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I was at Lowe’s on April 6, buying appliances after a horrible ordeal that went on for weeks regarding a previous purchase of appliances that their credit card company could not seem to coordinate with the store so we could have appliances we had purchased to be delivered to us. We purchased these appliances back on November 22, 2017, during a promotional sale.

We asked that these appliances be held for delivery at a later date. Our home flooded during the Harvey storm in Houston, Tx. We were ready for delivery on Aparil 2, and received a call that appliances would be delivered. No show and we called and were informed problem with Lowe’s credit card.

We went to store and store manger spoke with credit card company. They could not make the card accept our purchase and said to cancel order! Then I go back to store and waited 48 hours as requested. Purchase same items in the store and after 3 tries card was rejected.

I then said the *** with their card and put the charge on American Express.

Then about 5 minutes later I get a text from Lowe’s credit card concerning a fraud alert asking to verify if I was trying to purchase appliances from them and to verify the amount!! Their credit card service is the most incompetent group I have ever come across!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Credit card.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Why are you complaining about Lowes? Just like any other retail store they have an independent credit company that issues a card to be used in their store.

They have nothing to do with the policies or the amount of credit you are offered by the credit company. You should be complaining about the credit company, not Lowes.


Lowe's isn't a credit card company. Duh.


Duh, Lowes purports to have a credit card, but it is administered by the totally incompetent Synchrony Bank. They also front for other credit card services just like Lowes!!