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Lowe's 1165 Store Manager/Joe Medley (Dumb-***) | Lowes review from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This guy doesn't follow policy and has discriminated against others just so he can get his bonus for keeping the employee wages down. He puts people in places in the store who have no knowledge of the area just so he doesn't have to pay them more. He fires all those who don't go along with any of his ideas and constantly uses the loss prevention cameras to spy on employees in the store and then sends his operations manager, Todd Phillips, who is more of a jack *** lying piecs of *** than he is to write them up. Joe uses fear tactics to try and scare his employees and has run all the true knowledgeable associates out of the store. Nobody can stand this young 29 year old ***. This guy needs to be terminated for flat out stupidity. Not only that, he has hired nothing but very young people so he don't have to pay for expierenced people who could do the job 10 times more effecient. This guy doesn't care about his employees and his nick name is the hatchet because Lowe's corporate sends him from store to store across the country to cut employees to make the bottom line look better for the company. The funny thing is, no one in corporate cares. Joe is even been involved in sexual harrassment but nothing has been done yet about it. It's all about corporate greed I guess.
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This guy Joe is no longer store manager of Lowes 1165 at Norman, Oklahoma. He finally got caught messing up and was demoted and sent to another store.

This guy was an arogant jack ***. What goes around, comes around and it bit him in the back side finally.

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New chain saw returned didnt work, told me wrong chain I had to pay 25.00 | Lowes review from Glen Allen, Virginia

spent 3200.00 at Lowes in front royal, Va bar bq grill assembley was included and delivery also had to pay for assembly of trailer for the john deer tractor I bought also. they delivered and nothing was assembled, also a chain saw I purchased stopped working after 30 minutes, I took it back the next day and they replaced it with a new one, I waited 6 or 8 weeks because of weather and used the replacement and it did the same thing, I took it back and they tried to charge me 99.00 to fix it. the lowered it to 25.00 andf said it was my falt it was the wrong chain. It was brand new! 374.00! I had a credit for a free propane tank refill for not giving me a filled new tank when I originally bought everything. Well Manager Lisa H. said she will take my credit of 14.00 off the 25.00 I owed for the new chain saw with the wrong chain they sold me and the total would be 9.00 +tax and I said I spent almost 4k here in the last 2 to 3 months and she said I dont care if you spent a dollar or 20k its 9.00
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what you think just because you are some hot shot that spends a ton of money you should be treated differently than others you are sadly mistaken. if you can spend 3k whats another 25 bucks after all they did give you a huge discount even though if it was me i would have made you pay the 99 dollars just like every one else its people like you that make working in retail suck. also you should be happy that people are willing to get paid next to nothing to put up with *** people like you other wise there would not even be a place where you can go and *** about *** ***

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Incompotence of Lowe's Store Management | Lowes review from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Lowes of Norman, Oklahoma is the laughing stock of the country. The store manager, Joe Medley is a complete inexpierenced Store manager who is far to young to be in that position. The guy isn't a leader and cannot be found to talk to when there's a problem related to customer service. In fact, there has been several of that store's employees who have claimed the guy leaves when ever he wants to and does things in the store his own way despite company policy. Beware Shoppers, you'll get no where with this guy. He truly doesn't give a *** about his customers problems with product from that store nor about his employees. This guy is rude, a smart ***, and could care less about anyone's needs but his own. His other managers there are also inexpierenced young kids. Someone in the company needs to overhaul this store please!!!!!!!!!!
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Being "young" has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to manage a business or lead employees. You offer no explanation of a tangible problem encountered with the store. You sound like a disgruntled employee and your words carry no credence.


I do a lot of volunteer work in my community, and I am always out soliciting donations from big box stores like Lowe's. Joe Medley has been wonderful in helping our group with our needs as his donation budget permits.

For those that grumble, be aware that Joe has to comply with company policies, so you may not always get what you want, but he tries hard to please the customer. So just shut up!


Jason D Drumm is the store manager of a Lowes Store in Buckhannon WV . He is the most uncaring , two faced liar I think I have ever met .

