Lowes sent a rebate card to me and I did not think there would be an experation date on this card. This was a card that Lowes had sent me for purchasing and having the windows installed for me.

The only reason I had Lowes do the Job in the first place was that my husband was having a total knee replacement and in the hospital recovery and after he recovered he would still have limitations, so he was not able to do this job. A bunch of untrained monkees would have done just as good of a job, at least when lack of common since to put in a complete window if you took out a complete window and the broken sheet rock and the fact that Lowe's Employees left foot prints all over my freshly painted walls I was not happy to say the least, and many other things that did go wrong. The Rebate card was originally sent to the wrong address and that took a miracle to have the Rebate card sent to my correct address. The rebate card was for $600.00 and the only purchases where made at Lowe's.

The rebate center did let me know of the $168.00 balance but there hands were tied this problem would be up to Lowe's to correct, and so far the Lowe's at Newberry, SC has not called or made any attempts to rectify this problem. Maybe Lowe's of Newberry is trying to talk to Lowes of Simpsonville where the origanal purchase that qualified me for the rebate was made. Why was an experation date put on the card in the first place. You would think that this would be a corporate problem.

I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING THIS ISSUE SINCE 2011 AND NOTHING HAS BEEN RESOLVED. All I know for curtain is that Lowes has leagally stolen money from me, maybe I should make out a police report isn't that what you do when you have been ROBBED, at least it was not at gun point just electronic thievery. WHAT I NEED FROM LOWES IS TO MAKE THIS GO AWAY IS FOR LOWES TO FIX ALL OF THEIR MISTAKES. As far as the window problem we have worked with many of Lowes store managers and Supervisors and the problem still exist.

I have been fighting the window issue since October 2011 Feel free to go by this property that this was done. The address is 2057 Highway 101 N Gray Court SC so that you can see all of the beautiful work that Lowes has done but be sure to pay attention to the fact that the TRIM DOES NOT MATCH. Other than the lack of detail that Lowes offered me for the exterior, the majority of the Damage is on the inside of the 100+ year old home. If Lowes is wondering why I did not use this card before the uncalled for experation date there were many other things happening in my life such as my Aunt passing and them my Grandfather as wall as a my Uncle and the fact that Aunt and Uncle passed do to Dementia.

And have always had Epilepsy and this fine state of ours has never believed me so I had to go back to the state I am from to get the much needed medical services that I need and my husband was forced out of his job just before that knee surgery I told you about. So hopefully this will all be some thing I will be able to look back on and laugh about, Oh no by then I will not be able to remember because Dementia runs in my family and since I have Epilepsy I'm on my way.

Isn't there some law that keeps people from taking advantage of the handicapped.

Lowes wants me to pay more money to correct the wrapping, this i am not willing to do

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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This incoherent wall of text amused me. No where in it is a lucid thought. After attempting to read I still don't exactly know what the customer's problem is other than they let a prepaid credit card expire without using it and somehow feel this is Lowe's problem.

It actually is Visa's problem and if you would actually call them, they would most likely send you a new unexpired card with the remaining balance from the previous card.

So....try calling them perhaps?


Something tells me you have dementia! It's customer's like you that make Lowe's employees not care anymore.

We deal with so many ignorant people, we just get to a point where we don't care anymore.

Not only do we have to deal with ***, such as yourself, but *** managers that don't want to be bothered to deal with anything. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(