Nacogdoches, Texas

I was asked by two working members of lowes to apply for an opening they had in the store. I took the online application and completed it and there assesment test/ questionair that took twenty minutes.

I am overly qualified to say the least. I grew up on a lumber store. It would seem that the position was filled without giving interviews and to someone without any experience. I see now why Lowes has problems with customer relations because the people who you are supposed to ask questions simply dont know the answer.

Tried to help my home town and lowes out but got sand kicked in my face. store number 1772

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Nacogdoches, Texas, United States #640780

That is a blessing in disguise for you, the people in that store are miserable, the managers are abusive, that store has beenm going down hill for the past 3 years, the past 2 years has gotten much worst after they got a new HR manager, finally they fired the Store Manager, but the HR manager is still there and everyone hates her. You need to thank God that you did not get hired on there, if Home Depot was to open a store in Nacogdoches, everyone would quit in a heartbeat and go to work at Home Depot.


Did it have to do with your wonderful spelling abilities?


You weren't interviewed because you grew up on a lumber store rather than in a lumber yard. :grin


I'm sure they interviewed someone...just not you.

Your pride is hurt because you didn't get a job. If you were just trying to "help them out"' don't worry about it.

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