I actually heard him bark at an employee for getting him to answer a customer complaint , after the customer asked for him . What a *** . Other times I have been in the store , I over heard him talk to an assistant manager , Let alone poor Judy , like garbage ... the guy had only been there like a week .

A new hire . I see him hiring young nice looking women and promoting them , to work as close to him as possible . And they are kinda dumb girls to . I wonder if his wife knows .

Anyway , he does nothing to keep good people staffed , as a long time shopper there Ive seen them come and go . The man is an *** . A at bald little *** whos day is coming .

Someone already hit him over the head with a bat at another store . Id love to shake his hand .

@Wishing a home depot was close

Whoever you are, you are 100% correct. He is a lowlife liar who treats is employees like dirt.

I see him hiring these young girl. He hired a *** to work his receiving area. What you heard him say to Judy, that is a daily thing for her. Anything goes wrong while she is in charge of the store, and he chews her out for it.

Jason needs to treat his workers with respect and stop with his sell sell sell mentality. Lowes of Buckhannon has gone downhill since he took over in 2011.

They have lost hard worker after hard worker because of him. The only way to keep this store alive is to get rid of him.


Wow. I worked with Joe Medley and Austin (who was mentioned in an earlier comment) and I have to say both are bad news.

They are what is wrong with big-box retail.

People go to small hardware stores because the employees are genuine and know their stuff. With Joe and Austin it is nothing but *** and passing the buck to someone else.


Lets all just get along! somethings will never be able to control! that is the greed of each in every person in this country.when u go to work its all about what have you done for me lately.


Did you hear what happened when they moved to Canada. They spent millions of dollars training managers in the here because they had no stores in Canada to train them in.

They paid them a fortune and soon after opening either fired them all or they quit.

The big plan was to bring in talented managers who could help them open their stores and then force them out replacing them with YOUNG manager at 1/3 the price.

If you wonder why they treat the employees so poorly start from the top and see how the managers also get treated.


I have worked for Joe at the North Edmond store. I discovered that he and the HR Erin Ledesma were having an affair. It was not long after that I was being closely watched an written up for every slight infraction.


He has also left his store at north Edmond to flip homes on the side when he was suppose to be at the store working. He also rewarded contractors with heavy disco unts to work on his houses he was flipping and selling on Lowe's time. He only spent about 15 hours a week at store and now just recently got promoted to market director.


Having dealt with both Austin and Joe in the past and being thrown under the bus by them, I wonder why they are still working there. I worked for Lowe's for 5 years.

I worked my way up from Part-time seasonal to Zone manager and then when I reported an incident between Autsin the Dept Manager and a cashier. I was fired for not reporting it earlier, and Austin was still there! I was told I was caught in a web of consistency.

They had done this to another Zone and so they had to do it to me. Doesn't seem right except I guess I was a threat to Joe and his drinking buddies.

