Shady Side, Maryland

Abysmal customer service and sales service at the Lowe's in Bowie, MD.

We ordered a dishwasher through this Lowes store--what ensued following our order was arguably the worst purchasing experience I have ever had. The expected delivery date, some two weeks later, for the dishwasher came and went. So we contacted the sales representative named Roy in the appliances department regarding the order. We were told they had botched the order and received the wrong model--we were told they would reorder the correct model and were assured that they would expedite it. This was a bold faced lie.

When trying to follow up on the new delivery date of correct dishwasher I got a song and dance from Roy that he was working to verify the date for us, but never actually indicated when we could expect the delivery. I had to repeatedly call the store to try and get an update on our order--they never bothered to call us back despite assurances they would. Roy suddenly became unavailable to talk--always out or on vacation. I talked to Charles and Martin, also in the appliance department, to try and get some information on our order, but they proved less than helpful in nailing down a date and failed to call me back as promised to confirm a delivery date. They routinely fell back to the fact that since they did not make the sale/order the appliance there was little the could do for me.

After reaching a peak level of frustration, I contacted a random manager at this Lowe's location who was able to tell me that I could expect the delivery now at a month and a half after our order date. I was very clear in expressing my frustration with the fumbling of our order and the shell game the appliance associates appeared to to playing with us straightening out their error. The general sense I got from this manager was an apathetic "sucks-to-be-you" type of response. I was shocked by the manager's tone and utter lack of interest in the situation I encountered with his staff. ***-poor all around experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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