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I recently made a large purchase online through Lowes because when I went to my store in North Providence RI to place the order for appliances and bathroom vanities I was told by the solo salesman in appliances that he was alone and had two customers waiting before me. It was the last day of the sale for appliances so I took the advice and went home and called to place my order.

It took almost an hour to place the order with the amount of items I wanted to purchase but finished and was ready to receive it all. I was given a day for delivery and from that point on nothing went right!!! I waited for delivery on the day they slotted and did not hear from anyone with fifteen minutes left to time frame so I called to find out when they would arrive and instead they told me they were canceling because my dishwasher was damaged and would have to reschedule. I had contractors waiting to help with the delivery and had to tell them they were not needed after we waited over two hours.

I received a phone call the next day telling me they would come two days later and once again had the contractors there and received a call they had arrived but only to find out they were at the wrong address. I gave them an address other than my primary home address the day I purchased online but it was never recorded properly and they arrived at an address almost an hour away.

Between Lowes and their contracted delivery company they never confirmed the address and I once again had to pay contractors for time wasted. I cancelled my complete order and will never use Lowes again!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $3800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Having worked at a home center (not Lowes) for a number of years I have a few suggestions for consumers to make their lives easier.Don't wait till the last day of the sale to make your purchase. For some reason all too many people do this.

They end up waiting , and no, stores can't just hire a bunch of people to only work the last day of the sale. Sure you can order on-line, but it is much safer to set up deliveries in the store where you can review the paperwork before the order is placed. Come in the middle of the week, you'll have a shorter wait and it there are questions on products that have to be checked with the vendor they can be handled before the sale ends. If you purchase requires contractors to install your products don't schedule them until your products have been delivered.

There may be problems with the product such as damage or the vendor shipping the wrong item.

Delivery trucks have been known to break down or drivers call in sick. Rather than paying a contractor to wait for a delivery make sure you have the product before the contractor gets to your home.

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