Oak Grove, Missouri

We entered the local Lowe's store around 8:30 pm on 4-9-13 - and the first thing we were greeted by was a pallet of lawn care materials sitting about 6 feet from the door - and the plastic on the bags was covered with bird droppings. It was so disgusting - and right there for anyone to see and smell.

Also low enough to the ground for a child to touch ! Totally unsanitary in a store that usually prides itself on having a clean environment.

We shopped for about 15 minutes and then started to leave. I noticed that nothing had been done with this disgusting sight - and asked to see the manager. Unfortunately I did not get his name.

I expressed my concern and he indicated they would be unloading the pallet soon - and that the droppings were there because the pallets are stored outside.

I assured him I understood this - but found this to be a very despicable way to be greeted at their store.

Please see attached pictures -

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Epic fail for you and your picture...nice one...move on


Why would u shop there if ur afraid of a little nature? I like the fact that my lowes has little wild birds flying around in there, they obviously like it in there because they could fly away if they wanted to.

I ecspecially like that lowes doesn't poison them or something to get rid of them. As for kids touching it, I'm sure kids have touched worse.

Also you said u were there for 15 minutes and it was still there so u called the manager over there. If u would leave them alone maybe they could get it put up instead of wasting their time listening to ur bs.


I have had some bad experiences at a lot of places. I have to say that, I was at Lowe's in Smithfield this weekend, during the crazy rush.

They don't have a greeter there often, but the one they had was supper cute and full of personality. Maybe Lowe's is actually starting to hire employees who like people, and what they do!

That's a step in the right direction.


Sucks for the person who has to unpack all of that. Did you ever think of that person?

That pallet looks like it's parked next to the outside garden door, right where it needs to be. Did you have your panties in a bunch before you went there to actually complain about that.

As far as kids, well, that's not you problem, it's the parenting. I've taught my son not to touch ***, besides that, he stays in a cart because he doesn't need to be running around terrorizing the associates.


I work for a competitor of Lowes and this is very common on all our items because like Lowes we store them OUTSIDE. So it's okay for employees to have to deal with this on a daily basis, but you have to see it and it's the end of the world...

You should consider this perhaps you've bought an item before with birdshlt all over it and didnt even know it. Every year I have to clean off our Snowblowers that are covered in Birdshlt from being stored during the summer.


Thank you for giving me the laugh of the day. Why did you not take a paper topwel and clean off the offensive debris.

Oh wait, I know .

You were too upset! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


the next time a delivery is made at your place, we'll take a picture of the bird dropping on your vehicle. the driveway too how about that?