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Lowes review in Phoenix, Arizona: Lowe's Consumer Card

I am extremely upset with the fact that my credit limit was lowered from $2500.00 to $1470.00 in less than 24 hours and without any notification or justification. I looked at my account online on Friday, November 6th and had over $1000.00 left to utilize. Went to make a $200.00 purchase on Saturday, November 7th and the card declined. I called to the credit service number and was told that the bank decided to lower ALL consumer credit card limits and that a letter will be sent in the mail explaining why. As I stated to the lady on the other line, my account has always been paid on time and have never gone into default. My account has ALWAYS been in good standing and it is unacceptable that my limit was lower due to the economy. I would understand if I had not been making payments on my account or if my account payments had been late on a continual basis, but that is not the case. I have done everything necessary to keep my account in good standing yet I'm being penalized with no explanation as to why. This is not only ridiculous, but completely unacceptable. I expect some answers and have not received any. If I would have ever thought this would have happened I would have NEVER reopened my consumer credit card with Lowe's, but rather would have opened an account at Home Depot or another store. I cannot believe the complete disregard to your customers and the lack on communication. I DO EXPECT A RESPONSE WITH SOME ANSWERS! And you can believe I will be posting this on the internet for other consumers to be aware of the games that are being played.
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I just found out that Lowe's lowered my credit line from $2500 to $500 my balance is $470, so I have about $30 available. I had to find out in front of a bunch of people at the checkout when my card was declined for a $38 purchase.

I was so embarrassed. Well, I'll just pay it off and have one less card to carry in my wallet.

Lowe's really needs to look at another bank to offer their cards. I imagine GEMB is predicting even more economic disaster to come with this president we elected.


we dont set your credit limit a bank does that and if you dont like the intrest rate get a job and pay cash for your purchases


Mine was closed for trades, I am not too sure as to what that means.


What world are you living in? Turn on the news and pay attention.

Credit companies all over are tightening credit. This includes lowering credit limits on cards to reduce their overall credit laibility. Just as you stated in your complaint, the are lowering ALL credit limits.

They are not picking on YOU, It's just a sign of the times. Everyone need to learn to get by on less borrowed money.


Lowes is over priced anyways. We have a card with them as well..

I try not to use it that often, because the interest rate is HIGH! They don't care about credit limits. They don't care about customers.

They care about the lining in their pockets.. You're better off paying this credit card off and getting a home depot one.

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Lowes Credit Card

Lowes review in Phoenix, Arizona: Low's

Recently I decided that for my husband's 31st birthday I would buy him a grill. I researched online, and found "the one" and it was only listed for sale at Lowes (at the time). Although they have horrific reviews I gave them a chance anyways...big mistake!!!!!!!!!! I purchased the grill and requested to have it assembled (on a Tuesday), On friday at 6pm (*** 4 days later ***) the grill was not assembled!!!!! I was furious! The manager tryied to make excuses that didnt make any sense and only offered that i take the display grill (which was poorly assembled, woobly, and all scratched and dirty) for a discount of $30.00... I didnt even get a courtesy call to let me know that it would be ready with a 24 hour notice...especially since they had FOUR days to put the grill together. They just dont care about their customers or business. a week later we purchased the SAME grill from Fry's Marketplace, for $100 less!!! and they assembled it for free :) go to frys!!!!!
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Lowes review in Phoenix, Arizona: Water heater delayed installation

