to go back to the guy who found the exact part I needed in the computer. At about the 45 minute mark, some young kid at store 1 takes the phone and tells me he is having trouble finding the part. Like the others, I know he was just trying to help, but I came really close to losing it! I demand to speak with the department manager. Turns out the kid IS the department manager. Didn't see that one coming. Nevertheless, I didn't skip a beat and I then demand the STORE manager. Sorry, he's not here. Who is there running the store? That would be the acting store manager. I ask for that person. I get someone--sounding like she's in WAY too much of a hurry to help me. But I fought hard to get my request in: I want to speak with Ralph!!! Her response: Ralph was not working that night. I am stunned. And before I can think of what to do next, she routes me back to the department manager. If you are following this story, I am still in store 2 on the phone with store 1, 90 minutes have gone by and I am no further along than when I started. The amount of frustration is undescribeable. Before I can get my sense of direction back, employees from both stores decide to agree and conclude that no part like the one I was seeking has ever existed anywhere, as far as they knew, but especially not within Lowes. Period. And they had no explanation for Ralph, the mystery employee. I should have just cut my losses at that point, hung up, and walked away for good or just committed suicide. Either one would have been better than what did happen: me finding something to prolong my agony. In the process of getting off the phone I see a parts catalog at store 2. Just for grins I quickly turn to the pressure washer section. There, I see the EXACT part that I am looking for! What about this!?! >How come nobody came up with this? That is their special order parts and accessories. >Oh, so those are not technically a real Lowes item? No, they are Lowes items with a real Lowes SKU. >But these are not searchable in the computer? No, they should be. >Well, I guess it doesn't matter if they are never in stock. No, some stores may have some of these items as they can convert to regular stock items. >So is it possible some store in this area might have some? Maybe. But we can't tell because it is too late. Computers are down for maintenance. OMG, can you imagine how I felt? It is at times like these that you begin to understand how less stable people just go postal. More and more, this seems to be the norm rather than the exception at Lowes. Is this the way it always has been and I am just realizing it now? I have not had the greatest experiences at Home Depot but nothing to the depths of horrible service of Lowes. I think the new slogan for Lowes should be: Lowes. Always harder than it should be. Always. It must be catchy because I find myself remembering it now every time I am in Lowes.
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You need to get an important job!

Maybe you should wait until 1 minute before they close to see if you can find the part you need, after all they probably worked all day just to help you with the part you need to finish that IMPORTANT project, the one that the world would end if you did'nt get it done quickly...


The problem here is the problem with pretty much every retail company, and its been growing this way for over 20 years.

All you care about is cheap, cheap, cheap, you proved it by making WalMart the largest company in the US despite their being pretty much evil.

So all these companies care about is Executive Compensation and "Shareholder value" and customer service, just like all their hourly employees, takes it in the shorts first.

You can complain about "poor service" or "***/rude" employees all you want, but we all know you'll be back, you always are.

Havn't you noticed that every store in America has 27 registers and 4 cahiers on duty? That the garden shop has gone from 13 employees 10 years ago to 3 today?

But go ahead and blame corporate greed and consumer apathy on "Labor", thats always solved things in the past hasn't it??


In this particular case, its simply too bad that the customer didn't jot down the stock number before he left store #1.

To be fair MOST lowes employees don't know how to "toggle to non-stock" on Genesis.


Maybe you should wait until 1 minute before they close to see if you can find the part you need, after all they probably worked all day just to help you with the part you need to finish that IMPORTANT project, the one that the world would end if you did'nt get it done quickly...


I think "Lowes Knows" is Ralph, he was working that night! :) :p


After my experience with a rebate and the comments from their employees on thus website, their new slogan should be

" It's not our fault!!! "


I've been there before. Going on 6 yrs now.

LOWES has been wasting my time & hard earned money.

There very good at passing you around.

Trust me. :zzz

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