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Lowes Manager

Ordered Door Lowes Resold it without telling me

I'm extremely pissed with the Customer Service and over all service of Lowes in Newport News VA on Jefferson Ave. On 8 Nov I ordered a new door. At the time I paid for it on the 8th their was a Veterans Day Sale of 10% off. As a Vet I wasn't given the discount. I went in on the 10th of Nov. and received the 10% but in doing so I was told the first order would be cancelled and the door couldn't be reordered until 12 Nov. I was OK with that. On 17 Nov I heard nothing and called Lowes and was told the door was reordered on 12 Nov. Again noone called me to give me status so I went back on 19 Nov only to be told the first door arrived but they put it on the re-sale floor and sold the door to someone else. I had paid in full for the door so in essence they resold the door I had paid for. On the 19th Lowes told me the second door was never reordered as I was told by the Lowes Representative on the 17th. Again no phone calls. I then told them I needed the door and to get it ordered. Lowes did absolutely nothing to expedite the order in fact the new door didn't arrive until 21 Dec 07. By this time I've spoken to 3 asst managers and only one did what he said he would do. The Store Manager wasn't even aware of this because he was on vacation. The door finally got installed on 26 Dec 07. When I went back to the store I asked for the Store Manager Mr. Jimmy Johnson (I said the same thing)I left a message for him to call me knowing he was back to work on 31 Dec. When I didn't hear from him I went to the store at 4 P.M. and when I spoke to him he told me he was real busy and planned on calling me on the 1st. At this point I was really pissed and asked him about customer service that a 1 min call to let me know he would be unavailable was just to much to ask. I made an appointment with him on Thursday 3 Jan at 5 pm and he agreed that what happened was a gregious error on the store's part but was only willing to compensate me $150.00. I feel Lowes owes me the full cost back of $585.00 (after the 10%)for a 48 day delay or at the very least the cost of the door of $237.00. I've made 2 attempts to speak to the regional manager Mr. Paul Ierardi and even he has made time to call me back. It's obvious to me that Lowes hasn't a clue on customer service. This is the second time I've trusted Lowes and the second time they failed. In Aug 05 I purchased a stove with delivery on a Monday the store didn't deliver the stove until that Thursday. At that time I was only given my delivery charges back. After this I will no longer shop at Lowes even if they are the lowest price on items I want. I will pass the word that they do not look out for their customers interests because if they did I wouldn't be writing this book.
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First of was the store manager on vacation from Nov 8th to Dec 21st???? Not even the CEO gets that much vacation time, and employees are never allowed to take that much time in a row off.

#2...Promotions such as the veterans day promotion do not usually apply to special orders, and state so inside the advertisement and on tv ads.

#3...That first door that was supposedly "resold" was not yours anymore because you refunded your original order willingly. So...the order it was associated with was dead, and could EASILY be mistaken and resold you *** ***.

#4...the previous commenter was is because of people like you that our economy sucks. People like you who want everything for nothing cause retailers to jack up their prices which screw the rest of us out of good deals.



You want Lowes to pay your for shopping there and to give you the door for free? Yes it should not have taken that long and that was *** service!

But, why should they have to pay you? Especially more than the price of the door? That is retarded. You were lucky to get $150!

You got the door for less than half price! Did you forget that you received a door valued at $237? You have the door. "Hey, I want this door here.

Can I have it? Sure sir, that'll be $237. What? I have to pay you for the door?

I've got a better idea. How about you pay me to take this door that you paid $200 for." That is what you are saying and it makes no sense!

It's no wonder our economy sucks. Dumb Americans like you!

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Lowes Manager

Lowes Marana Az

Lowes in Marana Az is where we spent well over 10,000 dollars for a custom door order. We have experienced many problems, including many missed delivery dates, missing doors, wrong hinge colors, regular vs. solid core door delivery, and finally the fact that a manager has approved a corrective measure (in person at our home) that involves removing the doors that are substandard and not what we ordered, and replacing them with the quality that we did order and have previously paid for. That decision has been trumped by some other management team who insists on coming to our home, regardless of the fact that we have had more then 10 lowes employees at our home and have been patient for over a year and a half. We do not know where to go, beyond a legal approach.... be very careful placing your trust in projects and assistance from Lowes in Marana. The management can not be tructed, it is like pulling teeth to even get your phone call returned. I could list names, however I will refrain until which time it is neccesary... as we actually have a 10th or 11th meeting at our home for the latest management team to actually act as though they care. I anticipate they will show up and just fail to to any follow up, the prior several contacts, verbally, in person, and in writing do not exist in any type of file at Lowes. SCARY!!!!
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It is also amusing that everyone complaining spent exactly $10,000.00. If this were true and not an exaggeration to make your story better, Lowes would beat out Microsoft in yearly sales and keep the stock exchange always heading up.


While all of your problems are very frustrating to you and your family, don't be so quick to lay all the blame on Lowes. With the wrong doors, incorrect hinges, etc.

that is more than likely the company that made the doors mistake, not Lowes. As far as the consumer with the "countertop they ordered 10 inches too short," this is entirely your fault because you didn't pay attention to the drawings given to you or reading the contract before you paid or signed anything. You are shown the plans that have the measurements and have to initial and sign that they are correct, which you did or the order would not have been placed.