On 9/7/09 we went to your Higley Rd store in Mesa, AZ to order a water heater installation. We were told someone would be call us on Tuesday 9/8 between 8 and 9 am to come out that morning and detail the unit so it would be installed that day.(9/7 was labor day) Our water heater was completely gone and we had to go without water to the entire home until this was resolved. My husband arranged to be off work that morning and call me with the time they would be there and I would come home to see the detailer at the designated time. We never got the call that morning and my husband was going back & forth on the phone with Tom at the store who was trying to get this straightened out. We got a phone call at 1:48 in the afternoon from Karen at the store who said the installer couldn't do it and another installer would be calling us around 5:30 pm to come do the detail and then install the heater the next day (9/9). She left me that mans Richard at R&R Plumbing)phone number and I called him back as we had an appointment at that time of day. We agreed he could come at 8:30 am on the 9th, do the detail and he would go to the store to pick up what as needed, and the store would call me for the charge card numbers. He left at 9am, (the store is 10 minutes away). He called me at 10:30 to come to the store and sign some paperwork and pay the bill. I was to see Art or Bryce in plumbing. I went immediately and Art was there but he was taking care of another customer. He call some other CS person who said he couldn't help me. Bryce was nowhere to be found. I waited about 20 minutes when here comes the installer to pick up the heater and parts. He was also made to wait. I was finally taken care of after a 50 minute wait for Bryce(who was at lunch). My Husband lost $170 in pay that day, I lost $30 in pay. The people at the store were very apologetic, however, no one offered any compansation or discount for the aggravation, frustration and loss of pay due to their inability to see that their original installer did his job. (we found out that Richard at R&R was on call on laber day and could have done the detail and the install a day earlier had the store bothered to contact him). This was our first time doing business with Lowes, and you can be assured it will be out last. It really angered me to pay that $886 bill after the mess that was made on this purchase and installation. I guess that's why the Home Depot keeps sych a loyal consumner base. I certainlly don't see how Lowes can.
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You have know I-dea. Concider yourself luck.

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Lowes review in Phoenix, Arizona: Not happy

lowes 2808 operation manager and zone manager don told me and my wife not to shop your store any more we speed lots of money at lowes they need to be sorry for the way they threat poeple we love lowes but if they dont want are money we can spend at home depot .they have bad consumer relations chris says that he served in the marines that poeple likes they deal with us in many ways we dont what he means and why.this has made wife not want shop lowes anymore problem we dont need.august was bad month
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Do not shop at lowes as they treat their employees horrible. Their customer service is the worst that I have ever experience and their products are bad.


yall should shop at the home depot its such a better shopping experience


Speed lots of money..hmmm threat poeple?? The lots of money thing doesn't float because you probably return 70% of what you buy after you use it. :cry


Ummm I hate to tell you but store managers such as the ones for publix and possibly lowes make an upwards of 120k plus. Publix also has employee owned stock that it gives to its workers per pay period. So a lot of those lowly managers as you call them are millionaires on paper and have more money than most people make that have degrees.


"Retailer for life"? I suppose that could be the correct name for someone as arrogant as yourself.

I am pleased you enjoy retail so much because with that attitude you are ill suited for work in the professional world. Here is an idea for your suggestion box at your little blue box. See if you can get corporate to change Lowe's motto to something fitting like "too busy to care". One last tip; simply using "****" in place of typed profanity does not change the fact you possess somewhat less than a full vocabulary.

Now leave us poor ignorant hicks alone and go concentrate on developing some customer service skills. :upset


Hey, do'ntgotolowes, just relax, dahlin', go have yoself a moonpie and a yoohoo, kick them there dogs away from the wash machine on yo porch, and have a nice day!


I had to respond to Retailer4life. I am not a brain dead retard but I am a highly educated woman from the south.

I don't watch Nascar and I hate Lowe's. Retailer4life you just proved all of our points by being a rude, arrogant D*** When you say "your company" I certainly doubt you are the CEO of Lowe's. At best you are probably just a store manager.

That is not something to be proud of being that you are a "Lowe's store manager." It does sound like you are a manager though the way you speak of everyone by using *** stereotypes. Good luck in your awesome career.


Holy ****! Do the majority of brain dead retards who write in to complain about MY COMPANY Lowes have spelling and other grammatical issues?? (Must be from the south) Hint: Stop embarrassing yourselves and making a fool of yourselves by posting complaints that make no sense, go back and watch Nascar or whatever it is y'all do!

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