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Lowe's allows dogs in the stores on leashes with their owners to shop, sight-see, hang out. But they would not allow an employee of their to bring in a starving, dehydrated cat found dying in the parking lot (and the cat was put in an animal carrier) to be out of the 115 degree heat in Phx, AZ, just to be safe for two hours while the employee finished her shift (and she was going to take the cat home with her).

What is wrong with this story?

Lowe's, where is the compassion for a dying, lonely, poor cat? How would this have hurt anything at your store or compromised any security, or hurt any other employees? I'm sorry, but this has changed my whole thinking about your company. THIS MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH.

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My two children have allergies. Yesterday, my husband and I made a trip to Lowe's for a few necessities.

We spotted two dogs, with two different owners. Both dogs were smaller, and in the buggy. I do not want my children around dogs at our home, or anyone else's home, therefore: we do not own dogs. My son has to have allergy shots, since the situation has gotten worse.

I have to constantly dust and limit his exposure to the world outside. Lowe's is not a place for animals. There are too many situations that can arise from this. My family and I have no issue with service animals.

But, when my son is sneezing and pouring tears from his eyes, there had better be a good reason for it.

These dogs can ***, use the bathroom and cause someone to fall, fleas, urinate on products, leave fur behind, and cause my child misery. I do not want to see animals harmed in any way, but they do not belong in any business, unless they are a service animal.


The policy is SERVICE animals not random pets, dogs, animals. Service animals meaning they provide a service to HUMANS needing their assistance


Well I think all these stores are being lax on letting pets in the store- it should be all or nothing and in my opinion nothing. I once saw a small dog in SUBWAY!

The appropriate actions for this employee of Lowes would have been to call Animal shelter to come, provide water from the fountain or something, the police if animal welfare was unavailable or closed, the local spca, a local vet hospital, or a family member to come get the cat. If it was dying already than bringing it inside lowes would not help it survive. I love animals and know I would call for help or leave work sick and take the animal home.

I honestly am completely annoyed with people who carry their pets around stores because they are small. If I brought my 150lb dog in I guarantee any store would have a fit that lets a small dog slide. The whole policy is ***!


First of all you said Lowes allows dogs. Dogs you say. So lets say there are 14 cat hating dogs in Lowes and they allow a cat in. What do you think would happen.

Now back to normality. Lowes is way out of line allowing dogs in there stores. Which little child will get mauled and they get sued for millions before they stop the stupidity of allowing dogs in there store.

Flea infestations in their stores are highly likely and probably will be. I have seen dogs snip at a child's hand.

Pit bulls are known to attack children that are very nice animals because studies show that they think the child is another animal infringing on it.

I have seen a chiuahua use the bathroom on the floor and wasn't on a leash. Oh wait why can't people just shop without their dogs. When did this nonsense come into society They didn't do it 15 years ago.

Rotwielers in Lowes what is he doing picking out the kind of wood he wants for his dog house.

If a child looses it finger or fingers or hands I wonder what Lowes' policy will be on dogs hanging out in their stores then

By the way I like Lowes the managers are nice the employees are nice and are very helpful but their policy on animals in the stores STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First,I hate Lowes as well! Now that that is out of the way, I work in a large retail store and as sad as it is I know where they are coming from.

My store was shut down by the cities health inspector. He was not even working, just shopping in the store when he saw a small dog in a shopping cart. Because we sell a small amount of snacks and food it was considered a health hazzard to have an animal in the store. Its sad, but I do not blame this store for looking out for its own good.

I do think the least they could have done is try and make some sort of accomadation for the cat though.

Just my 2 cents. Oh and BTW I still hate LOWES!