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Lowes New Veterans ID Program not only insults all Veterans but now makes all Veterans likely to have their identity stolen. Lowes now requires ALL VETERANS to register and to submit information to a third party our personal information about our military discharge that includes full name, date of birth, social security number, addresses to include classification information, metal awards, rank and many other sensitive information.

Giving this extensive information to any company is dangerous and then for Lowes to give it to a third party now the lifetime issues will begin. This is outrageous, just to get their small discount.

No more buying at Lowes. Veterans must Boycott this chain until they protect Veterans.

Reason of review: Hurting Veterans.

Preferred solution: Immediately go back to presenting military disability card..

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I filed for my veterans discount by going to the customer service desk. Just showed my VA card.

No SS# required. I just give the cashier my phone number and the discount is supplied.


Many many many places require extensive information and whatever is so sensitive you consider, is already out there. They're just trying to be fair and apparently you just have a victim mentality. Sad!

to Linda #1512019

What's sad is your total lack of understanding this situation. This isn't victim mentality, idiot.

This is justified rage.

Our military and personal information is sensitive data. Just cause you don't give a *** about your data being processed/sold/stolen, doesn't mean everyone else should.


Totally agree


Just walked out and headed to home depot. Never like lowes anyways.

to john #1510304

No more trading at Lowes----I will go to Home Depot----

to Don Smith #1510466

Look at the Home Depot complaint board. Just as many entitled vets complaining about their discounts and saying they are going to Lowes. Perhaps both stores should stop the discounts altogether to avoid complaints about their programs.

to Anonymous #1512020

Entitled? This was earned, you excuse for a human. Go troll elsewhere, nancy

to Anonymous #1527176

How is it "earned"? Did you join the military to require a company to give you a discount?

Lowes is not required to give you a discount. Demanding the discount is what makes you entitled, you POS.

I feel sorry for anyone who had to serve with you. j.f.001.


I can't imagine that every store you shop at gives you a discount. So why are you crying about a store that has a system that allows you to receive a discount?

Rather than complaining about stores that either don't offer a discount, or their policies you should be spending you time thanking those that give you a discount. You are no more deserving of a discount than many other professions that serve the citizens of the US and you don't see them crying that they don't get a discount.

I'd much rather see a teacher (who typically isn't overpaid) that is taking money out of their own pocket to pay for classroom supplies get a discount. Seems like an honorable vet would have better things to do than to complain about, as you put it, a "small discount".

to Anonymous #1510307

all Veterans should get a discount-----

to Anonymous #1510547

Wow did you really just say that you must be a teacher. Someone that could get killed serving their country vs someone who only see’s lead From a number 2 pencil.

There is obviously something wrong with you. But to the point the discount is a benefit and if you ever dealt with lowes before they are not organized and they have multiple system issues or employee issues you just have to stay the course to make sure things get corrected.

to Anonymous #1512023

For those of you (including you, anon) who think we feel entitled to a discount etc. etc., learn to 17th facking read.

It's about Lowe's mining our data, THAT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS, from reasons unknown. Data is stolen all the time from these 3rd party data agencies. All the got'damn time. And get over yourself, ALL teachers are overpaid little cry babies.

Want full-time salary for a part-time job. Get outta here with your ***

Granbury, Texas, United States #1342214

If you don't like their verification process what are you complaining about giving up, as you put it, a small discount? There is nothing that says Lowes or any other store owes you a discount.

to Anonymous Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1342812

Funny you respond anonymously to all these post I'm guessing you didn't make it in the military. We are away from our families months sometimes years generally daily our lives were/are on the line.when other stores will gratefully give us their small discounts simply with ID...then I grow shop at those locations and other people can continue to pay Lowes increasing prices because they have to pay that third-party company now where do you think that cost falls back to all of their customers not just veterans have fun with your shopping

to Wendy #1343075

Yet another entitled vet. Why do you feel you are more entitled to a discount than a police officer or a firefighter who also put their lives on the line on a daily basis?

Do you see them posting that they aren't offered discounts?

You should just be happy when you are offered a discount and quit complaining when you don't get one or like the rules a store sets to get one. A lot of other deserving people never get a discount.

to Wendy #1418895

"gratefully give us their small discounts "

Most places give Vet discounts not because you did something to protect our "freedoms" which you didn't unless you're a WWII vet(or fought in some unknown conflict in which our freedoms were in jeopardy).

Get over yourself. You get your gratitude in the form of all sorts of GI benefits that I'm sure people you vote for aren't interested in fully funding.

If you want to whine about something, whine about something that matters instead of a couple pennies off a length of pipe.

to Anonymous #1411415

I am a veteran! I served an d due to my service, I can for your innocence.

It is precious. Lucky that counties protect identities of first responders and 9-11 veterans for a reason

I suspect that you may be a for hire blog responder.

Another marketing strategies to hide behind the storage vulnerabilities

I say I will mot take another 10% not due to being entitled but that the practice has missed the mark

No pun intended. INVESTED patriot.

to Anonymous #1512025

Except LOWE'S THEMSELVES, you jagoff. They offered it, no hassle for years.

Just showed them my CAC card.

Now they want to mine my information. *** That.

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