Remember when you start pointing fingers that three are pointing back at you. Don't blame others for your own mistakes and incompetence.


We had a nightmare with Lowes but fortunately my husband was persistent. We had laminate wood flooring installed across 1200 sq feet.

The install was awful, delays- shady workers who smelled like they'd just left a bar... They put a quarter round around the edge, which we never discussed. I looked terrible, not like I'd spent 10k! After 15 months of fighting, and learning they'd fired the company they had subcontracted to, they made good.

Lowes came out and tiled the entire area,at no additional cost to us. We did, however have visits from district managers and you name it.... I'd say- let them all come.

If its messed up, make everyone see it... nd get your money back or the situation fixed!


The reason the one manager has trumped the other, may have to do with you having so many employees in the home off and on. It's a little known fact, but repeat complainers get added to this informal list, and are watched VERY closely.

If for example, you have one problem and complain, it gets fixed. Two, they're ok with. But if it happens every time you order something, then the store starts thinking something is fishy. So what happens then, is they investigate all claims by the customer; even going so far as to have district managers and store managers head out to inspect for themselves.

By saying they wanted to send someone out, what the store was doing was testing you. If, for example, you were scamming the company; then the first thing you would do would be to refuse this. Since it wouldn't make sense to get caught doing something wrong. I think, in this case, you're better off just washing your hands of it entirely and moving onto another company.

However, I'd also say be careful.

Even if Home Depot finds out you've had repeat problems at Lowe's, they too could be a bit leery of the business, fearing you would do the same with them.

In short, it's a repeat of the old Shakespeare adage "Methinks they doth complain too much." Or, someone is guilty of something if they complain too much. In your case, you've not done anything wrong, but you have left the store thinking you're up to no good.


having very simular problems with the store on oracle. Our problem is with a countertop that they ordered ten inches to short.

Somehow they are trying to make it our responsibility and of course our file is also missing.

Please keep us updated on your situation. I would really like to know what kind of action you take

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Lowes Manager

Warranty Service | Lowes review from Huntington Beach, California

I recently purchased a pressurized toilet costing 528.65 bucks installed. I was told this was one of the best. After about 6 months, the toilet base cracked and fractured completely around its base making it completely unusable. I took the supposedly one year warranty with pictures of the broken toilet base to Lowes where I purchased this toilet. The service Rep??? said they would have the plumbing contractor call me for a scheduled time for examination of the toilet to determine what was the cause. (To many Hippos on the toilet??etc.) It was finally determined by the experts? that the toilet was defective. This toilet replacement was to be installed the following Monday between 8a and 12p. I was not back at home till around 9:30 A that day. A message on my answering machine was left for me for re-schedule in two days. I called back and said that was not acceptable, and they said that the plumbing contractor was booked up and could not reinstall the toilet for two more days. I asked the contractor(plumbing service) how much time they spent at my door waiting?? Obviously, they went right on to their next job without a "sorry we missed you and will come back later to install". They were not located across town and only 10 min away from my address and had the replacement toilet on their truck!! The main problem with service nowadays is the fact you have to deal with to many specialists?? and you have your phone strapped to you like a papoos! Today we are just a number with large these impersonal corporate stores. Personally, I'm willing to go back to the few mom and pop stores that offer consideration and personal service even if the cost is a little higher.(Surprise, the cost is even less!) sincerely, Eugene F. White, Born when a time of personal service was important to business owners (Not Wharehouse Corporations!)
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register appliance warranty


You are a true ***.


So you are mad that they did not wait there for you to get home? Good thing they didn't or they would have waited there all day.

Their service for you seems perfect to me. They tried to fix your problem, but you weren't there when they made the appointment with you.

