El Paso, Texas

Check out lady at Lowe's was mad because 1 of the items we bought (about 18 items total) was not priced and another was priced wrong.

She had to call for a price check and as a result the line was held up, for about 10 minutes total.

It was obvious that she was angry and as a result she let us walk away from the counter leaving a bag of merchandise (about $40.00 worth) on the counter.

We did not realize our oversight until the next day when we wanted to use the missing merchandise.

To late (!) for us to go back and prove we did not get all of our merchandise.

Because the check out lady was an employee of Lowe's and because of her bad attitude she and Lowe's ripped us of for about $40.00.

Hope our $40.00 makes Lowe's bottom line look better for now. The next $40.00 dollars we spend will be at Home Depot as we refuse to go back to Lowe's from now on.

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all you had to do was have them check the cameras at the time you were in there the previous day..and it was your fault you left the merchandise there


Uhh...its your fault for leaving your merchandise. If I paid $40 for something, i would be sure that i had all of my products before i left the store. Common sense, people...


Although the cashier shouldn't have treated you that way... you can call the store and tell them what happened and they will more than likely let you come into the store and get the things you left.

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