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I purchased the Samsung washer & dryer that lowes had advertised on Black friday this year for $998. When I went in to purchase them of course they didn't have any in stock.

Now mind you I was there and the first appliance customer at 5:00am. However they hadn't had them in stock for quite sometime before black friday. So why advertise something you don't have. So I bought them anyway as I was told they would be in within 2 weeks.

Well a week later I got a phone call from lowes stating that my delivery was set up for Dec. 15th and that the driver would call me that morning and give me a 2-3 hour window of delivery time. Well on Dec. 14th lowes calls to tell me that they are still not in stock and don't expect them until sometime in February.

Really February. So in the mean time I am paying interest on a purchase that I don't even have. Not for the fact their only response was well we can rufund your money. With them knowing *** well I can't go anywhere else and purchase them for that price since it was a special buy price for that day.

they have numerous ones in stocj in the store of different colors and I told them they should replace it then with another item of the same quality that they have in stock. Well needless to say I still haven't got anywhere with them on this yet.

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Well it pays to go to the top. I emailed the CEO and I had a better newer model delivered the following week so I did get mine the beginning of January.

They actually had the sale going on all month then also put it in the black Friday ad. Sneaky bastards I say.

However I very happy with the outcome. Just took lots of phone calls and complaints!!!


I was in the same prediciment...I Facebooked Lowes and the store manager in Indianapolis, Paul, told me that I should be lucky that I was able to purchase a washer and dryer for that price and that there was nothing they could do for me..Really...***...So I posted another facebook complaint...and I'm suppose to be recieving a call soon. However I am getting my washer and dryer this saturday..the same week I posted my first complaint..but 3 months is a little ridiculous to wait for a product!!


The reason they ran out is they opened the stores up on line the night before and they were all purchased by opening of black friday.. Sucks dont it......


Lowes really got set up actually. Samsung told Lowes to go ahead and run this special and Samsung did not expect to sell that many so they dropped the ball not having the inventory on back up like they thought they had. Poor Lowes looked like the ***.


Same thing here in Arkansas. It's January the 14th and my dryer is going out. Should have went with Sears.


Also having the same battle with Lowes. They offered a refund, however, they don't understand that my Black Friday dollars do not hold the same buying power.

Frankly, they don't care if they oversold, and have the same attitude as the "lowes employee" above...

don't blame us, we just oversold, it isn't our fault. I should have bought the LG at Home Depot for the same price.


Hello fellow disgruntled Samsung owners I have an update. I googled the ceo of lowes email Robert niablock the CEO of lowes and sent him an email last night jan 5th.

Today the 6th late morning I had the regional manager call me and say they will ship my samsung washer dryer steam set from the black Friday purchase overnite and have it delivered first thing sat morning the 7th by lowes employees and a $200 gift card. It pays to go straight to the top


We purchased a Samsung Frig, Stove, and Dishwasher Nov 18th 2011, and still have not rec'd any of them.

The salesman is very good he calls me able once a week. He just called me about 5 minutes ago and is telling me that Samsung told him that I will get no later than Feb. 13th.

He also said that he talked to the Samsung rep and he told him that it would be no later than Jan 30th.

There's nothing that I can do. The prices were super and luckily my current things work. I'm just glad that I didn't sell them right after I purchased the others as the salesman told me that I would have delivery in 2 weeks.



Purchased the same special set.

Ordered 11/24/11



It's 1/4/11

I'll say it for everyone...



I had contacted corporate through Lowes website in the contact us area. I did have to do it a couple times before someone contacted me.

However corporate responded within a few days of me filing a complaint with the BBB.

The guy's name was Ray and I do not have his email address. Your best best is to file a complaint with the BBB as they have 10 days to respond to that complaint.


Hey I'm in the same nightmare

With this pair from Black Friday. Can you please tell me who you contacted from corporate to get those pedestals? their name and email would be much appreciated!


Well we are finally getting somewhere. They delivered the washer and a loaner dryer on Dec.

27th. I did also get a call from someone at corporate yesterday and he wass contacting the store to have them throw in the pedestal for the dryer for free.

I orginally only ordereed the pedestal for the washer as I didn't have the height clearance for the dryer but we have since fixed that. So they are giving me the dryer pedestal for free although still have no idea when we are getting our dryer.


Same here we bought our washer and dryer on nov 23 :( still have not recvd anything, and the employees are rude. How in the *** you oversell.

I was first promised delivery in 2 weeks now its 5 to 6 weeks really! And I had to call just to,get that info.

That *** about not blaming employees for something they have no control of. You should know what is in you stock room.lowes in Austell Ga sucks


The advertisements are a general based ad. How can we help that we don't have them in stock? Don't blame those who have no control.


We have the same problem, although they delivered our washer last week and there's still no word on either the pedistals or the dryer. The employees at the store can't even tell us when the dryer was ordered, just that it will be in the second week of January. That means we'll have waited over 6 weeks, when we purchased the pair we were told we'd have everything before Christmas.