Oh and by the the mom and pop stores offer a 1 year warranty on their installations...last time I checked they did not. I've had things installed by mom and pop stores in the past and when something went wrong...I was given the "Oh well" response. It seems to me like Lowe's was more than happy to make you happy, but once you showed that you were unable to work with them, and wasted their time and money even more...they wouldn't help you right away.


So you expected someone to wait at your door for an hour when you were given a time frame?

Eh, even most mom and pops will only wait a few minutes before they leave.

What ever happened to the time an age when people kept appointments...

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Lowes Warranty

Lowe's door installation | Lowes review from Denville, New Jersey

I had a Pella door with sidelights installed by the Riverdale, NJ Lowe's store this summer. After the installer put it in, there were numerous defects in the door, including finish applied unevenly, a brush hair in the finish, hinge pin dented, door was misaligned. The subcontractor who put it in was totally incompetent. He installed the lock upside down, didn't realize that the lockset had a second handle, so you could only open the door by pulling up on the handle, storm door was misaligned. He also chipped the door jamb, when he chiseled out *** for the deadbolt then re-glued it on, and left it that way. I'm also still waiting for the door sweep to be delivered and installed on the storm door. Lowe's finally re-ordered the center door only and sent someone who knows something to reinstall it. $4800.00 later, and the door still leaks cold air out of one corner.I agreed to live with a chip in the jamb if they refunded me some money. Lowes functions, in my opinion, like a poorly run junior high school. As soon as there is a problem, they don;t want to know you.They yes you to death, then never follow up with anything they are supposed to do unless you nag the *** out of them. They save money by hiring the worst of the worst bottom feeders to do their installs-At least this was my experience. I will never do business with them again with an installation, only small purchases (tools, etc)
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Don't even bother shopping for a door at Lowes; it is evident that they are not capable to handle this kind of work. Examples:

* Lowes didn't even contact me when special order door was delivered to store - I had to call them after 6 weeks meanwhile it was sitting with them for 2 weeks

* Contractor came and measured but did not call me back with an install date - I had to call the store again after another month and eventually they switched contractors

* Second contractor was no better (Baymen on Long Island)...

Came to install door without looking at job and said they were not prepared to install door and needed more they left the door in my garage and said they would be back shortly

* Another month goes by (no I'm not exaggerating) and no word from Baymen or Lowes of Bay Shore. During this time I had several conversations with managers and sales reps with the store and although professional they could not provide me with why it's taking three months to install two doors * Finally after 3 plus months I get a message on my machine from the store saying that the contractor deemed the job out of the scope of Lowes capability?! Uh, WHAT?! First of all why wait so long to tell me that if you knew that when you tried to install the door weeks ago?!

Also why did the first contractor approve the job while the second is saying it's out of Lowes' scope? Someone is wrong!

Terrible credibility from Lowes and the contractors they employ not to mention the aggravation and total lack of communication with me about absolutely everything relating to this job except for processing my credit card for payment. Consider yourself warned - DO NOT USE LOWES FOR DOORS!


I had a very similar experience with a door from Lowe's. Even worse.

To give you an idea: the installer showed up, claimed that his car had broken down and therefore had no tools. NONE. I was not at home but my wife was. He borrowed from her a hammer and a screwdriver and proceeded to cut the trim by hammering the screwdriver into it!!!!!!

Needless to say the results were catastrophic. We tried to get some money back from Lowe's without any success.

The Lowe's installation service is simply worthless. You might as well take your chances with any carpenter and avoid the middleman.


I would have to say that Lowe's will stand behind their installs, you may have to just talk to the right person. As with any contractor, some are good and some are bad, some workers are good and some don't care if they are bad, etc.

Those bad ones get weeded out pretty quickly via the customer feedback surveys at Lowe's.

Most of the door installers in my area are small companies that are owner operated and they strive for and delivery very good work. At least that is those that have been around for any length of time, which just about all of us have...

I'd have to say that Lowe's pays above average on door work, but it used to be a little better.


you're better off calling a family oriented contractor with many years of experience.

i don't care if H.D. or lowes says their installer are certified. Don't mean ***.

