Bonney Lake, Washington

I asked to see what they had in 5.5" drawer handles after 1 girl with a brown jacket tossed me to a black kid who was even less knowledgeable then a girl with a bad attitude took it to the store manager Greg Norman 3511 5th St SE Puyallup 98374 253-604-5080 said they didn't have any 5.5" drawer handles so i left called lowes again and they wanted me to go back inside and this time five of them ganged up on me and gave me dirty looks and laughed while playing grab *** with their monkey business. They humiliated me as I tried to explain my disability with the girl on the phone.

It was clear DISCRIMINATION of the worst 00kind all captured on LOWES FILM at around 12:00PM 10/18/2013. I asked are you sure you want me to go back inside, do they have the product she said they did and then they did not have it and they HUMILIATED me a disabled wounded department of defense warrior from 2007 Pakistani ISI fights. I have also had concussions from Naval Contracts in WAR THEATER operation High Jump for the United States Navy, ROTHR Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar operations in WAR theater world wide and suffered multiple CONCUSSION from IED and I am Aviation Ordinace Explosive ordinance Demolition Commander West Coast Cyber Infrastructure JBLM DoD Classified!

To have LOWES employees humiliate a man just looking for 5.5" drawer handle, I just cant understand it. If LOWES wishes to rectify, please get a hold of me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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This guy runs this site:

No joke, I tracked it down.

After his experience at Lowe's, they must have suggested he try our VERY small time internet store because we have a decent selection of non standard drawer pulls.

He ordered something that was 5 1/8". When we asked him, very politely, if this was in error (we knew he was looking for 5 1/2") he went berserk. At the time we also offered him a military discount of 10%. He cursed us out in several e-mails and basically told us that we were in league with Lowe's to screw DISABLED VETERANS (he can't shut up about that).

I tried to explain to him multiple times that we were a very small operation and had nothing to do with Lowe's. He wouldn't have it.

He weaved such a web of deceit and conspiracy (about us and Lowe's) that I can't even attempt to explain what was going through his head. His e-mails were about 40 lines, one sentence.

Bottom line. This guy is troubled. Review not valid.


I didn't understand fully why you had a problem.. Then you mentioed all of the concussions and it all made sense.


You are obviously the person who is discriminating here. You obviously don't like the idea of a woman helping you and a person of color even less.

I work in retail and have encountered your type far too often. You don't think anyone other than a white male over 40 can be of any help to you and aren't afraid to let it be known. I feel sorry for you.

By the way I am a white and end up being the guy who has to listen you complain that the other people you have talk to in the store didn't know what you needed. More often than not they did and you didn't give them a chance to help.


Hey "tell it like it isn't", making fun of *** customers isn't discrimination, either. It is just rude.


No where in the complaint did you say anything about how they humiliated you...okay so u went back in the store...and who cares the race of the person you talked to. I do not care if they were bkack white, hispanic, male or female. There are no specifics in this complaint about what was u were humiliated by going back in the store....get over it


Really....I did not read anywhere in the original compliant where this was addressed to management ( all he asked was did they have the knobs)...the alleged harassment came from just a bunch of punks at the store.......again....address the issue with management! Stop dragging in the hooaha hooah ***...nobody cares. and what does your disability have to do with this....sympathy none from me.....and I could care less about the issue...especially if the individual is to weak willed to address it.....which is my point


LTCC, you sarcasm adds nothing to the conversation. I can do nothing, for I do live anywhere near him.

In the complaint, management laughed at him. I am not a whiner. I do care about people, unlike you. I only chimed in because this person was being berated by the "likes of today's society".

Why don't you do something? This is the end of this conversation.

And yes, I am disabled also. That last word is yours.


Tell it like it is.....let me put it to you this way......if this really did happen...and lets say it did -for your whiney bleeding heart sake.....why whine on this forum? seriously this accomplishes nothing.

So ...if this did in fact happen...why is this not being taken to the company management? I get are a bleeding heart.....can you help this person out....this forum solves you see where I am coming from.....stop the BS complaining and do something


LTCC, pretty specific info for tripe. No sap here.

Could it have happened? Given this day age, yes, and at any store in this country.


What I comprehend ...tell it like it that you are a sap and fall for tripe....


The guy has a brain injury. Obviously some people (punkin and Lou) can not comprehend that.

He described the people he dealt with accurately, a black kid and women. Accurately describing somebody is not discrimination Bozo!


You might stand a fighting chance if you could form a coherent thought and then pass that along in a coherent way......All your Hooah Navy training dont mean a hill of shat out here in the world....but thanks for serving


You seem to be the one that discriminates against "black kids" and women.