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Ok here goes i work for lowes the last 3 years now and i have seen alot of turn over at the store. And alot of great hard workers goes cause of the false accusations they were given to them. 3 former employees have lawsuits against the store i work at and i Wish them lots of luck.

the people at the store i work at,have lots of complaints but no one will

come forward and say anything. its SAD!! when we had the District Manager or some big wig come into our lunchroom and ask us if we were happy wit the Customer focous,i told him point blank I was just a cashier and i was there to do my job not participate in anything that place has to offer.

they say they are there for there employees but they are NOT!! they are a Joke. and there LP people leave alot to be diesire,casue i was taught in Orientation that we are NOT ALLOWED to put our hands on potenial robbers and there LP(Loss Prevention) IS A JOKE. the store i work at Our LP Person comes in With HIGH HEELS on and she is a "Barbie Doll",and well if that SECURITY,She is a JOKE....more later on..

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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You should be lucky that Lowes hired someone with a third grade education level. Everyone knows that you begin proper nouns with a capital letter, and begin the pronoun with a capital letter.

You can't even spell cause correctly, not can you spell focus. Frankly most companies require at least some high school education before hiring.

No other company would hire someone with a third grade education such as yourself. I bet this is the only reason you are not quitting because other companies rejected you and told you they were looking for someone with at least some high school education.


Lowes is a *** place 2 work. I can't wait 4 this economy to come round so I can get out. I would like 2 blow the store manager and get the HR job but somebody beat me 2 it.


Well Big Mama, you must not work at Lowes. Or if you do or did, you must kiss alot of ***.

What he says is correct. I have been there also.

Yes I have an education, unlike you. Just wondering, are you the ignorant toad on the REPO show?


Sounds like its time for you take your *** attitude and find work elsewhere. Obvioulsy, if you had any education, you'd be more that a cashier, with possible potential to move up, instead, your a whinny *** with an even shittier atittude, don't let the door hit your huge *** on the way out.