They are low paid to work for lowes and many of them are butchers or down on their luck

you'll know better next time

call a local contractor to install, NOT lowes or homedepo

I've been doing this for 25 years. I'm one of the best carpenters on the face of the earth. i love this stuff, it's my passion and i know what i'm talking about


no kiding , who played who exactly if the screw wasnt a big deal then why are you being such a little girl, the screws they send out with those things are made of melted down subaru's and you were not watching so how hard was he torqueing it , the installers who put those things in make 112.00 per door give or take and the box store makes around 25 to 35 % on top . so think about it if your auto mech.

breaks the bolt on your carb who pays? thank god they have a list for @&#% hole's like you



I had a similar experience w/Lowe's. Had a Pella storm door installed.

A couple weeks after install, I noticed a screw head laying on the door jam. The installer had put a screw in crooked which is supposed to hold the bottom trim on. When it wouldn't go it, he torqued it really hard and broke the head and walked away. I was a little annoyed at this but still no big deal.

It's a 10 cent screw and a 5 minute job. Over the next 3 weeks, I repeatedly tried to get Lowe's to take care of it. I talked to the store 4 times and the installer 3 times. Each time, they were ordering something, something got lost, somebody forgot, etc.

If I was talking to the store, it was the installers fault, if the installer, it was the stores fault. To date, no fix but lots of blame. This was a $300 storm door.

This year we are planning new wood floors, kitchen remodel and/or two bathrooms. I know who won't be bidding on the job.

Ray A

:) Yes you would be better off with

The Home Depot

They hire Sub-Contractors :grin

Certified Installer

@Ray A

i worked for home cheapo for 18 yrs..their installers are just as much butchers as lowes...hire from outside of these butcher shops..ask friends etc these idiots are the ones that can't make it in the real world


A brush hair in the finish eh.?

Strange since the doors were sprayed.

Hinge pin dented eh?

Cold air through the corner eh?

Accepted discount Eh?

Who played who?

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Sweepstakes Scam | Lowes review from Dallas, Texas

I recently purchased a Christmas Tree at Lowes in Plano, TX. Upon taking my 2 foot long receipt for the 1 item I purchased, I noticed that the receipt offered instructions for entering a Lowe's Sweepstakes for a $2500 Gift Card at Lowe's. Fine! When I went to the website and began providing my phone number and other personal information, I noticed that 4 pop-ups had appeared in the background on my computer, and one of the windows that was open before going to the site was changed to another site, offering a questionable sweepstakes for "Flip the Quarter in the Jar" to win. There was no "Back" button on the current screen for the $2500 sweepstakes that would allow me to change information I had already entered, and upon trying to right click on the screen and use the back button to change my phone number, the website indicated that the right click option had been disabled. I closed the windows without completing the sweepstakes entry and went about my business. Since that time, numerous pop-ups were appearing on my computer for scam sweepstakes for vacations, computers, and other products. My spyware scanner found numerous spyware programs and cookies installed on my computer that were related with the website. It will take me some time to remove all the spyware and insure my system is clean again. But, I cannot believe that Lowe's would associate themselves with such scams and would even post this on every customer's receipt that leaves their store. Their marketing person should be shot! I will not shop there again and wanted to warn others, DO NOT ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES!!!
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I am very Lowes...I tried to enter per my receipt for the register to win a $2500 gift card....used the website designated and was never able to get to this sweepstakes...shame on you Lowes...

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Lowes Gift Card

12 months no interest purchase in Lowes

I bought a fridge for $750 on their 12 mos no interest plan. After just over the 12 months I was assessed full charges for the 12 mos. I paid $500 over the internet and the bank number didnt exactly match my account. I only found out about it after they called me with a late payment demand. I paid the basic payment of $41 over the phone and they wanted $10 just to pay that. I refused so they waived the charge. I was assessed a $30 late fee and a check return fee of $20. The interest was 14.60. I changed the bank number and paid $750. All told they are not worth dealing with. I could not get my account number from them over the phone. I had to GO IN TO THEIR STORE. I spent 2 hours fixing the problem.... AVOID LOWES..
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I can’t believe this clown wrote this in a review about Lowe’s . It’s a great promotion if you use it correctly , but if you don’t go by the terms of the agreement , then YES you should pay the interest .

