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I have never had such a fiasco to buy a washer and dryer in my life. Their system is so screwed up and the ignorant people that you deal with and never mind the hours on hold!

I will never buy anything from Lowes again! They can shove their store as far up their you know what as possible!!!!!!!!!! The aggravation of trying to get someone on the phone with some degree of intelligence is a joke. I miss the home town appliance companies that used to be in business.

The Big Box stores ruined all of that! Like I said, I will never purchase anything from this *** operation as long as I live!

Reason of review: Stupidity.

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Don't blame the big box stores for driving the home town store out of business...consumers did it. Home town stores provide a level of service that big box stores don't, but it costs more to provide that level of service.

Consumers just looking at saving a few bucks buying at the big box stores are what is driving home town stores out of business. Consumers need to wake up and realize they are really getting something of value for the higher price they pay at a home town store. Not much different than all the made in China products filling the shelves of stores. People would rather save a buck than buy a quality product made in the USA that will last longer.

Where was the washer and dryer you purchased manufactured?

If your problem was delivery delays and you purchased one to the 2 big brands made in Korea that could be a problem, If their US warehouses are out of stock there may be delays getting them shipped from Korea. It's often hard for the people at the stores to get a straight answer from the manufacturer as to when the appliances will arrive.