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I very much appreciate the efforts wiping the counter, plastic screen between each customer. However no one sprayed or wiped the only thing I touched.... payment machine

Location: 4880 N Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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LOL... Love how people who claim to be afraid of the virus are the ones out in the stores.

If you're that much of a weenie, stay home until it passes.

Oh, and with regards to touching the machine or anything in the store, this is why you sanitize your hands when you get to your car moron. Hopefully, you didn't reproduce and pass this jelly-like mindset down the line.


Exactly! Like all the other businesses in America today they have absolutely NO common sense whatsoever!

How many people you think touched the shopping carts before you got there? Think the plexiglass will stop the virus AFTER you used the pen on your way out?

Here's your sign America! Duh!!

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