Oceanside, California
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I bought a French door shower from Lowe's and it was installed last Dec. 25, the installer hacked it to pieces with rough edges, uneven doors and I could put my hand under the doors.

Lowe's ordered me a traditional shower door, that one popped when opening the door and it leaked. Ordered another door and Kohler's sent the wrong size doors. I finally got my shower in July, 7 1/2 moths later. This week one of the door guide was loose and I discovered that the bolt threads were stripped and the installer had glued it with silicone.

I also bought a microwave from Lowe's a couple of years ago and discovered 2 months later that the installer only bolted one side so it was hanging down 1/2 inch. Don't ever let Lowe's install anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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You realize that humans work for Lowe's, right? Nobody is perfect.

Grow up! Have you called to see if the installer could come back out??

Probably not. I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving retail associates.