Missouri City, Texas

august 09 bought bamboo solid flooring from lowes missouri city tx $8,500 sales person sold me water base glue i installed 85 cases of flooring within weeks the new flooring started to cup with in months the floor started to turn black and bow up in many places i contacted the store to let them know there was a problem after months of no answers from lowes the district mgr said basically too bad not our problem because i installed the flooring my self ...who sold who the wrong glue really good employee training what do you think??????? some one help!!!!!s

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We ordered solid bamboo from Lowes and asked them to include glue. We expected the home improvement professionals to know what they were doing.

Sent water based glue and same problem. Lesson to learn here is that Lowes associates are not experts and many times are as ignorant as the do it yourselfer.


probably should have researched yourself, we are not responsible for your ignorance


Stop buying hippie ***. Shoulda bought walnut. That's a man's wood.


...which would have also come up using water-based glue..


We were told bt the store employee to use the water based glue. After all this they are still selling the same glue for bamboo floors :upset :sigh :cry


I've heard of many complaints with poorly made bamboo that cups and bows after installation. It may just be a bad product.

Lowe's should refund no matter what reason the floor is defective. They should stand by their product and their word.


That's the problem when someone decides to do it themselves, especially when a problem arises. It then turns into a "He said, No I didn't" thing. I'm just wondering if the associate said NOT to use that certain type of glue if you were going to do it yourself.