Lowes tries to avoid meeting it's own websites prices by claiming that the item on the website is different from the one in the store, but in my case it was a false claim. I had purchased a Larson storm door in black which had to be special-ordered.

The in-stock white doors were labeled as $279 in the store, but I was told that the colored ones were $319. I subsequently noticed that the website price was $279 for all colors. When I went to the store to claim the difference I was told that the item number for the black one online was different than the one I ordered from the store, I pointed out that the website showed that there were 10 of the white ones in stock in the store. If the white ones in the store were the same as the white ones on the website then it stood to reason that the black ones were also.

When I confronted the store manager about this I got several conflicting explanations all in 10 minutes. I was told that the ones ordered from the store were "custom made"; I pointed out that with a 14 day delivery time for both the store items and the online ones, none of them were custom made--they were being shipped from a warehouse. I was also told that it was simply because one was "special ordered" and one was from the website. I asked if that didn't connote that both were special ordered making it odd that one would cost more than the other.

I told the manager that if he wasn't going to match the price then he would need to provide me, in writing, a description of the difference between the online item and the one I had ordered in the store. At this point he gave up and gave me my refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Larson Doors Tradewinds Door.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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