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Lowes in Chestermere, Alberta - About workers who don't know thier job!

Looking for a plant that was in your flyer on Saturday. Couldn't find it. Asked if anyone worked in the Garden Dept....finally a young girl came and yawned and told me she couldn't help as she didn't have a flyer! I went into the store and a supervisor came. Meanwhile this same girl who couldn't help me sneezed and the supervisor "Blessed you Sue"! He couldn't help me either! Had his phone and have no idea what he was doing on it.. I Found the Plant my self as 2 employees didn't have a clue what they were looking for. I Showed them where they were! Got to the cashier and she knew I was upset... and proceeded to ask me if I was having a bad day! Store3059 Teminal 14 05/09/15 13:23:13. To buy 2 plants took me 3/4 of an hour because your staff does not know their job. Excuse from the Supervisor was " Just started this dept and new people!!! I was so angry that I didn't get his name as I thought ..... you got supervisor...don't know how! I don't think I will ever go back and shop at Lowe's as your people don't care about customers. I tried to enter your survey but you want information and I typed it in and wouldn't except my so I came to this part of your complaint on line.
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>"I was so angry..."

Dang, this kind of thing makes you angry? Dealing with under-trained staff at a big-box, home-improvement store?

Next time, if you can't take the appropriate time to look for the sales stock yourself without asking multiple employees about it first, turn around and walk out the door. Save your sanity. Stop taking your temper tantrums out on other people.

The staff at this particular Lowe's may be under-trained but they'll get better at their jobs as they continue learning.

You, on the other hand, will continue reacting like a child when you don't get your own way. You should be ashamed of yourself.


are you serious? I have gone to many lowes stores and have dealt with alot of employees who dont have knowledge or seem to busy playing around, chewing gum like a cow or they are just dumb.

Sorry but if I did this at my job I would be fired. Maybe they need to hire people who care about their jobs because of employees like this I will not shop at Lowes anymore. I guess I will be shoping at Home Depot.

I think maybe you have never had issues at these stores. So maybe you shouldnt knock someone down who has had issues!


>"Maybe they need to hire people who care about their jobs"


Are YOU serious? These are entry-level positions routinely offered to people with absolutely no experience in the industry, and they are offered minimum wage for it.

You expect caring? Go to your local plant nursery where you'll be greeted with a more knowledgeable and helpful staff. Thing is, though, you'll pay more. That's the trade-off.

I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying what is. We've allowed Big Business to take over and crummy service and indifference is our reward.

And yes, I have received bad service in the past. Know what I do?

I let my pocketbook do the talking and I leave without spending a dime.

I certainly don't react in a way that causes the cashiers to ask if I'm having a bad day. Sheesh.

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