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Lowes in Phoenix, Arizona - Would not service product under warranty

1Purchased a 24inch Premier gas stove on March 18,2011, from your Yuma AZ. store Had it installed, total cost $ 900.00 Installer could not set timer Told us to contact Lowes,They gave us the number of Premier who in turn sent us a new timer. Contacted the store numerous times for installation. Keep promising they would set up appointment for installation of timer. After all this time we are told they don't do that. They did that when it was purchased and had an installer come out and install it. What is the problem? M/ms Robert Chapman 928-726-1870-
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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Phoenix, Arizona - Lowe's Destroyed Our House

Don't believe for a minute Lowe's Installation Satisfaction Guarantee. It is absolutely nonsense. We lived in a rural area of Arkansas where Lowe's was the only store that offered building materials at a reasonable price (so we thought). We contracted with Lowe's to install floor tile in our kitchen, living room, dining room and hallway. Lowe's flat-out botched the job. The tile installer was totally unprepared to do the floor. We learned later he had only done bathrooms! Within six months, the tiles began to separate from each other, the corners of the house interior and many tiles made a distinct clang when stepped on. Improper thinset and adhesive were the culprit. A total mess. It took more than 15 phone calls and 3 visits to the store to get anyone from the store to see this *** work. They reluctantly agreed to replace the floor. It took 3 weeks for them to make the decision. We received a knock at the door and it was the tile remover. He only had a hammer and chisel. Literally. We should have stopped the process right there, but we were ignorant of how tile floors should be removed. And looking back, we were really taken in by Lowe's BS. No prep work was done in the areas affected. Nothing was covered and sealed off. Can you guess what's coming? There was silica dust all over the house area where they worked. We tried to vacuum all of it that we could. They agreed to have the tile floor removed and replaced with wood floors (we had no confidence they could do a tile floor again because they only had one installer and it was the *** who did the tile originally). So, while we were gone one day, they brought the wood in and turned on the HVAC to 'cure' the wood (it was February). All that silica dust and other contaminants were dispersed throughout the house. It was everywhere. Lowe's would not clean the house of the contaminants and when we contacted a restoration company, they quoted $25,000 to clean it but could not guarantee the house would be safe to live in. More ***. Bottom line: Lowe's would not stand by their guarantee, Lowe's corporate washed their hands of it. It was pointed out by an attorney we hired to review the contract that to file a claim against Lowe's we would have to travel to North Carolina (their Corporate office), hire an attorney, and submit to arbitration. We could only live in the master bedroom (with no heat or air) and did our cooking in the garage on a hot plate and gas grill. It took the insurance company for the contractor 8 months to settle with us (no attorney would take our case throughout Arkansas). We ended up walking the house for health reasons (I developed cancer 3 months later from the carcinogens in the house and my wife was close to having pneumonia from the continued bronchial infections. We lost our house. It was a brand new 2000 sq foot house with 6 acres of land. We lost it because of Lowe's Home Improvement. They should change their name to Lowe's Home Destruction. A hard lesson learned. I won't buy a lightbulb from that chain. The fact they could ruin a family's life and get away with it, is criminal.
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I have recently watched Mike Holmes and I would like to say thank-you. He is very informative and to the point. I would recommend him to any person who would like some insightful truth when it comes to home improvements.


Thank-you for your reply. You have put up with some of my "yucky" attitude in the beginning and you have been helpful also.

Take care and I hope things steer in your direction so you may have some satisfaction. Good day.


First, thanks for your thoughts. Mike Holmes is on the HGTV channel and the show is "Holmes on Homes." He has shows at 6:00 pm EST.


By the way, if you want, could you tell me who Mike Holmes is and how I might be able to see his show.


I believe you. Hint--not all stores of any given retail are bad.

The way we present our words can have "yucky" results(I know from my own words). Just because you have one bad apple in the basket does not mean all the apples in the basket are bad.

I do still believe that if something does not seem right, STOP. I feel for you and I hope and pray that you find satisfaction against "your store in question" and may you be guided to a person or agency that will fight for you and your family.


When you live in a small town (esources to draw from.


We tried multiple times to secure legal council to fight the Lowes problem. We tried in the local area we lived in and Little Rock to get a legal team to at least look at our case.

We worked off referrals and Internet searches to find a litigator who would take our case. No one would do it. Honestly.

When you live in a small town (p into the house.

I am a totally and permanently disabled veteran (semi functional quadriplegic).

We did not have many options available to us and in retrospect, we should have done things differently but we didn't.

Mike Holmes has a show that focuses on what happens to good people who place their trust in contractors and get burned. Too bad we did not know of him when this all happened or had someone as adroit as you to give us advice.


Explain to the free thinking world why no lawyer would take you case. Come on "Destroyed House".

You wanted someone to hear you. Well here I am.

Sean/ Truth

You went on about how *** Lowes did you. One question, why did you have to install a new floor in your house if the house was brand new?

Hey, if your gut told you to stop the process when the "hammer and chisel" pro showed up, then why didn't you? My gut tells me that if my brake light in my car is on, then maybe I should immediately have my car removed from the streets and put it in for service. My gut also tells me that if I put my finger in an outlet, I'll get the "***" shocked out of me. Oh, remember this --- if you go for cheap labor and materials, well , cheap skills and bad results happen.

Wow! It only took 3 months for cancer to develope.

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