1707 W Norton Rd, Springfield, MO 65803, USA
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Yesterday 10/12/18 i entered Lowe's store on north side of Springfield Mo i shop there quite a bit i was asking a cashier where a product was located was listening to her answer when a dog on a lease comes right by me i am allergic to dogs so i told her and we moved out of the way of the dog and she was trying to tell me where to find the product i was looking for and the dog reappears again i went to get the magnetic tape when i felt the sneezing coming on i headed straight to my car and and sneezed for quite a spell i read on the internet that Lowe's is pet friendly and of course i will never shop there again my complaint is why do you not warn customers like me that dogs are allowed in your stores and you may not know it but fleas from these dogs can very easily jump from these dogs to customers its simple just put up a sign at the entrance warning customers that dogs are allowed in your store.....Jim Housley

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Should they also warn people with allergies to flowers? How about allergies to dust?

I noticed you also said that you had read the pet friendly notice online. You didn't think that applied to your store as well? Should they also warn you about service dogs being in store? I have allergies myself and your complaint is frivolous.

It is no one's responsibility but your own to be aware of your surroundings. If you're stepping outside take the appropriate medicine with you in case you need to use it.


As many stores are pet friendly I would suggest you stay home and shop on-line.

to Anonymous #1580081

Why should i stay home and shop online when i can go to ace hardware and get better service better price and no pets except service dogs same at walmart and menards u r a fool and coward anonymous


Wall of text that is Difficult to read as well as to understand What you are Actually complaining about. I Did see this in your complaint...

i read on the internet that Lowe's is pet friendly. So Lowes Did inform their customers of that.

to Anonymous #1580083

I am not responsible for your poor reading ability you were probably scratching flea bites instead of paying attention when you were in grade school

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