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We went to Lowes in Union City, Tennessee to make our mother/mother-in-law feel better about losing her husband of 60 years. She always wanted her bathroom renovated.

We had to go back home to Albuquerque, and left her to deal with Lowes. I can't even describe the nightmare they put her through! From May to August 2018, we still don't have her bathroom done. This poor woman, who has no family or friends in this rural town had to deal with Lowes "nightmare" of a simple installation of a tub and surround.

$4,500 later, as of end of August, we had to hire a professional plumber to figure out what was wrong with some of the installation. No response from Lowes; they do NOT return phone calls, pass the buck, they do NOT return emails (of course, saying it is "not their protocol" to answer my emails. I have never in my professional career of 40 years experienced such a horrible experience. I'm sure the legal system will cost more, but PLEASE!

DO NOT HIRE LOWES AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! That is the only way we may get justice. DO NOT BUY LOWES STOCK! We had Lowes Stock and just dumped it for Home Depot stock.

I only wish we had gone to Home Depot or a local company. We felt Lowes would stand behind their commitment to an elderly widow. They do NOT CARE! So sad and I've been crying because her son and I talked her into using Lowes--the guilt is on us, too.

I'm sorry, but this is really emotional. She blames us for this torture she is going through. This has torn our family apart. Thanks Lowes--you are the worse Company in the USA!

You can burn in "you know what". Sorry, I'm really angry and so sad for our 80 year old widow who was trying to get over her husband's death. I guess it doesn't matter anymore. I usually stick to the "facts", but this has gone on far enough---it is beyond the "facts" That would take 30 pages of explanation.

We are just plane TIRED! Drained, and sad for her and our family. our Mother/mother-in-law is sick over can they not care???? Companies like this should take responsibility for what they do to people when they can't even take a bath..

she couldn't even take her bath for 2 months; she was able to take a shower, because they rigged a shower for her; she is old and likes to take a bath , and even couldn't do that for almost 2 months! UGH! That is all I have to say, hope you have a picture of what Lowes will put you through...they DON'T CARE! PROTOCOL IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!


Yuck! If I hear that "is our protocol" one more time, I might lose it completely!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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having a similar experience with a kitchen remodel. also, they damaged my bathroom wall with the remodel....the contractor felt no accountability,,


Do not hire lowes to do any home installations!


Do not hire any big box hardware store to do home installations. Pay more, hire local. You get what you pay for.


I agree!


So sad. We hire a big corporate company only to be scammed.

They are not trust worthy either.

You would think they would stand behind their name. That evidently doesn't matter anymore.