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Long story short....ordered 4 new kitchen appliances during their Black Friday event. We were told early January delivery. It's now mid February and we have been informed that delivery to the store will be late March. Seriously? 4 months?

Communication has been mediocre at best. The store people know nothing. I've called their HQ and gotten better information.

I called a local Appliance dealer who told me we could have anything we ordered installed within a week to ten days.

Cancelled my order with Lowe's and now going to have to figure out how to get my money back from them since I opened an interest free CC and made payments in good faith.

All the incentives in the world mean nothing if Customer service is not there to back it up.

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The problem probably isn't with Lowes but with the manufacturer. I'd be willing to bet the appliances you purchased were either LG or Samsung.

When Lowes give you an expected delivery date it is based on what the manufacturer tells them. If the manufacturers United States warehouses run out of stock new product has to be ordered from their plants in Korea. If there are none in stock in Korea new production has to be scheduled which can take months. Once produced the would be put on a ship to the US to be delivered to the manufacturers US warehouses and then to the store.

This process alone can take a month or more.

As you say, to make a long story short, blame the manufacturer. If you want appliances right away purchase models IN STOCK at the store you are buying from, not ordered from the manufacturer.