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To whomever cares,

My wife and I recently purchased Silestone quartz counter tops from the Lowe’s in Martell, California. The counter tops were installed by O.R. Enterprises on January 12, 2018. Within the first 30 days of installation the countertops cracked in four separate locations on two separate slabs (have had additional cracks since on another slab). Obviously the Silestone quartz counter tops Lowe’s sold us is an inferior product and complete garbage, not worth the $3888.11 we spent on them.

I’m sending this in frustration at the complete nightmare my wife and I have experienced in attempting to resolve this issue with Lowe’s, O.R. Enterprises and Silestone.

Our warranty request was denied from Silestone, due to the fact Silestone, “assumed” we must of used our countertops in an, “abnormal use or conditions.” So much for the 25 year warranty Silestone promised- completely worthless and misleading. Silestone advertises quartz as, “one of the strongest minerals on earth.” Well apparently, normal use in our kitchen broke the strongest mineral on earth- pathetic. I read in our installation package from Lowe’s that, “Anything less than perfect is failing to our team.” Here we are-you failed us miserably- please do something about it! One of the main reasons we used Lowe’s in the first place is that we trusted Lowe’s to take care of us if anything did go wrong with the counter tops. We have had negative experiences with contractors in the past, and understood we would pay a little more to trust Lowe’s to help us if we had any problems. Where are you now?

The only help Lowe’s and O.R Enterprises have offered is if we pay them more money? And apparently, with each new crack we find, the price goes up even more? What kind of customer service is this?!? What did we do to be treated so poorly? We just don’t think anyone really cares about us and just assumes we must have mistreated our counter tops we paid so much for.

Our plead for help in this manner has gone unanswered by Martell Lowe’s, O.R. Enterprises and Silestone. I’m sending this to every corporate email I can find on the internet for Lowe’s, O.R. Enterprises and Silestone for help. I will also be sending this to every local and state websites I can find for any assistance, guidance and legal action afforded to us.

Big businesses got paid, and could care less about one veteran’s family in a small rural community in California.


Product or Service Mentioned: Silestone Countertop.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hi, I´m Victoria Quiles from Cosentino. We have been reading about your problem with your Silestone countertops and we would like to help you.Could you please call our customer service in order to explain your situation?This is the telephone: 786-686-5120Thanks!Best regards

@Victoria Quiles

We purchased silestone (cosentino) (roseville, ca) counter tops for our kitchen remodel from lowes (cotati ca.) on 3/4/2016. After discussing different installation options, we chose to use lowes installer which was counter fit (sacramento ca.).

All 3 of these companies knowingly sold / installed an inferior countertop which came with a useless 20-year warranty. The silestone countertops were installed by counter fit on 3/28/2016. Fast forward to thanksgiving 2017 - yes, a mere 20 months after the installation. While cleaning the kitchen my wife noticed an approximately 6-inch crack running from the corner seam (were countertops make a 90-degree bend along wall) towards the sink.

This spot of the counter top is in what we refer to as "no mans land" meaning the only thing you place in the corner were the crack is located is a picture or napkin basket. No cooking, no prepping, no washing of any items, nothing happens use-wise in this area of the kitchen and there is a visible crack. Just for the record my house was built in 1952 so I am not going to buy the "house settling" story. No worries I thought (big mistake), we have a 20 year warranty and it has only been 20 months....

No problem - right? Absolutely wrong. This is where all three companies - silestone (cosentino), counter fit & lowes have collected their monies and now do not give two cents about the *** product and *** warranty they have sold and installed in your home - that's customer care at its best. I emailed lowes kitchen design department first 11/27/2017 to report the problem, they emailed silestone (cosentino) which in turn issued a warranty claim number.

Silestone (cosentino) advised that the installer - counter fit would need to come out and inspect the crack. No problem, just let me know when and I would be there. Keep in mind this was november of 2017, no one ever contacted me to come out and inspect the problem. I have over a dozen emails for exactly 1 year where I am trying to get some sort of response from any of the 3 companies that profited from this transaction and none of them have responded.

Today I sent yet another inquiry in regards to the warranty and finally received a response from counter fit that the warranty claim had been denied as it was "not a manufacture defect"..... What?...ok...what is it then is my question with no response. I guess a crack in an expensive counter top stone is normal after 20 months? After reviewing online complaints (complaintboards.com) this seems to be the norm for these folks at silestone......issue useless warranties and find any reason to deny all claims, in my case there isn't even a reason for denying the claim.

No one came out and inspected the crack. The claim was just denied after the silestone countertop cracked within 20 months of install.

Please stay away from all 3 companies stated above as they all are dishonest companies that need to learn a lesson in customer service and honest dealings. Buyer beware.


Having sold quartz countertops for years it sounds odd that installed tops would crack. You don't say what Lowes, the installer and Silestone are saying is the cause of the cracking that is outside the warranty. Are the tops properly supported and adhered to the cabinets?


something is fishy here.