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Do not take lawn equipment to Lowes for repair. I purchased a Husqvarna riding mower from Lowes.

The frame broke. I contacted a local Husqvarna dealer and he would not work on "junk from Lowes". I took the mower to Lowes. After I insisted they take care of their customer they shipped the mower to Altaquip, the company Lowes uses for repairs.

Altaquip wanted $400 to repair. I called them and told them it was under warranty. Altaquip told me they sent pictures to Husqvarna and the repair was declined because of excessive hours and because I had a ball on the mower to pull things. I told him the warranty was for 5 years with no mention of hours and I had never had a ball on the mower.

I then called Husqvarna. The guy there placed me on hold and called Altaquip. He was told that IF they had sent pics they felt Husqvarna would have rejected the claim. Husqvarna ask Altaquip for pictures.

At the end of the week I called Altaquip and they said they were shipping the mower back to Lowes since they had not heard back from Husqvarna. I said you can't do that, it's not repaired. They shipped it back to Lowes with a $167 bill for inspecting the unit. Lowes wrote off the $167.

I took the mower to another Husqvarna dealer. He contacted Husqvarna and they authorized the repair. I have no way of knowing but was Altaquip going to charge me for the repair and also bill Husqvarna?

If they lie to me about sending pictures am I to trust them for anything else? Avoid Altaquip!

Product or Service Mentioned: Altaquip Mover Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Lowes use local repair shops rather than Altaquip.

Lowes Pros: No self checkout at this store.

Lowes Cons: Had to insist they provide warranty repair service.

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