630 Cowpath Rd, Lansdale, PA 19446, USA
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What is the store policy on bringing dogs into the store? Everytime we are in there someone has their pet dog along.

This is not Petco!!! Leave them at home!

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You know the funny part about the OP’s whine fest? Every time I see an pet in a store I see people flock to it to give it a petting.

Animals by their very presence can have an uplifting effect on people’s moods and change a *** attitude around. We can see you didn’t pet the animal by your attitude. Lowe’s isn’t a grocery store so the ONLY issue is your pisspoor complaint. Get over yourself buddy!!

It’s better to have them bring the animal inside then leave it to get stolen of killed by overheating. What is also obvious is you don’t like animals. YOU think they are lesser creatures and YOU think you are better then them. Typical of the American thought process.

Was a employee petting the animal instead of assisting YOU? I have had many animals in my store(electronics) and as stated by another person, I would rather have a giant dog in my store then peoples children. You have to watch a animal closely. I wish parents would watch their kids as well as the people watch their animals.

If a dog urinated on my floor it wasn’t as big of a deal as say some parent letting their three hellions run around breaking items. The pet owner would apologize, we have a good laugh, pet owner cleans up the mess. Do you think the parents of those children have EVER paid for what their children have broken or stolen? No, the parents blame the business because their children are running rampant around the store.

As if the parents will listen even 25% of what the pet owner does. Lighten up jerk, it’s a animal and not a bazooka. Just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Intolerance even over a simple pet is way too much. Save that anger until you really need it and stop bashing people who are MORE responsible then 80% of the parents out there. The pet owners are more responsible then you for one simple fact. They didn’t come on a site and bash a company for trying to cater to everyone.

Are you going to tell us next which colored people are allowed to enter the store while YOU are there next?

Perhaps you will swing your giant club of ignorance at women in hardware stores as well. Fascist.


Lowe's is and will always be pet friendly.

IF YOU choose to read, there is by law a posted sign on both front entry and exit doors that indicate, that this is a Animal positive retail store.

Pets are to be leashed, and well behaved.

Pets, dont steal.

Pets, dont damage product.

Pets, dont yell at hourly associates. These are things that people do.


I'd rather see a well behaved pet in a store than an ill behaved child. I haven't seen a pet in a store that wasn't under control of it's owner.

On the other hand I've seen plenty of children running around stores screaming and playing around while their parents ignore them. Should stores ban children as well?

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