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Do NOT Use. If you use it, get your discount, pay the card off and get rid of it.

I have stellar credit. I usually use Visa.Discover. I used a Lowes card to get the discount on a large 8000.00 door purchase. I paid it off immediately.

thereafter, a few months down the road, had a small charge for maybe twenty bucks that I forgot about, so I was late. Lowes reported to a credit reporting agency. Visa... Mastercard....

Discover has not done that to me...ever.... This recently happened, and next significant purchase, bought our new 4000 refrigerator from Best Buy instead. Closed the Lowe's card and will only use Lowe's in the future, for the small purchases...

a thirty dollar drill...that sort of thing. What a horrid company

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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First of all, Lowes doesn't issue the card, a credit company does and just has Lowes name on it. When you applied for the card you agreed to the terms of the card.

It isn't their fault YOU didn't pay the bill on time. Most companies that issue credit report your payment history to the credit agencies. Either they report you payment as on time or late.

Why are you blaming them for reporting a statement of fact that YOU made your payment late? If you can't handle the responsibility of making your payments on time and accept the consequences when YOU make them late you shouldn't carry credit cards.

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