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I purchased a Lowe's a range online and according to their website, they were in stock. A few days later, Lowes called and said my range is scheduled to be delivered the next day.

I took a day off at work to prepare for the new range to be delivered. Removed the old range and cleared a path to my kitchen. At 12:30ish, Lowes called and said they could not deliver my range since they did not have one in stock. They told me to call the store if I had any question. I called the store and they said it would take 3 weeks for them to order the range that I want. Told them that is not acceptable since I have already removed my range and it has already been hauled away. They then worked with me to get another range that they had in stock. I decided to just get the other range since it was the only range that was decent and I needed a range today. They promised it will be delivered after the call the same day. I received another call from Lowe’s around 9:30 pm and said they cannot make my delivery. They said it will be the next day.

Next day is here and not a word from Lowe’s. Decided to call to check on the status. Lowes said they will be there within 1-2 hours. 1-2 hours went by and now it is close to 9PM. Lowes finally called and said their truck broke down. I told them to have the manager call me immediately which was around 9:30 pm. At 10PM I called Lowes since nobody called me back. Well Lowes store closes at 9PM so nobody was there to pick up the phone. At around 10:20, BJ from Lowes called and asked if they could deliver the range tomorrow. I cancelled the order and bought if from another business that would appreciate my business.

The problem would not have existed if Lowes didn’t call the first time and said the range will be delivered the next day. They need to check their inventory before calling. I could have waited much longer since my old range was working fine. The old range was removed due to the call. Now I have no range.

The next problem is Lowes promising they will deliver the one they had in stock. Lowes missed the delivery on both days.

Thank you Lowes for making my buying experience extremely unpleasant. I lost time and money from work. Lost 2 days of waiting. Have no range to cook for family. Wasted money on takeout food. A grouchy family waiting for dinner since Lowes said my range will be delivered the next day.

Glad I did not go with the bundle buy. Would have created a bigger fiscal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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