Edmond, Oklahoma
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i put 2 shoe racks and a 4 inch spade shovel in my cart, went into lawn and garden to get some flowers, none inside so i go outside to find them. no flowers that i want, so i start to go inside and realized i didnt have my wallet.

I was about 25 feet from my car so i pushed the basket toward my car and an assoc. came and told me he wanted my basket. i told him i was going about 15 feet to my car to get my wallet. he said he was taking the basket now and i could come back whenever. he took the basket and i went for my wallet.

i came back in the store but didn't find the basket or the assoc. i went further into the store and found him and showed hime my wallet to which he said" i don't care". i asked him why he did that and he said i hadn't paid for the stuff. i asked him if he thought i was stealing to which he said "no". i asked what other reason he had for stopping me. he said none. then he said " i know what you do". i never got him to tell me what he meant by that.

then i talked to an ops mgr. that said he would look into it. so far nothing has been said or done to follow up on this by Lowe's even though i made a formal complaint to the corporate office. i can assure you Lowe's has lost a customer that has purchased many large appliances from them and had carpet installation as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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I have yet to see or read any comment of complaint or praise from anyone who is not afraid of speaking their small minds as long as they do not have to put their names to the comments. Lots of hot air but no guts.


***, you can't take stuff out of a store even to get your wallet. You have to keep them in the store.


Your an ***. I hope they trespass your *** and you have to drive an hour to buy stuff you need from now on. :x


You have got to be kidding. I have barely ever seen an associate I haven't had to corner in order to get some help.

I have waited two hours in order to get someone to get plywood off the third rack up in the air and then loaded it myself in my truck because I was turning 70 in the parking lot waiting for the help the cashier swore would be "just a minute".

The store has everything you need to build a house but if you are like me and don't quite know what to use you are better off paying the higher price at Ace to get the help you need. I swear no one works at the stores because you can never find help when you are in there.


A theif like you out to be in jail rather than at home complaining on the internet. When you walked out the door with unpaid merchandise you shoplifted.

You are lucky they let you go. Don't try that lame "left my wallet in the car" excuse where I work.