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Had a guy come and measure a job for the bathroom....to do the floors and the backsplashe and asked could it be dome in 2 weeks they said yes.....so 3 days later i get a call on job and its 680 for the job....cool i pay and sign contact just to be told after install was only the dam floor. So livid and pissed off i go to lowes and raise *** and there excuse is they didn't understand the measurements sent....not my dam problem.

So i stay cool and say i need bid asap for backsplashe. Another 800 dollers on top of what i already paid.....so i get home and my original floor bid is not done the tile inder kick plate not installed and my tub side is not tiled and i talked to the individual installing it all about it this morning.....absolutely the worst remodel i ever delt with.

I will never ever buy anything from lows again....good thing home depot is a few blocks away. Also they did not put wood siding on thats still sitting in my livingroom and the patch work is crap.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Entire process, Unorganized and not professional, Lack of professionalism.

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the sad part is that they really don't care! They have hundreds of other customers to take your place! As long as people flock to these box stores to get *** products and crappier service just to save a few $$$ (which you found out is bs as well) things won't get any better!


If Sears continues to flock over so many of it's customers than people will stop flocking to their stos, and then this Disreputable company will finally close down all of it's stores for good.


The problem with having one of the big box stores do work is that they hire the sub contractors to do the job for a cut of the total price, which is standard among contractors of all sizes, but the big box companies seem to not hire the best and brightest but those who are willing to do the work for less than your normal contractor would. Complaining to Lowe's or whomever may or not have the shoddy work fixed.

The local Lowe's management can be good or not and willing to fix problems and do the job correctly.

You never know. You can blame Lowe's for this one, but don't count on Home Depot being any better.


Ya, i agree.....im going independent for now on.....alot is lowes because they completely screwed up the bid and price and now trying to get me to pay out 800 more for a half job when i had thim bid the whole bathroom. Just really bad communication between the mesuring guy and the one who bids it in the store.