Also , double verify your account information . You could have caused a real mess with that and possible debited somebody else’s account. Lowe’s reacted properly to what you did. I’m sure it wasn’t a party for them to have to deal with it either .

And they don’t get their kicks out of upsetting customers . Don’t make it hard on other customers who enjoy the benefits of what they offer . Never had an issue , and saved hundreds off of their promotions . It helps to buy the needed things for the household that normally would make a real dent in your billfold or maybe you wouldn’t even be able to afford it otherwise .

Also builds credit .

Use you credit responsibly and you won’t have any problems . They don’t owe you a thing .


Not Lowe's fault. You put the wrong bank code in. Own your mistake and quit blaming a credit policy.


OK so you made a mistake and it's Lowes fault, not yours. I love ignorance, it makes no fault easy.


When you purchase an item on a 12 month no interest payment plan, and you fail to pay it off in that time interest is always compounded back to the date of purchase. This is clear as day in the contract.

As for you entering the wrong account information, you cannot fault lowes for your error. The fact that they made payment difficult and required additional safe measures after you provided them with incorrect information is assuring to most customers.


You entered the wrong bank code, and somehow, it's Lowe's fault?

It's amazing what people will do and say to screw over a great company. They offered you 12 months no interest to HELP you pay it off. I always tell my customers to pay off their purchase before the interest free period is up because if not, they will have to pay all the interest that accrued.

So you went to the store and got the CSA to call the credit center? I wonder how much *** you raised, even though it was your fault.

It amazes me how people who are in debt try to scam and blame everyone just to save a buck, even when they are already saving a buck.


Hey dumb ***,

Lowes is a retailer. The y contract with a bank to handle the accounts.

If you are *** enough to not read the fine print, shut the *** up, and pay the penalty.

I bet since this incedent you have read the details!!! Dont *** just because you are an ***!!!!


It is *** like yourself who cant read contracts . Always blame somebody else for your stupidity !!

Sounds like most people who couldnt read their contact when losing their house ...... DUH ! ever heard of a fixed rate ?? Oh thats right ..

you received a a.p.r rate ! READ !


IF you waited till the 12th month too pay it off, you don't understand the credit card requirments. All the x months same as cash will get you every time if you don't pay it off before the 12th month. The next time pay it off in 10 months so that they don't get you on the back end.


Thease same as cash deals have been around for years. Why no tuse someone else's money for 11 1/2 months or less.

Then just pay it off. I did this with $8000 of dental work and pay a grand off each month so it is not so "painful" at the end. I have done this with every company that has offered it, when I needed something large like a roof, appliance, etc.

Have never paid 1 penny in interest. That's the difference between a smart and not so smart shopper.



Y would u stop going to lowes?!

Because ur dumb???!!

Lowes barely has anything to do with g.e, just the lowes name on the front of the card... Every single store will charge u the interest if u don't pay it off!!!!Maybe u should have paied it off like u should have !!!! Don't blame lowes for ur stupidity!!!! It's ge that issues the card so u burdened a cust service employee?!

They don't have any bearing on waiving ur fee they can call for u and hand u the phone that's it ... They can't cancel ur card or wave ur fee!!!! Ur dumb *** should have called!!!

When u get older u have to accept responcibility for ur mistakes, not blame others!!!!! Everyone agrees ur wrong!!!!

