Bloomington, Illinois

We use to shop at our Lowes store here in Bloomington, Illinois but after a recent incident that we found humiliating and embarrassing we get our home supplies at Home Depot, Farm and Fleet, Walmart or Menards but avoid going to Lowes. Here is the email I sent to Lowes headquarters about this incident:

Dear Lowes:

My wife and I have shopped at your store for well over 14 years now. We live in the neighborhood of Lowes Store in Bloomington, Illinois. It is convenient for us and we use our Lowes credit card quite regularly. We got our floor throughout our house at Lowes and had them install it. Our bathroom was remodeled and our Jacuzzi, wall cabinets and flooring came from Lowes. Our back porch was rebuilt and Lowes is where we got our wood and supplies. We have always been pleased with your service and products. But recently we upgraded our kitchen cabinets by repainting and getting new hinges, knobs and handles. When we went and bought our fixtures at your Lowes store in Bloomington we went through the self check out and before we got to the exit door a store clerk confronted us saying, she wanted to "search" out bag. There was no peeps or buzzers that went off, we were just a few feet from where we checked out. I said OK and set our bag down. She pulled out three items rubbing them up against this pad and when there was no beeps she said we could go. I told her that I would be talking to the store manager about this treatment because we felt it was very inappropriate behavior towards us. She was not searching anyone else and my wife and I are not thieves and have never been arrested in our lives. I called and talked to the store manager about this incident after we got to the restaurant to have our dinner. The manager said he would get with his Supervisor and they would talk with that clerk. We have not heard back from the manager. Since this incident occurred about three weeks ago we are finding ourselves going elsewhere for our supplies because we are embarrassed to go back into your store and be looked at as thieves.

Sincerely Yours

Charles Nicholson

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Another ignorant consumer making assumptions about being stopped by a front end team member. If your that worked up over what you perceived to have happened shopping at Menards is that last place you want to shop at.

They will detain you for hours and make you sign for a 100 dollar fine and agree to never come back to the store or you will be arrested for trespassing. They do this to people all the time who did nothing wrong. I can assure you if Lowes really thought you were stealing they would have done something very similar. What the people said below sounds very probable to what had really been going on.

I only worked at Menards so I can only speak for them and I wasn't a front end team member.

However, I'd like you to go over o the Menards / Walmart complaint section and you will see many complaints of people unjustifiably being detained and fined. Better yet do a search on youtube for Menards security and you will see footage of a person who did nothing wrong being held against his will by Menards employees.

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #914470

It could have been that the cashier just wanted to make sure that everything was deactivated before you went through the door and set the alarms off. The self check machines are known for not deactivating things correctly.


She rubbed those items against the pad to turn off the security device. Otherwise an alarm would have gone off when you left the store. It's too bad she didn't explain to you.

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