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Billing statement does NOT indicate what needs to be paid each month to avoid interest charges. It is NOT the stated MINIMUM balance on the statement.

It is NOT stated anywhere on the bill that CURRENT purchases need to be paid each month like a regular credit card. THERE IS NO LINE ITEM FOR THIS. You have to review each purchase and FIGURE OUT which one was the promotion and which is not for each bill cycle. I only know this by reviewing each bill with customer(?)service.

When I realized how duplicitous this is (after reviewing my second bill into using the promotion), I wanted them to convert the purchases (which were still in the normal first month credit cycle) to the 5% cash back and pay in full. Of course that was "impossible".

How many have unwittingly been caught by this and paid interest on non promotional purchases? Financial fraud?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Duplicitous billing.

Preferred solution: make statement accurate or refund 5%.

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"Billing statement does NOT indicate what needs to be paid each month to avoid interest charges"

I don't know where to start with you.

6 Months Same As Cash means Pay It ALL off In 6 Months are you will be hit with interest charges.

If you don't want to pay it all on one day, do the simple math and break the payments down as you see fit as long as you're done before the 6 months are up.

Of course that was "impossible".

Of course it isn't.

This isn't to benefit you or anyone else who can't be bothered to read the terms of what they signed. This is to benefit a bank. Pro-Tip: Sounds like you're a little clueless at best or trying to get over at worst.

Do not buy anything you can't put cash on the counter for and you'll do just fine. LOL at class action lawsuit, the rallying call of the dead beat who doesn't want to pay their bills and wants something for little to nothing.

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