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Lowes Foods - Alex Lee Inc disregards complaints of assault in their grocery stores

During the past sixty days, there have been several incidents of willful and wanton injuries sustained while shopping at the Lowes Foods grocery stores. These malicious attacks have resulted in Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress while on the premises of Lowes Foods. It is to my attention that two men from Lowes Foods visited my residence attempting to ascertain my immediate location; these men were demanding to know where I was during daytime hours and offered no explanation to the nature of their visit. It is very unprofessional for a company with over 100 stores to send two men to a private residence intimidating the occupant without first making suitable arrangements regarding a convenient time to meet with the intended party. A letter was left at my residence by these men. H. Morris Mc Knight, Director of Loss Prevention stated in this draft “I am writing you today to demand that you no longer enter any Lowes Foods’ properties in the future. If you fail to adhere to this demand, you will be subject to criminal action for trespassing.” This contradicts their own policy of focusing their commitment to serve the customer. The Lowes Foods website clearly states: “Today's team of employees at Lowes Foods takes great pride in creating services that make life easier for our customers and distinguish us from our competitors.” This is the corporate answer to three written complaints submitted to Lowes Foods Inc. and their parent company Alex Lee Inc. After the third reported incident, there was still no resolution to my complaints; an official complaint was immediately submitted to the police department in the appropriate jurisdiction regarding the latest intentional assault occurring on the premises of Lowes foods. Corporate employees are acting with prejudice by demanding a certain customer never enter any of the 100 retail stores operated by Lowes foods Inc; this seems to be an admission of their own liability as a result of Lowes foods failing to acknowledge my written complaints. Lowes Foods is only acting to prevent a future loss from legitimate actions filed against their insurance policy for the injuries sustained while on one of the properties operated by Lowes Foods Inc. Due to the fact this grocery store is indeed open-to-the-public, thus indicating an implied consent to enter. furthermore, there are no signs in plain view indicating “Trespassers will be Prosecuted” it is unlikely that Lowes Foods may hold a customer culpable for -trespass of property- while conducting business in any of their stores.
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I worked at Lowes Foods and I can tell you they are the worst company to work for. They treat employees like they are garbage. I have no problem staying out of there nasty stores.


Wow another unsatisfied criminal, who wants to raise some type of *** in some way thinking he will be paid for it. Look if there has been "several" incidents where you have had "emotional" damage why the *** don't you get a job loser and stop stealing. It was the cause of the situation you're in now. Let's truly think about this for a second. You never said what happened that caused this great emotional damage why not? Is it cause you're indeed a criminal?

Now to really make you sound ***. By law any business has the right to restrict entry to any individual they so feel is endangering the welfare of their property, employees and customers. "Trespassers will be Prosecuted" doesn't need to be in display for you to be arrested because there is documentation that you're not aloud to enter the premises so if you want go ahead and get arrested for Criminal Trespassing. The beauty of trespassing is you can't even enter into their parking lot cause you will be arrested.

Nothing brings more joy to life than when you get to put another piece of *** in jail. So to your rip-off-report I would like to say so sorry loser you STILL get nothing. ***, moan and complain because if you truly weren't in the wrong when your incident had taken place you would already have had an attorney and you would of sued them cause god knows this is America and only here do certain lazy, ignorant, worthless people sue for everything they can because they don't want to work for the stuff they want. Too bad this isn't Thailand cause your *** would of had your hands cut off by now so you wouldn't have a shoplifting problem. Later loser!


This is a really GREAT store. The fruits and meats are to die for.


They don't want you so don't go to their store. Take a Hint.


Actually by law they can regulate their customers. Have anyone arrested with ill will intent if they have they have the evidence to prove it.

They have every right not to serve you, just as you have every right not to shop there. Sure you can spin it like a store is a like a public park that everyone can come and go as you please, but it is a business. Therefore a Business has to abide by the law and uphold their rights as a business. Now their manner in handling this was completely unprofessional but they got their intent across.

What did you not pay attention in business class? Also you should actually read the signs in any store you visit anyways! Many of them (especially around the customer service desk) will tell you all you need to know. Hey they could be giving "Stuff" away!

Also FYI it is really hard to sue for "Emotional Distress" gut good luck to ya. tty 8)

Can find original report at Report: #285243 originally posted by a guy named "Phillip."

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